He hadn't exactly anticipated the outcome that the night's events had reached. Had he been given the chance the tall, lean boy would have chosen anything else. When he woke up the next morning, his eyes instantly found the small, curly-headed boy in bed next to him. This definitely wasn't his apartment. His eye's left the boy and scanned the room. It was bright to say the least. The walls were white, and the sheets were white. Everything seemed to be in place and clean, from what he could tell. He swung his legs over the bed and his feet hit the cold hardwood floor.

Before he could get up, a slim pair of arms wrapped around his waist. His eyes shut, and he mentally cursed himself for not having had left earlier. A soft pair of lips pressed against the boy's left shoulder blade, and he felt himself shiver. His head turned to the side to get a small glimpse of the other.

"Leaving so soon?" The small boy asked, his voice rough, and it was obvious that he had just woken up. There was still softness to it, and it reminded the taller boy why he had agreed to come back to the other's apartment the night before in the first place. He gently grabbed the hands and pulled them away from him.

"I need to go." He finally said. "Does he even remember my name?" The boy asked himself. He stood up from the bed, grabbing his briefs, throwing them on, and proceeded to put on the rest of his clothing that was scattered around the room. He looked back at the boy on the bed who hadn't looked away from him the entire time. He had a look in his eye, and it sent another shiver down the boy's spine. "I'm going to be late for work…"

The redhead smirked, having heard the line countless times before. It was in that moment the tall, buff stranger was reasoning with himself why he should stay. Brown eyes met blue. The guy looked down at the hooded sweater in his hands before dropping it back to the floor. His hands flew to the bottom of his shirt, and in less than five seconds he was shirtless again. The smirk on the smaller boy's face widened, and the other climbed back in to bed.

He pushed the small boy down and said huskily, "Reed?" The expression on Reed's face told him to go on. "What's my name?"

Reed van Kamp chuckled, pulling the boy down into a heated kiss. This confirmed the earlier question that had ran through the boy's head. Reed didn't remember his name. He pulled out of the kiss. "Does it matter?" Reed breathed. Their eyes met again. Reed's held lust, the other's held a form of shock. Ignoring it, Reed leaned back in and captured the other's lips again. He pulled away again, telling Reed his name, "It's Ryan."

Reed rolled his eyes and pulled Ryan down into another heated kiss. Reed's hands scratched down Ryan's back as he pulled away, placing light kisses down Reed's neck. A soft moan escaped past Reed's lips, and a hand trailed up Ryan's back, tangling in his hair and pressed him closer to his neck. Ryan bit down, which caused a louder moan to erupt from Reed's throat.

He dressed sharp, wearing his two-button Armani suit. With effort, he managed to tame the curls perched on top of his head. His mother always insisted on getting his hair cut, but he loved it a bit longer than what was considered normal. What he really liked was when a guy pulled his hair. That's not something he would pass along to his mother though. Like nearly every morning, he walked into one of the many large buildings in downtown Chicago.

Employees greeted him as he walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. Standing in front of the doors, he remembered vividly how much hell he went through to be able to do this. How could he forget?

Hilde van Kamp wanted nothing but good fortune for her son, good fortune and a good future. She wanted him to remain in New York. Planning it from his birth, he was supposed to be a well-known fashion designer. At some point she even suggested photography. Reed always seemed to go along with it, obeying his mother's every wish. But, things took a sudden turn once he hit his last year at Dalton Academy. She doesn't know why, but no one really does. First, Reed wanted to go to the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. While she found it odd, Reed insisted learning fashion at the school would be beneficial to him. Little did she know he had changed majors the first day his feet hit the building's floor. It went from Fashion Design to Advertising. Reed even tried to twist it, making it out to be the same thing even if it wasn't.

"Mom, instead of making a piece of clothing with my name branded to it for people to buy, I will be making ads for people to buy different products. Really, it is basically the same thing." The fashionista was appalled. Reed only grinned and continued on his way, ignoring any pleas and begs to change his mind.

Being such a big person that Hilde was, Reed was constantly in the limelight. There wasn't a doubt about that, but Reed did manage to keep some things under wraps. There were things he just didn't want his mother knowing. She was aware, though, of Reed's constant after-work partying. He was only twenty-two, but was as popular as other Hollywood stars.

