Arthur clung to Merlin's shirt with his fists, they were on the ground and Arthur was terrified of who had seen. Although, he knew who it was instinctively. Morgana had seen, probably when she was coming to apologize for their fight and Arthur had ruined it.

He'd been selfish.

But was the desire to feel the sun against his face really selfishness? Was it selfish to want somebody to love and to love him? He didn't know, but he didn't feel guilty about kissing Merlin, because out of everyone in the castle, everyone who'd seen, or found out, Merlin was the only one who didn't run. The only one who stayed, who cared. Who helped.

"Arthur, it'll be fine, your father will be glad that the curse was broken, won't he?' Merlin asked, trying to comfort him. He had his arms around Arthur, and his cheek on his soft, golden hair. Arthur looked at him, tears in his eyes, real tears, and a shaky breath came out before he pressed his lips to Merlin's for the second time.

"I don't care what my father has to say. I don't care if he disowns me as his son, or if I lose the right to the throne. None of that matters now," Arthur almost whispered to Merlin, "Because he'll never be able to find me, I'll be with you. We'll be together. Somewhere safe."

Merlin struggled with the concept of being with anyone, but his heart was beating so fast at what Arthur said that it didn't matter. He'd go with Arthur anywhere, because here was a person who he'd give everything for, at any cost or any consequence. He'd known him barely a week, but he knew that Arthur was perfect for him.

Besides, he had the logic of the fact that only true love could break the spell, and Merlin had broken the spell, right?

"We'll run away, Merlin, we'll go anywhere we want to go. We can start a farm in the country and we'll get a dog and raise it like a child and-"

"Arthur, we can't," Merlin said, quietly, although he was smiling and looking at Arthur as if he were the most interesting thing in the whole world.

"Well...why not?"

"Because I live with my uncle and he needs me. He's too old to live on his own anymore."

"Well...he can come with us."

"Arthur, do you really want an old man to be around all the time?" Arthur looked at the ground and then at Merlin and shrugged.

"He can't be that bad, can he?" Merlin just laughed at this and shook his head. Arthur wasn't think clearly, at all.

"There have to be some kind of rules against this or something, Arthur."

"Rules- Merlin, we've already broken all the rules! Damn the rules! I have enough money that rules don't apply to us! Merlin, come on, let's run away. We'll make a better life together!" For a moment, Merlin could see it, a life with Arthur on a farm, somewhere in the country, with a lake and a family, but then he thought of Gwen, of Lance, of all of his friends and how much they meant to him. He couldn't leave them behind, not like this.

"Arthur, we can't. I have a life here, I don't see why we can't have a life together here in Camelot, I have friends, family. You do, too, how can you just leave them behind?"

"Because my father said he'd kill me if my curse was broken."