Alright, I've read almost every Spamano smut out there and I was disturbed when I found no bondage. I mean there was one with a bit of bondage but it was BONDAGE. Ya know? So because there is no bondage to study I'm going to have to wing it and make it up as I go…. So it might suck….. I hope it doesn't but it might.

Antonio sighed as he looked at his reflection in the mirror mantle above the fireplace. He looked stupid, although he would never say such a thing but…. Damn he looked dumb. Francis had sent him these clothes for a rock concert they and Gilbert were going to. Francis explained via phone that there was a dress code. Leather. So Francis and Gilbert collaborated and made them outfits for the concert. Then next thing you know Antonio was given the outfit he was in.

There were a few things he hated about it. For one it had no shirt. Just a leather vest, with a black choker that had a metal lope/hook thing on it (much like a collar). Two, the leather skinny didn't breath. His legs left trapped. And even more so below the knee, where knee high leather combat style boots that also didn't breath were tied, much too tightly. The fingerless gloves weren't so bad but they made his palms sweaty. Francis also ordered him to straighten his hair (where he burnt himself a few times trying). He didn't like the way it looked too much. His normally curly, bouncy locks looked dead, and unhappy.

"Just one night." He told himself. He walked into the kitchen and pulled out a glass, and an unopened bottle of wine. It's Bad Touch Trio tradition to have a glass before you go out and finish the bottle when you come home. He popped the cap, as his phone buzzed.

From: Gilbert

Hay Toni x-may on the oncert-cay the tickets turned out to be a bust. Ttyl.


He sighed as he put the glass back drinking strait from the bottle.

"Well I might as well get changed." Antonio murdered to himself as he walked out of the kitchen and up the staircase, the bottle of wine still in hand. He opened his bedroom door, sighing once again. He set the bottle on his dresser and closed his door. He turned around and nearly fell over.

Lovino was lying on their bed. But that wasn't what took Antonio by surprise. Oh no. Lovino was wearing leather boots, in the same style as Antonio's but his went up to the middle of his thigh, and about an inch above them were leather bootie shorts. He too was in a vest similar to Antonio's but his closed slight, but his nipples were still hanging out. Lovino also had black gloves that covered most of his arm, and was that a black police hat that he was wearing? And were those hand cuffs, in his hand? And was that a leather leash in the other? Yes, yes it is.

Antonio slapped himself. There was NO WAY Lovino was wearing that. He opened his eyes. Yep, still there. SLAP. Still there. Ok so he wasn't dreaming. Once this clicked his dick came to life, and the bulge was given away instantly by the sinfully tight pants. Ok if now Antonio REALLY hated these pants.

"Lovi?" Antonio asked, his jaw hanging open. Lovino smirked and nodded.

"You bad boy were you trying to sneak out on me, while I'm so horny?" Lovino asked, in a lustful tone. Antonio just stood there dumb founded. Lovino tisked before getting up and hooking the leash around the metal lope on Antonio's choker. "Well, I'll simply have to punish you."

"Wait wha-?" But Antonio found himself being pulled to the bed, and forced down. And before he could think his hands were cuffed behind his back, he was lying on his back, and Lovino had pull his cock out of his pants through the fly was running a gloved finger down its length.

Antonio shuddered, as he felt the hot leather trace around his length.

"By the way, the safe word is banana." Lovino said before squeezing his shaft so hard it caused Antonio to cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. Lovino kissed the tip of his length, which was now covered in pre-cum. Antonio, who still had no idea what was going on gasped, as Lovino took the head into his mouth sucking it like a lollipop. His tongue flick around it, and in the tip. He rolled an r into it, this caused Antonio to cry out a bit and fists the bed sheets under his back. Lovino began to deep throat him, and what he couldn't fit into his mouth, he used a gloved hand to stroke. Antonio's eyes shut tight in pure bliss, as he felt his orgasm starting in the pit of his stomach.

Lovino bit down slightly, and this drove Antonio over the edge.

"DIOS MIO!" He yelled and came into Lovino's mouth, who licked it up, like it was a sweet treat. Antonio panted and, knew he had to get out of these cuffs and bang Lovino. So he felt around on them, and clicked the safety button on them, freeing himself.