The elevator opened and he stepped inside, traveling up to one of the top floors where his office was located. He wasn't top dog at the company yet, but copy room discussions stated that he was definitely on the right track to getting there. Stepping out onto the correct floor, other employees and interns were scattered around, getting work done. It was usual, and no one would bat an eyelash at the hectic atmosphere.

Reed arrived at his office and shut the door immediately. Something about an open door bugged him. Perhaps it was the thought that possibly fellow co-workers were watching him, but Reed wouldn't admit that. He sat down at his desk, looking at the mail that had already been delivered for the day. Most of it was garbage, but he did see one thing that caught his eye. The envelope was off-white, and his name was printed on it in a golden, cursive script. There wasn't a return address, so he opened the envelope carefully. A single card was inside, and he pulled it out with care. It was an engagement announcement. His eyes widened in shock at the two names printed on it. Wesley Hughes and Tabitha Adams. He put the card down and reached out for his phone. He couldn't even dial a single number before his office door opened, interrupting him. Letting out an aggravated sigh, he dropped his hand and looked to the door.

"Yes Lucy?" Lucy Nicholson was Reed's assistant. He hadn't asked for one; he was given one. She was a small petite girl with long brown hair. Lucy managed to keep herself well-kept despite the stress the office might put on her. Her eyes widened, realizing her mistake. Reed let out a small laugh and sat back in his seat, any agitation fading. She breathed out in relief. Reed wasn't one of those demon bosses that people could find in movies or on television. He was actually more laidback than most. She took another step into his office and shut the door.

"Mr. van Kamp, sir…you received a call this morning. I forgot to give you the message. I'm sorry."

With a simple shrug, he responded with, "That's alright. Was it anything important?"

She wasn't sure herself. She definitely knew that this person had never called Reed before. With grace, she walked to his desk and handed him the note. With a gentle hand, he took it from her before leaning back into his chair. "Thank you Lucy." He said, giving her another small smile. She returned the smile and left his office. Looking down at the note, his eyebrows rose. The day was just filled with surprises.

Kurt Hummel – Call back as soon as possible. (917)-237-7890

He grabbed his office phone again, dialing the number on the note. Holding the phone to his ear, he listened to the dial tone, waiting and hoping for Kurt to answer. He was about to hang the phone up, but the dial tone disappeared.

"Hello? Reed?" Kurt asked, a bit out of breath. Reed furrowed his eyebrows at Kurt's rushed voice.

"Yeah, Kurt?" He answered. He heard him breathe out in relief. Kurt sat down on the awful patterned hotel room chair and sat back. He had finally calmed himself down. Unlike Reed, Kurt had received the engagement announcement a few days ago.

"Did you get it? The announcement? I can't believe this, Reed!" He began, hardly allowing Reed to get a word in as he got worked up again. Blaine Anderson returned to the hotel room, looking at his distressed boyfriend. He sighed, handing him a skinny mocha latte. Kurt smiled up at him with the best of his abilities, still tense.

"Yeah, I just got it this morning…" He said calmly. He spun in his chair, looking at the announcement still. "I didn't even know they were dating again."

"This is so ridiculous! I can't believe this. Does he really expect us to go to his wedding? I'm not going. I'm not standing in the same breathing space as her."

Reed rolled his eyes and thought about their senior year again. There were moments when it was true hell. Wes had thought it would be a good idea to rekindle his romance (If that's what you want to call it.) with Tabitha. It was as if he had completely forgotten about everything that had happened between them, or if he had given up, settling for her.

It was a brief romance. Kurt had kept his mouth shut most of the time when Wes brought her around Windsor. It wasn't allowed to have girls in the house, and more times than none, Kurt wanted to hint to Howard of the rule-breaking going on, but at the same time, he wanted to be a good friend. A good friend tells another friend when they're with someone who's bad for them, don't they? Kurt always kept it in until it was too much. It got to a boiling point when Kurt finally snapped at Tabitha again. Everyone stayed out of it and waited for Wes to do something. Even Blaine didn't want to get in the middle of it. He would prefer to stay out of the crossfire. From that moment on, Kurt swore he would never be in the same room as Tabitha, even if his life depended on it.

"So, you're just not going to go?" Reed finally asked as he stopped spinning. He put the announcement down, scanning through the rest of the mail.

"Are you going?" Kurt asked, sitting up. Reed shrugged to himself.

"I don't know…I'm waiting for the formal invitation before I make up my mind. Who knows, they could break it off. There's no use getting so worked up over this…" He finished the sentence softly. He hadn't imagined that the first time he would talk to Kurt in the past few months would only be because of Wes. He picked up a pen, sketching random doodles on a notepad.

