(A/N) Okay, so I'm going to split the uploading into the actually days so you can go on the "Week of Hell" with Dera. Just a word of warning, they're all going to be really short. This was a really random story I came up with for Gokudera's birthday. Enjoy~

It all started when the baseball idiot asked "the question" out of the blue.

"Hey, Dera? When's your birthday?"

We were sitting on the roof with the Tenth for lunch. We had all been eating peacefully until Yamamoto had decided to randomly ask "the question". I narrowed my eyes.

"Why do you care?" I asked, deciding not to tell him. No one needed to know when my birthday was. I'd stopped celebrating it when I was eight.

"Because I want to get you a present," Yamamoto answered with his mouth full. I snorted.

"What for? I didn't get you anything for your birthday!"

"Just tell me! Please?" He begged.


"Yamamoto, maybe you should just drop it," Tsuna said nervously, eying my hand as it headed for my dynamite.

"Just tell me the month then!" Yamamoto said, quickly changing tactics.

The easy compromise shocked me into saying, "September."

"Then I'll give you your present everyday of September until it's your birthday!" He promised with a mischievous grin on his face.

"What? Hell no! You can't-!" I started to complain.

But as soon as I started, the bell rang and Yamamoto sprinted off the roof before I could thoroughly start yelling at him.

"Geez, why does he want to give me a present so badly?" I complained to the Tenth.

"I don't know Gokudera-kun," Tsuna replied.

If I hadn't been so flustered, I would have noticed the Tenth smiling.

September 1st, Thursday

The first day of September started my week in hell.

I was sitting at my desk reading a book when I heard footsteps approach. I looked up to see Yamamoto.

"Happy birthday, Dera~" He smiled happily and put my presents on the desk.

They were both poorly wrapped and I could only wonder what was inside them. The first one was small and neatly rectangular, while the second one was big and lumpy. I poked them. The first one was hard and the second one was soft.

"It's not my birthday!" I snapped, glaring at Yamamoto. I ignored the presents on my desk.

"One day down!" He picked up the presents and walked away.

Oh how I hope tomorrow never comes.