The Legend of xZx

Ch.1 Awakening

It was a normal night for most people, black clouds hiding the starry skies behind them. The night air turned into a torrent of extreme wind blowing and swirling, the night had been quiet before but is now unsettled and unsteady. The wind was twirling around inside the higher clouds to bring down a funnel and from that it became a tornado and in this cyclone's path was an innocent house with an innocent husband and wife who is almost ready to give birth to a young man. The lightning struck a nearby tree with such intense energy that the tree didn't catch fire, no, it disintegrated. There was no evidence of a tree even being there other than the scorch marks and the burnt earth where it had stood, still warm. The lightning struck again but this time hit the house's lightning rod which was channeled into their power and when the lightning struck it caused a massive overheating of appliances causing fire to emerge from the scorched equipment. The family's son had just been born but the mother had just been killed by a third bolt of lightning striking her to where her hair stood straight on end and she lit up like a Christmas tree. When the bolt had finished its deed it had left her a charred black the color of coal. She had then dropped dead. The father wanted to mourn his loss but he knew he didn't have the time to do so now, he needed to get his baby to safety.