"I guess you're right…" Kurt sighed, sipping his coffee. He watched as Blaine walked to the tall mirror to fix his hair. Since they had graduated Dalton, Blaine slowly stopped drowning his hair with hair gel. It made Kurt smile and his thoughts wander, but he remembered he was on the phone with Reed. "What are you doing today, besides working?"

"I…don't know…" Reed said slowly. It was an odd question, coming from Kurt. They weren't the kind of friends to have this kind of small talk. Their conversations usually had purpose. He looked up from the notepad and stared at the wall in front of him. On it was a large painting he had done. It was very expressionistic with many vibrant colors. He asked, "Why?"

Kurt smiled, forgetting that Reed didn't know their current whereabouts. Having both graduated from college, Kurt and Blaine decided to take a break from working. They both worked throughout their college years, having saved up a bit of money for themselves. The first thing they wanted to do was visit Reed in Chicago. Blaine always loved the city, and Kurt has wanted to see his best friend for a long time now.

"Well…unless you're busy, we were hoping to meet up with you for lunch…or dinner. Whenever you're free, really." Reed's jaw dropped slightly as he focused on the conversation one-hundred percent again.

"You're here in Chicago?" He asked, unsure if Kurt had hit his head and forgotten where Reed lived. He heard him laugh, and assumed that meant yes. "When did you get here?" He asked happily. He really did want to see him.

"We just got in last night. So, we were hoping you could show us around."

"Of course!" Reed exclaimed excitedly. "I would love to! I usually work late, but I think I can get out early today. I mean it is a special occasion. Maybe we can go out for a late lunch?"

"We'll be here. Just give me a call and let me know all the details." Reed nodded to himself, not aware at first that Kurt wouldn't be able to see him. He told Kurt his cellphone number and said he would give him a call when he was wrapping up at work. He hung up the phone and smiled to himself before finally booting up his computer.

Kurt grinned at Blaine and put his phone down. Blaine didn't look over at Kurt at first, but once he realized the silence in the room, he turned his head. Not having to ask, he already knew why Kurt was so happy. It really was a downer that throughout college, Kurt didn't have his best friend anymore. He remembers the nights where he told Kurt to just give Reed a call, but it never happened. Being a bit freer than before, he hoped things could be changed and fixed, that Kurt and Reed would make up for lost time.

"We're going to lunch…a late lunch but lunch nonetheless. He's going to come here and pick us up." Kurt told Blaine. He chuckled and walked over to Kurt. "He's going to be so surprised seeing your hair…"

A knock could be heard at their hotel room door. Blaine stepped away from Kurt and went to the door, muttering under his breath. Kurt let out a chuckle and just sat back in the chair again, squirming to try and get more comfortable, but it was useless. Blaine opened the door, thinking it was someone from the hotel, but his eyes widened when he saw his taller but younger brother.

"Sh-Shane?" He asked, and Shane laughed, letting himself into the room.

"Way to tell me about your planned visit to Chicago," He waved at Kurt and sat down on the bed. Shane had been living in Chicago for about a year after dropping out of a business school. It definitely wasn't something his parents were happy or proud of. But, Shane insisted it would be good for his health, not that anything was wrong with it. He just used the lame excuse to stop his mother's constant nagging. She did worry about her youngest child. Now he attended Columbia College to do the one thing he loved, dance.

"What are you…how did you…?" Blaine couldn't ask a full question. He stared at his younger brother who just looked up at him innocently with a smile. Blaine did have to admit that he definitely looked happier and less stressed from the last time he had seen him. There was a glow to him.

"It's like you forgot that I live here now…" He began simply with a shrug. "Kurt told me you guys were coming in. I thought it would be nice to see you…" He trailed off, looking over at Kurt. He wondered if he made a mistake in coming to the hotel to see Blaine. It's been over a year since he had seen him last, and he honestly thought that Blaine would want to see him too. The smile on Shane's face faltered a little when the expression in Blaine's face remained the same. "I guess I was wrong…"

Kurt furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Blaine. This was unlike him. He couldn't recall a fight between the brothers. Shane got up from the bed and gave Kurt a small smile. He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked back to the door. "I didn't mean to bother you…I guess I'll talk to you later some time…"

Blaine remained silent as his brother walked out of the room. He looked deep in thought but also torn. Once the door was shut and Kurt knew Shane had to be a good distance away, he stood up and walked to Blaine. "What's going on?" Kurt asked.

