Once he got inside the room he peeled off his wet clothes. Everything down to and including his underwear and socks were completely drenched, hanging wet, cold, and heavy against his skin. He stripped down and draped each piece of clothing over every furniture surface what would allow it in an attempt to dry them. When he was finally naked he toweled himself off and went looking for a fresh change of clothes. He'd just slid into a pair of black sweat pants when Dean barged through the door, grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him hard.

"What the fuck, man?" Sam demanded, shouting.

"What me? You throw something like that at me and don't expect me to be pissed about it? What are you talking about? Have you finally lost your mind or something?"

Sam righted himself and stood facing his brother. "Look, whatever, I get it, okay! You miss women and you're tired of just having sex with me all time. You just could have said something, you know, maybe we could have fixed it, before you went off and slept with Bela behind my back!" Dean's face worked itself into an expression of utter bewilderment but his eyes still betrayed the anger he felt and Sam looked away, turning back to the dresser he had been about to root through to find himself a shirt and a pair of socks.

"Sam, really, what the fuck? I don't want Bela, and I sure as hell didn't sleep with her! I don't know if you noticed, but she's a psycho bitch!"

Sam picked up two shirts from out of a drawer, slung one over his shoulder, and then forcefully threw the other one back and slammed the drawer shut. Did his brother think he was stupid? "Sure, okay, whatever Dean, I heard all about it!"

"Heard about what? Sam, come on Sam, look at me!" Sam threw a white short-sleeved t-shirt over his head and then turned around to face his brother. Dean grabbed Sam's face, holding his chin in his hand and then stared into his eyes with an intense look. "I did not sleep with Bela." He said each word with deliberate slowness, carefully punctuating each one. "You think I'd actually do something like that?"

The anger in Dean's eyes was quickly being overcome with hurt and, despite the evidence, Sam was beginning to feel a little unsure. "I…no, no I didn't think that. Not at first."

"Not at first? So when did you start thinking this? You think that, what, I just get tired of you and then go sneak off to bang chicks when you're not around? You think I'm that much of a dick? And then I slept with Bela? I don't know where your twisted brain came up with all this but…wait." Understanding colored Dean's features and he released Sam's face. "Do you miss women?"

"What?" Sam's face twisted uncomfortably; this wasn't supposed to be about him.

"Is this that thing you do where you want something, but you get mad at me for it?"


"Yeah, that. Is this really about the fact that you're tired of sleeping with me?"

"What? No! I mean, sometimes – but, look, it's – it's not like that!" Sam paused, feeling a little thrown off by Dean's unexpected question before he could once again find is rage and continue on. "The guard who let you and Bela into the room came down and said you were having sex in there. He said he wanted to go up and have a turn! Then you come down readjusting your clothes, and then you're ranting about angry sex? What the hell was I supposed to think?" Dean stopped, looking thoughtful as he turned it all over in his head, and then he laughed. Sam was on the verge of having an angry meltdown and Dean was laughing at him.

"Sam! No! Okay, when I came downstairs in my tux for the ball, Bela said we should have angry sex. I blew her off. I want nothing to do with her." He lifted his hand to where Sam had been shot in the shoulder and he gently touched it. "I mean come on. She shot you. I don't sleep with people who shoot my family."

Sam shook his head. "Well then, why couldn't you have told me that in the first place when you were ranting in the car?"

"I didn't want you to get jealous; looks like that plan backfired."

"Well, what about the guard?" He felt a pang of jealousy at thinking about Bela trying to put her stuck-up, British mitts on him but his rage was beginning to fizzle.

"While I got the hand, he came back to check on us. She took her dress down to make it look like we were a married couple fooling around, stalling for time so I could get back, but then when I accidentally bumped into him on my way back from getting the hand and he thought she was messing around with some other guy while I was gone." Dean grinned extra wide and shook his head. "And the clothes? She really was readjusting her dress, and me with the tie? Come on. I was so uncomfortable, I thought I was choking. I was ready to rip the damn thing off." Dean chuckled, and Sam finally smiled. "So that's it? Nothing really happened with Bela?"

"No, of course not! I wouldn't want her, even if we weren't together. I'm not even sure she has a soul!"

