So, I decided to show you a little mini epilogue for Marik and Bakura: 333 Ways as for something that happened during the switch from my fic to YamiTheDark's. WARNING: Avengers Spoilers Abound. If you want to see it and haven't, turn off your computer, go see the Avengers, and come back to read this fic. Again, these are the abridged versions of the characters.

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Chapter 56 1/2: In Which They Take A Movie Break

"Holy. Friggin'. God," Marik stated, "That. Was. EPIC!" Marik and Bakura had just left the movie theater showcasing Marvel's big damn movie, The Avengers, throwing out popcorn and sneaking off with their 3-D glasses. Marik was in total awe. Bakura ... was not.

"Marik, that was a mediocre movie and you know that!" Bakura argued.

Marik gasped in horror. "HOW COULD YOU EVEN SAY THAT?! You'll make Joss Whedon angry! And you don't like him when he's angry!"

Bakura raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you're not talking about that Banner fellow?"

"I AM VERY SURE!" Marik yelled, "The only part I didn't like was Loki's evil plan. I mean, he brainwashes Clinty Birdman-"

"Hawkeye, Marik. Not 'Clinty Birdman'."

"NO ONE CARES!" Marik glared at Bakura, angry at the latter for interrupting his speech. "Anyway, he brainwashes Clinty Birdman and that scientist from Thor, makes the Avengers moan, attack and bitch at each other for the hell of it, kills people, and causes an alien invasion all because of a glowy cube of glowy glowiness of doom! Seriously, WHAT THE FRIG?!"

"Marik, I think that Loki needed the cube for the alien invasion to begin," Bakura corrected.

"How do you know that?!" Marik demanded, "You were asleep for half of the movie!"

"No I wasn't, I was trying to make you think I was asleep."

"YES YOU WE- oh," Marik said, realizing his mistake, "MOVING ON! So, I think that I could come up with a better evil plan than Loki."

Bakura laughed for a while. "I doubt it. Really, Marik, I don't remember anybody named Steve in the mo-"

"And that is where you are WRONG, Fluffy!" Marik cried triumphantly, "For there so happens to be someone named Steve in the Avengers, and that is... Steve Rogers, aka CAPTAIN FRIGGIN' AMERICA!" Suddenly, Marik stopped in his tracks.

Bakura turned around and stared at Marik, who was looking ahead vacantly. "Marik, did you die on short notice?"

Marik suddenly snapped back to life, grinning evilly. "I think I have an eeeeevil plan that could out-Loki Loki."

Bakura smirked. "And pray tell, what is it?"

Marik stood up onto one of the benches in front of a poster for Ice Age: Continental Drift and hollered, "It's simple! First off, I need to charge the Millennium Rod. Curse you, failing batteries! Next, I turn Captain America into my personal Steve! Then, I use him to lie to the Avengers' faces about little things like 'Yo Bruce, I heard Iron Man hates your socks! As in, your actual socks on your feet!'"

"That is incredibly stupid," Bakura commented.

"SHUT UP!" Marik ordered. "Then, they will all confront each other in a huge yelling spree like in the movie, except Clinty Birdman would actually be present and NOT brainwashed. Then, I will reveal myself as the true villain I am, and force them to... PLAY A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME! DUN DUN DUUUUN!"

Bakura groaned and facepalmed. Marik then realized, "No, wait. They don't know how to play Duel Monsters. Frig! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!" Suddenly, a lightbulb flashed in Marik's head. "Wait! I will make them fight against their friend who is now my mind slave! AND I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!" Marik closed his eyes and reigned in his victorious-ness.

Bakura looked behind his shoulder, his eyes suddenly widening. "Marik-"

"Quiet, Fluffy! Let me reign in my victory!"




"What?!" Marik asked, incredibly annoyed. Bakura pointed over to the concession stand, where a long line was beginning to form. Just outside that line were four men, who were all dressed in a very familiar manner. Said manner was concerning the movie that the duo had just seen. All of them were staring at Marik and Bakura blankly.

"EFF! no! It's the EFF!ing Avengers! We're EFF!ing EFF!ed!" Marik screamed as he jumped onto Bakura's back. "SAVE ME, BAKUUUURA!" Bakura groaned and slowly walked out of the movie theater. Marik kicked him, yelling "GO FASTER!"

"Marik, I'm going as fast as I bloody can!" Bakura protested.

"Not fast enough, Limey!" Marik yelled, kicking Bakura again.

The four men watched as Marik and Bakura fled the movie theater. The one in the red and yellow metal armor cried, "What the hell just happened?"

"Looks like someone thought we were the actual Avengers," The man dressed as Captain America suggested.

"Okay, really?" The 'man' dressed as Thor added, "Just because we resemble the actual actors and actually put effort into these costumes does NOT mean that the Avengers exist! I can attest to that; I'm a girl!"

"We're aware," a man in a purple button down shirt said.

"Wait. Who are you supposed to be?" The Iron Man cosplayer asked, pointing at Purple-shirt-guy.

"Bruce Banner."

Before that discussion could go any further, a couple dressed as Hawkeye and Black Widow arrived carrying a tray of popcorn, Twizzlers, ICEEs, Coca Colas, and nachos. "Hey, we got the food," the Black Widow cosplayer announced.

"In that case, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" The Captain America cosplayer yelled, "And let's go see... THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN!" Everyone stared at him in confusion, and an awkward silence swept the six cosplayers. "What? Avengers was sold out, and I had to switch on short notice!"

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