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Kagome's POV

Death… what is death? Merely to leave this world for a short time before reincarnation, and yes I believe in rebirth and therefore death has no effect on me… or so I thought. I never thought of death being around me, I was a normal girl who attended school every day, I had normal friends my age and everything was going alright in my life. I had just turned fifteen and was preparing to enter high school when it all started… when I met him.

"Kagome, Souta… come down for breakfast or you will be late for school!" My mother's voice rang through the house like soft twinkle bells as the smell of her cooking filled the air.

"You know in my day kids weren't allowed to sleep in to any time they wished, we had to be up with our parents and helping with the chores… these young people today are just lazy!" Grandpa's voice was like nails on a chalkboard for one's delicate ears in the morning.

"Grandpa, we're not lazy… we just have other things that are more important to do," my kid brother Souta's dulled voice drowned on, we heard grandfather recite the same speech over and over again every morning… I could already picture the boy sitting at the table rolling his eyes.

"What could be more important than helping your family boy!?"

"Grandpa… boys my age want to be baseball players, not shrine keepers."

From my room I could hear gramp's fake gasping breaths and I knew he was clutching at his chest as if he were having a real heart attack. "B-Baseball! Why would you want to dishonor our family in such a way Souta, the shrine has been in the Higurashi family for centuries and not once has it been run without a priest!"

"Oh father stop it, Souta can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up; the shrine will not fall apart if someone outside of the family cares for it." Mom always hated when grandpa tried to force his ideas upon us, she was the peace keeper of our family and she always wished that her children would follow their dreams and not allow someone else to run their lives for them.

"Hana, how could you even suggest such a thing? If we just hired some random stranger, they would run the shrine how they want to and wouldn't even bother with our traditions… I am not as young as I use to be so I wouldn't be able to keep my eye on the man; at least with my own grandson I could rest easier."


I could hear the sadness in his voice and I knew it wasn't because Souta didn't wish to follow in his foot steps. It's been ten years since that day… I tore my gaze away from the bathroom mirror and walked out into the hall; I still don't understand why it hurts so much to think about him. I was five years old when my father died, I barely remember him and yet my heart still hurts when I try to bring his face up in my memory.

"Kagome, honey you're going to be late if you don't come down now." Mom's voice called me back from the past; I realized she was correct in that I would be late if I didn't get downstairs now.

"Sis, why do you take so long in the bathroom… what do you do in there?" Souta, the ever annoying little brother smirked over the piece of toast hanging out of his mouth, small beeps and explosions could be heard from the electronic device in his hands.

"Girls always have to look their best for school you little squirt… did you even brush your teeth this morning?" I smirked sticking my tongue out at him from across the table; mom came over to my side and placed an omelet in front of me.

"How could I possibly do that when you hogged the bathroom the whole time!?"

"I did not!"

"Now Kagome… Souta no fighting at the table; you both will get stomach aches," mom stepped over to Souta and took the gaming device out of his hands which he whined about immediately.

"Mom, wait I'm almost at the last level if I stop now I'll be beheaded and have to start all over again!"

"Well you can start over again after school when your homework is complete; but for now finish your breakfast and then go brush your teeth," mom shut down the game but not before I was certain I heard Souta's character dying.

"In my day those little boxes weren't even around and they certainly wouldn't be played at the breakfast table," grandpa mumbled under his breath as he shifted his newspaper… the rest of us didn't acknowledge his remark.

The rest of breakfast was quiet and after I helped mom with the dishes and Souta finished upstairs, we got ready to leave for school.

"Listen kids, I would like you home right after school… we're going to have a family dinner," though mom's words seemed like something one would say everyday… on this day it wasn't; a chill crept down my spine but I quickly brushed it off.

"Of course mom… we'll be home right after school." Souta nodded while grabbing his bag; he knew this was not something he could whine his way out of to go play with his friends.

A smile broke out on her face and she gave us both a hug, "Have a good day at school."

After we agreed to be home straight after school we left the house and the grounds our family's shrine rested on, descending the large staircase that lead to the street we headed off to our respected schools. Even though Souta was in lower school and I in middle school they were so close together that I would walk him to school much to his displeasure.

