Friends: Will comfort you when he rejects you

Best Friends: Will go up and ask him, "It's because your gay, isn't it?"

"...You like someone." Jamie said with a look. A look where she squints her eyes and her lips is scrunched together.

"Huh?" Was all Artemis could reply at the sudden random object.

"You like someone," She repeated. "Is it that Wally guy?" Jamie asked with a grin.

Artemis' face scrunched up. She was horrified, no, appalled for her best friend to even think like that! Making a disgusted noise, Artemis shivered and shook her head.

"Are you crazy? I would rather gouge my own eyes out then fall for that idiot."

Jamie rolled her eyes. "Don't be such an over dramatic you big baby."

The two girls were in Jamie's apartment and in Jamie's room, just hanging out while her 7 year old brother was playing his video games. The two have barely seen each other thanks to Artemis' 'side job'. This was a rare chance for Artemis. There was nothing going on for Artemis and the team to work on and since they weren't doing anything, she decided to go visit Jamie and hang out just like they used to.

The short blond haired girl was lying on her back side, looking at her best friend upside down. Artemis was sitting down and leaning against the bed. They were just talking, what they were doing when they didn't see each other. Of course Artemis had to leave out a few things.

"I don't like anyone, Jamie." Artemis crossed her arms.

Jamie just snorted. "Arty, I've known you for a long time, don't bother trying to lie to me, I know when you lie." She poked the side of her neck.

Artemis flinched away, her whole body stiff. Jamie started to grin.

"And I know your main weakness..."

"...You wouldn't." Artemis glared.

Jamie continued to grin and with a battle cry she pinned her down and started to tickle her. Artemis, laughing, struggled to get her off of her, but to no avail. The laughing was too distracting for her to move the other blond, so she just ended up laughing some more before giving in.

"O-okay! I-I give! J-j-just stop with th-HA the tickling!"

"SUCCESS!" Jamie pumped her fists up.

Artemis panted hard, trying to catch her breath. "Now get off of me."


Jamie rolled off of Artemis and helped her up, still grinning. "Now, tell me who it is!"

"Demanding much?" Artemis rolled her eyes.

"Ticklish much?" Jamie countered back, her body lurching forward a bit, like a preditor ready to pounce again.

Artemis stiffened a bit. "Okay fine," She sighs. "You know how you would always go to my school and would rank the boys by their hottness?"


"...I...might have a crush on Brandon Louge." Artemis stated.

Jamie gave a dramatic gasp. "Hit me with a raccoon!" Artemis stared at her strangerly. "He's like the second hottest guy!" She squealed.

Artemis frowned. "I thought Jake Anderson was the second you."

"Yeah, but he's been growing hair on his legs and face...he looks like a monkey now." Jamie shuddered in disgust.

"...I'm surprised nobody tried to even stop you from trespassing the school or at least get caught by one of the guards." Artemis snorted.

Jamie gave the blond archer a smug grin. "That's because I'm a skilled ninja~!"

"YAY!" Brian screamed as he successfully made his goal in his game.

"BRIAN DO YOUR HOMEWORK!" Jamie snapped.

"NO!" He snapped back.

"I'll buy you ice cream."

"I'm off!" Brian's voice replied cheefully.

"...You guys are so weird." Artemis shook her head, but a smile graced her lips.

"So Arty, are you going to ask him out?" Jamie dragged out the last word with a grin spreading her face.

"What?" Artemis looked at her in surprise. "Are you crazy?"

Jamie frowned, looking confused. "Why what's wrong? You like him don't you? I mean what's the worst thing that could happen?"

"He would laugh and other people would laugh and then the world is going to explode." Artemis said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Her best friend rolled her eyes. "Your being overdramatic, Artemis. You can do this."

Artemis sighed. "And how do you know that?" She grumbled.

"...Because your Artemis. You're unique, tough, and don't take shit from no one. You are your own person and your're not afraid of that Arty, you can do this." Jamie grinned.

A soft smile touched her lips and hugged her friend. In front of her team, she's the confident and cocky type and really doesn't take any shit from anyone, but Jamie...Jamie was different. She could feel her best friend returning the hug.

