I Will Remember You

32 days…

"…and he didn't hurt you likes James did?" Blaine asked, hopeful that Kurt actually had a good night's rest.

"No, he was really nice," he explained. "He rocked me to sleep and told everyone to be quiet this morning so I could get some sleep." Blaine beamed, so happy he finally got some mercy. "I did get chased out here, though," he mumbled.

"Noah?" He wondered. Kurt shook his head.

"He found out what Liam did for me and said he'd leave me alone," he nodded.

"Why?" Blaine wondered.

"Liam's his older brother," he said. He shut his eyes, trying to put the flashes of the night before out of his mind. "James almost hurt me really bad last night." Blaine touched his hand, deeply concerned.

"But he didn't, did he?" He breathed.

"No…" He looked down at the toy in his hands. "I want to go home."

"He'll be here-"

"…soon, I know. But when will soon be?" His eyes watered.

"Don't cry. Please don't cry. You make my heart hurt when you cry, Kurt," he begged, dabbing his eyes with the hankie in his pocket. "He'll be here, I promise."

Kurt leaned against him, sniffling, so upset. "I just want my Daddy," he whispered. "That's all I want…"


He looked up, eyes wide.


Burt jogged down the sidewalk bending and opening his arms when he was close enough. Kurt's little legs went as fast as they'd allow, his patent leather shoes clicking on the concrete. He leapt into his arms, sobbing. "Daddy!"

Burt scooped up his son, his world, his baby, hugging him so tight, shushing him softly. Kurt buried himself in his father's neck and shoulder, crying so hard his chest hurt. "Daddy…Daddy!"

"Shh, I'm here. I'm here, buddy. I've got you. It's okay," he soothed. "I'm here now, I'm here. It's okay, baby," he kissed his head, holding the back of his neck. "I got you, buddy. I'm here. Shh…"

"I-I w-wanna g-go home!" He bawled. "Pl-pl-please, Daddy, ca-can we g-g-go home?"

"Of course, of course we can. Nana's getting your things and then we'll go, okay?" He soothed. "We're going home, it's alright."

"Nana?" He choked. Burt nodded. Kurt collapsed again, tears both relieved and pained.

Blaine smiled, watching the scene before him. He stood, starting to go across the street.

"Wait!" Kurt called, wriggling out of Burt's grip. "Hang on, Daddy. I gotta do something first."

He ran to Blaine, digging in his backpack along the way. "Blaine!" He called, stopping him. "Here." He thrust his hands out, holding his two sacred Power Rangers. Blaine's jaw dropped.

"Kurt, no," he said, shaking his head. "I can't do that. Not those. Your mommy gave you those."

"I want you to have them," he encouraged. "Please, I want you to, Blaine. As a present for being so nice to me." Blaine took them, eyes watering.

"Okay," he said, hands shaking as he took them. He dug in his pocket, retrieving the Polly Pocket compact and holding it out to him. "If I have to take that, then you have to take this."


"Please." Kurt pursed his lips to keep himself from crying, carefully taking it and pressing it to his cheek.

They hugged each other, tight, squeezing hard, letting the tears out now. "Is this goodbye?" Blaine whispered.

"No," Kurt gulped. "I'll never say goodbye to you, Blaine. You were my first real friend."

"You were mine too." They looked at each other, trying to smile. Blaine leaned forward, kissing him, just a light, gentle peck on his lips. Kurt blushed. "I'll see you again," he nodded, still crying. One more hug, one more tight squeeze. "Go see your daddy. He missed you as much as you missed him." It took him a moment to let go.

He ran back to his father, giving Blaine another tiny wave, hoping with all his might that he would see him again some day.

33 days...

"Daddy," a soft, almost inaudible, broken whisper. "Daddy?" A little shake to a father's shoulder. Burt jumped awake, instantly worried. His child stood beside the bed, holding his doll, tears on his cheeks.

"What's wrong, buddy?" He whispered, sleep on his voice.

"I-I had a nightmare," he squeaked. "Can, can I sleep in your bed?"

"Of course you can." He picked him up, holding him close to him, allowing him to snuggle close to his chest. "What was your dream about?" He urged. Kurt had promptly refused to talk about anything that happened while he was away, saying, "It doesn't matter. I'm home now. It's done." And now, as Burt asked the question, he felt his son start to tremble. "Kurt?"

"I'll get in trouble," he said, choking a sob. "If I tell you I'll get in trouble, Daddy." Burt looked at him steadily.

"I promise, Kurt, you won't get into trouble. No matter what you tell me about what happened there, you will not get into trouble," he swore.

Kurt looked at him, cheeks wet. "Okay, Daddy."

The words gushed from the little boy's mouth, breaking his father's heart with every wordd.

Anger boiled inside of him, thinking of some monster touching his child, making him cry and beg in the dark. Nothing so innocent should be tainted this way, especially…especially his son. There was so much anger, sadness and nausea swelling within the father as he listened to him that he thought he might puke, scream or cry.

"Am I in trouble, Daddy?" He asked. Burt sat up, engulfing Kurt in his arms, holding him just as close and tight as he wanted to all this time.

"No, Kurt, you're not in trouble. You'll never be in trouble for that."

"I missed you, Daddy," he breathed. Burt kissed his forehead.

"I missed you too, Kurt. Try and get some sleep, alright?" He said, smiling a little.

He sniffled, so sad. "Okay, Daddy…"

Burt sat up with him, rocking him, singing to him just like Elizabeth used to. His poor, abused and broken little boy, sniffing and whimpering softly in his arms.

He waited until Kurt fell asleep before he started to cry, and he didn't stop until the sun came up.

35 days...

"What are you going to do about it?" Jane demanded.

