Surviving Changes

By: MyNameIsJag

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A freak accident leads certain members of the ARK feeling a little feminine. How will they survive the new changes and will they ever return to normal? How will they endure being the only femmes on a crew filled with lonely mechs?

Chapter 1: Lizards Are Freaky

Prime stared at the bots before him…he should consider early retirement really with all the things that happen on the ARK, any normal mech would have fled earlier and never looked back.

It had started with the Science Division and studying a certain type of…lizard…he couldn't remember exactly… Wheeljack was curious of how the species had managed to survive with only one gender and that had meant getting permission to conduct the study by dealing with Prowl and seeing if it was a health risk by taking it up with Ratchet…then that had turned into a security risk bringing in Red Alert…all meeting in the same room after Hound had brought the things in and Wheeljack had began his research.

And of course something exploded…which lead to this…

"Why were you studying the animals again?"

Helm fins lit up in joy, "Well you see, they're all one gender and I was curious on how they keep going, turns out that they 'stimulate' each other in times of heat, telling there bodies that they are conceiving resulting in a egg that only has one set of parent DNA. I wanted to study this up close," a quick look over to the green bot, "Without hurting them of course."

The tracker just smiled happily…the two were probably the only ones out of the group that were…the rest looking understandable upset.

The scientist glanced back up at the Leader, "Then one of my experiments went off, it was supposed to be able to transfer the energy fields of one thing to another, and since the subjects were all female and we were in the room…it transferred our genders…"

Yep, his office was now filled with Autobot femmes that were once mechs and he was feeling a tad bit uncomfortable being in an enclosed space with the group by himself, he shifted, "Alright, see if you can find those lizards and switch back."

Ratchet growled, her slender arms crossing over her large chassis…the only thing that seemed unchanged considering she had always been heavy topped, if she was human she would be crossing over the double D line, "Can't, they're gone," she gave a look to Hound, "I'm sorry but the blast…made them go boom."

"Oh, no! Poor Lily! She was my favorite!", Hound whimpered as Prowl reached over and patted her on the shoulder in comfort.

"As much as a great lose that is, can we focus more on how were supposed to get back to normal!," Red Alert puffed up, a little more then upset that she might have to miss her duties over this.

Prime lifted an optic ridge, strange…there wasn't any signs of glitching coming from the SD, he shoved the thought back, "Seeing as how all have you have came down with this…condition…perhaps we should set you with guards in case something may happen. You are not up to your usually physical strength and if you were attacked by anyone, you could not rely on what you once had."

"…Your giving us sitters…like sparklings," the SIC removed her servo from the green femmes shoulder to place both of them on her slim hips, "We are still soldiers, Prime, we are capable of taking care of ourselves."

The rest gave off their own protests as well, stopping when the truck raised his servo, "I am aware of that and have not forgotten it but it is just a cautious step in case something does go wrong, now I will have bots you are familiar with as your guards so you are comfortable with them."

"Comfortable how? We are now officially the only femmes on the ARK, a ship filled with mechs that haven't seen a female in ages!" There were the sparks of panic now lighting up against the SD's horns.

"You know she has a point, what are we going to do when we need protection against our protection?," the red chevron helm glanced at all of them…they were so much smaller now…so fragile looking…

"Shoot them in the face with acid bullets."

Prime stared blankly at the medic that just spoke, "That's a little extreme, Ratchet."

"Fine…shoot them in the face with normal bullets."

"No one will shoot anybody, we will have to make this known and prepare for any troubles that might result from this," Prime rubbed his chin, "We'll make the announcement first and let them adjust to the news before you all get back to your duties."

"Yeah, let them fantasize about us first then when we're not looking…they're going to grope us!", the small Lambo grabbed the femme beside her, which was Wheeljack, "I don't want to be groped, I'm sensitive!"

"Shoot them in the face!"

"Red Alert calm down, Ratchet stop telling them to shoot the others, it solves nothing," Prowl glanced over at Hound to see if the other femme was going to start any

problems…nope…just upset over Lily.

"Pfft, violence solves everything."

"You're a medic, you're not supposed to say things like that."

"If it makes you happy, Prowl, I will fix them afterwards."

The Prime sighed and pinched his nose bridge, "Just, stay here and I'll alert the others."

Primus help him.


"So let me get this straight…Prowl, Ratchet, Red Alert, Hound and Wheeljack are now femmes?"

Prime nodded his helm as he watched his TIC carefully, "It seems another one of Wheeljack's experiments went off with them being affected about it. How it happened and why lizards were involved still escapes me."

Jazz just grinned, "Right…so…" he gave the leader a leer, "were they hot?"




Hound stuck her helm out the door, she was on lookout duty while the others went through the remains of the lab searching for anything that could help them. She gave a glance over her shoulder at the group, "Is me doing this really necessary?"

"Yes," Prowl picked up what looked like…well…she wasn't sure what is looked like but it was twisted and melted, she threw it to the side, "I expect that the rest of the crew would be a little anxious to see us and I would like to get a helm start on the situation before we are running for our…"


"Thank you, Wheeljack, our virtue. No doubt they will be interested in our new frames more then we will be interested in them."

Ratchet scoffed and kicked at the mess, "They can't be that dense to hit on us, seriously, just because we look different doesn't change us."

"We're going to be groped…and seduced into one of their berths…then they'll want to bond and have sparklings with us…I'm too young for sparklings!"

The group watched the SD fling herself under a table, muttering how the crew was going to be after their afts, Prowl shook her helm as her delicate wings fluttered gently, "Elita-1 and her femmes have survived on Cybertron and here without any problems, so can we."A huff came from the medic as she placed cherry servos on her slim hips, "She's right, we're tougher then most of the bots here and we can take them on!"

The others nodded in agreement, while except for the Lambo who was now peeking out of her hiding place, "But Elita-1, Chromia and the rest of them are either bonded or have intendeds…they have backup when they need it."

A slight laugh came from the black and white officer, "Like they ever do, they're more battle ready then our own mechs!"


They all turned to watch the green femme run from her place at the door down the hall, screaming that one of the creatures ran past her!

"HOUND, GET BACK HERE!" Prowl rushed out the door followed by the others, "DON'T SEPARATE FROM THE GROUP!"



The whole lizard thing is actually real and this story is where I got the idea from. There are a type of lizards that consist only of females and they reproduce by stimulating each other into a belief they are pregnant. They do lay eggs, but it only contains the DNA of the mother resulting in a clone like structure. Scientist study them in hopes of being able to recreate this way of reproduction, they don't know what happened to the males or why it was just the males that went extinct. They also believe in a few thousand years, with the way human DNA is going where it's female DNA in dominance, that humans might be made up entirely of females.

I am dead serious, I watched it on Discover and it freaked me out…it also gave me this idea.

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