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Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula, Outland

Buffy and Xander waited patiently for the other eight shades to catch up before entering the temple again. They had long ago learned that if at all possible, they would choose to return to their bodies rather than accepting the magical resurrection offered by the spirit. The strain of having their physical forms pulled through the ether for their spirits to return to their bodies took a toll on them, making them weak and disoriented for small amount of time, but it was long enough to be dangerous.

So they waited until they could return to their bodies. And as often as it happened, it never failed to make Buffy cringe. She had died, Xander had died, her friends had died and it was just...shrugged off as a nuisance, rather than something tragic. She hoped she and Xander never got used to it.

The others showed up and nodded, heading into the back entrance of the lair of the pit fiend Megtheridon. This was the third time they had attempted this. The demon was powerful. Very powerful. Even their best efforts seemed to be falling short. They were not able to hurt the creature in any serious capacity before it tired of their presence and began wading through them like a scythe through wheat. It was fast, brutal and the end result was the same: their broken bodies scattered about the room and them dead before they could even register the pain.

As they became whole again, Peridar turned to the tauren druid. "You have the pattern now?"

The druid grinned a savage smile and nodded once.

Peridar hefted his shield and bestoweed his blessing onto the group. Selvalersi summoned a well crackling with dark energy and each member reached into the well to retrieve a small stone, taken from the combined essences of everyone in the group. Upon command, the stones would restore a small portion of their life force. Xander offered another blessing. Dartanathis chanted powerful words of protection and vigor. Alirindra made sure, along with Xander, that everyone was at peak form. Selvalersi took this opportunity to use a ritual she had rarely used. She captured a sliver of Xander's soul in a small bead and handed it to him. She had not done this in a while as they had not needed it, and it creeped Xander out. If he died, he could use the bead to instantly revive himself from the ethereal plane rather than waiting.

The group looked around and nodded. Yegher concentrated on the giant for of the demon for a few seconds and smiled. "I got him in me sights now." he said, fingering the string on his bow. "Want me to summon me kitty or you want something a little...hardier?"

Peridar looked at Pahan, who had just shifted into the massive dire bear. The bear shook his massive, shaggy head and growled. "Your tiger should do well enough. Pahan and I have learned something that should help. Go all out as soon as we have his attention." he concentrated and rightous fury filled his senses. "Ready?"

The group nodded. Peridar threw his shield arm out and casted the spell. The shield he summoned bounced off of the demons skull, instantly making it charge at Peridar. This time, Pahan ran around behind the demon rather than charging in and stealing Peridar's spot in front of the demon. They would flank him.

Xander shifted slightly, making sure he could still see Pahan to heal him. Turgren roared in rage and charged in, Buffy followed almost as quickly. She felt her axe bite deep into the demon, but this time he ignored her and Turgren, focusing his anger on Peridar and Pahan.

Yehger's pet, Shiri, was a large and powerful tiger with white fur and frost-blue stripes. She was a powerful beast and she had formed a special bond with Yehger. As soon as she saw what Yehger was attacking, she didn't wait for a command but attacked instantly. Yahger had instructed the great cat not to challenge the demon, and she was having trouble with that, but she obeyed.

This time, they were doing much greater damage to the massive demon, and Peridar and Pahan seemed to finally be working in synch. The demon roared in fury, striking in rage and fury but it was to late. Between Buffy, Turgren, Selvalersi, Yehger, Dartanathis and Vashanarada, the demon finally collapsed, shuddering one last breath and falling silent.

Cheers erupted in the group but fell silent as they heard the sound of heavy armor falling to stone. Xander turned and watched as Peridar dropped to the ground, a massive hole torn in his armor, cutting all the way to his ribs. His eyes were already glassing over. Pahan looked bad as well, staggering and limping forward, shifting back to his tauren form. He collapsed to one knee next to the fallen Paladin, shaking his head. "Not this day, my friend." the young druid said, placing a hand on Peridar's head. He chanted his spell, returning Peridar's soul to his broken body.

Peridar gasped as his eyes opened, pain shooting through him. Alirindra and Xander quickly casted their most powerful spells, closing Peridar's wounds in a matter of seconds, restoring him to his former, vigorous state. He slowly stood, smiling at the group. "Well done." he smiled, grasping Pahan's forearm. "Very well done indeed."

Pahan smiled and nodded. He was used to being underestimated because of his age. He was young, very young, and it showed. His youth was apparent but he was well trained and an excellent student. His dire bear form allowed him to take hits that would stagger Buffy or Turgren, and he just flinched them off. He took hits that Peridar took in full plate armor, and he still advanced. He was a tough, strong, determined druid and would protect his friends very well.

"Ok...time for the good stuff." Buffy rubbed her hands together.

Turgren rolled his eyes. She always seemed to love this part. She lit up like a child during Winter Veil. He walked over to the chest that was previously cloaked in ancient magic and helped her open it. The treasures inside were either offerings from worshipers or taken from the dead that dared to challenge the pit lord in the past. Opening the chest, Turgren pulled out the first item.

"A shield." Turgren said, passing the item to Peridar first.