Sam's smile widened as he realized that all the horrible things he'd imagined were just in his head but he also felt the blood rising to his cheeks and he embarrassedly realized how ridiculous he'd been. "Dean, I'm sorry, I feel really stupid now. I should have trusted you."

"It's alright, Sam. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes I miss chicks, too." He placed a hand on each of Sam's pecs and then began running his hands up and down his chest and stomach. "But I much prefer these nice, flat pecs and hard abs to anything a woman can offer me." Sam felt his body relax under Dean's touch. Dean's eyes followed his hands as they moved up and down the front of Sam's torso and he looked suddenly nervous. "Do you want to put this thing on hold?"

Sam shook his head. "No, I don't want to do that."

"Are you sure, Sam? I get that you miss women, and… I mean, I don't want you to stay if…I know there are things you want that I can't give you."

Sam stared at his brother who was still resolutely staring at his chest and not his face and knew that they were dangerously close to one of those chick-flick moments Dean always tried to avoid. Dean wasn't talking about him just missing boobs or soft curves; as long as they were together, Sam couldn't have the wife, kids, house, picket white fence – in short, the conventional lifestyle that Dean thought he still wanted. But he always failed to understand that if Sam wanted convention, then he wouldn't be fucking his brother. Despite everything, Dean always seemed to think of himself as a stand-in, something for Sam to use until he found something better and knowing that he felt that way was just endlessly aggravating.

"No, Dean, there aren't." He grabbed the bottom of Dean's t-shirt. "Come on, man, you're soaked. Let's get you out of these clothes." He pulled the shirt up and Dean lifted his arms, letting him pull it over his head. Sam took in the sight of his soaked brother, the droplets of water soaking his firm, tanned skin before quickly undoing the button and zipper on his pants and then pushing them and his soaked boxers down to the floor. Dean bent over so he could unlace his boots and Sam stood there watching his tanned back. "So, Bela came on to you?"

Dean sniggered. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to bring that up." He finished unlacing one boot and then moved on to the other. "Yeah, she did."

Sam's mouth turned into a lop-sided smile and he shook his head. "Bitch."

Dean looked up, surprised. "You're not seriously still jealous?"

He looked away. "No."

Dean loosened the laces on his untied boots. "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested in her?"

"No, I know Dean, it's just that…" he trailed off.

"What?" It's just what?"

Sam once again felt his cheeks tinge pink. "Nothing."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Come on, Sam. You still think I'm cheating on you?"


"Then what is it?"

"It's just…" Sam sighed and shook his head. "You've been with a lot of women."

Dean looked confused for a moment until realization suddenly came over his features. "Oh." He stepped out of his boots and pants and then threw off his socks so that he stood before Sam completely naked, dressed only in his amulet and ring and then crossed the room over to him. "Yeah, I guess I have." He pushed some wet hair out of his face. "And I've only ever been with one guy, Sammy. Look, I understand how you feel, but I don't want Bela and I don't want to sleep around anymore. As long as you want this thing, you're…well, you're it for me, Sammy." Sam smiled wide and at seeing his reaction Dean rolled his eyes. "And you'd better not make fun of me for saying that or I'll have to kick your ass."

"No! Dean, no, I wouldn't make fun of you for that. I mean, I get it. You're it for me, too."

He grabbed the sides of Sam's head and soothed his fingers back through his hair. "How could you think I'd get tired of you, huh?" He softly kissed Sam on the forehead, letting his lips linger there for a second longer than usual, like when they were kids and he'd be checking him for a fever. "What do you think this is for me?" He moved his mouth down and left a trail of kisses from his forehead, down his nose, and to his mouth. He moved his mouth over to Sam's left cheek where he darted his tongue out, stuck it in the middle of his dimple, and licked.

Sam laughed at the sensation. "Dean, what are you doing?"

"Those dimples just drive me crazy, Sammy." He moved over to the other cheek and gave the right dimple the same treatment and then covered it his with his mouth and lightly sucked the flesh as he licked. "Sometimes you smile and I just wanna attack you."