"You couldn't warn me? You couldn't tell me my brother might drop by?" Blaine asked him, his voice rising just a bit. "I don't see or hear from the kid in over a year, and you just invite him over to our hotel room?"

"That's why I did! He's your brother, Blaine. You just looked at him like he was a disgusting pest. That isn't fair to him at all. He misses you." Blaine scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"He knows my number. It was his decision to move to this stupid city. It was his idea to move in with his stupid boyfriend, and it was his idea for me to get all the wrath from our father." Kurt glared, knowing very well that Shane probably didn't even know what happened after he moved away.

"Do you really think he knows about any of that? You made no attempt to stay in contact with him either. None of this is his fault. You need to stop being an ass." Kurt looked away from Blaine the moment he heard his phone go off. It was a call from Reed's office. He picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Kurt, its Reed. I was about to head out a little earlier than intended. Are you and Blaine still up for lunch?" He heard Reed ask. Relief flooded through him as this phone call pulled him away from the argument in process.

"Blaine isn't feeling well. He can't go, but I can. Just text me when you're almost here, and I'll come downstairs." Kurt told him and felt Blaine's eyes burning on him. He ignored it with ease and hung up with Reed. He looked back at Blaine.

"Oh, so now I can't see Reed?"

"You're being mean, and now you're in this sour mood. I don't want Reed to be afraid to speak to me because of something you might say." Kurt told him as he walked to the bathroom, checking himself in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable. Blaine sighed, following him.

"I'm sorry, okay?"

"You shouldn't be saying sorry to me. You didn't hurt me." Kurt replied, looking at Blaine from the corner of his eye. He finished freshening up, and he heard his phone go off again. He looked at it, and it was a text from Reed. "I'm heading out now. I don't know how long I'll be out…if we go anywhere else, maybe I'll text you for you to join us. You should call Shane."

Blaine nodded, and Kurt kissed him softly before leaving the room. Blaine sighed and sat down on his bed. He took out his phone and stared at it in his hands. He didn't know what to do. Deep down, he knew that Kurt was right, but there still was this anger within him towards his brother. After some time of consideration, he dialed Shane's number, hoping it hadn't changed. He heard the dial tone for a second or two before someone picked up.

"Hello?" He heard Shane answer on the other end. Blaine took a deep breath.

"Hey, it's Blaine…look, Shane, I'm sorry for how I acted." He said quickly. He heard loud noises in the background, possibly cars or wind. He guessed Shane was outside, the background noise made sense. Shane said nothing, and Blaine wondered if he was getting the silent treatment because of his behavior earlier. "Are you still by the hotel?"

"Yeah….yeah I am." He finally heard Shane say, but then there was silence again. Blaine would have thought Shane hung up on him if it wasn't for the sound of wind blowing into the phone. Finally, he heard Shane sigh, "Do you want me to come back?"

"Only if you want to…" Blaine said hesitantly, biting his lip. Those five words lifted Shane's spirit instantly. He spun around quickly, a large grin on his face.

"I'm on my way." He said before saying goodbye and hanging up. He didn't want to show too much excitement. He was afraid it would only annoy Blaine, and that is something he didn't want to happen so soon. He walked gracefully through the mob of people to get back to the hotel quickly. Shane really wasn't that far away since he had made it a point to walk slowly.

Shane walked quickly up the sidewalk to the entrance of the building. He nearly ran into plenty of people, and almost got hit by one car as he crossed the small valet and pick-up area in front of the hotel. The car honked at him, and he looked at the driver for a split second, seeing a mop of curls, before running to the front of the hotel. Kurt was standing at the front when Shane passed him. He could have sworn he heard Shane say a quick, 'Hey Kurt!' before bounding into the hotel.

Kurt shook his head and smiled a little as he walked to a silver Honda Civic. He wondered why, of all cars, Reed had chosen this one. He saw his friend who looked almost the same as he did in high school. The door was unlocked, and he opened the door getting in. Reed was smiling brightly at him as he sat down. Not even a second later Reed had wrapped his arms around Kurt, bringing him into a tight hug. He was thrown off guard but hugged Reed back just as tightly.

