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Chapter 2:

At the hospital the Host club waited anxiously in the waiting room. Mori and Kyōya stood off to the side in silence while Honey and Haruhi sat in chairs and watched the twins pace.

The sounds of the sick and injured took a toll on their nerves, not to mention the smell of death and sanitization that could only be associated with a hospital. After a small eternity of putting up with this, the doctor finally emerged.

Dressed in a pair of red scrubs and a white lab coat, the female doctor walked over to the hosts with her blond hair in a bun and a clipboard in her hand.

"Did you come in with Mister Suou?" she asked, causing the twins to stop in their pacing and, like the others, look to her.

"We did." Kyōya replied for them.

"I'm doctor Fujikara. Can you tell me what happened? What caused all this?"

The hosts' expressions fell and Kyōya responded, "His mother died three months ago… and he was unaware of it until today."

The doctor's expression became slightly confused, "Something doesn't seem right. I feel like there's information missing."

"There is, ma'am." Kyōya said, "He and his mother were forcibly separated when he was 14 and all communications between them were severed by his father's mother who kept the information of her passing from him for this long."

Fujikara scribbled on her clipboard and nodded, "I understand now. His condition is rarely this severe but not unheard of. Emotional trauma affects people in different ways."

"Emotional trauma?" Hikaru repeated, confused.

"What's wrong with him exactly?" Kaoru continued for his brother.

She lowered her clipboard and looked up at them seriously, "Mister Suou has suffered from a heart attack caused by emotional stress. Normally such stress as this doesn't cause such a violent physical reaction, but, as I said, it isn't unheard of. Especially with someone who has a heart as weak as his. In a sense, he went into shock and it escalated from there. His heart couldn't handle the stress and underwent severe fibrillation which causes the heart to beat so fast that it essentially stops pumping blood to the rest of the body." She bowed her head, "It's a good thing you acted when you did. Even a second later and his chances of survival would have been less than one percent."

The hosts froze in shock at the news.

"You said something about a weak heart, doctor?" Kyōya prompted.

"Yes. It appears he has dilated cardiomyopathy which is a condition that can appear at any age. Basically, the heart's ability to pump blood is decreased because the main pumping chamber is enlarged and weakened which causes a decrease in the amount of blood being pumped out with each heart beat."

"That sounds serious. Shouldn't there have been signs of some sort?"

She shook her head, "Commonly, patients have no symptoms whatsoever. They only find out that they have it when something severe like this happens and they are rushed to the hospital. A brief medical exam and a check of family disorders will confirm a diagnosis. More often than not, the condition is genetic. It is serious, but treatable. If we can get him out of the state he's in, he'll be able to go home."

"How is he now, doctor?" Hikaru asked, anxiously, "What kind of 'state' is he in?"

Fujikara sighed, "Physically, he is stable, but fragile. Emotionally… well either he refuses to speak or acknowledge the presence or words of anyone or, more likely, he's fallen into a catatonic schizophrenia."

"What does that mean?" Haruhi asked, horrified by the severe sounding words.

"It means that, until further notice, he needs to be watched. He's not eating or moving; we've had to feed him intravenously and move him on our own to prevent sores, and he refuses to speak. Until he snaps out of this… he's stuck here."

A hush seemed to fall over the whole waiting room but the hosts knew it was only to them that things seemed so deathly quiet.

"Can we see him?" Honey asked, fearful of the answer.

Fujikara smiled sadly, "You can, but only for a short while today. He's asleep right now and until we feel certain that he is going to remain stable, we need to keep visitation at a minimum." She turned and crooked her finger for them to follow, "Come with me please."

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