The Stag At The Zoo

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If you had been standing on the corner of Spinner's End on the night of June 15, 1985, you would not have suspected anything out of the ordinary. You would have seen a dark, quiet street, lit only by two steadily dimming street lamps. You would have seen a street with ten houses on either side of it, mostly neglected and unoccupied. You would have felt a little chill fly up your spine, but you wouldn't be able to tell why. You would have just thought that there was a quiet wind you hadn't noticed. But really, you won't admit to yourself that the place you're standing is just downright creepy. And you would have only been more afraid when you heard a steady POP! sound in the night.

Four figures appeared in the darkness. One was a werewolf, who was happy beyond all reason that this night was not a full moon. One was a little five-year old, who was happy beyond all reason to have his parents back in his life. This little boy was the holding the hand of an older man who looked just like him. The older man was happy beyond all reason to be with the people he loved most.

The fourth person was the only woman in the group. She was tall, with glowing red hair. This woman was happy to be with her husband and son, but she was more nervous than anything. She had just Apparated them to her childhood neighborhood, in front of the home of her ex-best friend, and her husband's worst enemy.

The woman - Lily - doubted whether or not her old friend would even be where he used to live. He hadn't made a secret out of the fact that he despised his home life. Lily was sure Severus would have escaped Spinner's End the moment he graduated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But Lily didn't know where else Severus could be, so this was their best bet.

He could be dead, Lily thought, cringing. Even though there was still a faint sting in her heart as to how Severus had practically ruined his life, she couldn't help but feel sad at the very real possibility of his death. Or he might still be loyal to...Voldemort. He might even be in Azkaban.

"Lils," said the woman's husband, James. His voice sounded unnaturally loud in the quiet night of the street. "Where are we?"

"You don't want to know," muttered Lily, already regretting ever letting her family come.

"Well, we're already here, love." laughed James, running a hand through his untidy black hair. "It's a bit late to be worried about that."

"Mummy, where are we?" asked Lily's son - Harry - curiously. His sweet little voice was more than Lily could take, and she broke down.

"Alright, alright!" said Lily tensely. "We're at the home of...of an old friend of mine."

Being the smartest male in the group, the werewolf - Remus - caught onto where they were before James even had time to scratch his head. The lycanthrope burst out laughing.

"What?" asked James. "What's so funny?"

"You-did-not!" panted Remus, laughing at Lily. "And you brought him?"

"Well, did you have a better place in mind?" challenged Lily, raising her eyebrows.

"But-but he'll kill James before you even have time to say 'It's me!'" chortled Remus. "Blimey, it's a good thing we forgot Sirius!"

"We left Sirius?" asked James, as though he had just realized this fact. "Merlin, we did! Should I go back for him?"

Lily thought for a minute. On the one hand, having James gone for a few minutes could be a good thing. It would give her a chance to talk to Severus before James got in the way. On the other hand, though, having Sirius on Spinner's End would only make things fifty times worse.

"No," sighed Lily. "Don't worry about it, we won't be long. But I need you three to stay outside for five or ten minutes while I talk to him. You know, just to get the initial shock over with."

"Alright," muttered James. Then, he wrapped Lily in his arms and murmured, "Don't be long."

Lily forced herself to smile, and kiss her husband softly. "I won't be."

And then, Lily detatched herself from her three favorite people in the world, and walked to the house on the very end of the street. She walked briskly up the old wood steps, wincing at their loud creaking noises. Lily braced herself as she got to the door. She drew her cloak around her tightly, and put her hood up. Best if he didn't realize who she was at first.

Lily knocked twice on the door, and then backed away several paces. She waited for a minute. And then another. And three more. Just when she was starting to think that Severus had abandoned his home as had so many others, the front door gently opened...

"What do you want?" asked Severus Snape is a low, menacing drawl. "I'm rather busy."

"A-Are you Severus Snape?" asked Lily carefully. Best to make sure that this was him, though there was no doubt in her mind at this point.

"Who wants to know?" Snape asked dangerously, narrowing his eyes at the shadowy figure before him.

Lily sighed. His attitude hadn't improved, but at least he wasn't with the Death Eaters. "I need help," she said quietly. She looked back behind her on the street, where the others were barely visible. "May I come inside?" she asked, looking back up at Snape.

