ROB was then zapped by a powerful lightning bolt as he was shut off from the electrical surge. Toadette and Petey gasped in unison as the demented purple colored Shy Guy laughed, his rainbow cupcake hat slightly tilting back as he pointed his wooden staff at the two. "And now, you two meddling kids are next!"

Petey placed his leafy hands on his hips, getting rather annoyed. "Pardon me, sir, but I am far older than you can possibly imagine-"

ZAP! Petey was zapped by one stroke of the staff's whirl, with Toadette being zapped as well. Petey fell on his back, groaning in pain as he was paralyzed. Toadette stumbled out, seeing the Shy Guy laugh his head off. This obviously enraged Toadette.

"Okay… using cupcakes to rule the world is one thing," Toadette stated as she rolled up her sleeves, "But messing with my friends? You got another thing coming, you big meanie!"

The Shy Guy stopped laughing as he glanced at Toadette oddly. "What? Rule the world? No, I'm just hungry for sweets-"

BAM! Toadette punched the Shy Guy right in the face, causing his mask to fall off. Toadette gawked at the maskless face of the Shy Guy, but she kept punching the Shy Guy anyway, beating him to a senseless pulp. Petey and ROB recovered, to see that Toadette has conquered the Shy Guy.

"Wow, Toadette!" ROB exclaimed as Petey picked up Toadette and hugged her tightly, looking at the knocked out Shy Guy. "You really do have brawn, after all!" He looked up, to see the sun shining through the stormy clouds that now disappeared, the falling cupcakes ceasing. "And now, we got the normal weather back!"

Toadette giggled as she grabbed a strawberry cupcake and bit into it, winking. "Oh, I'm just doing my job! Teehee!"

And they all laughed heartily, with Toadette and Petey enjoying the sweet, plentiful cupcakes that surrounded them in Mushroom Gorge.