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Pairing-wise, we're quite lenient on them at the moment: EdwardxWinry, AlzeidxOC. We might add more if we find they add to the story. FYI, AlzeidxOC is only implemented as a further development to why the Dazzle characters are involved in the FMA world. :D


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"Oi! Hi-tan! Alzeid! Hurry up!" Rahzel Andais called, waving to her two companions as they walked through the Rush Valley train station.

The silver-haired albino groaned, rolling his eyes.

"Rahzel, you're way too energetic," Baroqueheat commented, "Shouldn't Al-chan be the anxious one? After all, this 'Winry Rockbell' might have a lead on his father's mysterious murderess."

Alzeid's hand twitched towards his gun and Rahzel could see the revenge burning in his ruby eyes.

"But I heard that she's a nice person!" she responded cheerfully, skipping backwards.

"From who?" Alzeid implored.

"A ghost named Trisha. She says that Winry is a really nice person," the 14-year-old answered.

Baroqueheat suddenly looked at Alzeid. "Hey Al-chan, isn't your long-distance girlfriend somewhere here too?"

He scoffed, "Alicia's way too busy to be fooling around here. She's still in the Amestrian State Military or something. And she's not my girlfriend."

Rahzel cocked her head at him. "I never knew you had a long-distance girlfriend," she said.

"She's not," he barked, "we broke up when she got promoted and I went off on my own journey."

Baroqueheat winked teasingly at the young girl. "He acts like he doesn't care," he informed her in a hushed tone so Alzeid couldn't overhear, "but he's still secretly in love with her. He just won't admit it to anyone." Rahzel giggled, grinning wickedly towards her partner's direction.

The albino sighed. "Sooner or later, Rahzel, you're going to crash into someone if you keep walking like that," he warned irritably.

As if Fate allowed it to happen, Rahzel backed up into another person and they both tumbled to the ground.

"I'm so sorry," Rahzel apologized immediately, sore from a rough landing.

"No, no, that was my fault," the 15-year-old boy responded, groaning awkwardly as well.

They were both stood up by their companions due to their short height, and Rahzel found herself face-to-face with a shorter golden-blonde haired, golden eyed boy. He was garbed in a long red cloak that reached his upper calves. Underneath was a zipped-up black jacket and black trousers. Beside him was a tall, bulky lump of armour.

"Are you okay, little boy?" Rahzel implored politely as she bent down to eye-level.

Instantly a vein pulsed on the boy's forehead. Clearly, Edward Elric was not amused.

"Who are you calling that's so small that you needed a microscope to see him?" he suddenly lashed out, looking positively like a lunatic.

More to their surprise, the armour moved swiftly to hold the boy back, who was still flailing his arms out. "Now, now, brother, I'm sure they didn't mean it!" Alphonse "Al" Elric reprimanded quickly.

Rahzel smiled, not at all daunted by the boy's fierce movements. "But you are shorter than me," she said.

The boy howled in fury, his arms becoming a blur but they only met air. Baroqueheat and Alzeid blinked at the boy, although it was Baroqueheat who was all the more amused, already thinking up devious things to call the stranger. Alzeid, whose thoughts of revenge were interrupted by uncouth noises, was growing annoyed.

"Big Brother! Stop it!" The armour held the boy even tighter. Rahzel immediately noticed the metallic edge to the brother's voice, and wondered how someone as large as that armour could have such a high-pitched voice. The boy still had the energy to yell somehow. "Calm down!"

She looked back at her companions. They acknowledged it with a nod.

Rahzel kept that thought in mind, while breaking the tension. "Anyway, since I've bumped into someone already, do you happen to know a 'Winry Rockbell'?"

"Why do you think he would know her?" Alzeid groaned.

Edward's anger immediately simmered out at his childhood friend's name. "How do you know Winry?" he frowned, puzzled. Rahzel shot a wink at Alzeid, who looked slightly bewildered.

"We're looking for her," Baroqueheat answered. "We've just got a few questions to ask her."

The siblings looked at each other. "Well we're heading to see Winry right now," Al said. "Do you want to come with us?"

Rahzel exchanged looks with her companions, getting a cold "do-whatever-you-want" glare from Alzeid and an encouraging look from Baroqueheat. "Sure," she agreed. "I'm Rahzel; it's nice to meet you. These two are my companions, Alzeid and Baroqueheat."

"I'm Edward Elric, and I'm a State Alchemist," Ed introduced, "this is my brother Al. He's well… stuck in this armour for the time being. And just for the record," He glared at Rahzel as he said this. "I'm 15."

Rahzel's eyes widened. "But you're shorter than me, and I'm 14," she responded mischievously. "And don't State Alchemists have a height requirement?"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLIN' SHORT?" Ed hollered, his angry voice echoing throughout the entire station.

Well, hopefully that set up a well-enough start to our fic. Please let us know if there are any particular parts (or characters) you want us to fix!