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Kagome's POV

This girl named Yura blinked several times and titled her head left then right apparently sizing Inuyasha up; and judging by the look stretching across her face told me that she didn't recognize him.

"How dare you disgusting human even think to utter my name; how would one such as yourself even know a powerful demon like me?" Yura ruffled her bobbed haircut and then ran her hand down her neck into her cleavage in what I can only assume was supposed to be seductive… kind of gross in my opinion with the way she was dressed to begin with.

"Inu-," I was interrupted when Inuyasha raised his hand to silence me; I was about to snap at him for shushing me but he spoke up instead.

"Let her figure out who I am woman, don't give her any help."

It was obvious he knew this woman in some way that my mind was telling me I didn't want to ask, and I didn't have time to let this game of cat and mouse play out; my family would be home any minute now and my grandfather would freak out seeing all this hair all over the shrine. "Look I don't care who she is but she's got to leave now and take all her hair with her," I stepped around Inuyasha to stare at this woman head on; I wasn't afraid of her by any means… what's the worst she can do?

Yura suddenly clutched her sides and released a raspy, cackling laugh that irritated me; I didn't see anything funny nor did I like being laughed at, "Human boy I suggest you get a handle on your woman or I shall have to do it for you," Yura quickly stopped laughing and suddenly jerked her hand back.

"I'm not his wo-ah!" I was in min sentence defending myself, how could she even think Inuyasha and I were a couple, when I was hit from behind and crashed to the ground; and judging by the heavy breathing and silent cursing behind me that Inuyasha was the one that dragged me to the ground. "What are you doing!? Get off me!"

"Stop fighting me woman and keep your head down or it will get cut off!" Inuyasha's growling command both angered me and sent chills down my spine since he was so close to my ear… but it angered me more.

"What are you talking about?" I was able to wrestle enough of Inuyasha off me that I could lift my head to see a very angry demoness who was now holding a small sword. "Where did she get that from?"

"Don't worry about where she got it from just don't let it out of your sight; it's sharper than it looks," Inuyasha stood to a low crouch and let me up but didn't allow me to fully stand… was he really that worried about a simple blade?

"You stupid boy, you made me miss, do you know how hard it is to get a clean cut? Not that her hair is anything special, what with all those split ends, but I'm sure I can find some use for it," Yura pulled her sword close to inspect the sharp edge, a smile came to her lips and her tongue darted out to lick the blade.

"What is she insane!?" I couldn't believe what I just witnessed, I was so shocked that the rage I had building for her saying my hair had split ends completely left me. I watched as a small amount of blood slipped passed the demon's dark red lips and I thought she cut herself on the blade, which I thought she deserved for licking the weapon in the first place; but then I realized the sword also had blood on it and obviously with the smile on her face it wasn't hers… but if it wasn't hers then where did it come from?

"Demons do things that you humans wouldn't understand, and she's actually one of the more normal ones."

I turned to look at Inuyasha because I couldn't believe he was defending her; but the words I was going to say stopped when I saw that he was holding his right arm, blood was seeping through his fingers and soaking his uniform. "Inuyasha, what happened?"

"I told you that the blade was sharp, but this is nothing compared to other wounds I've gotten." Seeing that Yura wasn't swinging the sword again Inuyasha stood up and finally allowed me to do the same.

"How is that possible? It just can't be, you are nothing but a human and yet I'd recognize this sweet tasting blood anywhere… how are you a human Inuyasha explain yourself!" Yura glared and pointed her weapon at us in a demanding manner.

I heard Inuyasha curse next to me when the hair demon confronted him, "Damn, I guess I don't have a choice now." He dug into the front of his uniform and pulled out the purple beads that disguised him as a human, clutching the beads tightly I felt a soft pulse brush against me for a second just as the necklace began to glow; when the light dimmed the illusion around Inuyasha faded to reveal the silver haired, dog eared demon I was used to seeing… then all hell broke loose.

Apparently Yura already had a trap set up for us before we arrived on the grounds; after Inuyasha revealed himself she simply flicked her wrist and the loose strands of hair that were laying everywhere came to life. They attacked both Inuyasha and me wrapping around our wrists, ankles and waist and lifted us into the air; I of course screamed not expecting to be picked up but thin strains of hair but I was drown out by a growl that left Inuyasha. I watched as he struggled to get free from the hair but it seemed to be no use, then Yura descended from the sky on nothing but a thread or hair to stand right in front of him.

