Did you ever look back at your life and wonder where the hell you went wrong? Well I had quite a many of those experiences under my belt but there was one in particular that had changed my life forever. I'm sure you all are wondering about which, out of the many, I'm talking about so let me bring you back to that night about thirteen years ago…

I, Naruto Uzumaki, was butt naked, sore, and sleeping in the same bed as Sasuke Uchiha, who was also naked. I had crusty…stuff all over my chest and stomach, which happened to be on Sasuke's too, and a pounding headache. Now all of this could be answered if we take a look back at the night before.

"We're going out." The ever thoughtful bastard claimed.

"You're supposed to ask teme." I mumbled softly.

"Hn." Really, he had such a way with words.

"You have two minutes to get ready." Was all he said before he hung up on me. Geez I could have had plans or something! He really should have been more considerate towards me! I stood hurrying to get ready knowing that the bastard really would give me five minutes only…Maybe this was why he wasn't considerate, cause I always went anyway. Damn! No sooner did I finish dressing I heard my door open.

"Didn't you hear it's against the law to enter a house without knocking?" I said with my shit-eating grin in place that always pissed Sasuke off to no end.

"Dobe, I live here too." I swore I would kill him. Stupid bastard always one-upping me.

"Come on stupid teme." I mumbled as I grabbed my vest to finish my attire. Hey it may not have been dressing up wearing my jounin uniform but Sasuke had the same damn thing on. So in my eyes it was all even.

We walked for a while, neither one of us saying a word. Normally I wouldn't have given the silence that enveloped us another thought if Sasuke wasn't letting off a murdering aura. I was pretty sure the flowers where wilting because of the death vibes coming from him.

"So… was there any particular reason for wanting to go out?" I asked aimlessly, trying to get the teme to tell me what was wrong. Now I would normally just bluntly ask but that usually lead to more fighting and nothing getting accomplished.

"Hn." God was this guy a bastard! Here I am wasting my concern for him and he was still acting like a prick.

We finally made it to a bar but the heavy silence still hung over us like a dark cloud. It must have been pretty bad to make Sasuke want to come to the bar, you know since Sasuke has that problem with being antisocial and all. He pushed open the door and walked in.

We sat down at the bar stools where we were given our drinks. I swore my eyes almost popped out of my head when Sasuke chugged down his shot of…whatever it was, in one go. By the fourth shot Sasuke finally started to relax.

"So what happened?" I asked, still drinking my first beer. Sasuke took another swig of his drink before looking up at me.

"Sakura…" Well I knew it was going to hurt after the words 'Sakura' left his mouth. Sasuke and Sakura had begun to date a little after Sasuke had been released from parole and had continued to date for three year, much to my displeasure. How the hell I fell in love with a stupid teme like him would never make sense to me. But what could I have done. After Sasuke and I went through an epic battle, (which I won…cough, cough) I brought his sorry ass back home and from then on out he solely helped us in bringing down the Akatsuki; though the task still needed to be complete he became the hero that Itachi wanted him to be. Baa-chan, after she ripped the memories from Sasuke and found out the truth of why Sasuke had committed the crimes constituted a new law stating that the council had to be changed with each Hokage or until the Hokage thought it necessary, with good and approved reason. Also the new council was chosen by the latest council members and the new Hokage but the new Hokage was to be chosen by all the old generations of the council. The most important, at least to Sasuke, was the latest law stating that the council could not act until the Hokage also gave their consent, if the council acted against the Hokage's wishes they were to be arrested and labeled a traitor to Kohana. After Sasuke was brought back home and interrogated it was decided that he was to be put under house arrest and go to therapy until improvement was shown on his mental stabability. Yeah well that was all fine and dandy until I realized the house that was under arrest was MINE! Damn that sucked. So I was stuck with the moody and depressed bastard until "improvement" was shown. Now if I was being completely honest Baa-chan probably did this because I would just be pounding at the door of wherever Sasuke was at anyway to see him…but that's embarrassing so yeah. After Sasuke was put on parole he set out to fulfill the last part of his dream, to continue the Uchiha bloodline. I was pretty heartbroken when I realized that my love would once again remain unrequited. So I concealed my feelings for the bastard and supported my two best friends with their dream come true relationship. I chugged the rest of my beer and signaled the bartender for another…it was going to be a long night.

