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This story is written as if sasuke never left, no clan massacre etc.

' These are thoughts'


Part 1

Boundaries Are Meant To Be Broken

Physical Contact

This was one area in life that Sasuke Uchiha made effort to successfully avoid. He was always determined to keep distance between himself and any other human being. Well then again, it wasn't like there was anyone in their right mind who would even try to approach the dark, brooding ninja.

The only people he was comfortable enough with were his teammates of Team 7. Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake.

And even then he made it a point to have his personal space untouched. Naruto, on the other hand, with his friendly personality didn't care about his obvious distaste for physical contact and would throw his arm around the Uchiha's shoulder whenever they would go out to eat ramen at Ichiraku. Ofcourse Naruto's arm would immediately be swapped away.

Now as for the female counterpart of team 7, Sakura Haruno was smarter than to try being touchy feely with the stoic Uchiha, but that didn't mean she wouldn't love to see Sasuke uncomfortable and out of his element.

She thought it very amusing how he would avoid intimacy like the plague. Though the reason for his dilsike would most likely be due to the continuous sexual harassment he received from the female population. There wasn't any place in Konoha where women's eyes weren't fixated on him.

It was late evening and Sasuke was relaxing on his couch reading jutsu scrolls when he was interrupted by multiple knocks on his door.

"Sasuke-teme!" Sasuke let out a sigh and tiredly rubbed a hand on his face upon realizing it was the hyperactive blonde knocking on his door. He was hoping to finish reading his scrolls and get some sleep but that plan seemed really unlikely now. Plans of a nice quiet evening were now ruined.

"Hey! It's Naruto, open the door bastard!"

Sasuke let out a snort, as if he couldn't tell it was Naruto. He had to be the loudest and most obnoxious person he'd ever met.

'Maybe if I ignore him he'll leave'

"Teme! Open up! I know you're home so don't even try to ignore me!"

"Idiot. " Grumbling, the raven haired man slowly stood up from his couch to go open his front door. He knew trying to ignore Naruto would be futile so instead his feet padded on his wooden floors as he made his way over to the door. Knowing Naruto, he'd probably end up breaking down his door if he didn't open it for him.

"What do you want dobe?" he asked as he opened the door, leaning against the frame.

He was met by an orange jumpsuit and the wide grin and excited blue eyes of Naruto.

"Geez Teme, it took you long enough to open your door. We've been waiting out here forever!"

Sasuke noticed that blonde wasn't alone as his onyx eyes shifted to behind Naruto where his pink haired teammate was standing with a smile and holding a brown bag that looked to be full with unknown objects.

"Hey Sasuke-kun, mind if we come in? Kakashi-sensei is away on a mission, but we brought some drinks and Naruto wanted to hang out. " She said smiling, looking up at him with green eyes as she shifted her position to readjust the bag she was holding, which he now knew were filled with alcohol.

"Hn."He stepped back into his apartment and opened the door for his two teammates to walk in. He'd gotten used to their habits of barging in whenever they were bored and wanted to do something. Whenever they would show up at his door he'd grunt and silently let them in as their chatter filled the usual silence of his apartment.

"Thanks teme!" Naruto and Sakura both smiling, taking their shoes off and walking into the apartment. Naruto and Sakura were a few of the only people he would spend time with, even if they would invite themselves over and Naruto would usually make a mess of his kitchen.

It was this night where Team 7 found themselves settled in Sasuke's apartment drinking sake and Naruto excitedly telling stories of his last mission he'd been sent on to the Land of Earth. Sasuke and Sakura were settled on the couch with their cups, listening while Naruto animatedly explained his mission from his spot on the floor with a small table in front of him.

"Sakura-chan you wouldn't believe how close the kunai was to hitting my ass! I had dive into the river that was beside me and it just barely missed me. It ripped this huge hole through my pants!"

Taking a sip of his drink Sasuke smirked as he imagined Naruto getting stabbed by the kunai.

"I wouldn't have healed you if you actually had gotten that injury" Sakura laughed at the blonde's disappointed expression.

"Ne, ne, Saaaaaakura-chan it could've been serious" Naruto said while pouting.

"Che. Idiot" Sasuke scoffed at his best friend who whipped his head to scowl at him.

"Bastard take that back!" Sakura let out a laugh while Sasuke's smirk grew wider.

By now they'd gotten through quite a few bottles of sake and they were progressively getting more and more intoxicated. Naruto's face was flushed and his words were starting to slur while a blush had made its way across Sakura's cheeks. Even Sasuke was starting to feel a little bit of a buzz. Out of the three of them Naruto had the worst tolerance for alcohol but Sasuke and Sakura held theirs quite well.

