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Sometimes he wandered the halls of his home. They- all his companions- wondered if he had a bedroom. The truth was he did, but he hardly used it… instead he just wandered the halls after setting the TARDIS of course on autopilot.

He went left,

He went right.

He went up,

He went down.

He even went sideways, imagine that.

Sometimes he found doors unlocked, most of the time they were locked. You could ask why would they even be locked in his own home? The reason… because even the Doctor has secrets that he wants to keep from himself, but mostly he didn't want to be disturbed.

When he wandered, he thought of the love, the guilt and the pain that roamed these halls with each of his steps. At least it wasn't contained to one room. It could roam just like he did in his travels through space and in his wanderings of the halls.

One night when a door was unlocked, he walked straight blindly into a memory room, an archive of companions and their former homes within his home.

It shifted and blurred and then focused to show a room covered with books from ceiling to floor with Martha Jones sitting on her bed, reading a book, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders as she sipped a drink of her tea. She looked up and stared directly into his eyes, but she couldn't actually see him. Only he could feel how penetrating the stare was.

He went to grab the door handle and landed into a disorganized room with Rose Tyler dancing around her room, jumping onto her bed, singing into a hairbrush. He laughed and smiled, wishing he could join her in this stupid fun of humans, of his Rose. The room thought differently and changed to show a room full of throw pillows with a familiar ginger sitting by a window.

Dear Donna sat by the window gazing at the stars as the TARDIS whizzed by. No movement, no wild jokes, just star gazing. It was so beautiful, but oh so painful to see Donna enjoying the star travels of the Doctor Donna and then remembered her future. He went to sit on a pillow, but fell instead onto a window floor.

In front of him showed Amy and Rory lying on the floor with their bunkbeds in the back, the two of them lovingly bicker over a game of chess. He did not know what their future was, but he didn't think it would be good. He went to the door and pushed.. .and ended up in the hallway he started in.

As he took out his sonic screwdriver and heard the door click, he realized the room had surprised him. He had always made them run, run for their lives, but he had never ever once wondered, never asked, what they did when their bedroom door closed and bade him good night and he went back to his "bedroom". He took his sonic screwdriver out again and hear the door unclick again. Smiling to himself as he walked down the hall, hoping another nighttime wandering could lead him back here.