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Love is Thicker Than Blood

Chapter 10

The door at 4 Privet Drive swung open to reveal a rather long-necked, horse faced blond woman. "How can I-" She broke off as she noticed what the four wizards on her front step were wearing and slammed the door in their faces. An ungodly shriek could be heard from within, "Vernon! They've come for him! Vernon!"

Impatiently, Snape drew his wand and blasted apart the door, ignoring the screams from within. The three professors and the ex-convict stepped over the threshold and into hell. They came face to face with a shotgun being brandished by a humungous man with a ruddy complexion and a mustache. "Get out of my house!" he roared.

"Expelliarmus!" Remus shouted, and the gun flew through the air. Sirius caught it without missing a beat.

"We've come for my godson." Sirius growled dangerously, wand at the ready.

"You-You're Sirius Black!" Petunia shouted hysterically, falling into a dead faint. Vernon, his face ashen, didn't even move to catch his wife as she hit the floor. His mouth worked, but no sound came out.

"Where's Harry?" Sirius demanded,

"He-he's run away."

"Don't lie to me Dursley-" Sirius started angrily.

"Allow me, Black." Snape interrupted, starting forward. He pointed his wand directly between Vernon's eyes. "You will direct us to Potter now, muggle, because I have no qualms about turning you into a beetle and using you in my next potion." he hissed venomously.

"Up-upstairs…First door on your left. Can't miss it." he gibbered.

"We'll see."

The three wizards and the witch hurried up the stairs, leaving the Dursleys where they were.

"Sweet Merlin…" Minerva whispered as she saw the door to Harry's room.



Hermione Granger was seated at her desk, proofreading an essay for History of Magic when a scream resounded from down the stairs. She grabbed her wand from its place on her bedside table and rushed down the stairs two at a time. She sprinted into her family room to find her mother staring at Ron, who had just tumbled out of her fireplace. She breathed a sigh of relief, before realizing that Ron must have come for a reason. She took one look at his face and knew the reason wasn't a good one.

"Ron? What's happened?"


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