He removed his mouth from the now reddened area on Sam's face and then moved it down to his jawline just beside his ear and laid a trail of kisses down his jaw. When he reached his chin he gave it a playful nip and moved down to his neck. "You're such an amazing lay, Sam." He put his hands under his shirt and pushed up, moving the bottom hem of the shirt all the way up to reveal his entire chest and stomach. Sam grabbed the material, pulled the shirt over his head, and tossed it to the floor. Some of his damp hair stuck to his face and got in his eyes and he shook his head, getting it out of the way. Dean eyed him up for a minute and then ran his hands all down his chest and sides. "I mean, god, Sammy, just look at you." He moved his mouth back to Sam's neck and began laying wet kisses down the length of it. "You're so fucking gorgeous, you know that, right?"

"Ngh!" Sam moaned and tilted his head back to let Dean's mouth travel the expanse of his neck, feeling his lips, tongue, and teeth on his skin as he coated it in little kisses, licks, and nips. Dean moved completely into Sam's space, brushing his naked thigh against his growing erection as he reached around behind Sam and put his hands inside his sweatpants, firmly cupping his ass with both hands. He then aggressively pulled Sam forward, pushing his cock even harder against his thigh

"Mm, Sammy, getting hard for me?"

He began rubbing his thigh up and down against Sam's length, creating delicious friction through his sweat pants. Sam bit his lip, felt his breath quicken and answered with a simple 'yeah,' that came out merely as a sound halfway between a moan and a whisper.

Dean pressed his own growing erection into Sam's thigh. "Feel that? That's what you do to me." He began grinding himself against Sam's hip. "It's all yours, all for you."

Sam wrapped his hands around his lover's back and pushed their bodies flush together. Dean's amulet dug into his chest and he knew it was going to leave a mark the next day but he didn't care. He brought their mouths close together so their lips were nearly touching, the two of them sharing the same air and then closed his mouth over Dean's in a passionate kiss.

Mine. All mine. His mind chanted the same words over and over again. They stood there kissing and grinding up against each other for some time until a very breathless Dean pulled back, his pink and slightly swollen lips parted as he came up for air. Sam shifted his crotch away from Dean's thigh and then wrapped his hand around his shaft. He began to slowly stroke the hard length, feeling the smooth, silky flesh slide back and forth in his hand. Dean reached down and began palming Sam's length through his sweatpants, lightly gripping the outline of the shaft between his fingertips and then running it up and down from the base to the head. With his other hand he grabbed Sam's bicep as he moved his mouth down to his left nipple and lightly caught it in his teeth.

"Ooh, oh god!" Sam moaned through gritted teeth and began to slightly buck his hips.

"Mm, yeah, that's it Sammy, make noise for me." Dean fastened his mouth over Sam's nipple and lightly sucked as he swept his tongue back and forth against the erect nub. Suddenly, he sunk to his knees and mouthed Sam's cock through the fabric of his sweatpants, lightly massaging the length from base to tip. When he got to the head, he brought it into his mouth and sucked, making Sam's pants wet with the mixture of Dean's spit and his own steadily leaking pre-cum. Sam looked down to watch Dean tease him and his lover looked up at him, green eyes meeting his. His look wasn't full of bravado like it usually was whenever he teased or sucked him; instead his eyes were scanning his face, looking for signs of enjoyment from what he was doing, as if he didn't already know from experience that Sam always fell to pieces when he did this, that almost every time he was reduced to a writhing moaning mess whenever he watched Dean's mouth on him and that he usually came in such a short period of time that it was almost embarrassing. Dean looked sexy as hell with his cock in his mouth, even if it was through a layer of old, stretchy sweat pants, but the look he gave him touched his heart instead of his arousal. For as insecure as he was that he wasn't enough for Dean, that Dean would tire of him and look for a way out, he often forgot that underneath all that cocky bravado, Dean was the same way. In way of a silent answer, Sam bucked his hips, driving his cock about an inch further into Dean's mouth and Dean pulled his head back and let Sam's clothed erection fall from his mouth. He then pulled Sam's sweat pants down and his huge erection sprung free, bobbing right next to his cheek. He slid his tongue out of his mouth and licked the tip just lightly flick over Sam's slit, catching a few drops of pre-cum and then wrapped his lips around the head, but Sam took a step back, sliding his dick out of his mouth and putting himself just out of easy reach for Dean.

Dean looked up at him while still on his knees. "What is it, Sam?"

