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Goosebumps rose on her arms. The wide bay window that held her against the glass was providing an excellent view for watching the rain. It was peaceful. Her fingers danced along the satin fabric of her nightgown it felt cold and smooth. Sabrina looked behind her checking the cabin for possible fluttering, name calling whispers, or soft footsteps. Sighing lightly her eyes wandered along the first floor. The room she was occupying was a small and delicate living room, not much happened here.

There were bookshelves covering the walls, but reading the books on them wasn't her favorite thing to do. Usually the only thing she did here was watch the forest from this large window. Across from this room was the warm kitchen and dining room. Her husband spent his time there, filling up on berries found in the woods or junk food found in the local grocery store. Then every evening the two would sit down and eat a meal, of normal food, together. In front of the kitchen and dining room was the front door that opened up to a wrap around screened sun room where the family spends most of their time. She liked it out there. Sometimes a breeze will come in and ruffle the pillows on the long couches and other times it was just birds, and water currents babbling.

She sat up and jumped off the ledge shuffling on the wooden floors and to the small hallway in front of her. She looked into all the doorways taking inventory; their office which held journals, papers, letters, and photographs that belonged to the impossible everafter community; their laundry room that her husband at first refused to have; the large bathroom. Sabrina knew she would be in there when the early morning came around; she knew her husband would have his worry face on and hold her hair back as she gagged into their toilet, wonderful. She continued shuffling coming upon a closed door that held one of the guest rooms. She looked in taking in the smell of sweet strawberries from when she sister had broken a bottle of perfume the other day.

Smiling slightly she took the spiral staircase after passing another guest room and large family room. Reaching the landing she looked out the large windows taking in the forest around them as she made her way back into her king sized bed. A blond man lay drooling on a pillow with his arms and legs thrown out carelessly around him. She regarded him taking in his boyish features. He once told her she looked like she was 12 again when she was asleep but Puck looked grown up the only true feature was his mischievous green eyes. She hoped their baby would have them. The room was quiet other than the fairy's heavy sleeping breaths and she found it hard to control what happened, tears. She wanted to blame them on her hormones but the back of her mind said otherwise, for the first time in a long time. Sabrina was scared. Before she could think about it too much she took off, scrambling into the bathroom.

"Brina! You're puking up your lungs again? How many times have you woke me up in three weeks? I'm tired of you saying it's just a bug. We're going to the doctor's" His cautious stroking of the back of her neck calmed her down and she sat back as he flushed to toilet.

"No- It's just a bug it will pass. I asked Granny" Sabrina grumbled.

"The old women doesn't know what's she's talking about" Sabrina's nose crinkled up and she said some things under her breath. She stood up and Puck steadied her. "I'm sorry- I don't speak mumble. Run that by me again?" His young wife rolled her eyes and took him into the living room. He sat in the window she had done a while before. He held his hands straight out in front of him and she gladly pressed hers against his folding into each other. He rubbed his thumb along the back of her hand. They sat there for a moment starring at each other. Then he popped a cheeky grin ruining the small moment. Sabrina stuck her tongue out at him but took a long strangled breath. Puck noticed and stood up feeling her forehead. "You're ok right?" he whispered.

"Yeah- fine" She couldn't tell him. He would freak.


"No really I'm fine" She tried to smile.

"Give up the act Grimm" He sighed nudging her cheek with his nose. He kissed behind her ear. As he pulled his arms around her she told him.

"I'm pregnant" She felt him tense and waited carefully listening to his breathing and panicked heart beat. Then she said it again, louder this time, and he took an arms' length away from her, revealing his surprised anxious expression. Oh no. He isn't happy. She pulled away from him pulling her arms around herself trying to hide from the hurt scared feelings. He wasn't happy. He wasn't excited. He reached out to her.

"Sabrina?" He pulled her hips too him. She nodded against the crook of his neck. "Boy or Girl?"

"I don't know" she mumbled.

"I don't speak mumble" She felt him grin into her hair and chuckle. "It's a boy- The Trickster Prince"

"It could be a girl"

"Yeah… but I'm feeling a boy. He could terrorize the town with me! Together we would be unstoppable!" He pulled away from her and popped his wings out. "I need to start working on group pranks! I can just see it: THE ROYAL TRICKSTER GOODFELLOWS!"

"That is an awful name"

"I'll work on it"

"You have seven months"

"This will be our base" he said making a box with his fingers and scanning the room.

"Here, in the the living room?"

"Yeah!" And she said nothing ever happened in this room.

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