"Kagome, you know I'm in third grade now, I'm practically a man, and I really don't need you walking me to school."

"You think I enjoy trailing after you and your little dweeb friends squirt? Trust me I rather not but since you're only in third grade mom wants someone walking with you… would you rather it be her coming with you?" I enjoyed seeing him squirm and I also got him back for the jab at breakfast.

"No, you're better than mom… she makes me hold her hand and I have to give her a kiss on the cheek when we get to the court yard in front of everyone… she still treats me like I'm three."

"See I would never do that so you should be grateful."

"Hey Souta!"

"Hurry up man!"

I looked ahead of us and saw two of his dorky friends waiting at the corner for him. "Kagome, can I go please?" I looked down at my brother and his pleading expression begging me to let him go, I looked up again and observed my surroundings.

At the corner where the boys stood was the crossroads between Souta and my school, if I went right with him and crossed the street I would have to backtrack and cross the other way to get to my school… but if I let him go it would save me a few minutes and he won't be embarrassed; what's an older sister to do?

"Alright just this once I'll let you go but no fooling around and look both ways before crossing the street… hey are you listening to me Souta!?"

The little runt was already running after his friends, "Yeah I got it sis, see you after school!"

I rolled my eyes at his childish antics and of course he didn't listen to a word I said about horse playing while crossing the street; thankfully no crazy third year high school kids were on the road at the moment… I was able to relax when Souta entered the court yard of the school not any more the wiser that I was watching over him the whole time.

'That boy is going to give me grey hair before I'm twenty I swear.'

"Kagome! Hey Kagome!"

I looked back toward the entrance of my school and smiled at the girl calling my name. Yuka, Ayumi, and Eri were my three best friends; we met in lower school and have never been apart you would call us the Japanese version of the four musketeers.

Yuka was the sports fanatic of our group, playing everything from softball to being the star of the volleyball team; she was a little on the tough side but bake her any type of chocolate dessert and you are her new best friend.

Eri was the girly girl, she was on the cheerleading squad and a big flirt with the boys; unfortunately she was a little on the snobby side and you couldn't keep one secret without her finding out somehow.

Ayumi was the complete opposition of the other two and I rather preferred her company over them. Honestly I don't know how she became friends with those two, she was extremely smart and got all A's in every class, she was nice to everyone and the peace keeper when Yuka and Eri butted heads over things… which was often.

And how did I fit into this group, well I'm the normal one… average grades, average in gym, the guys seemed to be interested in me but I just wasn't looking for someone at the moment. On that note was another past time for the girls, Yuka and Eri liked to meddle in my personal life; at the beginning of the semester they decided that this boy Hojo in our class liked me and ever since they have been trying to get us to go out.

Don't get me wrong he seems like a sweet boy but all his conversations are so boring and he seems really dull; he isn't my type but I can't just flat out refuse his advances because I don't want to hurt him… I guess I'll have to suffer with him until the end of this year, he's going to a different high school than me… thank kami.

"Kagome, hurry up, first bell is going to ring soon!" Yuka hollered over the mob of other students that were standing there, several turned to look at her and a few more gave her dirty looks which she blatantly ignored.

"Alright sheesh Yuka, I'll be right there," I rolled my eyes again at her eagerness to get to class early; we still had like ten minutes before the bell rang.

There weren't any cars coming so I hurried across the cross walk to where the girls were standing and had every intension of yelling at Yuka for causing a scene, she always liked attention no matter what she was doing, when I heard the strangest thing.

'He's going to die.'

I stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the street. "What?" Was I hearing things, was I losing my mind, I clearly just heard a male's voice say 'he's going to die.' Who? Who is going to die, and why would someone say that and with… such glee in their voice, how could someone be so heartless?

I shook my head at the thought, thinking back to where I was standing, I was at a school where people joked around all the time; this had to be some boy playing a prank on one of his friends… coming to that conclusion I continued over to my friends who were now giving me strange looks.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Ugh Kagome… why did you just stop in the middle of the street like that? You know how crazy the older students drive, you could have gotten killed!" Eri glared with her hands on her hips, Ayumi looked worried and Yuka just looked confused.

"Oh sorry yeah… I guess I got distracted for a second there, with what that boy said it was a little shocking don't you think?" I gave a nervous chuckle when the girls looked at me like I grew a second head.