"Go up there and talk to that woman and see what the hell she plans on doing," he growled. "I swear to God if I see that kid I'll kill him."

"Burt, you have to try and keep yourself under control," she urged. "If you don't it could ruin any chance you have for punishing that boy." It made her sick to her stomach to think that her sweet, innocent grandchild, fraught with the grief of losing his mother and being thrown in a new place had been…had been molested nearly every night he was there.

She was watching him color, now, noting what colors he was using and peeking at his drawing once or twice to see if he was displaying the trauma at all.

"Alright," he sighed. "Are you gonna stay here with him?"

"I thought Kurt and I could have one of our special days," she remarked. "It might take his mind off this whole mess, Elizabeth too." Burt nodded.

"Sounds good." He grabbed his coat, bending next to Kurt and kissing his head.

"Daddy's gonna go out for a minute, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," he said softly, smiling at him. Burt's heart cracked.

He's so much stronger than I am…and he's only a baby. He's just a little boy…

He tousled his hair again before leaving, giving his son another look caught between pride and heartache.

Jane sat beside him, smiling gently. "Kurt?" He looked at her, eyes older than his face portrayed, a trait that would stay with him for the rest of his life. "Would you like to have a Special Day with me?" He brightened, his smile transforming his face into a bright, dimpled beacon.

"A special day? Really!" He stood, incredibly excited. She grinned.

"Mmhm. Just for you," she said. "Today is your day, Kurt. We'll do whatever you want to."

"Whatever I want?" He grinned. She nodded.

"Whatever you want."

He ran upstairs. "I have to get dressed!"

A Happy Meal, a Play Place, two Baby Gaps, ice cream and a new stuffed puppy later, Kurt was asleep on the couch with "Cinderella" playing in the background.

Jane read her book with his head in her lap, smiling softly, happy that she could give him at least one day of peace without having to think about that awful place.

She turned when Burt came inside, looking over her shoulder at him. "How'd it go?" She asked softly so as not to stir her grandson.

"It's settled," he said, tight-lipped. "The kid admitted to it before I even asked him anything. Kurt won't have to say anything in court." She sighed, relieved.


"He have fun today?" He asked, looking at the sleeping boy. She nodded, smoothing his hair.

"Only child I've ever seen that would rather get clothes than toys," she chortled. Burt smiled, bending down and cautiously picking him up.

"Thank you for that," he said quietly. "He really needed something like that. She shrugged.

"What are grandmothers for?" They smiled at each other.

"How long are you staying?" He inquired.

"Until this matter with the courts is resolved and you two can start healing," she said simply. He nodded, lips pursed, eyes downcast.

"Thank you," he repeated. She nodded, going back to her book.

Burt carried his son upstairs, lying him and getting him ready for bed.

He took off his shoes, setting them in their appropriate place and unclipping his bowtie. He took off his vest and button-up, putting on his Superman pajama shirt.

Kurt whimpered when Burt started to take off his pants, squirming away, waking up in a terrified panic. "No! No, James! I'm sleepy! Don't touch my privates, please! I wanna go to bed! MOMMY! DADDY!"

"Kurt!" Burt said, holding his face. "Kurt, look at me, it's Daddy. It's daddy, baby. Shh…" He stared at him, sobs jumping out with his gasps for air.


"Shh, it's okay, it's okay. Go to sleep, okay? Just go back to sleep, buddy. Daddy won't hurt you, okay?" He whispered. Kurt nodded, closing his eyes, still shaking a little. Burt rubbed his forehead until he was at peace again, a lump in his throat.

"Shh…" he soothed, carefully taking his pants away and replacing them with the ones that matched his shirt. "Daddy's here…it's alright, he can't hurt you anymore, buddy. It's alright."

He stayed with him for a few hours, but no nightmares plagued him.

Kurt smiled in his sleep, thinking instead of a boy with a dizzy-dreamer grin and curls.

Eleven years later…

Blaine looked down at the shoebox in his lap, mouth agape.

"What's that, Blaine?" Kurt asked, piling the collection of suspenders into a box. They were finishing packing up his room, getting him ready to move into Kurt's apartment in New York with him while they attended NYADA.

The dapper boy looked up, caught between sadness, disbelief and overwhelming happiness. He tilted the box so Kurt could see the two Power Rangers inside, arms linked, masks pressed together as if they were kissing. Kurt gasped.

It all came back to him, then. Being taken away from his father, the bullies, Puck, James, Liam, Nana…and, and Blaine. His first friend. His first boyfriend. His first true love. His first…

"Blaine," it was all he could manage at the moment. He took few deep breaths, plopping on the bed beside him. "Blaine, you were my first kiss."

He lit up like a Christmas light, grinning. "I was, wasn't I?" He whispered. They laughed a little. "God, how-how did we forget each other?"

Kurt frowned. "I guess I tried to block it all out. And when I did that I guess I forgot you too." Blaine shook his head, mesmerized.

"You had every right to," he assured, taking his hand, remembering the first time he'd done that. The memories were fuzzy, clouded with the forgetfulness that comes with adulthood. He remembered Kurt's small, soft hand that still fit the same way now. His smile was the same, his laugh, his clothes, his smell. Kurt was still Kurt.

Kurt pounced, hugging his fiancé as tightly as he could manage without injuring him, laughing with him through tears. "I told you," he whispered frantically. "I told you I'd never say goodbye to you. I told you…" They kissed, much deeper than they had when they were younger, smiling, foreheads together, hands cradling the other's face. "I love you so much," he breathed.

"I love you too," he gasped, tears in his eyes. "I did then too," he swore. "I loved you then."

Wrapped in each other's arms, lips locked and dancing to a rhythm only they knew, destiny concluded it's journey, a mission written in the stars long ago complete.


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