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I thought I was doing something good by bringing Sam back for Dean. I didn't know I'd left the most important part back in the pit. Didn't realize Sam was now soulless.

When I discovered my mistake, when the limits of my power became clear, instead of owning up to it, I lashed out. I blamed Dean for Sam's plight when it was really me.

It was a human response. Not what Dean would have done; what a child would do.

I was a child, learning how to act, hiding what I'd done, trying to protect myself…

I was wrong.


July 2011

All standard disclaimers apply.

I hope Cas can find himself. He's a good angel who lost his way when he came to the crossroad. He chose the wrong path. But there is always redemption, always a means to right that wrong. At least I'm hoping that's what Season Seven will give us…after much angst and trauma for all the boys. I'm not gonna give up on Cas.

Thanks for reading…comments? – B.J.