Lighting Taranee's Fire
Will x Naruto x Taranee
Hay Lin x Irma
Cornelia x Peter
Author's Note
Offshot of The Guardian's Kitsune. As far as I know no one will ever do a Naruto x Taranee or Naruto x Cornelia story or the likes. This is why Kyuubi16 is here. He has over 300 original stories or requests lined up in various documents but it will take forever to get to them all. So just review my stories. Somehow reviews translate into new stories.
Story Start
Taranee wasn't sure how she let Naruto and Will convince her to come over to his apartment. All she knew that during the movie that Naruto rented she had fallen asleep. She slowly began to stir when she heard a moan. Her body went rigid as she could pick up on the thoughts of her friends, resulting in her forming an image of what they were doing. Every moment, every touch, and sensation filled her mind leaving her face flushed and her heart pounding. Everything playing through her mind like a movie. While they had left her in his room they were making good use of the blond's comfortable couch.

Naruto softly rubbed his fingers across Will's sex. She whimpered as his other hand cupped her breast and he took her nipple into his mouth. Her inner walls tightened around his finger as she bucked against it. Naruto moved to the other breast, this time taking it in his teeth and pulling back slightly before letting it go and flicking his tongue around the nipple.

Trailing kisses along her neck, he moaned, "God I need you Will.'' he groaned in a throaty growl.

Will wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him down for a sweet kiss. Their bodies ground against each other, Will's legs hanging off the edge of the arm as her other hand trailed through his hair. ''I want you to pound my pussy babe.'' Will whispered into his ear in a sensuous tone as her finger lightly rubbed along the shaft.

''As my lady wishes,'' he said as he pulled her off and spun her around, raising his hands under her skirt, pulling it up to her waist. With a tug Will's panties dropped to the floor as Naruto used his feet to spread her legs. Taking a hold of his dick with his right hand Naruto used his left hand to pick up a condom that he left on the table. Once he got it on he lubed it up using Glycerine. Contrary to many stories or films saliva was not one of the best things to use for lubrication. Water-based lubricants such as Glycerine were perferable.

''Come on...'' Will impatiently whined as she wiggled her ass.

With that, Naruto slowly pushed inside of her. His cockhead parting her folds as he slowly teased her, shuttering at her sensation and biting the left part of his inner cheek to keep in control. ''You're so going to pay later.'' Will whimpered as she attempted to push back to get all of him inside only for the Blond's hands to shoot out and grip her hips stopping her in place.

Naruto didn't say anything, pushing in by an inch only to pull out each time and go back in by an additional inch. A string of curses and whimpers escaped Will's lips. After five minutes he finally sunk his entire penis into her. Naruto let out a growl as he slowly pumped in and out of her, his hips smacking into her bottom as the left side of Will's face was pushed into the pillow. Naruto's hand wrapped around her stomach as he started going faster.

"Just keep going...I'm almost there! Oh God, I'm almost there!"she wailed euphorically. She then let out a gasp when Naruto pulled out and spun her around. He captured her in a kiss, thrusting into her with reckless abandon with faster than human motions causing her breasts to flop up and down slightly. Will pressed her face into Naruto's neck as her legs hooked around his waist. Will cried out with no restraint whatsoever. Naruto soldiered on, just barely able to keep himself from exploding, until suddenly it happened. One moment he slamming his cock into her silky folds, the next he felt her pussy clamp down on him and milking him for everything he had.

Taranee wanted to block out the images, but her curiosity overrode her rather docile and bashful nature. The more images of her friend's love making came to mind the stronger the feelings between her legs become. Why did her power have to advance so much in the past few weeks? Twenty minutes had passed when they were finally done and that's when she felt the afterglow. Their love for each other was a warm glow that was quite relaxing. Taranee decided it was time to make her presence known and entered the room. Seeing her friends together in a lover's embrace on the couch made her wonder if she could in fact go through with her plan.

''I love you...'' Will whispered as she nuzzled her head against Naruto's chin.

''I love you too,'' he replied as he kissed her forehead.