Ala Ignis

Prologue - So Two Depressed British Wizards Walk Into A Bar...

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"As I've said, Negi, you've been entirely too laid-back for your trip. Let me give you a dose of reality."

The words echoed in the child teacher's head even as the white-haired boy disappeared, and the enormous set of runes he was standing on began to glow with a pulsing light.

Dammit dammit DAMMIT, he activated the forced transportation spell! Makie and the others won't be able to survive in the magical world, he had to stabilize it somehow! Even as Negi drew deeper on the reservoirs of magic within him, deeper than he ever had before, his mind was already setting a plan into motion.

"Mea Virga!"

His staff, the only keepsake he had of his father, flew obediently through the air and into his outstretched hand, its point catching onto his pack and dragging it along for the ride. Almost immediately he began channeling magic into the runes, somehow trying to override the transportation spell by overcharging it with his own mana.

In retrospect, he probably should have realized something wasn't working when the pulsing glow tripled in intensity, and grew erratic like an arrythmatic heartbeat.

He didn't even have time to realize his colossal mistake before an explosion of magical energy shot him off from his students, each already travelling in different directions. Unconscious, he didn't notice a robotic hand clamp onto his ankle, nor the inarticulate screams of indignance from a bespectacled computer nerd left behind. All he felt was the slight sensation of falling, and after what seemed to be a while, the slight brush of a curtain.


It was official. Harry Potter was having the worst day of his life.

Not only had he been dealing with that toad-witch Umbridge for the year, been completely unable to get a decent sleep thanks to Voldemort's nighttime visits, and had his Occlumency shields pummeled weekly by Professor Greasy, but now, when he tried to save the only person in the world who he actually had a connection to, his last surviving family, he was tossed into the Veil like yesterday's trash.

Simply put, he'd had enough of this.

Damned if he was going to go down to Death Eaters that just killed Sirius. No, he wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Somewhere in his mind he realized going toe-to-toe with an insane Death Eater was probably a bad idea, but that lone voice of reason was easily drowned out by the rage he was channeling. He knew all eyes were on him now, and he would only have one chance to make this right.

Even as he jabbed his wand in the first motion for the spell he would fire, he was almost disgusted at the lack of spells he knew for these kinds of dangerous situations. What had he been doing all year? Even with the DA, the most advanced curse they had covered was Reducto, which he hadn't even seen once from his friends' wands. This would have to change.


The Banishing Charm hit square on, rocking Bellatrix back into the Veil, which had been fluttering in a light breeze ever since his godfather had fallen in it. No matter, it would do the trick just the same. For a moment, Harry felt a painful hilarity in the similarities Bellatrix's expression of surprise had with Sirius' as they both fell into nothingness.


Hmmm, maybe throwing Bella into the Veil wasn't such a good idea?

The hairline fracture which appeared on the stone archway surrounding the Veil was emitting some sort of pulsating light, beating to some unheard tempo that only increased as the ends of the Death Eater's cloak faded into its nothingness.

Still winded from his massive charm, Harry decided that raising a shield might be prudent in case of magical explosion, as did many of the Order members and Death Eaters in the room.

As the light's pulsing reached a crescendo, Harry's adrenaline-addled brain briefly wondered whether or not his rather flimsy Protego would hold up to the magical backlash he inadvertently caused, then cursed to shield his eyes as the death chamber suddenly went dark.

A final flash of blinding light tore through the chamber, and the Veil's curtain rose to reveal...

A green-haired girl holding a little kid in a bloodied robe. As light and dark wizards gaped at the pair of newcomers, he couldn't help but think this wasn't really the world-shaking catastrophe he was expecting.

"Um," he said aloud, "what?"

A/N: Well, here's the prologue for my first fic I've ever written! Sorry if the writing is sub-par, you can hopefully expect some improvements as the story goes on - but as I've said, not much writing experience here to speak of.

Basically, the concept is what if the Forced Transportation spell did more than send Negi to different parts of Mundus Magicus, but rather through full-blown journey to an alternate world. (The Veil being a dimensional portal inspired by Nonjon's A Black Comedy, which is a wonderful read)

Not much in-depth knowledge of Negima is required, as the fic is basically in the HP-verse. Negi and Chachamaru both ended up together like in canon, but with his staff and some supplies this time around.

No pairings as of yet, leaning towards eventual Negi/Chacha and H/Hr, for those interested.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! R/R, please? Criticism very much appreciated!