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Summary:Naruto has finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl! But once she is safely delivered he goes unconscious. When Naruto finally comes to he comes face to face with none other than Kyubbi. After a brief conversation Naruto and Kyubbi make a pack and decide to work together. Now what will happen to Naruto and how is everyone else fairing in this final BATTLE!

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The pain was indescribable. Like a liquid fire scorching the entire inside of my body, it was as excruciating as it was invigorating. My back arched up, though to get away from the pain or in hopes to sooth it away was undecipherable. I could feel the sweat pour down my face when my eyes finally snapped open.

"GGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAA AAAA!" The scream was ripped from my chest as I felt the intense rush of energy fill my entire being. The clash of pain and energy was so intense that all I could see was white.

It felt as though hours had passed in agony before I found myself waking up once again. I opened my eyes slowly this time and groaned when my body moved in even the slightest way. Saying I was sore didn't even begin to describe the pain.

"Urgh…" I moaned finally sitting up completely.

"You alright kid?" Someone grumbled. I tried to chuckle but it quickly turned into a whimper of pain.

"No…I feel like shit." I grumbled.

"Heh well I hear giving birth does that to you." The damn bastard was laughing at my pain!

"Shut up Kyubbi! Whose fault do you think that is!" I yelled. He smirked and gave a cocky grunt.

"That's between you and the Uchiha…I don't even want to think about it." He said calmly but you could practically hear the smirk. I growled trying to will down the pink that dusted my cheeks.

"Shut-up bastard…" I said finally beginning to take in my surroundings. I felt my heart sink into my stomach while some of it launched into my throat at the….the ruins.

Dawn was quickly settling while the last bit of the stars just barely shined before the sun would once more mask over them. The air was a bit crisp, which became quite obvious to me when I finally noticed that there was nothing to shield me from the morning air. Nothing but a wreck of what was once Itachi's and my safe house. Heaps of wood, ash, cement, and metal were scattered around the whole premises. Part of the walls still stood while some of the pipes stuck out of the ground with water spewing quickly from them. I looked around for someone, anyone who could explain what the heck had happened when a man wearing an orange mask flashed through my mind.

Worry, grief, nervousness, pain, guilt, and so many more emotions ripped through me that I felt numb.

"Naruto!" Someone shouted interrupting my racing thoughts. My heart sped up in hope. Sasuke…

"Naruto thank god you are alright. We were so afraid that you wouldn't make it!" The feeling was quickly stomped out when, instead of Sasuke, a ninja from the Hidden Village of Sand appeared before me. The relief the man felt was clearly scribbled all over his face.

"Who…? Never mind, where is everyone?" I asked while continuing to look around hoping Sasuke would appear carrying Itachi with him. When a couple minutes passed and the man stilled hadn't answered I finally looked back at him and found that he was obviously conflicted with something. The suspense was too much. As it was my heart was pounding so hard I was sure it would burst if he didn't answer me in the next five seconds.

"Where is everyone?" I growled lowly making the man jump a bit. However he still didn't answer. The fear and anger clashed with this new adrenaline rush. Tears pricked the back of my eyes as I continued to glare at the quiet sand nin in front of me. After a few more seconds of silence my patience snapped.

"Tell me where they are!" I screamed as I punched the ground. The tears that still stung the back of my eyes now became more prominent with the throbbing of my hand. Well it was better than the pain I was feeling inside anyway.

"They went to the battle field." He mumbled quickly. The anger that was consuming me was engulfed by confusion.

"Battlefield…?" I asked as he turned his head away from me. I growled and snatched him up by his collar.

"Tell me!" I screamed at him. Fear bled from his eyes but soon died down as he turned his head away.

"I cannot."

"What do you mean fucking asshole!" I shouted while I shook him. He said nothing at first but finally sighed and resigned to his fate.

