The Divine Castiel

BY: Wolfa Moon


Ok I know it is early for too much info on the Divine series. This popped into my head. Just what happened in the time frame between when Castiel left Dean in that car and when he appeared in the apartment room. Divine Web series crossover.



Caesar Divine didn't know what to make of the scenario going on in front of him. One man stood alone fighting off 4 others. The lone man stood proud yet weary. As if the man had been fighting alone for a long time. The others converged on the man. Learning early in life one should stay out of the path of unexplained things. For if he had done that he would not be in this situation he is in today. Continuing his watch he couldn't help but admire the grace of the man. The way he glowed. His aura much brighter than the others around him. Then flashes of light too bright to look at. Turning away at the brightness. Turning back at the fading light. The bright man stood swaying. Shirt open. Handed over what looked like an old deep scar. Their eyes met. Then the man collapsed.

Removing himself from the wall he hid behind he moves toward the man. Taking in the cloths. Looking like a poor Constantine comic cover art. Kneeling down he took a closer look at the man. Taking in the design on the mans chest. Recognizing the letters, words of the angels. He had heard of many things recently. Talks of apocalypse, angels and demons. What was this man? Many thing feared him. Yet this.

Caesar moves in to pick him up. The man doesn't make a noise at all. Feeling like a living corpse in his arms. At least he is living. His aura still strong and good.

Moving to his haven, the rescue church.

"Deacon Jim!" Caesar cried for his friend. The door opened. Deacon Jim looks at his charge then to the burden in his arms.

"What happened?" moving back to hold the door open. Caesar moves past his friend to enter the sanctuary. Looking around for a place to lay the man. Normally the Deacon would toss the alter for him to lay on. It is strange to be on the opposite end. Deacon locks the door, bypassing the alter to take him to the back chambers.

"I found him fighting these others." Deacon moved to the guest chamber. Not the deacon's room. Not his quarters. An extra one for wondering souls. "And there is his chest." Deacon looks down at the poor quiet soul. His hand hovering over the markings.

"What is this? Enochian?" Caesar nods. He recognized them. "Was he fighting Angels?" his thoughts going to why would this man be fighting angels. Angels are warriors of God. Did this man even deserve to be helped?

"He had the brightest aura of all of them. If he was fighting angels they were not on our side." Deacon trusted Caesars' judgment.

"So what do we do with him?"

"Get him changed." Caesar began to go to work on the unconscious man's cloths. "Dress him up in one of your clerical outfits." Question unspoken crossed over the air. "I don't know what will happen when he wakes." Working the shoes off. "We need him on our side. I can feel it."

"Why in priest vestmins?"

"Cause if he is scrambled like I am picking up. We will have to make sure he stays on the pure path."

"So what do we call him?"

"Um, Father… Father Christopher."

"Do you believe he will buy it?"

"I hope so." Caesar looks down at the wounded man. Praying inward that this man will be on their side. That he will play his part. And when he remembers who is, forgive them. For we know not what we do.

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