Reed pulled away, the smile not faltering. "It's so nice to see you Kurt. It's a shame Blaine couldn't make it." Reed drove away from the hotel, heading to one of his favorite food spots in the city. Kurt buckled up and sighed, sitting back. Looking at him from the corner of his eye, Reed knew that Blaine wasn't 'sick'. Stopping at a red light, he looked fully at Kurt. "What's going on? You guys aren't fighting, are you?"

Kurt quickly shook his head, but then stopped. He didn't know, but he was sure he and Blaine weren't in the middle of a fight. "No, we're not fighting. It's kind of complicated to explain."

Reed looked back in front of him, beginning to drive again. "Well, you have all of lunch to explain it to me."

Kurt chuckled, realizing just how much he missed his friend. They exchanged small conversation as Reed drove. Kurt couldn't believe it. It had been nearly three years since he saw his friend last. Reed had been in town multiple times during those three years, but it was always for his mother. The last time he had seen him was during their first semester of college, but that was it. But, even though Reed looked the same, if not a bit more mature, he could see Reed had grown up so much mentally. He didn't appear to be as timid anymore. He wasn't afraid anymore.

After parking the car, the two young men walked into the small restaurant. Surprisingly, it didn't look at all expensive or high class, something he was expecting. They were quickly taken to a booth, and both Kurt and Reed sat down.

"How have you been?" Reed asked instantly, looking directly at his friend. Kurt took a sip of water before smiling.

"I've been wonderful. It's so nice to finally be done with school and not have to do anything until I look for a job. Blaine and I are great, minus the small mishap earlier."

"What was all that about?" He asked as he scooted forward in his seat, showing complete interest. Kurt bit his lip, looking down at the glass of water in front of him.

"Blaine and his brother had a small…falling out…I guess you could say. Things happened, and neither one of them did anything about it really. So, I guess there's this unjustified anger that they believe is plausible. His brother lives here in Chicago. So, I thought it would be a good time try and reunite them. I probably shouldn't have…but, maybe something good will happen in the end."

Reed nodded. "Yeah…I can see why Blaine would get upset, but he did see that it was out of the goodness of your heart, right?"

"Yeah...yeah, I think he did. He looked apologetic before I left." Reed smiled. The waitress came and took their order, and while waiting for their food, they caught up even more.

Reed told Kurt all about the advertising industry, how fun the classes at the art institute was, and how he managed to design of a few clothing pieces, only to make his mom happy. He described his bachelor pad and how it currently looked.

"I'm thinking about re-decorating it though." He told him, his eyes sparkling with thought briefly. Kurt smiled at his friend. Sure, he had changed, but he was the same Reed he came to love.

"Is there anyone special in your life?" Kurt had to ask. He had kept it in for so long, but he was dying to know. Reed laughed and shrugged. A small blush came to his cheeks, which Kurt instantly noticed. It wasn't because Reed did; it was because he didn't know whether to say 'No' or to tell Kurt the truth. In the end he chose the first option. Kurt awed, "And why not?"

Reed chuckled and replied, "My job is really taking up a lot of my time these days…" He trailed off, his finger circling the top of his glass. "But…maybe soon…I'll start looking or something." He finished, looking up, and knowing that the statement put Kurt's mind at ease.

They finished lunch, and the both of them walked to Reed's car. It was a silent, comfortable walk, like one they had many times before. Kurt smiled at his friend, noticing just then that he hadn't grown much from school. He was maybe an inch or two taller but nothing more. It could have also been his shoes that gave him more height. They both stopped walking and faced each other once they reached Reed's car.

"Do you and Blaine have plans tonight?" Reed asked him, leaning against his car.

"No…we didn't plan anything..."

"Awesome, you should come out with me a little later. I can show you a hot spot down here." He half-smiled, half-smirked. Kurt raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"Where are you planning on bringing us, Reed? Some night club?" Reed laughed, rolled his eyes, and opened the car door.

"Oh, well, if you insist." Kurt hurried into the car with excitement. They had a few hours before they would even head to club. Reed dropped Kurt back off at his hotel and told him he would text him the address and time of meet-up.

Shane was still in the room when Kurt walked in. Neither of the Anderson brothers seemed distressed in the slightest. Kurt took that as a good sign and smiled at the two when he came in. Blaine stood up immediately and hugged Kurt.

"Thank you," He whispered into Kurt's ear, and he knew what for. After pulling out of the hug, they both looked back at Shane. "We talked and worked everything out."