"Sasuke-san and Tsunade-sama gave me clear instructions not to tell you where everyone was, for fear that you would follow them." He said quietly while still looking at the ground.

"What kind of instructions are those?! Of course I'm going to follow! Now tell me where are they?!" I yelled in his face, not once taking my eyes off of his. The man's eyes moved from right to left, as though trying to see if I was a serious threat or not. Oh he had no idea what was coming if he thought I wasn't serious. Believe it.

The man looked to the ground after a few seconds.

"I can't-"

"Tell me!" Seems he thought I wasn't a serious enough threat compared to Sasuke and Tsunade combined. Ha.

Ten minutes later I was on my way toward the battlefield. Anger and fear seeped through my body as I pushed my feet to move faster and faster. That stupid idiot! When I found Sasuke I was going to beat the shit out him and then love more than he could stand.

"Tell me!" I shouted shaking the poor young man. He looked at me for a moment before sighing.

"They don't want you to fight. You just gave birth; you are in no condition for battle." He said trying to once more convince me to stay. Ha and people said I was the idiot…

"Do I look like I give a shit?!"


"Just tell me or I will just leave and look for them on my own!" When the thought that I was simply wasting time here sank in the panic that was just simmering under the anger exploded. Even I could imagine the crazy look in my eyes as I practically chocked the man for his answers.

"Please…I need to see my baby…I need….I need to know Itachi and Sasuke are ok…" I whispered but refused to move my gaze from his, even when tears threatened to fall from my eyes. He searched my face for a moment before sighing.

"Madara came and almost killed you but Sasuke-san stopped him at the last second. Madara quickly grabbed your baby and attempted to kill her before demanding that Sasuke give up you for the baby. Somehow Sasuke managed to save Itachi and everyone managed to push Madara from this place and moved that way" He explained while pointing towards the right.

"You go on ahead. I will gather the rest and join you there." I looked in that direction and nodded my head, getting up. I turned back around sparing him another glance.

"Thank you…" I smiled tiredly but sincerely before I took off.

After that the memories come in and out in shorts spurts. The trees passing, the air whipping past my face, a tree branch slicing my cheek. Looking back it kinda freaks me out how…lifeless I was. I don't remember a single thought, if I was even thinking of anything. My body was on auto pilot and I was just watching from some other place. Like an out of body experience.

That all changed when an explosion rang through the air. I stopped and watched as smoke clouded toward the front of me, going higher and higher into the sky. Like a switch turning on the power, the explosion caused my heart to go into overtime. A terrible thought flashed through my mind and before I could even finish the thought my feet were moving.

What if that last blast killed everyone?

I had to run faster. How long had I been knocked out? Hours? Days? I hadn't even thought to ask the sand nin. What if everyone was dead? Oh god what if Itachi was…after she had been born…

"Idiot…Stop worrying…" Kyubbi stated as though he was chiding me.

"Shut up! How can I not worry, I mean I just laid there leaving everyone to fight on their own! What if the-"

"God you're giving me a headache." He growled.

"Fuck you! You think I give a shit about your damn headache? My village…fuck my family is out there…and I'm-"

"Just believe in them stupid…" He chided, as though scolding me. However the words had a larger impact than I expected. Or maybe it was more of the fact of who said them than the actual words themselves.

At first I was furious. Of course I believed in them! And who the hell did Kyubbi think he was lecturing me about believing in people. I mean his track record was not pearly white last time I checked. At least I liked people! I mean who did he like? No one! He hardly liked me and I'm his carrier or whatever. Well I guess that wasn't true… I mean he did lend me his power and all. He has to believe in me just a bit for th-

And it was in that moment of furious thinking I realized Kyubbi had taken a chance on trusting me. I had no proof of what I was going to do with his power, and he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Instead he trusted me and believed that I would win this war. I smirked, I wouldn't let him down.

"Idiot…" I laughed, but it didn't sound natural. None the less Kyubbi just grunted and I accepted that as answer enough.

