The following files all relate to the supernatural being known only as "Slender Man". These files where recently released to the public and have revealed numerous instances of the "Slender Man" being involved in the kidnapping and disappearance of children and young adults world wide.

[File 1 – The disappearance of Jenna Hall – London, England – 1956]

[Interview of Paul Hall(Father)]

-Interviewer- Now, Mr. Hall. Can you please recount the day Jenna disappeared for us?

-Paul- Jenna went out to get a few things from the local store, just up the street... About twenty minutes pass, and Jenna hasn't come back... So I decide to go out and find her... I get to the end of the road and I see... [Paul begins weeping]

-Interviewer- It's Ok Mr. Hall, you're safe. Please continue.

-Paul- He... That thing is standing next to her... His... It's arm wrapped around Jenna, like... Like rope...

-Interviewer- And what did it look like, Mr. Hall?

-Paul- Tall, really tall... Long, snake-like arms... and its face... [Paul's breathe becomes more rampant, his sobs turning into chokes] THERE IS NO FACE! He stares at me... But he doesn't have eyes... Then he disappears, he takes my little Jenna... HE TAKES MY LITTLE GIRL... MY BEAUTIFUL BABY DAUGHTER

-Interviewer- Please calm down, Mr. Hall.

-Paul- [Paul's crying turns into laughter] And... And now... He's coming for me, he knows I saw him, he can't have that...

-Interviewer- Get security in here, I want him restrained. [Paul jumps out of his seat and starts screaming] Oh my god, what is that.

[Table is knocked over and the Interviewer begins screaming as well.]

[Screaming stops, door slams open]

[End Tape]

Notes in file state that both Paul Hall and the Interviewer are gone, blood staining the far side of the wall and a strange symbol written in blood on the topside of the table. The symbol is a circle with a cross through it. Both Paul Hall and the Interviewer are still missing to this day.