"I'm glad to hear that." Kurt smiled. "Lunch with Reed was fantastic." Shane's eyes sparkled, hearing an unfamiliar name. Before he could ask exactly who Reed was, Kurt continued, "He wants us to meet up with him at this club…"

Shane grinned with interest, and Blaine raised an eyebrow. As fun as it sounded, Blaine wasn't sure they should go. "Is Reed bringing someone?" He asked. When Kurt shook his head, it really turned Blaine off to the idea. He would feel bad for Reed, thinking that Reed would be out of place, but he was still thinking of Reed as if they were still in high school. Kurt noticed the thoughtful look on Blaine's face.

"He invited us, Blaine. What is there to think about? Don't you want to see him too?" Blaine groaned, feeling guilt slowly seep in. Kurt seemed to be great at that recently. Of course he wanted to see Reed, but was a club the best place to see him for the first time in years?

"I'll come with you guys…if that's alright. I don't know who this Reed is, but I'm a very likeable person. I'm sure he'll love me." Shane bounced on the bed excitedly. He acted as if he'd never left the house before. Blaine looked at him nervously, but Kurt nodded enthusiastically.

"That would be awesome! It would give you and Blaine more time to bond." Blaine looked at Kurt, shaking his head, which Shane saw and ignored. Thinking he had made a mistake, Blaine looked back at Shane, eyes wide, and his hands going up defensively.

"No, not about you going…" He tried to defend his actions. "I just…I want to see Reed too." Kurt rolled his eyes, and Shane chuckled.

"And you can…I can talk with Shane too if it would make you happy." Blaine looked at him uncertainly again. "We can all talk together. There's no need to panic…" Shane snickered as Blaine shot him an evil glare. Shane stopped instantly, but still sat on the bed completely amused. "Calm down, Blaine."

Blaine huffed and sat down in defeat. "Fine, but you should let him know there's going to be one extra block-head in our group." Shane grinned and shot up from his seat, tackling Blaine into a hug. Blaine groaned, trying to push his brother away from him, but Shane only tightened his grip and squealed out repeatedly, "Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou." He couldn't even understand him until about the fifth time he said it. Kurt watched the two boys and smiled, reaching the bathroom to get ready.


A few hours later, the three stood outside in the chilly Chicago air. The large neon sign that marked the building could be seen from blocks away. Its name was Spin, and it was, without a doubt, one of the most popular places in the neighborhood. Shane, completely used to the Chicago weather, stood there with no problem. He looked around in interest, having never been to this part of town before. Sure, he had heard of the place before, but never felt that he should go to such an establishment. Glancing around, he watched the people who approached and went into the building. Suddenly, a need sparked within him to come more often. Curiosity also struck him hard. He wanted to know who this Reed guy was.

Kurt and Blaine stood close to each other, shivering. Both their heads whipped around spastically, looking for their friend. Shane chuckled and shoved his hands into his pocket. He thought that they would be used to weather like this, having been living in New York for years. Many attractive men walked into the club, and he wondered how they were going to be able to get in. He looked away from the entrance, and his eyes stopped instantly on a short boy with curly, strawberry-blond hair. He felt his world stop but was brought straight down after feeling someone's elbow dig into his side. He yelped out, looking to his right, and seeing Blaine give him a look. He knew that look, and he knew to back off or at least try. He made no promises and grinned at the boy.

"Reed! Thank god you're here. Blaine and I thought we were going to freeze to death." Kurt laughed, giving his friend a hug. Reed was dressed much differently than earlier. Kurt always knew Reed could pull off business attire and dressy club wear. It was nice to see physical proof. The moment Kurt pulled away, Blaine wrapped his arms tightly around Reed. "I'm so glad to see you." He said and pulled away. Reed smiled brightly at the both of them.

"It's so great to see you too, Blaine. It's been so long…you two should just move to Chicago." He replied before chuckling. He looked over at Shane, his eyes resting on him for a moment before looking back at Blaine. "Who's this?" He asked with interest. Shane shot his hand out to introduce himself. Reed stumbled backwards, nearly tripping until Shane wrapped his arm around Reed's waist, pulling him up again. Reed blinked in shock, blushing. He looked at both Kurt, who looked amused, and Blaine, who looked mortified. Realizing his arm was still around Reed, Shane pulled his arm away

"Sorry…I'm Sh-" Shane began but was cut off by Blaine.