"I don't want your mouth, not tonight. Want you, on the bed, now."

Dean smirked and then got to his feet and made his way over to the king-sized bed in the center of the room and flopped down. He first got onto his hands and knees and waved his ass in the air for a second, then lay down on his back and propped up by elbows with one leg out straight and the other bent at the knee. "How do you want me, Sam?" he said in a joking, overly seductive voice.

Sam walked over to the bed and climbed on top of him, shoving his legs between Dean's and forcing him to spread for him like a girl. "This is fine," he growled as he leaned down and took Dean's mouth in a kiss.

He nibbled on Dean's lips, loving the way the soft, plump flesh felt on his lips, teeth, and tongue and then licked at his teeth as a way of asking him to open his mouth for him. Dean opened up and darted his tongue into his mouth and for a moment and Sam thought that Dean was going to actually let him lead until Dean growled, hooked his leg around him, and flipped their bodies so that he was on top.

He smirked. "I'm not the girl here, Sam."

Sam flipped their bodies again and pinned Dean underneath him. "Neither am I. Come on, Dean," he kissed the side of Dean's mouth, "let me top you."

He'd meant to sound confident and sexy but his voice came out a little unsure and pleading instead. Although he knew Dean liked to bottom, he'd only let it happen a few times so far, Sam had had to ask for it every time, and Dean had turned him down on it more than once. But he was also filled with a desperate need to take Dean, to be inside of him and have his body given to him entirely. He looked down into the wide open eyes of his brother, who stared at him with a look of nervousness and uncertainty.

He nodded. "Okay. Yeah, whatever you want, Sammy."

Sam kissed him hungrily on his mouth, cheeks, and chin. "Mine."

He moved his mouth down to the juncture where Dean's neck met his shoulder and began to kiss, nibble, and suck and he felt Dean's breath hitch. "Yours. No one else gets a piece of this sweet ass."

Sam scooted down the bed and swept his mouth down Dean's chest and stomach, taking his time. He kissed his shoulder, right over the scar from the time the daevas had attacked them under Meg's command, lightly sucking and licking the fine line of shiny, pale flesh. Then he moved down to Dean's left pec where he had his pentacle tattoo that looked exactly like his own, fastened his mouth around it, and began to suck and lick the skin there. Dean moaned under his touch as Sam continued this way down the entire length of his torso, leaving a wet, sloppy trail of saliva and kisses as his mouth touched every one of Dean's scars, every reminder of a time when he'd almost lost him. When he reached his belly button he then kissed and licked down his thin trail of hair leading from his navel and stopping right before the bigger tangle of pubic hair underneath, keeping his mouth just beside where Dean's fully erect cock was laying against his stomach. He moved down further yet until his head was between Dean's thighs and mouthed along the sensitive pale skin there. Dean was breathing heavily, his body tensed in anticipation of whatever pleasure Sam was about to give him and Sam moved back up the bed, stopping only briefly to run his tongue up Dean's hard length before he was once again looking into his face. He reached beside him to the nightstand drawer and began rooting around inside of it.

"Where's the lube?"

Dean groaned and let his head fall heavily against the pillow. "Oh shit, I forgot we ran out the last time. We were just at the store, too."

In spite of their setback, Sam laughed. "Yeah." He closed the drawer. "At the store with Bela." He leaned in and gently kissed him on the mouth. "You would have picked up lube while she stood right there with us? I mean, she doesn't know."

Dean looked at him like he'd just said the most obvious thing in the world. Of course she didn't know; no one knew. Well, no one outside of Bobby at least and that was only because he'd once caught them making out on his couch. Hiding their relationship was really only logical; after all, just because they were okay with it didn't mean the rest of the world would be. So they kept their hands to themselves in public and Dean often times made obnoxious little comments about being with other people, like the one he'd made earlier to Bela about having gotten a 'hand of glory last week at the end of his Thai massage.' That was Sam who'd massaged his aching muscles after a hunt, Sam who had jacked him off afterwards to help him sleep, but he'd changed it to a hooker and made it into a bad joke to throw Bela off.

Dean put his hand around the back of Sam's head and brought him down to him so he could kiss him briefly. "You know what? I'm starting to think that I don't care."