"Thanks Jamie."

"You're welcome."

Jamie was waiting in front of Gotham Acedemy's school gate. She didn't went inside the school but waited nervously for her best friend to come out. She stared at her half eaten ice cream (she eats when she's nervous). The bell has rung and the students were filing out of the school, chatting away what they were going to do, where they were going to visit all that jazz for rich kids. But she paid them no mind as she searched for her blond friend, and she found her. Jamie immdediatly perked up and was about to shout her name, but her heart quickly dropped to where her stomach was.

Artemis' confident smirk wasn't there. No real emotion was shown in her face, just a blank look that nobody could read. She was trying her best to look normal, like nothing was wrong, but Jamie knew better and the boy walking next to her knew better too. Richard Grayson was walking next to her, looking concerned at his friend noticing that she was acting different.

Jamie's lips formed into a thin line and made her way toward them. Dick, noticed her approach and gently touched Artems' arm, snapping her out of whatever thought she had. She noticed Jamie walking toward them and slapped on a smile, but she knew she couldn't fool her.

"..." Jamie stopped in front of them and they stopped in front of her.

"He rejected me...and laughed." Artemis' voice cracked. God, she hates herself right now, she's being weak, Artemis doesn't do weak. She cleared her throat. "Well, I'm glad that's done."

Jamie frowned, no, she wasn't frowning anymore. Anger slowly took over her, lord and behold! Brandon and his group of friends just excited the school and her anger just flared at the boy's laughing face. She was livid. Jamie quickly push passed Dick and Artemis. They both frowned at her sudden action until they realized where she was going.

"Shit!" Artemis swore under her breath and ran after her friend, Dick right behind her. "Jamie!"

Her voice didn't go through Jamie's wrath, but it did catch Brandon's attention, and he smirked at her. Artemis' thought she was going to puke. Maybe she should let Jamie do whatever to Brandon.

"Oh, Artemis, so nice to see you after our last meeting, what? Couldn't get enough of me?" His possys snickered. "And whose your friend?"

Jamie was now in front of him, her glare disappeared as she was up close to him and smiled sweetly at him.

"Hi, I'm Jamie, and I just heard you rejected my best friend." Her words were coated with sweet venom, but Brandon didn't notice it.

"Yeah, I did, definietlly not my type, but..." He slung an arm over Jamie and grinned. "I wouldn't mind you."

Jamie's smile brightens.

"It's because your gay, isn't it?"

Her voice was loud and clear, those who were in ear shot turned around to stare at them. Artemis' and Dick's eyes widen at her sudden question, but not shocked. The one who was shocked was Brandon. He blinked several times for the question to settle in on him.


"It's because your gay, isn't it?" Jamie repeated, grinning. "I mean," She pulled out of his arm and walked over to Artemis. "My best friend here is the most unique, talented, and beautiful girl you will ever meet, and if you can't see that then it's because one, you're stupid, or two, your gay. I'm gonna go with the latter." Jamie winked at him.

Brandon was shocked, he was shocked beyond belief. No girl ever talked to him like that, he was Brandon Louge for crying out loud. He was lost for words. The students started to whisper around. Artemis and Dick had to cover their mouth to stop their laughter to come out.

"C'mon Artemis, let's go." Jamie grabbed her best friend's wrist and was about to drag her away when she remembered something. "Oh, I almost forgot." She turned back to him and smashed her melting ice cream onto his head, the waffle cone breaking. "Throw that away from will you dear?" And with that, she dragged Artemis off, a triumph smirk on her face while Artemis was laughing her head off. Dick was having the same effect and walking to an amused looking Bruce Wayne.

The two blonds were walking down the street to their home, closely, side by side. No words were spoken, there was no needed for words; it was a comfortable silence. It was after a few minutes until Artemis nudged her with her shoulder, her smile never leaving her.


That was the only word they needed. No elobration of what they were feeling or how they were feeling, just one word.

Jamie shrugged, also smiling.

"Hey, that's what best friends are for."

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