"This is my younger brother, Shane. I also commonly call him moron." Shane rolled his eyes, retreating farther away from Reed. Kurt also rolled his eyes, making a mental note to talk to Blaine again. Reed looked at Shane and smiled, which threw Shane off guard. His eyes widened slightly, and he smiled back.

"It's nice to meet you, Shane." Reed spoke softly. He looked back at Kurt. "Well, how about we go in? I'm sure it's warmer in there than out here." Reed laughed gently, eyeing Shane once more before leading them in to the building. Shane felt his heart skip a beat as he watch Reed flawlessly walk. Blaine pushed him ahead, already getting annoyed with Shane's behavior. He loved his brother, he really did, but sometimes it became too much.

They walked into the club, the entrance being completely dark except for the random black lights. To their left they dropped their jackets off, and it surprised Kurt and Blaine when Reed had no trouble maneuvering through the darkness and out to the dance floor. He stopped, reaching the edge of the floor. The music was loud, like any club's music would be. Grinning at his two friends, Reed waved out to the dancing crowd.

"You're not going to tell me that you've never been to a club before!" Reed shouted over the music. Kurt, both excited for this new experience and scared, only shrugged. Blaine, showing a bit more confidence, gently put a hand on Kurt's arm and led him out to the floor. Reed laughed and smiled at them before looking back at Shane. Shane took this opportunity to inch closer to Reed. "What about you?" He asked. Shane smiled nervously and looked back out at the people.

"I've never really been to any of these places." He told him honestly and he hadn't. For as long as Shane could remember, there either hadn't been a club near him, or he was romantically involved with someone and never felt the need. This was a completely new experience for him. He looked back at Reed and saw the smirk on his face. He blinked, getting lost in his beauty for a third time, but this time Blaine wasn't there to bring him back to reality. Reed grabbed Shane's hand and laced their fingers together as he walked with him out to the floor.

Reed stopped walking and faced him. He grabbed Shane's hips and pulled him closer. "Surely you know how to dance?" Reed asked with a grin. That was one thing Shane felt confident in. He was going to Columbia in downtown Chicago for dance, after all. But right then, he felt hesitant. It blew his mind, and he didn't understand why. He looked down at Reed who had begun to dance along with the music. Shane slowly started to dance along with him, and it widened the grin on Reed's face.

There was still a nervous energy emitting from Shane, and Reed wanted it gone. After a few songs passed, Reed pulled Shane to the bar, stumbling backwards a bit, which ruined any sexual attraction to him, but Shane thought differently. He thought it was cute but could never tell Reed this. Reed's back dug into the edge of the bar, and his eyes still bore into Shane's. Reed reached backwards and tapped on the bar, getting the bartender's attention.

"Two of my usual's." Reed said as he looked back at the bartender. He nodded, and Reed looked back at Shane. "So, you live here?"

It took a moment for Shane to register that Reed has asked him a question, but he nodded. "Yeah…I've only been living here for about a year…" Reed nodded and wanted him to continue. "I moved here with someone…but we recently broke up…" Reed bit his lip, his face softening out of a forced sympathy. "It doesn't matter. I think all along I knew it wouldn't work out. I just liked the idea of moving to Chicago."

Reed smiled. "Well, I'm sure they don't know what they're missing." Drinks were handed to both Reed and Shane, and the two boys drank from the glasses. Reed was a little more eager than Shane. 'He just needs to loosen up.' Reed thought to himself as he watched Shane order himself another drink. He tore his eyes away from Shane and looked back out at the crowd of people on the floor, discreetly checking other guys out. His eyes connected with someone else's, and he grinned pushing himself off the bar. Shane noticed the sudden action.

"Where are you going?" He asked quickly, slurring his words only slightly. Without looking at Shane he answered with a quick, "Over there." Shane followed Reed's eyes to the tall, toned blond. He pursed his lips before looking back at Reed. Any hesitant feelings swept away from the alcohol. He wrapped his arms around Reed's waist, and Reed looked at him.

"Do you need something?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. Shane smiled lazily down at him and pulled him closer.

"Come dance with me." Reed smirked and ran his hands down Shane's arms. The simple touch sent shivers down Shane's spine, and he pulled Reed out to the dance floor once again. The moves were looser as songs passed and resulted in more touching. Reed's hands were trailing up and under Shane's shirt teasingly, and it shot sparks throughout Shane. His own hands rested on Reed's hips, and Reed knew it was time.