"Huh, I can't believe you of all demons are here Inuyasha. If I remember correctly not a few centuries ago you sided with us in wanting to get out of this prison… what change?" Yura's words shocked me, in the weeks I've known him never did I think Inuyasha would… no wait I can't say that; I did think he was evil when we first met but for her to confirm what I thought didn't sit well with me.

"Keh… nothing changed Yura, I just got tired of fighting a losing battle. Izanami-sama is too powerful to try and over throw and I'd rather not be punished." Inuyasha's growl deepened when the demoness grabbed his jaw and forced him to look at her.

"You're scared? Never have I thought you would scare so easily, what they say is true then… you have become her lap dog," Yura suddenly slapped his cheek causing Inuyasha to snap at her.

"I'm not no one's lap dog!"

"You say that and yet here you are protecting the key that will let us back into the human world. Tell me Inuyasha, what is stopping you from shedding her blood and setting us all free?" Yura moved close to Inuyasha's exposed neck and if she was doing what I thought she was I was definitely going to be sick. "Prove yourself that you are still a loyal demon Inuyasha, kill her now and you will be a hero again among us… and you and I can lead our comrades into ruling both worlds."

My stomach plummeted when I saw his golden pools flash crimson and I thought he would suddenly change sides and do what Yura suggested; apparently she thought he changed sides too because she let her guard down and loosen the hair keeping us trapped… and that's when Inuyasha struck. Faster than my eyes could catch Inuyasha's clawed hand was protruding through Yura's chest.

"Oh that is so gross," yes now I was going to be sick.

You know in those horror movies where when the good guy stabs the bad one, and the bad one coughs up blood and has a dramatic death scene… yeah well that didn't happened here.

Even with Inuyasha's hand still sticking out of her chest Yura simply growled, "So you've chosen the side that will lose, it's quite a shame really… I will miss you in bed." As the demoness said this she jabbed her sword into Inuyasha's own chest.

"Inuyasha!" Though he has been a pain since I've met him, and we get into a lot of fights, he was still protecting me from crazy demons and so I didn't really want him to die because of me.

As it happened when Yura attacked him she must have lost focus on the hair holding me because I felt the strains that were biting into my wrists suddenly loosened and then finally give way causing me to fall to the cobble stone pathway. "Ouch!" After hitting the walkway on my butt, which I knew I was going to have a bruise tomorrow, I began looking around for something to distract the demon and maybe get Inuyasha free.

I couldn't find much since everything was covered in hair, I could barely recognize the sheds that held all the artifacts that gramps thought were sacred when in reality it was probably all junk… but that was for another time. No getting back to finding something to help Inuyasha was my main focus; scanning the grounds I happened to see a few sharp rocks but that was about it, I needed to get into the shed with the weapons and maybe that would stop her. So ignoring the pain in my butt I got up and headed for the sheds, I nearly tripped on several clumps of hair but managed to make it over to a shed without getting trapped again; behind me I could hear Inuyasha growling, he must be fighting with Yura, and it drove me to farther try and help him. Despite being grossed out by all the hair, who knows where or whose it was, I dug into the mess trying to find the door to the shed to open it praying it was the right one with a weapon inside.

"Ah! What are you doing you stupid girl!? Don't touch my beautiful hair, you'll get it all tangled!" Yura's scream caused me to turn and I was surprised to see her charging at me in a hellish rage.

I braced myself for her attack, that would probably kill me, but after a few minutes of nothing I opened my eyes to see what happened to her. I didn't see much though other than Inuyasha's bright red outfit in my face since he was standing between Yura and myself; said demoness had jumped back into a tree to prevent the dog demon from striking her.

"Stay away from her; I'm your opponent Yura!" Inuyasha's growl was deeper than any other I had heard today and the way he ordered Yura to stay away from me sent chills down my spine… and it wasn't in a bad way. His growl then turned into a stiff grunt as I saw the sword that Yura stabbed him with disappear from his back.

"Inuyasha what are you doing!? Don't pull it out or you'll lose more blood and die… don't you know anything about fatal wounds!?" I couldn't believe he just did that, the dark patch on his haori was quickly getting bigger as more blood came out of the wound; he needed a doctor right now not dealing with a crazy hair demon that wanted to kill me.

"Keh, this is nothing I've had a lot worse. Listen to me woman; you need to leave now because I can't fight to my full ability with you here."

"Yeah right like I'm leaving you here with that crazy woman; you can't fight her alone Inuyasha," was he seriously asking me to abandoned him while he was injured; well that wasn't happening because I wasn't a coward.