"Quickly." said Snape after a moment more of thought. Lily quietly entered his house, and let him shut the door behind her.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Snape asked coldly.

"If I remove my cloak," Lily began. "Do you promise not to attack me?"

"I shall try to resist the urge." Snape drawled.

Lily took a deep breath, and threw the hood of her cloak back. She risked a look at Snape, and was glad to see that at least he hadn't fainted.

"Hi Severus," said Lily quietly. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"What is she doing in there? Battling a dragon?" asked James again. He'd already been pacing five minutes, and asking Remus for the time.

"She's only been in there five minutes, James." Remus said, a small, knowing smile on his face. "It could take a while."

"Do you know where we are, Moony?" asked James.

Remus shrugged. "Yeah."

James immedietly turned to his friend. "Well? Would you care to tell me?"

"No," laughed Remus. "Lily'll kill me if I say a single word."

"Remus, come on, it's not like I'm gonna kill anyone." muttered James, pausing to place a hand on his young son's shoulder.

"I wouldn't be so sure." said Remus. "It'd be worse with Padfoot here to egg you on, though."

"Merlin, it's like you thnk we're seeing Snivelly or something," laughed James, shaking his head at the impossiblilty of his statement.

To that, Remus remained quiet, and James seemed to notice the battered old mailbox that said Snape in peeling letters...

Immedietly, Snape retrieved his wand at Lily, and said in a menacing growl, "Who. Are. You?"

"Lily, of course." said Lily, holding her hands in front of her. "And please, put you're wand away, Severus. I don't have mine."

"No. That's impossible. Lily's d-dead." Severus said certainly. What was the meaning of this?

"No, I was dead. James and me, we somehow-" but Lily was cut off by the sound of Severus's most deadly voice saying,


"Severus, please! Just let me get this out! I didn't know where else to go, alright! I don't know where any of my old friends are, or if they're even alive. And it's not like I'm about to go knocking on Tuni's door, you know how she'd react! And at least we were close enough that I'd be able to prove to you that I am who I say I am! I just need some help and then I'll leave you alone for the rest of your life!" yelled Lily angrily. She hadn't meant to snap, but she was feeling particularly agitated with her old friend's frame of mind.

" really are Lily, aren't you? I'd know that temper anywhere." said Snape, putting his wand away. "But how?"

"We're not sure," admitted Lily, feeling much less apprehensive without a wand pointed at her. "But we are back. And we weren't sure how to go about getting our lives back, you know? We wanted to see Dumbledore, but we had no clue where to go since we couldn't Apparate to Hogwarts, and-"

"Lily, relax!" said Snape, a rare smile coming onto his face. "You can Floo there from here. He's in his office, I was just there an hour ago."

"You were there?" Lily asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow. "Why?"

But Snape never got a chance to answer Lily, because that's when James burst through the door.

"Oh, Lily!" growled James. "Why would you bring us here? He's a Death Eater! He'll kill you the first time you're back is turned! OI, Snivellus! You're so lucky Padfoot's not here! We'd blow you apa-"

"James!" shouted Lily. "What would you have had me do? Take us to Petunia's?"

"Better her than him!" said James. "Lils, I can't even belie-"

"He's letting us Floo to Dumbledore!" Lily tried. "He's just been to see him, he said that he's at Hogwa-"

"Why would you believe anything he has to say?" challenged James. "He could be delievering you straight to Voldemort!"

Though the married couple could not see, James's previous sentence caused Snape to flinch. He would never do that to Lily!

"Potter!" snarled Snape. "You're just as stuck up and brain-dead as you always were! Think for once!"

"Shut up, Snivelly!" James said. "You're just lucky I don't have my-"

"ENOUGH!" yelled Lily. "James, be grateful that Severus is letting us use his Floo network! And Severus, now is not the time for some stupid childhood grudge!"

Lily had yelled quite loudly, so loudly, in fact, that both men looked down at their feet.

"Sorry, Lily." they muttered.

Then, James glared up at Severus and said, "This isn't over."

"You'll wish it was." Snape snarled back.

Lily sighed, and ran out to get her son. The sooner they were out of Spinner's End, the better.

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