Friends: Gives you their umbrella in the rain

Best Friends: Takes yours and says, "RUN BITCH RUN!"

Artemis yawned loudly, stretching out her arms, and sat from her bed. She squinted her eyes a bit as warm rays of sunshine wedged through the blind. She smiled softly and got out of bed, shivering slightly as the warmth of her sheet of blanket left her, she quickly made her way for her drawer and she put on her Gotham High School uniform, that thing look hideous! Taking off her slippers and putting on her shoes, Artemis made her way for the kitchen.

"Morning mom." Artemis greeted her mother.

"Morning Artemis." Ms. Crock smiled at her daughter.

She placed the bread into the toaster and got out the milk carton. Today is such a peaceful morning, it was nice for both Artemis and her mom.


Scratched that, it was a peaceful morning. Ms. Crock chuckled while Artemis rolled her eyes, shaking her head with a smile on her face. Her next door neighbor was loud as usual.


Did she also mentioned that she was her best friend?

"I DIDN'T DO IT!" Said boy shrieked.

"They're lively as usual." Artemis' mom commented.

"Yup, that's our neighbor." Artemis smirked.

"Oh, Artemis, before you leave, take an umbrella with you."


"It's going to rain." Her mother answered matter-of-fact voice.

"But it's sunny." She stated, a bit confused.

"It's called a mother's intuition, just take the umbrella." Ms. Crock smirked.


Putting butter on her toast and biting into it she chug down the milk, grabbed her bag with the umbrella inside, she headed for the door. Saying her goodbye, Artemis walked out, at the same time the door next to her's opened as well, revealing another blond, but her hair was much shorter. It came down to her chin with a curve, dark green forest like eyes that sparkled. She had on a wide grin.

"Hey Arty." The other blond greeted.

"Hey Jamie." Artemis greeted back. "Hot pocket?"

"I was in rush...buttered toast?" Jamie eyed the piece of bitten bread.



"Switch." They both said at the same time. Jamie handed her the warm hot pocket and Artemis gave her the bitten off toast bread.

"Why do you always like to eat light again?" Artemis asked as they walked down the stairs.

"Because I'm never that hungry during morning." Jamie shrugged. "I still can't believe you're going to that snobby rich school." She said this with a scowl.

"I miss not wearing this stupid uniform." Artemis sighed.

Jamie was going to Artemis' old school, so no uniform, lucky her. She was wearing white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. A gray teared up jean that snuggled her perfectly, showing her long thin legs with combat boots, and a chain that was on her belt loop and held her wallet. Her back pack was slung over her shoulder.

"So, how is Gotham Academy anyway?" Jamie asked, taking a bite of the toast.

"It's okay, kids are snobby."

Jamie snorted. "No surprise there."

"Yeah, but not all of them are bad, like Richard Grayson."

"You mean the son of Bruce Wayne?"

"That's the one."

"...Is he cute in person?" Jamie grinned.

"Dude! He's 13!" Artemis laughed taking a bite out the now cooled down hot pocket. She winced a bit. "I forgot that you were a vegetarian." The hot pocket was spinach flavor.

"Not my problem if I'm an animal lover." She stuck her tongue out. "And besides, who cares if he's thirteen? He's cute, charming, and have nice features for a 13 year old kid." Jamie smirked.

"Ew, I didn't need to know that." Artemis shivered.

Jamie rolled her eyes. "See you later, Arty."

The two best friends went their separate ways.

It was any normal day for Artemis in Gotham Academy. Avoiding the local school bully, studying and taking notes in her class, chat a few friends that she did make, but they get annoying some time to time. The only person that she isn't annoyed with is Richard Grayson, or also known as Dick. The two were good friends, it's as if they already knew each other (Oh Artemis, if you only knew). The two were walking down the halls, having a nice chat.

"I can't believe he gave us homework for the break." Artemis scowled.

As nice as it get's.

"Yeah, he does that sometimes." Dick sighed. "Mr. Henry is strict like that, nobody really likes him."

"I know how that feels." Jamie said.

"Yeah." Artemis agreed.


"...?" Dick blinked.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Artemis shrieked, noticing her BF just popping out of nowhere, Jamie snickered.

"Yo! The amazing Jamie has arrived! Bask in her glory!" Said girl grinned.

" don't go to this school." Dick stated.

"Nope." Jamie shook her head.

"...H-how did you get the uniform?" Artemis asked.

"I snagged it." Jamie answered proudly.

"You know this is trespassing." Artemis frowned.

"Pft!" Jamie rolled her eyes. "The guard wasn't even doing his job, he was on his phone. Worst guard ever."

"...Don't you have school?" Artemis scowled.

"Don't worry, I'm only missing P.E.! And math." Jamie muttered the last part under her breath. "Besides, by the way I observed the teachers here, they don't give a rats ass on whose in their class, as long as they get their salary."

"Yeah, that's pretty much it." Dick grinned. "By the way, who are you?"

"Oh! I'm Jamie Whites, Artemis' neighbor and best friend." She answered.

"Unfortunately." Artemis grumbled.

"Don't be like that, so do you think the teachers will notice me if go to their classroom?"

" not really." Dick answered. "Wait, you're going to stay here?"

"Hey, I need my education." Jamie winked. "...You really are cute in person."

Dick blinked a few times before blushing. Nobody actually said that in such a blunt manner, it caught him off guard.

"Jamie!" Artemis lightly smacked her BF's shoulder.

"What? It's the total and honest truth." Jamie winked again. "So, onward to class!"

Surprisingly and true to Dick's words, nobody noticed Jamie, she blended right in. It amazes Artemis to no end on how her best friend can get away with this, but one day or another, she's going to get caught. School went on without a bump in the road, and soon the last bell rang and all the kids file out.

"Oh~! School's over!" Jamie cheered.

"You know you're going to have to return that uniform." Said Artemis.

The girl just rolled her eyes. "Oh please, these kids are wealthy, it's not going to dent their account for a new uniform."

"She has a point." Dick chimed in. He was actually having a great time with Artemis' friend. Though the girl is crazy, but fun to be around with.

"Oh..." Jamie stopped in her walk.

The two were right behind her. "Why did you stop?" Artemis looked over Jamie's shoulder.

"It's raining." The other blond answered.

" mom was right, it is raining." Note to self, never doubt her mom again. "Thank god I have an umbrella." She pulled her's out of the bag. "You okay Dick?"

"Yeah, I have ride home." Dick smiled. "What about you Jamie?"


"Jamie?" Dick frowned.


"This is the longest time she's ever been's creeping me out." Artemis narrowed her eyes and scooted a bit closer to Dick.

The two jumped a bit when Jamie swiftly turns around and stares blankly at them, than stares blankly at Artemis. The two blinked at the unmoving girl, when suddenly Jamie moved forward with lightening speed (to the point where it could have been Flash himself) and snatched the umbrella out of Artemis' hand and ran out into the rain while cackling like a crazy witch. It took the blond archer for a few seconds to comprehend on what the hell just happened before her brow twitched.

"Why the HELL did she do that?" Artemis ran after her.

"RUN BITCH RUN!" Jamie kept on cackling.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Was all she said.

The Boy Wonder couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

"...That's what best friends are for." He snickered.