"Where are they?" Blaine asked Kurt hysterically. "I bet they're at the hospital because Shane managed to injure Reed!" Kurt rolled his eyes and grabbed his boyfriend's arm to calm him down. "How the hell is Shane supposed to get home? He came with us."

"Don't worry about them." Kurt began calmly. "If either of them were in any real trouble, they would have contacted us. Don't worry about Shane, I'm sure he knows he own way home."

"I can't believe they would just leave…" Blaine muttered worriedly. Kurt's arms snaked around Blaine's waist.

"We'll call them in the morning, okay?" Blaine nodded and looked at him. There was a soft smile on Kurt's lips, and Blaine leaned in to kiss him softly. Kurt returned the kiss and pulled away slowly. "Come on, let's get back to the hotel."

Kurt unwrapped his arms from around Blaine's waist and grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together. They walked closely together back out into the cold night, but this time they didn't seem to care. They walked away from Spin, surviving their first trip to the club.

Reed pushed Shane down onto the bed. Shane didn't have enough time to take in his surroundings before Reed had climbed on top of him. His attention was right back on the small boy and how he straddled his hips just perfectly. Reed leaned down, connecting his lips to Shane's neck and trailing kisses down it as his hands swiftly pulled up Shane's shirt. Reed pulled away for only a brief moment to get the shirt off, but it caused Shane to let out a whimper of protest. His hands trailed up Reed's side, a bit disappointed that he was still wearing his shirt. He trailed them back down and daringly began to pull it up, exposing a small part of Reed's stomach. Unknowingly, he licked his lips and hurried, with help from Reed, to take off the shirt.

His eyes ran up and down Reed's exposed upper body. His skin, for lack of better words, looked absolutely beautiful, soft, and glowing. He wanted to touch it. He needed to touch it. Getting lost in his thoughts, Reed quickly brought him back with a soft bite on Shane's neck. His eyes widened, and he let out a small moan, digging his nails into Reed's hips before his eyes fluttered closed again.

After smirking against his skin, Reed began kissing down his neck while his hands made themselves useful by beginning to work on getting Shane's pants off. Shane gasped after feeling Reed's hand graze over the front of his underwear, over his erection. His hips rolled up to the best of his abilities at this point, in response. Reed got up and successfully pulled Shane's pants completely off. His eyes opened, and he looked at Reed, watching him carefully. He watched as Reed unbuttoned his own pants, slipping them off quickly. It seemed like slow motion to him, and he shamefully scanned Reed's body, staring at him.

It didn't seem to faze Reed though. He was used to it. He quickly walked to his bedside table, opening a drawer, and pulling out a bottle of lube and condom for use in the very near future. He looked back at Shane, a fiery look in his eye that caused Shane to freeze in place. He tossed the two things on the bed and through Shane's eyes, he took off his underwear, teasingly slow. After tossing his to the side he looked at Shane, giving him a look that instructed him to do the same. Shane blinked, feeling himself still frozen.

"Well?" Reed asked huskily. Shane's eyes widened and he quickly pulled off his underwear, tossing them in a random direction. Reed chuckled, and sat down next to Shane as he sat up more. Reed lightly ran his hand up Shane's chest, to his neck, and to slowly to the back of Shane's neck. He pulled him in for a heated kiss, and Shane kissed back roughly, shocking himself, but he wanted it.

Reed's hand grasped around Shane's dick, and he began to pump slowly. He heard Shane gasp into the kiss and encourage Reed to go faster. Reed began to kiss down his neck again as Shane breathed heavier. Shane watched as Reed traveled lower while his hand still pumped at a steady pace. Reed's hand stopped moving, and he leaned down to run his tongue over the tip. Shane let out a louder moan, and his eye's fluttered shut as he threw his head back. Reed started sucking up and down at a steady pace, and Shane ran a hand through Reed's hair, pulling at it.

Leaning back up, Reed kissed Shane roughly. He pulled away and pushed Reed down on the bed only to climbed over him. The sudden forcedness coming from Shane excited Reed, and he pulled him down to reconnect their lips. Their hips rocked into each other, gasps and small moans coming from the both of them. It was Reed's turn to moan loudly as Shane leaned up and grabbed his throbbing cock quickly, stroking it slowly. Reed arched his hips up, craving more friction.

Reed opened his eyes, panting, and grabbing the condom and lube from the bed. He handed it to Shane roughly, and he grabbed it. Reed snaked an arm around Shane's neck and pulled him in, kissing him heatedly again before they continued.