Lighting Taranee's Fire

Will x Naruto x Taranee
Hay Lin x Irma
Cornelia x Peter
Author's Note
Offshot of The Guardian's Kitsune
Story Start

Taranee Cook, teenage Guardian of Fire was on her way to Heatherfield mall. She was a young woman with moccha skin. spider-like braided hair and small circular frame glasses. She was also wearing a red tank top style shirt that showed off her mid-riff and jeans that fit her quite snuggly. Taranee Cook, the shy and soft-spoken young girl had grown up quite nicely over the years. While she still had a chest that could be considered average, especially comparing her to Cornelia and Irma she had nice wide hips and a round apple bottom, much to her embarrassment. Her ass was a magnet for many gropes, leers, and inappropriate comments. It took a lot of time and convincing from her friends not to dress down and be ashamed of her looks.

As such the girl who blended into the crowds now attracted boys by the troves who practically made fools of themselves to get her number. Suffice to say Taranee was not comfortable around these strangers, especially with the prospect of having to lie to them. ''Tara...'' a familiar shout brought out of her thoughts. On the other side of a crowd of people were none other then Will Vandom and Naruto Uzumaki. Will was dressed in a black T-shirt with a grey jacket tied around her waist and jeans. Will had definitely filled out, the skinny young girl had grown to be about 5'8 in height and had some curves college students would kill for. Something they all theorized had something to do with their Guardian Powers as the growing older part of their transformation did come with a DD package with backside to match.

Naruto seemed to be going with a much older look than usual, about 5'11 in height with his arms on her shoulders and hanging down as he rested his chin on her forehead. He was wearing a white wife-beater and black jean pants with black nike shoes with a white check, the opposite of Will's white Nike shoes with a black check. ''Hey so what are you doing here Moccha?'' he asked as Taranee made her way over.

''Nothing really...just bored because things have been quiet. What are you two doing here?''

''Picking up cond...'' Naruto let out an off as a result of Will jabbing him in the stomach with her elbow to keep him from finishing his little joke.

''Ignore him...'' the fiery haired girl stated as she spun in the blond's arms and pushed him back causing him to stumble a few feet. ''He's been a pain in the ass all day Tara...'' Will whined as she put on the most sympathetic face that she could. Will had really grown and change over the years and had practically transformed into the most out going of the girls; with the exception of Hay Lin as no one was as free spirited as her. ''...let's ditch him and go find something else to do? Just you and me.'' she said as she sent Naruto a mock glare.

Taranee couldn't help but heat up at this. For years Taranee had been nursing a small crush on Will, but since she identified herself as heterosexual she never acted on those feelings. After falling out of love with Nigel, and things not working out with Luke or Hamza, the Fire Guardian decided to put her love life on hold and focus on other things. ''Tara...don't take Will away from me.'' Naruto whimpered as Will stuck her tongue out at him.

''Go away...I have Tara now and that's all I need.'' she playfully said and nearly fell over as Tara was yanked from her grasp and whom Naruto was glomping.

''No about you and me Tara? Since Will is just using us so let's go off on our own just you and me. I think we would make a pretty good duo.'' he suggested and pecked her cheek causing Taranee to become even more flushed. She couldn't say that she didn't find Naruto attractive, but he had always been just a good friend. Though right now he was bringing about certain feelings and sensations which made it hard to concentrate.

''Naruto! Stop that!'' Will demanded as she stomped her foot and her breasts jiggled a bit. ''You're cheating! And Tara how could you? Are you purposely trying to seduce Naruto or something?''

'Help?' Taranee whimpered in her mind as she knew whatever perverted scenario the two have in mind she knew they were going to try and get her involved. Though thankfully she was able to slip away with the promise of girl on girl action when Irma and Hay Lin coincidentally happened upon them. All Taranee knew was that Naruto and Will seemed a bit more...flirtatious and touchy feeling then usual. Taranee then pondered if she was going to have the courage to go through her request. Better to be willing then to have Naruto and Will attempt to jump and ravage her.