After that no more conversation picked up. Which was fine with me, all I wanted to do was hurry up and get to where everyone else was. Like a sick obsession I counted how far away I was from the battlefield. I couple hundred yards, hundred feet, a couple yards, a few feet, almost there…

Finally finally finally finally I broke free from the crowd of the forest to almost be blinded by the light. I paused in the clearing, squinting my eyes in order to clear my vision. Stupid sun!

I blinked, Once. Twice, and finally the bright dots stopped dancing before my eyes. My heart froze as did time, it seemed, when I glanced over the battlefield. I felt paralyzed as I looked down into a man-made pit of dirt, where I knew for a fact trees had once resided. My vision was unsteady and I felt somewhat nauseous trying to see past the smoke to find who was where. My eyes scanned the faceless people as I searched for one person.

Where was he? Where did he go? The wind blew as my eyes turned just in time to see the bastard running. My lungs filled with air as relief flooded my entire being. I raised my hand in the air waving to gain the teme's attention.

"Hey Bas-" I began to shout when something caught my eyes behind Sasuke. I watched in what seemed like slow motion as a large weapon spun straight into the bastard and struck him right through the chest. I watched glued to my spot, my hand still in the air like an idiot while my mouth continued to hang open. As Sasuke slowed down to stumbling. As a large puddle of blood collected around his feet and dragged behind him. He finally stumbled a bit until he finally hit the ground, unconscious.

Time ceased again, or maybe it was me who stopped existing. Either way I felt helpless to stand there and watch as blood continued to poor from Sasuke's body, as his breathing continued to get shallower with each passing second until his chest stopped moving altogether. I waited for another minute, waiting for him to pop right back up and say 'just kidding idiot!'. But this was Sasuke and Sasuke never joked. So if Sasuke wasn't joking then that means he's….


My vision turned red as I felt the hatred consume me. I looked around for the culprit, murder, and my eyes quickly locked on none other than the man who called himself Madara Uchiha. His orange mask had been removed and revealed a distorted face. The right side of his face seemed as though the skin there wasn't real, or had healed over a terrible wound. His right sleeve was also torn off as he continued to walk towards my bastard. He stared at Sasuke for a minute before he turned his head and sighed.

"What a fool, you shouldn't have stood in my way." He mumbled as though simply discussing the air. As though he hadn't ripped the very heart from my chest.

Something in snapped after those words left his mouth. My vision blurred until it went completely black, but my body warmed with the painful scorch of hatred. Faintly I heard Kyubbi shout my name from some far corner of my mind, but I sunk deeper and deeper into the heat that engulfed my entire body I found I was powerless to stop myself. Or maybe I could but I didn't really feel like trying anymore. There was no point anymore.

I don't know how long I remained unconscious of the world around me. It felt like sleeping when you have an extremely high fever, so exhausted that you are pass out but so hot that you end up sleeping fitfully and in the end being more exhausted than when you went to bed. However, besides the heat, I felt nothing, heard nothing. I hate how shameful I was in this moment, wanting to run away from the world because I was in pain.

That was until I heard a soft cry. And as crazy as this sounded I knew that cry. I may have only heard it once but I will never forget the sound of it.


"Brat!" I heard Kyubbi shout. I turned to face him only to get smacked down!

"What the hell Kyubbi!" I shouted. So rude to do that to someone who just woke up!

"You idiot are you trying to destroy the village?!" He shouted and my only response was a blink in surprise. Now that I was in control of my body I looked around the area to find that I had indeed inflicted quite a bit of damage but luckily it seemed no one was hurt. I sighed in relief.

"Thanks Kyubbi…" I said quietly but sincerely. Kyubbi merely snorted in annoyance. I stood up, refusing to allow my legs to shake in exhaustion. I wasted so much chakra and I could tell Kyubbi was wearing down himself. I sneaked a glance over my right shoulder and my eyes locked on Tsuande. Or more of who was in Tsuande's arms.