The Paladin took the item and looked it over. "Very well made, however, it is of little use to me." he said, turning the item over and showing the sigils inscribed around the edge. "It is made for a caster, so Xander should get this item." he said, passing the shield to Xander.

"Nice. Upgrade." Xander smiled.

"Thick leather gloves, Yehger?" Turgren held the gloves out to the hunter.

"No thanks, mon." he shook his head. "Give dem to Pahan. He be needin new ones. His old ones be lookin ratty."

Pahan eagerly took the gloves and smiled. He did need new ones.

"A fine plate belt." Turgren held the belt out to Buffy and let her inspect it. "And a cloak, inscribed sigils of strength and...vicious wounds?" he held the cloak out to Selvalersi.

She looked at the sigils and nodded. "Your feeble cow brain is getting better." Selvalersi nodded in approval.

Turgren smiled. "I have a great teacher."

"You want the belt, Turgren? I could use a new cloak." Buffy said.

Turgren nodded. "Fine with me. Been meaning to replace mine." he said, handing the cloak over to Buffy and taking the belt.

Peridar looked around and smiled. "Let's let Thrall know whats going on." he said, taking a smooth, white stone from his pack. The stone was smooth and cool to the touch, inscribed with a rune that translated to Home on the top. The others removed similar stones and activated the ancient magic in them. With a flourish, the all vanished.

None noticed the white vapors spilling forth from the corridors as they left, nor did they see the vapors enter the slain demon's mouth and nostrils. No one was left in the room when the demon's body twitched and one red eye opened.

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Orgrimmar, Kalimdor

It was chaos. Bodies were strewn throughout the streets but the screams had died down. Thrall ordered the guards tripled and glanced wearily at the Lightbringers that had popped up all over the town. The seemed to be able to deal with the infestation, but the numbers against them were legion. He did not know for sure, but he had a feeling that he knew where the attacks were originating.

As Thrall walked back into the throne room, he sat heavily on the throne of the warchief. Taking only a few moments to rest, he looked up and nodded at the first of the envoys.

The young orc came forward and bowed. "Warchief. We have confirmed reports from Thunder Bluff as well as The Undercity. Attacks have taken place there as well." the orc reported.

Thrall nodded. "What of the Alliance." he asked.

The orc sighed. "It took some doing, but I have received word on that front as well."

Thrall nodded for him to continue.

"Attacks in Ironforge and Stormwind are confirmed. We can assume that other towns were hit as well." the orc said.

Thrall nodded. It was as he had feared. "Send for Garrosh Hellscream." he said. "The time has come. And send word to Lady Sylvanas as well. I know she is planning something as well."

The orc saluted and ran off to carry out his orders.

Buffy, Xander, Peridar and Selvalersi headed for Thrall's throne room to tell the news of their victory. Pahan and his group decided they would go as well, but Turgren had split off. "I have to go see someone about these." he held up the blacksmith plans he held in his hand. The others nodded and Turgren summoned his kodo, mounting it and riding away through Orgrimmar.

"Did you miss us?" Buffy asked, smiling at Thrall as they entered the throne room.

Thrall smiled wearily. "Indeed I have, my friends." he said. "What news do you have of the demon?"

~~WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~

Turgren handed the plans over to the vendor, he already knew how to forge the swords. The vendor nodded and showed Turgren some new plans he had aquired as well. The Tauren eagerly bought the plans and memorized the details. Peridar could use that new chest piece. The cost to get his old one repaired by one of the blacksmiths in town cut deeply into the groups funds. But, thats what they pooled their money for. Turgren generally tried to use his own funds to repair his items, but there was occasion when he used the groups funds. As he walked, he decided to see the miners and see if they would finally teach him the proper temperatures and techniques for smelting Adamantite.

He saw the shadows sweep over the ground and looked up, he mouth hanging open. Massive dragons, Frost Wyrms, flew overhead. Before he could do anything,, he spotted a crowd of people bounding through the streets. He stopped on of the orcs as he tried to rush past. "What's happening?" he asked, thinking the dragons were attacking.

"Thrall! It's Thrall! He was challenged for the role of Warchief!" the orc said, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Who would dare challenge Thrall?" Turgren asked, following the orc and the crowd through the streets.

"Garrosh." the orc spat, shaking his head. "He thinks himself the leader his father was."

Turgren shook his head. The young Garrosh was about to learn a very painful lesson. As Turgren entered the arena, he met up with Buffy, Xander and Peridar. "What has the young fool done." he asked.

Peridar shook his head. "Garrosh is a powerful warrior, Turgren. He is hot headed and rash, but he is also dangerous." he sighed. "Thrall has more pressing things to concern himself with right now."

Turgren nodded. The presence of Frost Wyrms was one of those things. He had not heard of them being anywhere else but the frozen wastelands of Northrend. What were they doing here in Kalimdor? Before he could pose the question to his companions, a flash of lightning and crack of thunder could be heard from the arena floor. It seemed Thrall was getting...annoyed...with Garrosh's attitude.

Before things could get to carried away in the arena, the flapping of mighty wings was heard from outside. A hush fell over the crowd as everyone looked around, a sudden cold filtering into the hot arena. Then, from outside, the screaming started.