Sasuke being 6 foot 3 male had an advantage over Sakura who was only 5' 4 and very petit, but she has Tsunade as a mentor and she had taught her how to hold her alcohol. Sakura always was a little more outgoing when she was under the influence. Naruto who was completely drunk at this point had taken residence in Sasuke's spare bedroom, his snoring could be heard behind the door. They usually just crashed at Sasuke's when they were too drunk or too tired to make it back to their own houses.

Sasuke and Sakura were left on the couch, both still drinking. Sasuke was tipsy, leaning back comfortably against the couch while Sakura was drunk and now had turned her body to fully face him. She sipped her sake as she took in his aristocratic features and dark unruly hair. Her eyes trailed down from his unblemished pale skin, onyx eyes with long thick eye lashes that brushed his cheeks when he blinked, his long straight nose, smooth and full lips that looked so soft, and to the hard and strong line of his jaw. He truly was flawless. It upset her that he was a guy yet he was still prettier than her.

'Why does he have to be so pretty' She frowned at the thought

He had feminine features but at the same time he was filled out and had such an overwhelmingly masculine appearance. Sakura's crush on him from when they were in the academy had long since died down and they were now close friends.


She wasn't going to lie here, she was still attracted to him in every sense of the word. How could she not be? His dark, brooding aura and sinful looks constantly drew her in. He was such a distraction for her sometimes she just wanted to scream. No one should be able to be that attractive.

'Times where he takes off his shirt with no consideration for the fact that I can't focus for shit when his eight pack is on display...'

She bit her bottom lip as she remembered their training session the day before, where she'd been taking a drink of water and then proceeded to choke on it when Sasuke had grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it over his head. She stared with wide eyes while he shook his head as his slightly damp locks of hair lightly stuck to his forehead and face. His muscles rippling with every movement and his sweat dripping down his neck to a sculpted chest, down his long muscled torso covered in battle scars and to the v shape of his hips. His lips parted while he tried to catch his breath and his chest moving up and down as he took in deep breaths, tired and hot from the difficult training. Her eyes following the path of the drops of sweat as they stopped their journey once reaching the waistband of his black pants that hung low on his hips.

Kami, it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen. The way the muscles in his shoulders and back bunched up whenever he'd swing his katana and how his body elegantly twisted to evade Naruto's attacks. He didn't even try and he was sexy. She had to physically stop herself from walking right up to him and licking the sweat off of his body. Her whole body had instantly heated up, he might as well have just set her body on fire from his unintentional strip tease and never had she had such a hard time looking away.

'I hate him. Fuck, does he even have hormones?'

Now that she thought about it, she hadn't seen him even so much as glance at a girl. Regardless of how pretty they might be and even the women who throw themselves at him, he just seems to ignore them. He also doesn't like touching anyone, he didn't like anyone getting too close to him.

'I wonder if he even thinks about girls...or if he's just asexual. That can't be right, there's no way he doesn't like sex. He's a guy.'

She thought it was funny how he needed to have a couple feet of distance between himself and others. She secretly wondered why he had a problem with it. She would love to see his feathers get ruffled. To see The Uchiha Sasuke put in a position where he was caught off guard, where he didn't know what to do. She would bet that the satisfaction of getting under his skin would be unbelievably satisfying.

To have him lose his composure, to see him let go of his restraints.

And she wanted to be the one to make him


Sasuke, by now had sensed her staring and finally turned his head towards her and caught her emerald eyes with his. He noticed that her usually bright eyes were now a little hazy, darkened with some kind of emotion he didn't know how to decipher.

It was determination and something else... something a bit more darker. She broke eye contact with him and closed her eyes, her thick lashes brushing against her rosy cheeks.

"Hn. What Sakura?"

She opened her eyes to look at him, pausing before opening her mouth, "Sasuke-kun why do you hate it whenever people touch you? You get so uncomfortable..." She leaned in a little closer curious to see how he would answer.

Obsidian eyes regarded her to see the curiosity in her eyes which were now fixated on him. He sighed, closing his eyes, debating wether he should answer her or not but the alcohol in his system made him more open to conversation. 'Why not' He decided to humour her " Hn. I don't see the need to have others in my personal space." His deep voice sounding like velvet as he answered her question.

He opened his eyes to see her nodding to herself as she thought about his answer. She pursed her lips as a a a crease formed between her eyebrows, she looked as if she were contemplating how to ask her next question. Sakura was curious by nature and he seemed to be her favourite object of analyzation so he was used to her many questions. Even though it didn't look like it, he always listened to her when she spoke and would reply every now and then with a 'Hn' or 'Ah'.

"Do you hate all physical contact? " He noticed that she had shifted closer to him and he could tell by the blush across her cheeks that she had reached her limit in consuming alcohol. She always asked him the weirdest questions.