"It's not wise to look away from you opponent when you where the one who began this battle." I heard from the front of me. I held back a growl as I faced towards the thing in front of me.

"Madara…" I snarled. I glanced back to where Tsunade was. Every cell in my entire being screamed at me to go over to where my baby was. But I knew better than to act on those impulses. If anything I wanted to drag Itachi as far away from these fights as I could. So instead I merely stood where I was and waited for Madara to make the next move.

"Naruto!" I heard someone from my left shout. I peeked over my shoulder and saw none other than Kakashi and Bushy brow Sensei rushing towards me. I waited until they got closer before I spoke.

"So what did I miss? And how much damage has this Madara bastard done?" I asked, not wanting to waste any time. My only reply was silence and I looked back to find Kakashi looking down while Bush Brows looked over at him in concern. When the silence went on than was comfortable, Bush brows finally spoke up.

"That is not Madara…but actually Obito Uchiha…" Obito Uchiha…hmmm that name sounded rather familiar….

"My ex-teammate…the one who gave me this eye." Kakashi answered as though he was reading my mind while pointing to his sharingun. My eyes widened a fraction.

"No way…I thought he was…" I mumbled, mainly because the thought was only supposed to be in head. Kakashi looked down and whispered back,

"So did I." I looked back at Obito. How could such a man turn out to be this….other man…

"Great word choice…" I heard Kyubbi mock.

"Shut up! I was at a loss for a better word!" I defended.

"And that is different from any other time how…?" He asked oh so aggravatingly.

"Why you…." I growled. Why the hell was I always stuck with such bastards?

"Naruto?" Bushy Brow Sensei called almost timidly and I turned around to see concern fill their faces. And not the nice kind either…

"Sorry Kyubbi is making fun of me." I said dismissively. They nodded but looked a little unsure.

"So why is he doing all of this? What is his master plan?" I asked trying to get back on track. It seemed to refocus everyone for the time being.

"Well Sasuke and I figured out how to hurt him before..." Kakashi began but seemed to be at a loss for words. My heart gave a painful squeeze and I could feel the tears sting the back of my eyes.

No…I wasn't allowed to fall apart yet. I had to hold it in because right now, there were more important matters at hand.

"So how did you do it?" I asked keeping my mind focused on the situation.

"When you fought him before, remember how none of your attacks would ever hit him but it would seem as though they would pass through him?" Kakashi asked and I nodded recalling the brief fight we had encountered when I was about sixteen.

"Well instead of actually disappearing, he is using his sharigun to pull parts of himself into a separate dimension and then to also pull himself back out." Kakashi began explaining, and I once again found myself beginning to dose off. Damn these complicated explanations!

"Ok…? So how do we stop that?" I asked.

"Well it seems that since both Obito and Kakashi share the same set of eyes, Kakashi's sharingun also can go to that same demention." Bushy brow picked up. I looked at both of them for a moment before I cocked my head to the side.

"So basically I should wait for your signal?" I asked. Kakashi shook his head while releasing a sigh.

"Haha yeah something like that" He said, his eyes creating a crescent moon shape.

"How touching Kakashi, to allow your student to go out in front of you." Obito chided regaining all of our attention. I glared at him, wishing that my eyes would simply do the trick to defeat him.

"Shut up! Kakashi would never allow a fellow comrade to die!" I answered in response. Obito looked surprised for a moment before laughter busted out from him. I glared harder, hating the feeling of being mocked.

Kakashi stepped forward.

"Obito if you were alive…How come until now…?" Kakashi asked softly. Obito sighed as though Kakashi's breathing was a waste of air.

"If you insist on calling my by that name…it means nothing to me now. And whether I survived or not isn't important. However…yeah…However if you really want to know why…" He paused for a while, and I felt like an idiot when I realized I was hanging on to every word he said.

"You let Rin die."

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