It all started in mid July.

Apachi and Shio were on their way back to the dojo from the grocery store after doing the shopping for their friend Hyato's granddaughter Miu whom had been too busy helping to train their desciple, Kenichi Shirahama, when they noticed something peculiar up ahead of them where the heavy wooden door attached to the thirteen foot wall surrounding the dojo.

There was a person half sitting on the pavement, half leaning against the brick wall.

The body was half curled up, the long slender legs bent at the knees, the arms resting in the person's lap, and long dark hair hid any facial features though Shio would know a young woman anywhere no matter what shape the body was in. And this young woman's presence along with her uncanny ability to nap in such a public place, sort of drew the two martial arts masters attention to her like a bloody magnet.

They stopped walking and stood about two feet or so away from the seemingly napping woman and looked around almost anxiously before one scratched his cheek while the other knelt down and sort of poked the woman's denim clad ankle to see if she would react and got an alarmed look on his face when the woman didn't so much as twitch.

"Apa...doesn't think that this is a natrual sleepy time." Apachi said in a slightly worried tone as Shiro set down some of the bags of food that he'd been carrying and tapped his friend on the shoulder and motioned for him to move so that he could get a closer look at the woman.

After all it wasn't totally uncommon for people to sometimes collapse outside of their dojo from fever, illness, and anemia. And if the woman needed some sort of medical attention then they could easily run her to the clinic and let Akisame check her out to make sure that she was okay.

At least if they did that then they wouldn't have to worry or feel guilty about her dying.

Shio reached out and cautiously slipped both of his hands under the long thick curtain of silky black hair and carefully tipped the woman's head back and automatically noticed two things.

One- She had to be one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen before in his life.

And two- Her lips were tinged an frightening blueish purple and she didn't have a pulse.

Fucking A... He thought a second before screaming in horror for someone to come and help before it was too late.