The Stag at the Zoo

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"Uncle Padfoot, come on! Come on!"

Five year old Harry Potter was quite literally dragging his godfather through the zoo. He was a very impatient little boy, who reminded Sirius Black of his best friend every time he looked at him. Harry looked exactly like his father, right down to the untidy hair and round, wire-framed glasses. The only differences were the green eyes (they belonged to his mother, Lily,) and the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forhead.

"I'm coming, kiddo, slow down!" Sirius laughed.

"But I want to see the lions!" Harry said, smiling.

"You'll see the lions, I promise." Sirius confirmed. "But don't you want some lunch first?"

Harry shook his head furitively, making his untidy hair look even messier. "Nope! Lions!"

Sirius sighed dramatically, and laughed. "You'd think I was depriving you of fun, the way you seem astonished by this place." he muttered.

"But I've never been here before." Harry huffed. "And I've never seen a real life lion!"

"Okay, okay." Sirius allowed. "Lions then lunch?"

"Okay." Harry sighed, and that made Sirius laugh; he sounded just like James when he did that.

Well, Sirius and Harry got to the lions soon enough. Harry gawked at the large cats for at least fifteen minutes before Sirius forced him to leave. Harry didn't complain that much; he really was hungry. But what else would you expect? Potter boys had a constant appetite.

As they were walking back to the main building for lunch, Harry pointed to something. Sirius and Harry had been traveling on the deserted sidewalk, right next to the edge of a small forest that was mostly there for show. Harry jabbed his finger at one of the few trees and said, "Uncle Padfoot, something's in there!"

"Well, yeah." Sirius said. "Trees. That is a forest, Prongslet."

"No, no!" Harry corrected. "There's an animal."

"What? Where?" Sirius asked curiously, trying to see where his godson was pointing.

Harry whacked Sirius on the nose. "No, not there." he said. "There."

In the midst of the trees, there stood a stag. Now, to any Muggles who were looking at this large, glossy brown animal, they would have told you that it was no different than any other stag they'd ever seen. That his too-intelligent gaze was simply a trick of the mind. That it was simply an animal loose from his cage. But to Sirius Black, the animal was so much more than that.

"Prongs." Sirius whispered. There was no denying it; Sirius Black would know that stag anywhere...the number of times he'd seen it was enough to recognize him if he ever saw him again. This stag was an Animagus, a wizard by the name of James Potter.

Why was it so unlikely that Sirius Black was seeing this animal? Well, because James Potter was dead.

"Prongs?" Harry repeated curiously. "But you said Prongs was gone."

Harry had been brought up by his godfather, Sirius Black, after his parents had been killed. Sirius had been best mates with Hary's father - James - and had told Harry many stories about him.

"He is." Sirius said.

"Then how is he here?"

"I...don't know."

Meanwhile, the stag was just standing there, staring at Harry and Sirius. It was true; his gaze was too smart for a wild animal's. Sirius was trying to act as a Muggle would, by thinking: 'He's no different than any other deer. That smart gaze is just a trick of the mind - James is gone'.

Before he could get too hopeful about the animal, Sirius took Harry by the hand, and led him back to the main building, the stag never moving from his spot.

Along the way, Sirius and Harry ran into one of the Muggles who worked at the zoo. Sirius took this moment to tell him, "Just thought you'd like to know that one of your deer escaped his pen."

The Muggle looked at Sirius curiously before saying, "We don't have a deer pen here, sir."

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