Fuck it. I'm using the online DOC. Also, this is the last chapter. It's going to be long, and sweet. I call it "Let's make love"

Antonio fell onto the bed, panting then glanced to Lovino who was covered in cum, and was also panting.
"Fuck that was good." Lovino said, climbing on Antonio slightly.

"Si... Mmm... Lovi?" Antonio asked.

"What Bastard?" Lovino asked

"Do you remember our first time?" Antonio asked

"It's kind of hard to forget..." Lovino said, turning his head a way blushing slightly "Why do ask?"

"Just thinking about it... That was one of the best nights of my life."

"One of the best? Chigi! What was the best then?"

"The night you said you'd marry me." Antonio said stroking his cheek. Lovino's entire face turned bright red.

"D-don't be s-stupid... Bastard..." Lovino said trying to hide the smile creeping it's way on his face.

"Fusososo~ you're so cute Lovi~" Antonio said kissing him lightly.
"Go to sleep bastard..."

"Alright~ Te amo Lovi."

"Ti amo Antonio, you stupid bastard..."

* S * P * A * M * A * N * O *

A few years before this, in April...

"Antonio! You stupid fuck I'm here! What the hell did you need?" Lovino said, inviting himself into his friend's home.

"Oh hi Lovi!" Antonio said coming out of the kitchen. He was covered in dust and dirt, and the idiot went to give Lovino a hug. "Boss missed you so much!"

"AH! Stupid bastard get away from me! Don't touch me, you're filthy!"

"Scared of a little dirt Lovi?" Antonio said walking faster his arms open, and his smirk widening.

"No! Just stay away from me!" Lovino said trying to run away. "GET!"

"BUT LOVI~" Antonio said running after him. Antonio chased Lovino into the living room, and pounced on him, the both of them landing on the couch. "Look! Lovi is as dirty as Boss~"

"Urgh! Fuck you! I'm filthy!" Antonio simply chuckled, and pinned his friend to the couch. "And get off!" Lovino shouted his face turning a bright red.

"Come on Lovi~ Lets take a bath together!" Antonio shouted, getting up and scooping Lovino into his arms.

"Ah! Put me down bastard! I don't wanna take a bath with you! You'll rape me or something!" Lovino shouted, holding onto Antonio with a death grip.
"Oh you hurt me so! I wouldn't rape you! I'd wait until Lovi wanted me~ Then I'd show you a good time!" Antonio said smiling. Lovino blushed an even deeper red.
"H-huh?" Lovino questioned. Antonio looked at him for a moment, as a look of dread crossed onto his face.
"I.. I... That was supposed to stay in my head. Sorry..." Antonio said blushing slightly, and putting Lovino down. But Lovino kept his hands around Antonio's neck, and his head down. "L-lovi?"
"You'd show me a good time. But what about after that? After you've had you're fun?" Lovino asked, his voice trembling.
"If you let me, it's after that's the fun part... Calling you mine, and being with you that's the fun part." Antonio said, leaning down to whisper in Lovino's ear. "Can I call you mine?"
"S-si..." Lovino whispered, looking up at Antonio. Antonio swooped down connecting their lips together. The first kiss was sweet and innocent, as Antonio grabbed and gently held Lovino's waist. The second was heated but still very sweet. The third... Well the third was heated and passionate. Antonio's tongue glided across Lovino's bottom lip asking for entrance into his soft wet mouth. Lovino hesitantly parted his lips, allowing the Spaniard entrance. Antonio's tongue danced and stroked the groves on the top of Lovino's mouth, petting his tongue. Lovino gently sucked on the tongue, until Antonio pulled it out, only to stick it back in. This became the pattern the two followed for a few minutes before switching jobs, until they pulled back and starred into each other's eyes.
"Wow..." Antonio mumbled. Lovino blushed a deep shade, but didn't turn his head. "So... Um... What now?" Antonio asked.

"I.. I thought you were going... Going to show me a good time..." Lovino said the blush on his face getting darker. Antonio starred for a moment.

"Are you sure? I mean..." Lovino kissed his cheek softly. Antonio smiled down at him. "Oh Lovino." He said, picking Lovino up bridal style.

"Eeep! Don't drop me asshole!" Lovino said holding onto him firmly.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Antonio carried him upstairs, placing him on the bed. Lovino looked up at him, with lusty, but innocent eyes.

"Toni..." He mumbled, his face a dark red. "Please be gentle... I'm a virgin still." Antonio groaned slightly, as he crawled onto the bed with Lovino. "Toni..." Lovino mumbled, beginning to rub himself through his jeans. "Touch me..." Antonio pushed him back lightly, kissing him sweetly.

"Don't worry Lovi. Boss will make you incredible. Just relax." Lovino nodded and closed his eyes. Antonio leaned down, kissing Lovino's jaw and neck, and sucked on it lightly. Lovino mewed a bit as Antonio licked a sensitive spot. He kissed Lovino's collar bone, and undid a button on his shirt. He kissed the new skin, as he undid each button until Lovino's chest was open. Lovino let the shirt slide down his arms, slowly revealing more skin for the Spaniard's greedy eyes. Antonio grabbed the shirt once it was off, tossing it to another part of the room.

