The Legend of xZx

Ch.5 Love can be a Thorn

"Hm," Thunder wondered to himself, "I wonder why she is progressing so rapidly with me?" as he walked into his room at a nearby inn he had checked into. Lightning walked in and right before the service lady asked said, "I'm with him!" and the service lady nodded and let her pass. "Hi" Lightning said in a romantic tone.

"Um, hi. You're the girl from the pub, right?" Thunder asked as he walked around his room and sat on his bed.

"Yup, that's me," she said as she sat on the bed. "What brings you here?" she said as she scooted towards me.

"Oh, I'm just passing by," Thunder hastily says as Lightning scooted everthemore closer to him. "What's your name by the way?" he asks as it seemed the only way to distract her.

"My name? I'm Lightning. What's yours?" she says as she slides closer and closer to him.

"I'm Thunder," he bleakly says hoping to buy time but to his dismay she had said, "Oh my God, we have similar names! We must be meant for each other!" And in saying so, she scooted within a foot of me, and continues by asking, "You have a girlfriend?" And she scooted to where there was an inch between his face and hers.

"I don't as a matter of fact" and that's all she needed as she jumped at the chance and kissed him. As a matter of fact, Thunder is me. I am Thunder. Now unlike Thunder as in I, Lightning doesn't not have a boyfriend meaning she does have one who just so happens to walk into my room at that very moment to find us kissing, or mainly her kissing me against my will. Oh my god I thought.