I slammed back down while he surged up and moaned in sweet pleasure. I couldn't believe this was happening to me! I was finally being fucked by Sasuke! The fact that we weren't sober was irrelevant. I didn't care if he was dating Sakura, she wouldn't have to know what we did. It would be my secret. Sasuke didn't have to know either. It was just a one-time thing. Sasuke grabbed my hips making it so he hit my sweet spot (aka also called prostate when I goggled it later…) dead on. I screamed in pleasure, calling his name. I opened my eyes and found myself drowning in the black pools of his eyes, though having a hard time deciding on which one of his faces to stare at, to find him doing the same. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I came on both our chests screaming his name once again. He still had a grasp on my hips as I rode out my orgasm. Not long after mine I felt Sasuke release inside of me ripping another moan from my throat. I couldn't support my weight anymore and collapsed on top of him; he raised his arms and encircled me in his surprisingly cool embrace feeling great on my overheated skin. It figured that such a cold bastard would have a cold body. As we laid there he rubbed my back softly and I truly felt cherished, like I really was his lover. And for the time I was with him I didn't care how pathetic I looked. I just wanted to pretend that for once I wasn't alone. That I could let my guard down and let the inner child that never truly got to live be free. And damn it I had never felt so…safe or content before in my life. Being with the one person I desired and knowing that Sasuke was letting down his guard for me, like he always did when we were alone. A wave of pain hit me when I realized that this meant nothing to him. That he probably thought it was Sakura. Why would he dream of me? He couldn't have his dreams come true with me by his side. He wanted a family to revive his clan…I couldn't help with that. So I decided to love him from the sidelines, only in the most secret part of my heart. He doesn't have to know about our forbidden love affair. I'll keep it my own secret. No one will know better. Our one night of passion or maybe just mine. I kissed him again because in the many kisses we had shared I became addicted to the taste of him. He wrapped his arms around me and deepened the kiss, much to my pleasure. Damn Bastard made me fall for him more and more with each second. But that didn't matter because I felt that if I didn't savor his taste, made sure I got my fill of him, something horrible would happen. Our kisses switched between rough, hard, dominating kisses, to soft, sweet and oh so loving kisses. We broke apart and I looked at the teme's face. He lifted his hand and ran it through my hair, over my cheeks, across my lips, and I found myself unable to stop from smiling. I placed one last kiss on his lips and snuggled deeper into his chest, while I pretended that for a while longer he was mine.

This was where I panicked. I cursed at myself for my lack of control and for being such a god damn horrible person. I mean what friend takes advantage of their drunken friend! I may have been drunk myself but that was no excuse! What the hell was I going to do anyway? How was I going to get out of this? And we had…But he had…Suddenly I felt his hot breath on the back of my ear and I felt myself calm down. Damn bastard thought he was so good…After relaxing for a minute my brain regained some function and I decided that taking a shower first would be the best decision. Slowly I began to get up making sure not to wake up sleeping beauty. Hahaha I called Sasuke sleeping beauty. When I finally disentangled myself from him without making him stir I headed for the bathroom. Ha! And the bastard said I had no stealth. Beat that teme! I picked up a towel from the floor and wiped myself off then carefully wiped him down as well. After getting that task accomplished I gathered my clothes that were scattered throughout the house. It was like finding the bread crumbs of how we got to my room. My shirt was at the front door and Sasuke's was next to my couch, than my pants were on the steps and his at my bedroom door. Any other pieces of clothing we could have been wearing were scattered throughout my bedroom…Well what can I say? We were boys filled with lots of stamina…or something like that. I sighed and decided that if Sasuke woke up to see clothes everywhere leading to my bedroom…where he is…naked…he might put the pieces together. Also ever since Sasuke began to live at my house it had been impeccably clean. So I hurried to throw all the clothes in the hamper that Sasuke had deemed necessary.

I turned on the shower and freezing water shot out as usual. As I waited for it to heat up I looked in the mirror studying my hair. I silently imagined what I would look like if I had received my mother's hair. Maybe I would look a little more like Sakura…? Turning towards the shower some discoloration on my skin had caught my eye and I fully faced the mirror again only to have my jaw drop. What the hell? Obviously the bastard was having way too much fun! I couldn't believe he left me this many hickies! They stretched from under my jaw to my hips and I even had some on my inner thighs! The sight and new feelings were way more than my brain can handle in the morning. Shaking my head and muttering about stupid bastards I got into the shower and prepared for another day.

Did mention how fucking SORE I was because I was in a shit ton of pain. I mean every time I walked I had to limp because my god damn ass felt like it my ass was going to be pricked to death by tiny little needles!

As I entered the room again I noticed that Sasuke was still sleeping. Alright this gave me time to prepare myself for when the prick wakes up. I sit myself down on the floor next to the couch Indian style and start pondering where to start telling the story. Alright. I had this! Believe it!

So...Sasuke and went to a bar by his choice. True. We got completely trashed. True. I dragged his sorry ass to our house. True. Once he got through the door he completely crashed on my bed...kinda true. Then he proceeded to sleep the rest of the night in a peaceful slumber. Lie.

I thought I was the biggest asshole I knew. I couldn't believe I had had sex with Sasuke when we were drunk! He was dating Sakura, my other best friend. My two best friends...and I betrayed them. What kind of man was I? As the future Hokage this should not have happened! But well...I was drunk too...well more on the side of tipsy but still! It was a two way street right? Oh wait Sasuke did actually pass out at the bar...which lead to me taking him home...Whatever that's not the point! No more! I swore that I would never again touch the bastard in a sexual way ever again. I mean it wasn't I was head over heels in love with the bastard or anything! Yeah! It was just a crush or lust or something. And now that we slept together it would all disappear and I would be able to move on! Psh by the time the bastard wakes up I was probably going to wonder what the hell I saw in the loser! Believe it!