"What boy?"

"There aren't any guys within ear shot Kagome."

"Are you feeling alright?"

What were they saying, of course there was a boy nearby, there had to be… because I heard him… I heard him. I looked passed where my friends were standing in search of the boy that had to be around; I felt all the color drain from my face when I realized the girls were right. There were only two boys close enough for us to hear anything they could say but the one was talking to a group of girls about the last basketball game he played in and the other was one of our teachers and he was reading a book… neither man would have any reason to say the words I heard.

'But if it wasn't them… then who was it?'

Those thoughts wouldn't leave my mind for the rest of the day and I couldn't focus on any of my work, several times throughout the day I was called out for daydreaming in class causing all the other students to laugh; and at lunch I wasn't surprised that the girls jumped all over me for it.

"Okay what is going on with you today Kagome!? You're acting really weird and so not like yourself… you never daydream in class and I was sure you were going to get sent to the principal's office at least twice!" Eri snapped the minute we reached our usual lunch spot in the court yard. Yuka and Ayumi waited quietly for my response before they voiced their own opinions, though I was certain Yuka was barely holding herself together.

I was just about to defend myself, I don't know why they were so interested in what was going on in my life; I mean unless it concerned boys they never really bothered me.

'He's going to die.'

My whole body froze when I heard the voice again; I was determined to find out who was talking and prove that I wasn't just hearing things. I dropped my lunch and jumped up off the grass, scaring the girls, and took off around the side of the building where I could have sworn I heard the voice coming from… I was going to call this boy out of hiding and demand to know what he was talking about.

"Hey you, what do you think… you… are." As I rounded the corner I expected a boy to be leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette, possibly mumbling to himself and smirking when he saw me run over like a crazy person and start yelling at him; but I was extremely shocked when no one was standing there.

'That's impossible… I know I heard that voice over this way but no one is here.'

"Kagome! What is going on, you don't just jump up and take off like that… are you out of your mind?" Yuka ran up behind me and screamed; I knew I must have scared them but I had to figure out what was going on.

'He's going to die.'

There it was again and this time it was louder like I was standing right on top of the guy… but there was no one there. "Kagome, answer me!"

"Didn't you hear that?" I turned back to the girls while ignoring Yuka's demand, the voice was so loud this time surely they heard it; but I didn't get the confirmation I needed because they all looked confused.

"Hear what Kagome?"

"That boy's voice, just now… didn't you hear it?"

"We didn't hear a boy Kagome, the only person talking was Yuka and you ignored her by the way which is very rude." Eri glared at me but I brushed it off.

"Kagome, are you sure you're okay, if you're hearing voices that's not a good sign." Of course that wasn't a good sign Ayumi, hearing voices could mean only one of two things I was either crazy or I was dying of something… I was kind of hoping for the dying because if I was crazy I would be labeled as a freak and I knew my friends would never talk to me again.

"Kagome, maybe you need to go see the nurse and lay down for a bit… maybe she'll send you home early or something."

"Yeah maybe you're right Ayumi, I think I need to go lay down, I've been a little stressed out lately," I pushed passed the girls and went back over to where we left our things, I grabbed my bag and headed into the building making my way to the nurse's office to lay down.

I don't know why this is happening to me, surely if I was losing my mind there would be other signs before the hearing voices stage right? No I couldn't be crazy, I was a normal girl, this has to be stress related… that's got to be it.

Luckily after lunch I only had two more classes so when I went to the nurse she let me stay there till last bell; after classes let out I grabbed my things and left, I didn't want to bump into anyone I knew in fear that they would question why I wasn't in class, Hojo was in my last class and surely he would stick around to find out what was wrong with me… I had too much of a headache already to deal with him at this moment.

I was very grateful when I realized practically no one was in the hall when I headed outside… though it was strange since there was a lot of clubs that met up after the day was over, I expected at least a few people to still be in the building.

'I wonder where everyone is.' My question was quickly answered when I stepped outside, there was a large group of people standing out by the street; it was a mix of kids from my school, the lower school, and the high school… something had their attention.