Although he was a little taken back when she lifted her head, moving her eyes back to him, but her gaze was intent, slow, travelling up from his jaw, lingering on his lips and finally to his dark eyes. Their eyes were locked on each other and unmoving. He swore he could see mischief twinkling in her captivating green eyes.

"I don't hate it but it's pointless, there's no need for it. " She looked ready to argue against his response, probably to try and lecture him to leave his life of antisocial behavior.

"Everyone likes touching, it's natural."

She nodded to herself, in her drunken state, convincing herself of the fact that since he was a healthy male he was not immune to... persuasion.

She was going to see just how much it would take for a Uchiha to snap.

He chose not to reply and instead bringing his glass to his lips he finished off his sake. He only gave a levelled stare to his pink haired teammate. What Sasuke didn't realize was that Sakura had just accepted a challenge.

What was it you ask?

He was the challenge

"Not even hugs?" She was looking at him expectantly. Apparently it seemed she wasn't going to give up on this.


"Oh come on, that has got to be the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard!" She had thrown her hands up in the air with a look mixed between exhaustion and frustration. She shuffled a little closer to him, placing her hands on her knees and hummed "...Not even from women?"

His eyes narrowed as he caught the quirking of the corner of her lips paired with the suggestive question. He could feel the effects of the alcohol becoming more apparent but he still took the bottle of sake and poured himself another glass. He didn't know where she was going with all these questions but he was beginning to get suspicious.

"No." Her eyes narrowed at him before taking on a devious glint.

'Annoying. ' His dark eyes observed his team mate under the low lights in his living room. Her pink hair just reaching past her shoulders was slightly wavy and framed her face nicely. Her skin the colour of porcelain, unmarred and looked smooth to the touch. He took notice of her full lips, which were coloured pink, and at the moment tilted up at the corners. His gaze trailed up to her button nose that suited her features and slowly up to lock his eyes with her emerald orbs. He would be lying if he said he didn't find her attractive with her exotic looks and soft voice, but he wasn't about to admit that to anyone.

"Sasuke-kun, so does that mean you're gay?" He glared at her while her smile only grew bigger, amusement clear in her eyes as well as a challenging glint.

He rolled his eyes at her, she was obviously trying to get a rise out of him but he wasn't going to play along with her. "No."

"Oh, well does that mean you would like having a woman touch you?" She crawled closer to him so that her knees were touching his. He didn't know whether it was the alcohol in his system that was affecting his perception or if he was imagining it. But he would have to say the only way to describe the way she was looking at him was Naughty.

"Sakura." His voice held a tone of warning. They were both 21 and he knew that her crush on him from their genin days had disappeared but he was confused as to what she was trying to do. He chose not to look deeper into it but that became impossible once he felt her small hands place themselves on his knees and her body moving to now be considerably closer to his.

"Is that a yes?" She lifted a hand and put it on his chest. She hummed in amusement when he shot her a glare and removed her hand.

"Whatever you're trying, cut it out." His voice lowered down a notch but this only served to fuel her determination to get a reaction out of him. He'd caught onto her game but he wasn't going to let her get the best of him.

She put her hand back on his chest and aimlessly traced patterns up and down the flat planes. "But I'm not doing anything.." She drawled out while her fingers roamed his chest also moving even closer to Sasuke so that she was close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body.

"Sakura.. it's not going to work." He scowled while she only smirked at his words and brought up her other hand from his knee to smooth over his shoulder and trail along up to his neck. The touch of her warm hand had him wanting to lean in closer towards her. He really should have known better than to egg her on.

She moved her hand to rub at the nape of his neck before continuing higher to stroke the short ends of his hair with her fingers. She slowly moved her face to the side of his, rubbing her left cheek against his and slowly brought her lips so that they were grazing his ear "We'll see about that."

The way she breathed those words into his ear nearly made a shiver run down his spine but he refused be affected. The smell of vanilla surrounded him as her scent filled his nose and he found himself inhaling it. No, he was an Uchiha. He wasn't going to let her stupid actions affect him and besides, he was confident in his restraints, countless women before had tried to seduce him but nothing could make him give into temptation. His lips set into a thin line as his body tensed, preparing himself for the onslaught.

'I am not giving in.'

His head involuntarily fell back exposing the pale column of his throat as the hand on his neck had moved to tangle in his hair. Her fingers tugged deliciously at his dark locks while her nails scraped sensually against his scalp. The sensation had his eyes threatening to close. The hand threaded through his hair as he heard a distinctively feminine chuckle before he felt the edges of Sakura's teeth nip down from the top of his left ear before his earlobe was captured by a warm pair of lips.


It was a shame really, the way he was underestimating just who he was dealing with.

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