"Mmm..." I heard from my bedroom. Great he was up! When Sasuke walked in here I would be completely fine and normal. Not in love with him or lust crazed or whatever the hell I was!

I looked up hearing soft foot patters signaling that I was no longer alone.

"Naruto?" The bastard asked in his husky low voice that made a shiver course through my body. A sudden, and very uncalled for, vision of Sasuke moaning my name in that same damn voice made my face light up like a Christmas tree.

"Y-yeah!" Well there goes my composer. But I mean the bastard was cheating! I had a weak spot for his relaxed 'I just woke up' face...teme.

Why was I naked?" And I finally looked at the rest of him to realize that yes he was indeed only in a pair of sweat pants. I couldn't help taking an apricitaive look over his body and sighed in relief when I noticed he didn't have any hickies on him...that would have been hard to explain...

Wait! Why was he naked? Think Naruto why would someone be naked...

"Uh..." Well my brain was never very fast when on the spot...

"Well...you see...um after we went to the bar you got completely trashed a-and then I had to drag your stupid ass home a-and you went to bed!" I finished rushing through the story. It wasn't until Sasuke pointed out my mistake once more that I realized I missed something crucial.

"That doesn't explain how I ended up naked." Alright think fast Naruto you can do it.

"You...uh...you said you where...um…HOT! Yeah you said you felt hot and then started to take off all your clothes and I had to cover my eyes before I was blinded! I was so mortified by your pale ass I just left you and went to bed." By the time I finished my face looked like a damn tomato! The teme just looked at me like I was wearing a pink wig with a coconut bra and a hula skirt and then turned around mumbling to himself. I sighed in relief that he accepted my lame excuse and left it alone. I'm not sure my heart or brain could take any more questions.

Sasuke reentered the room completely dressed.

"So I blacked out..." His god damn husky, low, silky voice asked. Come on Naruto you were not this weak! I no longer had a crazy lust thing for him! I turned toward him.

"Yeah...Never seen you that trashed before...Something happen teme?" I asked already knowing that he had begun to mention it last night but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was about. And I mean it definitely wasn't Sasuke's style to get completely trashed to the point where he would have sex with his best friend and...Shit! now I was thinking about it!

"Hn." Sasuke grunted. He really was a bastard. I turned away realizing that he wasn't going to tell me either way. But then I heard the teme mumble something.

"What? I didn't hear you." I asked. Sasuke looked at his cup of tea intently. Hey wait when the hell did he make tea...? I swear that man is creepily sly. But of course I could whip his ass any time of the week and-

"Sakura..." And there went my thought process. My heart broke all over again knowing how much of that stoic composer was lost because of a fight between him and Sakura. I mean they are dating so he has to feel something for her but...in the most selfish part of my mind I wanted to believe that...it was because he wanted to revive his clan...not because he liked her...I'm the worst. I forced myself to smile.

"Hahaha! Oh damn what did you do this time?" I asked and Sasuke sighed. I always help him with his dating problems...somehow...I kind of became the referee when they got into fights. But this was the first time Sasuke lost control like this, which made me question whether I could handle what he would say.

"I brought up the topic of having children. She got pissed and told me that we have to marry first before we could even consider kids. Then I said that we should get married. Sakura then proceeded to punch me and scream some bullshit that marriage isn't an obligation; that I should want to marry her. Then she started to cry and continue to yell at me. I got pissed off and left." Sasuke finished. I sat there quietly thinking about what to say. I could tell him not to marry Sakura and that she was just not right for him at all. Encourage him to look at other people before tying the knot. Then I would make him see me the same way I saw him. But I couldn't do that. Sakura was also my best friend and I couldn't betray her like that. With my decision in mind I looked at him.

"She is right. Don't marry her because you want to have kids. You're missing the point of marriage teme. You marry someone because you love them. Then you have kids because you want to expand that love. That's what she wants you to do. You do love...right?" I knew I didn't make sense at the end but in all honesty I couldn't say 'you do love Sakura right?' I didn't want confirmation about that fact. I didn't want to think of them as a couple. About him making love to her like we had done...Damn it! I did it again! And besides me and the teme did not 'make love' or any girly bullshit like that. We had sex. No feelings attached! I have to stop thinking of that night.

"Of course I love Sakura...If I didn't I wouldn't have continued to date her. Or even ask her to have my children..." Sasuke said quietly. Well there goes whatever was left of my heart. I held back the tears as Sasuke stood up.

"I'll see you later Naruto." Was all Sasuke said as he left. I didn't retort for him to say thank you for all I did for him, or that he was a bastard. No instead I pulled my knees to my chest and just laid on the couch not thinking of anything. How long I laid there I don't know but the next day Sakura came over and told me that Sasuke had proposed to her. Oh and Sasuke wanted me to the best man.