Sam brought three fingers to Dean's mouth. "Suck," he commanded.

Dean opened wide, wrapped his mouth around Sam's fingers and stared at him hungrily as he wantonly sucked them, swirling his tongue along them and coating them with extra spit. Sam watched his mouth work around his fingers and started to regret a little that he'd turned down that blowjob earlier. Once his fingers were thoroughly coated, he moved back down on the bed and sat down on his calves between Dean's legs.

"Turn over."

Dean did as instructed, lying flat on his stomach. Sam grabbed a pillow and Dean raised himself up so Sam could shove it under his stomach and then he lie back down, spread his legs a little and lifted his ass slightly, ready for him. Sam put one spit-slicked finger at his puckered entrance and then pushed it in all the way. The muscular walls squeezed around his finger and he slowly moved it in and out and used his fingertip to massage his tight walls. After a minute he put in another slicked up finger and Dean made a hushed sound of discomfort and Sam slid up so he could lay kisses on the back of Dean's neck.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Sam, fine. Just haven't done this in a while."

"I know. Just try to relax, okay?"

Sam slid his mouth down Dean's back as he continued fingering him, slowly kissing and licking all his freckles and scars and eventually he felt Dean's body relax underneath him, his breath begin to quicken and his body start rocking backwards onto his fingers, pushing them deeper into his body. Then Sam twisted his fingers a little inside him and Dean made a loud noise that sounded like a cross between a moan and a curse.

"You like that?"

Dean was raised up on his knees, rocking back into his fingers and making sure he hit he same spot with each thrust. "God, fuck, Sam, more!"

Sam bit back a moan at hearing Dean demand from him like that. He loved little more than hearing his fucked-out voice demand or even beg for his mouth, fingers, or cock and with his brother's control freak nature it wasn't something he got to hear very often. He worked in a third finger and crooked it, looking to keep hitting that same place as before and watched Dean rock back, wiggle, swear, cry out his name, and moan as he prepped him.

"Jesus, Dean, I could just get off watching you come this way." He reached a hand around and began stroking Dean's hard, leaking length. "You look so sexy fucking yourself on my fingers, sound so hot when you say my name like that!"

"F-fuck Sam, mm, no, stop Sammy, you're getting me close."

Sam withdrew his fingers, wiped them off on the bed sheets, and was about to spit on his hand then Dean suddenly got up and turned around. He sat on his calves in front of him and then brought his mouth to Sam's cock and licked the tip.

"Don't worry Sam; I'm not trying to make you come. We're out of lube and I don't want that thing anywhere near me until I know it's not gonna tear me up." He fastened his mouth around the shaft and used extra spit as he bobbed up and down the length of it. The blowjob was more wet and messy than sexy, but in a matter of seconds his shaft was coated with wet, slippery saliva that ran down the length of his shaft and dripped onto his balls. After a minute, Dean pulled his thoroughly wetted cock from his mouth and it fell out with a wet pop. "Lay on your back, Sammy; if we're doing it this way, I wanna ride you."

Sam moved around Dean on the bed, laid his head back on the pillow, and watched Dean crawl his way up his body. He kneeled upright above Sam's stomach, grabbed Sam's cock, and positioned it at his entrance. Sam could feel the tip of the head brushing up against the spit-slicked hole and he bit his lip in anticipation, waiting to be engulfed in Dean's tight heat and then Dean lowered himself slightly and the head slipped inside. Sam gasped at the feeling. It felt amazing to be inside Dean's body, all heat and tight rings of muscles squeezing all around him and he resisted the urge to buck his hips and push himself deeper before Dean was ready. Sam saw him wince and he lay perfectly still as Dean continued to slowly slide himself further and further down Sam's long, fully hard shaft, going at his own pace. When Dean was finally seated to the hilt he waited for a second and then began to slowly ride him in careful and mechanical motions. His body was tense and he had a serious, concentrated look on his face and it didn't take a genius to realize that, even taking control, he felt uncomfortable. Knowing Dean, he probably felt like less than a man for the pleasure he was receiving at having Sam inside him.

