This story was in desperate need of updating. Sorry the chap is short but at least it's something.


True to her nature- ten minutes into starting dinner for herself, little Uzu-chan, and her two very unwanted guests- if the dark looks she'd been casting his way were any indication- Setsuna slammed the knife she'd been using to cut up vegetables down on the cutting board with more than what Akisame estimated to be enough force to split the board and damage the blade of her knife beyond repair as she then turned to him and hissed out, "Don't you have something more important to do?"

Akisame blinked at her. His expression the very picture of innocence when the two of them knew very well that he was trying to provoke her.

He smiled at her as he propped his cheek in the palm of his hand and replied easily, "Nope." Besides he was fascinated by Setsuna's movements around the kitchen. Call him crazy but when a martial arts master like him met a woman who could move with so much precision and care- well, he found that kind of hot. Almost as hot as finding a woman who could hold her own in a fight against him.

Which he was more than sure Setsuna could do if it really came down to it. He had no doubt that she'd fight dirty in the process, but he still believed that she could, and would do it. And that knowledge had him feeling more than a little hot under the collar so to speak.

Besides, Setsuna-hime wouldn't let him distract her for long. Uzu-chan would be upset if she didn't get her dinner.

Sighing Setsuna reached up and was about to start massaging her temples, she'd been fighting back a headache all day and had almost won the fight when Akisame and Kenichi's intrusion on her had brought the damn thing out full force. Which was such a pity since she'd likely be using the blind man for target practice later on- she closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again just as she felt another set of fingers gently moving on her temples, causing her eyes to fly wide to see Akisame standing in her personal space.

"Wha- What are you- When did you-" She sputtered as she tried to back away from him only to have him follow her back until she hit the counter and was suddenly trapped between it and Akisame's warm body. She made a distressed sound in the back of her throat and leaned back as far as she could causing him to sigh and mutter something under his breath before he took a step closer to her.

Setsuna's eyes got so big that they could have been mistaken for plates as she felt every hard muscle and plane on Akisame's body as it pressed into her own. "If you have a should take something for it." He said as he heard a little choked sound come from her and inwardly grinned. Ah, so this was his Set-hime's weakness. He thought in amusement, though he could find no fault with her weakness. Having an attractive man close at hand had been the downfall of many women.

Knowing that she found him to be attractive was just- well- it was difficult to explain. Even for one such as him. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. Kind of like playing chicken with a train, or russion roulette.

Shifting his hands so that they framed Setsuna's face, he decided to try a little experiment, and tipped her head just so and began to close the space between her mouth and his own. His mind spinning while part of it kept saying, Don't do this to yourself man. She'll push you away, while his heartbeat accelerated and his palms began to sweat a little bit. And briefly a thought crossed his mind in disgust, he was reacting as if he had never had a woman before- but the second his mouth touched her lips all thoughts fled and all that was left was instinct.

Pure, bold, passionate instinct to kiss her until her legs went weak and she wouldn't have the strength of mind to protest whatever he may or may not do next. He slanted his mouth over hers, catching the surprised gasp that tried to escape her lips a moment before his tongue slipped into the sweet, honeyed cavern of her mouth and he could taste her.

The pleasure of it was almost overwhelming and his mind practically screamed at him, Take me. All of me. Accept me. Want me. Love me! He kissed her until both of their lungs burned for air and he was finally forced to drag his mouth away from her lips so that they could both take enough ragged breaths to keep them from going into meltdown.

Akisame was the first to regain his composure and was about to tell Setsuna outright that he intended to have her when the two of them heard a little voice ask in a tone that sounded close to tears, "Mommy was Mr. Akisame eating you're face?"