"Hey! Listen to me Kagome," this time Inuyasha turned to face me when before he refused to lose sight of Yura; apparently whatever he was going to say was really important. "You need to leave and it's not up for debate… I was assigned to protect you and I'm not going to fail when the first demon attacks." Inuyasha moved away, after ordering me to leave, going back to his fight with Yura.

"So that's what this is… I'm nothing but a job to him," those feelings from before I had were now gone. It was clear he was only protective of me because Izanami ordered him to be so. "Jerk… he's not anything but a jerk and nothing will change that." I was hurt and angry and of course since I didn't really matter to him I wasn't going to listen to anything he said.

With Inuyasha distracted by Yura and her hair again I went back to trying to get the shed opened; after a few more minutes of sorting through the hair ball, a smile came to my lips when I noticed that I was actually tangling it like Yura said, I felt something hard and thought it was the shed door.

However when I pulled on the object it came loose and I realized it wasn't what I thought it was; my curiosity got the best of me and I needed to know what I grabbed… sometimes though I wish I wasn't so nosey. Pulling the object free from the hair I screamed and fell back on my butt… I was not expecting a skull to be what I grabbed.

"What the hell!?"

Looking at the skull I noticed that luckily there wasn't any flesh still present so that told me it was pretty old but what freaked me out more was some of the hair that was covering this shed was attached to it… and there was more. Just sitting there staring at this skull I watched as it began to slowly slide down the wall of hair but as it made its way down several more skulls came forward from within the hairball.

"It's a nest, how many skulls are in there?" I watched as more and more skulls came forth from the pile and then something odd appeared, a skull completely blood red came to the center of the massive pile. I thought it odd because skulls were normally not red nor did they have strains of hair coming from them.

"What are you doing, get away from that!" Yura was in a panic now which told me this particular skull was important to her in some way.

"What the hell are you doing you stupid wench I told you to get away!" Inuyasha was furious that I didn't listen to him but that's nothing new nor was I going to start now that I was on to something.

Looking at the strains of hair I followed their path and saw that they were attached to Yura as well. "She's a puppet, whoever the real demon is is controlling her." Coming to this discovery I quickly jumped up and ran over to grab one of the sharp rocks I saw earlier. "If I can break the skull and cut the hair maybe Yura will stop too." It was only a theory but I had to try.

"You stupid girl! I'll kill you!" Yura's threat didn't deter me from my goal as I grabbed the red skull and pulled it away from the tangled mess; I felt it pulsing like a heart, which grossed me out at first, but I pushed that aside and slammed the rock against the top. "No stop! Don't do that!"

Into my second swing down I felt threads wrap around my wrist halting my movements but only for a few seconds; Inuyasha appeared at my side again and severed Yura's hold over me.

"I told you to get out of here wench and you disobeyed me, do you want to die?"

"Well no of course not but you see I think I know how to stop her," I held up the skull to show him, "I think this is what is controlling her… if we just-."

"Look just do whatever you plan on doing quickly woman… we haven't got much time." I was confused by his words but then I noticed with all the jumping around Inuyasha had reopened his stab wound and was bleeding a lot more now.

Inuyasha went back to dealing with Yura and I focused again on the skull; there was already a nice size crack and just two more swings I had it shattered into pieces. But I thought breaking it would stop Yura but looking over my shoulder and seeing her still fighting Inuyasha told me otherwise.

I noticed the pulsing hadn't stopped either but now I realized whatever was giving off these weird vibes was actually inside the skull. Carefully putting my hand inside, trying not to cut myself; I felt an object inside and pulled it out.

"It's a… comb?" You have got to be kidding me, this whole time we were actually fighting a hair brush, I know Inuyasha said demons are not what they appear but this was ridiculous.

"Get your disgusting hands off that!" Somehow in her rage Yura got passed Inuyasha and was racing toward me again.

"Woman, destroy the damn thing now!"

I didn't need to be told twice about this and quickly put the comb on the stone walk way and slammed the rock down on it breaking it in two. The pulsing immediately stopped followed by a distressed scream from Yura; she was only a few feet away when she burst into dust, which would have been pleasing to watch had she not been intending to kill me a second ago.

With Yura dead all the hair that was lying about the shrine suddenly burst into a weird purple flame and burned away as if nothing was there in the first place… even all the skulls disappeared too which was the last straw for me.

"What the hell was all that about!?"

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