He leaned back down and kissed Lovino's left nipple.

"Nghh!" Lovino moaned biting his bottom lip. Antonio chuckled slightly, as he began to suck on the nipple lightly. "Ah~~~" Lovino said his legs spreading on their own. Antonio switched nipples, giving the right the same treatment as the left. "Nghh! Toni! Stop teasing! Please!" Lovino begged. Antonio smiled and pulled back, pulling his shirt over his head. He leaned back down, and undid Lovino's pants, pulling them down and throwing them aside. He then set to Lovino's boxers, marveling at the tent in his pants, and how wet with pre-cum it was. Antonio looked up at Lovino, both red faced. Lovino bit his lip before nodding. Antonio pulled the article of clothing off, tossing it with the rest.

He starred in awe of Lovino's manhood. "Ngh Toni don't stare..." Lovino said hiding his face in the pillow. Antonio grabbed the base of the length, then leaned down to Lovino's ear.

"I love you." He whispered and started to stroke the the length. "I love you..." He whispered over and over again as he stroked Lovino. Lovino relaxed into the touch. Antonio soon stopped, ridding himself of the rest of his clothing. Lovino starred at Antonio, red faced. Antonio smiled at him blushing himself.

"Wow..." Lovino mumbled, his eyes wondering lower... "HOLY FUCK!" He yelled, his eyes starring at Antonio's manhood.

"What!" Antonio asked, taken by surprise

"Your dick! It's huge!" Lovino said getting up to get a closer look. "What is that? 9 inches?" He grabbed it, then Antonio gave a small moan. "Damn! How the hell did you do that?" He rubbed it, as Antonio moans louder. "Holy shi- AH!" Lovino yelled as Antonio pushed him back growling, and wetting his own fingers.

"Ngh. Lovi, spread your legs." Antonio said. Lovino nods before spreading them, blushing. Antonio slowly pushes his pointer finger inside Lovino.

"AH..." Lovino groans out, "Toni it hurts..." He whispers.

"Shh... I know. Hold on... I love you..." He whispers back, slowly fucking him with one finger. "I love you" he slides in a second and third.

"Nghhh! Tonio!" Lovino whispers."

"Sh... Sh I got you... I'll make it all better." Antonio said, shifting his fingers around until he brushed something.

"Ahh! Toni there! Right there!" Lovino moaned quietly. Antonio smiled as he petted the spot inside his new lover. "Toni... Toni... Toni I need you..." Lovino whispered. Antonio nodded, pulling the fingers out, and placed himself at the quivering hole.

"Are you ready?" He asked. Lovino nodded quickly. Antonio then slowly pushed in.

"Nghhh!" Lovino screamed. "It hurts!"

"Sh... The head is the most painful... Just relax..." Antonio said pushing inside a bit farther. Lovino whimpered as Antonio waited for him to adjust. Eventually the whimpering subsided. "Can I move?" Antonio whispered. Lovino nodded. Antonio pulled out half way, then moved back in, earning another whimper from Lovino. Antonio repeated this a few times before he struck something inside of Lovino.

"AHHhh! Toni! Antonio! There! Hit there again." Antonio nodded before pulling out and pushing back in, ramming right back into Lovino's prostate. "AHHHHHH~~~~~~~ ANTONIO!" He called. Antonio started a pattern of rough thrusts, into that wet, tight heat.

"Ah, fuck... Lovi you're so tight..."
"It's so good! So good Toni! Ti amo!" Lovino called, as Antonio continued to thrust, deeper into him. "AHhh!" After a few minutes, Lovino screams grew louder. "AH TONI! I.. I.. I...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ANTONIO!" Lovino called, his back arched, spewing cum all over Antonio's chest. Antonio shuddered and gave a soundless cry as he came inside Lovino. Afterwards, Antonio pulled out and fell on the bed next to Lovino.
"Oh Lovi..." He said as he pulled Lovino close.
"I love you Toni..." Lovino whispered as he fell asleep in his arms.
"I love you too Lovino..." Antonio whispered falling asleep with his love.

So it's over. I'm done. Don't be sad though! I have two other sex fics coming out soon! One is called "Monster" It's a very... Japanese subject, and another one which is in the making of plot idea's. Yes, sex fics with plots. But "Monster" won't be out for a few weeks. Not until I figure out an ending~ But I do have a little teaser for it. There are 2 Romanos. Don't ask why but there are. Both will be slightly OOC so you can see a difference between the two. They're brothers. 16 year old Romano Vargas and 14 year old Lovino Vargas. While both are potty mouthed and tsundrere, Lovino is a bit more naive, cowardly and more trusting of our "monster", while Romano is not scared so easily, street smart, and has trust issues. But you'll see more differences when you read "Monster". But I warn you, it's complected and a bit touchy.
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