September 9th, Friday

The last time was at lunch.

Just like how it had all began, Yamamoto, the Tenth, and I were eating lunch when Yamamoto handed me the presents.

"Happy birthday, Dera~"

It was my birthday. I wondered if I should open the presents or not. Should I reward him for being consistent this whole week? Eventually, my curiosity won me over and I started to unwrap the first present.

Yamamoto smiled and said, "Nine days down. And jackpot."

Glaring at him, I threw the wrapping paper in his face. I looked down at what I had unwrapped.

It was a picture frame with a picture of me and Yamamoto in it. Yamamoto was leaning on my head and we were both smiling like a couple of idiots. I felt the heat rush to my face.

"When was this picture taken?" I demanded. Yamamoto looked over at Tsuna.

"It was during that party we had in the future. I was the one who took it," Tsuna explained.

Not responding, I looked down at the photo again. After awhile, I placed the picture face down on the roof. Part of me was dying to stare at it for hours but the other part wouldn't let me. I unwrapped the second present.

"You like ogo pogos, right?" Yamamoto asked as I pulled out a large, white ogo pogo stuffed animal. "I made it myself."

I stared at it in awe. The stitching was well done except in a few places but I loved it.

Blushing, I nodded my head and pulled Shiran (the newly named ogo pogo) into an embrace.

"Ah, thought so!" Yamamoto laughed. "Hold on, there's one more present."

He moved closer to me and, before I could wonder what he was doing, kissed me.

Everything I'd been feeling previously, and the fact that the Tenth was sitting tight there, faded away. All I felt was bliss. His lips were soft and warm on mine and I felt happy for a bolt of a second before he pulled away. All I could do was stare at him.

He laughed and kissed me again.

If I hadn't been so absorbed and so in heaven, I would have noticed the Tenth leaving.

A month later, Yama asks me "the question" again.

"Did you like your birthday, Dera?"

And I reply, as I always do.




(A/N) Whew, finally done! :) Thanks to all those who stuck with me until the very end! Ogo pogos (to those who don't know) are like the Loch Ness Monster. Shiran is an actual ogo pogo stuffed animal that my friend Rachel gave me. I love it~ Shiran means "White Storm" Shi for "shiro (white)" and "ran" for storm. Fitting isn't it? And yes, Tsuna knew all along about what Yamamoto was going to do :)