Sam reached around Dean and began to soothingly run his fingers up and down his back. "C'mere." Dean leaned forward and caught Sam's lips in a quick, tentative kiss. When he pulled back, Sam darted his tongue out and licked Dean's beautiful, pouty lips. "Mm, you feel so good, Dean." He grabbed Dean's hips and then thrust his own hips up to meet his lover's movements, shifting around and looking for that special bundle of nerves that would bring Dean the most pleasure. He knew he'd found it when he felt Dean's body spasm a little and heard him stifle a moan and Sam dug his fingers harder into Dean's hips and moaned, showing him exactly how much he was enjoying the feeling of his tight, muscled heat surrounding and squeezing him. "Shit, baby, god, so perfect, so good for me."

Dean finally smirked, some of his usual bravado showing through. He kissed Sam again, his lips moving slowly, and Sam kissed him back with increasing hunger, smashing their mouths together and running his tongue along his lips until Dean opened up and let Sam's tongue slip inside. Dean licked and sucked his tongue, prompting a moan from Sam that reverberated through both of their mouths and then Dean began to slowly pick up the pace of his movements, sliding faster, harder, rougher up and down Sam's shaft. He soothed his fingers across Sam's cheekbones, around the shell of his ear, and through his hair and then grabbed Sam's hair with a firm yank, pulling his head back and exposing his neck, which he enthusiastically attacked with his mouth. Sam turned his head to the side, shut his eyes, and moaned out quiet whispers of yesses interspersed with Dean's name as he felt Dean's lips, tongue, and teeth graze his skin. By then Dean was moaning loudly, no longer hiding his pleasure at feeling Sam hit his prostate with every thrust. His red, hard, leaking cock bobbed up and down as he moved and Sam eagerly grabbed it and began to stroke. He could feel that he was getting close and he knew Dean had to be, too but he was still moving too slowly to let him reach climax.

"God, Dean, please, faster, faster, faster!"

Dean did exactly as he asked, moving in quick, rough movements up and down Sam's cock and then he buried his face in the hollow of his neck near his ear as he grunted and moaned increasingly loud, his breath beginning to hitch and come out in ragged gasps as he quickly neared his own release. Sam bit his lip hard and tried to hold out for Dean to finish first but Dean was taking longer than he expected and he just felt so damn good that he didn't know how much longer he could last.

"Dean, Dean, Dean!" Sam cried out in pleasure. "Oh god – oh god, gonna – gonna – oh god, Dean, please come baby, please come, please come, ahh – fuck, Dean, I can't – I can't –" With that his vision whited as he came hard and powerful inside of his lover, completely filling him with his release.

"That's it Sam, that's it, fuck yes, fuck yes, oh – oh – oh!"

Sam felt Dean's thick, ropy come shoot out onto his stomach and only then did he lean back on the pillow and begin to feel his body relax, feeling satisfied. Dean pulled Sam out of his body and then collapsed onto him, red-faced and panting as he nestled his head under Sam's chin and Sam wrapped his arms around him, smiled, and sighed contentedly.

He looked down at Dean's relaxed features. "Good?"

"Oh yeah! It's always good with you, Sammy."

Sam buried his nose in Dean's hair and inhaled, breathing in his earthy scent. "Yeah, you too. You know that, right?"

From on top of him, Dean's body stiffened just a little and then his fingers went to Sam's right pec and began drawing the shapes of pentagrams against his skin. "Yeah, of course, Sam. But I want you to, you know, keep your options open because, you never know…"

Sam cut him off. "I don't want all that apple pie crap. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever did."

"Well, you never know, I mean, with the future and all…"

"I told you before, Dean; I'm not letting you go to Hell."

"Yeah, well, maybe you will and maybe you won't." He raised himself up and looked at Sam with an earnestness he hadn't seen in a long time. "But it's not just that, Sammy –"

"You're the last," he said flatly. "No matter what happens, you're the last."

"Sam, I don't think you know what you're saying –"

"No, Dean, I don't think you're hearing me. You're the last. I want you to be the last. I don't – can't want anyone else."

Dean's face twisted down into a small frown and he lay back down on Sam's chest and sighed. "Well, as long as you want me, I know you're my last, too."

Sam softly stroked Dean's short hair and closed his tired eyes, feeling Dean's slowing heart beating in time with his. "It's only been you, always."


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