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Chapter 3:Taffy and snooping

Jonah hesitantly put out his hand palm up. Hazel pushed the bowls out of the way and took Jonah's hand lightly. She frowned slightly.

You re going to have a short life because your life line ends at the base of your thumb. This cross in the middle of your palm means your good hearted. This line by your index finger means you re generally quiet, Hazel paused and smiled your general palm shape is water. It means you re very artistic, once again she paused you have a gift of some sort that you were born with. She thought for a moment. I m going to assume you re a medium. Jonah looked up at her.

How did you know that? he asked surprised.

Um, Hazel scratched the back of her head and smiled awkwardly Mrs. White said something about you talking to dead people, and like I said you have a gift of some sort. Jonah tilted his head a little with a confused look on his face. Your little finger is crooked meaning you have a natural born gift she explained in more detail. Jonah looked at her hand for comparison, but something was odd.

Is your crooked too? Jonah looked up at her. Hazel withdrew her hands carefully and quickly putting them on her lap under the table. She felt uncomfortable and didn t know what to tell him.

Um ya, Hazel gave a heavy sigh I just don t know what it is yet. The awkwardness in the room could have been cut with a knife. I m a horrible host.

It s ok. I am too. said Jonah softly. He never understood how to act around boys because his father died when he was a baby, but his mother always had woman coming over. Jonah knew how to act around them. Women never liked to be belittled or spoken to in a way that made them inferior. This made Jonah soft spoken and gentle. So soft spoken and gentle it was easy to overpower with yelling, or force if you re Ramsey Aickman.

Well at least I fed you.

Yeah it was good thanks I, Jonah paused as he saw the lights go on in his house and took out a small silver pocket watch with a tree carved on it I better go,my step father just got home to Hazel he sounded sad maybe a little scared, but she didn t feel it was her place to ask what was wrong. She walked him to the door and smiled.

I ll see you at school tomorrow.

Yeah he smiled and left. She closed the door in thought wondering if he thought she was weird. Then she remembered what she was going to ask. She opened the door and Jonah had only gotten part way to the street.

Hey! he turned and looked at her a bit confused what were you doing by the pond? Jonah scratched his head thinking.

I was looking for my sketchbook

I ll keep an eye out for it Hazel waved goodbye. Jonah turned and waved as well. Hazel turned on her heel and went to clean the kitchen. She spoke quietly to herself maybe moving here wasn t the worse choice."

Hazel has had some weird dreams but this one was odd. There was a small white dove eating small seeds off the sidewalk. It was joined by a nightingale. They ate there for a while chirping back and forth. After the meal they preened each other; fixing feathers and cleaning, but that wasn t the weird part. In the tree above them a raven sat, and it had cloudy white eyes. As the raven cawed Hazel woke up.

The trip to school wasn t too bad because it was only three blocks away. The candy shop was only two blocks away. Since there was an hour left until school started Hazel figured visiting her parents would be nice. It was a small square building stuffed between two slightly bigger buildings with small alleys on each side. The brown wooden words candy shop on top of it.

Hazel took the side alley to the back alley behind the building. She knocked in a six pattern rhythm. Her mother opened the door holding a large mixing bowl. Mary Dove was probably one of the most fashionably dressed adults in town. Mary wore a black dress that went just below the knee, white pumps, and a pair of white gloves that were currently tucked into the thick strap of her dress so she could cook. Her slightly wavy black hair fell to her mid cheek.

Hey sweetie, are you on your way to school? Mary said in a light soprano voice come in I ll give you some taffy

Thanks mom

Your fathers in the study on your left Mary went back to mixing a clear substance in the bowl.

The study was a small rectangular room off the kitchen. It held a queen size bed and a wooden desk up against the right wall. A green lamp gave off dim light in the dark windowless room. Her father sat at the desk reading the newspaper. Hazel walked up behind him reading the paper over his shoulder. She narrowed her eyes and pointed to the boy in the picture on the page.

I met that boy yesterday, Hazel smiled he s really nice and ate dinner with me

I m glad you found a friend. Did he tell you he was a medium; it s what this article is about

I read his palm, but I don t think he likes to talk about it. People avoid him in class. she kissed his temple and walked into the store mom threw her two pieces of taffy as she walked out of the store and flipped the stores sign to open.

Hazel got to class ten minutes before everyone else. The other students slowly filed in. Class started with math, and transitioned into science. Hazel did not like science. The teacher spent the whole hour talking about how God created the earth, and evolution was a theory the Devil made. She was rather sick of it being shoved down her throat. She already knew that God made the parents went to church every Sunday.

told the class that a reading project with partners was going to replace history and last the whole school year, but before any more information was given it was lunch kids flowed out of the classrooms like salmon jumping up a stream. Hazel stood and walked out slowly seeing no reason to rush out.

Students were given one hour to eat and most went home to eat, and Hazel did just ate a ham and cheese sandwich and a lonely orange that sat on the table. After that she had roughly thirty minutes so looking for Jonah's sketchbook seemed like a good idea. After fifteen minutes Hazel found a brown book with a leather strap.

The book held fairly good drawings. Most were in pencil, but a few were charcoal drawings. They were pictures of people. She could tell a few were ghosts by how transparent they signature at the bottom was a J intertwined with an A. It looked like the right book to got to blank pages as she walked up the hill and skimmed through them. There was a gruesome drawing on the back page. Near the bottom of the page there was a middle aged women laying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood due to a bullet wound in her forehead. If that wasn't disturbing enough a child could be seen behind the women, but only its legs because the upper body went off soon as she got to the top of the hill a light voice made her flinch.

"It's not polite to look through peoples things"