"Oh you naughty boy, you weren't supposed to get out of those~" Lovino told him. "The officer forbids it." He grabbed the leash and pulled Antonio's face to his and kissed him. Antonio snapped out his daze and grabbed Lovino's ass pulling him closer. He forced his way past the smaller man's lips, and began to lightly suck on his tongue. Lovino moaned into the kiss.

Antonio pulled back and pushed him off. He grabbed Lovino and hand cuffed him to the head bored.

"If you're the co, that makes me the bad guy, and I believe the bad guy never does the right thing. So I'm going to have my way with you~" He cooed into the other's ear. Antonio pulled the bootie shorts off and saw that Lovino had gone commando. He chuckled and unhooked the leash and tied Lovino's legs around the knees. Antonio started to suck on one of his fingers when he noticed a dildo on the bed side table. A small smirk graced his lips as he grabbed it, and coated it in spit.

He traced the tip around Lovino tight hole. He felt Lovino shudder under the touch. He slid the toy in hearing Lovino whimper slightly. When he got it all the way in he slowly started to turn it on. Lovino bucked his hips whimpered in want. Antonio pulled it out slowly, and pushed it back just as slowly. He began to lick the outside of the hole while still pumping the toy.

"Dio mio!" Lovino cried "I can't take it anymore! JUST FUCK ME!" He cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Antonio pulled to toy all the way out but instead of doing what his lover asked he fucked his entrance with his tongue.

"GESÙ CRISTO!" He yelled clenching around his tongue. Antonio pulled back deciding that he was ready. He put his member at Lovino's prepped entrance, and traced around the entrance until Lovino cried out and begged him to do it.

He wasted no time in plunging in, moaning at the small pulls on his dick. He pulled out halfway when Lovino begged him to move, and pushed back in earning him a scream in Italian from the smaller man. Antonio moaned again, and thrusted again, finding the Lovino's prostate, which caused him to scream again and ach his back, and pulling on the handcuffs. Antonio continued to thrust, hitting the prostate from time to time, getting that same wild reaction from the Italian.

Antonio once again felt an orgasm built up tight in his stomach, quickly nearing his edge. Lovino began chanting Antonio's name in time with each thrust. Antonio started thrusting Lovino's shaft in time with each thrust nearing the edge. Antonio cried

"MI AMOR!" Before he shot into Lovino, riding his orgasm. Lovino screamed Italian profanities and came into Antonio's hand as he felt the warm cum inside him. Antonio pulled out of Lovino panting slightly. A stream of his cum poured out of his hole. So Antonio licked it. He licked it up like a treat. Then he untied Lovino's legs and crawled under him and licked Lovino's cum of his shaft, before crawling up higher and taking Lovino into a deep passionate kiss.

After the kiss broke Lovino all about collapsed on Antonio, not caring he was still handcuffed to the head bored. All he wanted to do was sleep curled up on his boyfriend.

The next morning Gilbert and Francis came into the house without knocking and went up to the bed room and found them sleeping on the bed, Lovino on top of Antonio handcuffed to the head bored, still pants less. Antonio completely clothed with his dick hanging out the fly of his pants. Both of them covered in dry cum.

"So tell me…. How did you do this again?" Gilbert asked Francis.

"Well you see Lovino came to me, flustered. He really wanted bondage but was much too embarrassed to ask Tonio, so I got them outfits and gave Antonio a fake reason to where them, which is why I asked you to send him that text saying the concert was a bust when there was no concert in the first place." Francis explained

"You got something out of this didn't you?" Gilbert asked

"Oui! I got something for the yaoi appreciation club I'm in with Elizaveta, Kiku, Femake, Feliks and your brother."

"West is in it?" Gilbert asked.

"Oui~ turns out he's very kinky."

"So what did you get?"

"This!" He said finding the hidden camera.

"Woooow Lovs let you film them?" He asked

"Oh honhonhon sorta… I told him I would get something from him later."

"You sick fuck."

"Hey what he doesn't know can't hurt me."

"Kesesesese I guess so."

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