I had no intention of stopping to gawk like the rest of the student body seemed to be doing, I had to find Souta before his friends talked him into going to the video arcade because we had to be home for dinner early, but I spotted Ayumi in the crowd and she waived me over.

'Shoot! I didn't want to be seen.' I couldn't just ignore her invitation, she was the only one in our group that I could stand most of the time and I didn't want to get on her bad side… if she even had one. Seeing what she wanted wouldn't take that long so I headed over and squeezed my way around to where she was standing.

"I can't believe he didn't look."

"It's not that he didn't look, he pushed some little kid out of the way or the car would have hit him." As I made my way through the crowd I could hear a few high school boys talking about what I assumed had happened, and this time I was sure it was actually people around me talking and not just in my head; the two boys that were talking gave me funny looks because I was staring at them for a long time.

"Kagome, there you are… we thought the nurse sent you home early since you weren't in class."

"What happened, why's everyone standing here?" I quickly changed the subject not wanting to be the center of attention again, plus I was really curious as to what was going on.

"Some boy from a different school got hit by a car."

"Eri, how could you say it so casually like that? It's not like he did it on purpose, he saved that little boy's life by pushing him out of the way," I was surprised that Yuka was scolding the other girl over her emotionless response to my question… this was clearly not the time for her rude remarks.

There was a small gap between two teachers that were trying to keep the students back and I could see out into the street; the police and an ambulance were there plus the car, there was also a white sheet that must have been covering the boy up. Seeing the sheet caused something to snap in my mind as a memory of a time long ago with another sheet like that one entered my mind; I didn't know who was under that one and just as fast as it entered my mind it left with me having a worse headache than before.

"Kagome, are you okay… you're not hearing voices again are you?" Ayumi placed her hand on my shoulder to get my attention privately.

"No I'm fine Ayumi, I just have a headache, I need to find my brother and get home anyway… I'll see you tomorrow," I didn't wait for a response as I pushed passed the people to get out of the mob.

There weren't as many students as before since the scene on the street was almost cleaned up like it never happened; it was sad really how death effected people, you mourn for the one that died and then you just sweep it to the back of your mind much like how the street cleaners were sweeping up the shattered glass from the road.

'Keh right on time… I knew he would die.'

That voice again, the words were different but it was the same voice as before. 'Why is it that when I think I'm free it pops up again. Look whoever is playing this sick game needs to stop; I want to go back to my normal life if you please… is that too much to ask!'

I was about ready to pull my hair out in frustration at all this but something about the voice kept me wondering just who is was. Just to sedate my curiosity I did a quick scan of the remaining students on the sidewalk. I was nearly finished and about ready to go find Souta and go home, when something caught my eye to my far left.

The boy was by no means not hard to see, what with the flashy outfit he had on and the bright white wig he had on his head; if he was trying to blend in with the rest of the student population… he was doing a horrible job at it. I mean come on all the other boys were wearing black school uniforms and it was against school rules to have any wild hair styles or colors; so I was guessing the boy didn't go to our school but that begs the questions of just who was he… and why was he here?

I realized I probably looked rather strange standing in the middle of the side walk staring at this guy, I mean for all I know he could be a really big anime fan and was just dressed up as his favorite character. Yeah that made sense and he could have been on his way to some party or a convention when the accident happened and he got caught up in watching like the others did… I fully convinced myself that was the reason and I refused to acknowledge the creepy smirk on his face. With my questions answered I turned to leave only to stop and turn back to the strange man when he opened his mouth.

'Humans are so predictable… though that specific one I never would have thought would risk his life for someone else; huh… sometimes they'll surprise ya.'

'It was him, his voice; he was the person I've been hearing all day… I'm not crazy!' I breathed a sigh of relief when I was able to put a face to a voice; seeing him meant I wasn't just hearing things I just possibly couldn't see him earlier when he was talking.

But then I paled again when a chilling thought came to my mind, 'How did he know that boy was going to die hours before it actually happened?' I looked to the boy to see he had started to walk down the street away from the school, a rage boiled inside me for a second and it gave me the courage I needed to follow after him; he was going to answer my questions whether he liked it or not, I wasn't going to back down… little did I know this first encounter would be the starting point of a new chapter in my life; after today nothing would be the same.

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