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A clear dark night, the night that the Nine Tailed Fox 'attacked' the Hidden Leaf village: the havoc has settled, people were mourning and wondering how this happened. The former Hokage, Sarutobi, with a team of ANBU was waiting outside a barrier, created by the now deceased Fourth, but they could see it collapsing slowly. Within the barrier, the body of the Nine Tailed Fox was decomposing rapidly, its eyes grey, as well as its gums and fangs and its fur started to change colour as well.

The Fourth Hokage and his wife lay on the ground, their life gone. Near them was their child, upset since he was cold, though he remained asleep. Suddenly, the ground near them shifted, and shortly after a person wearing a muddy, black cloak came from the ground, shifting and twisting their body, making their joints crack loudly. The person breathed in deeply and opened their eyes, showing yellow irises and looking confused. He looked to his right and saw the Nine Tails there, dead. He looked around more and spotted the two bodies and the baby, sleeping peacefully. "Well...that explains the ruckus...the Fourth Hokage, the Nine Tails, naked baby...I missed the action." The person said, their voice rough and tired.

He coughed a little more and moved towards the infant, looking at the child and bent down to him. He moved his hand and let it hover over the infant's head. After a second, he pulled it back and chuckled. "You're a very important baby.", he remarked, carefully picking up the baby and hiding it in his cloak. He coughed a little more and looked at the dead bodies, knowing that they were the child's parents and bowed. "I'll look after your child...I bid you a good day." he said, sinking into the ground.

The barrier shattered shortly after, Sarutobi appeared with several ANBU within seconds, looking around and staring in shock, seeing the Nine Tails dead and the Fourth Hokage dead, along with his wife. "The dead...", one of them said in disbelief.

"...This is a tragic day...for all of us. We've lost several dozen of our forces, part of the village is destroyed, and we've lost the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki...", another ANBU said, bowing his head in sadness.

"At least the Nine Tails is dead." one of the others said, looking at the rapidly decomposing Fox and watching one of its ears drop off.

'Where's the child...where's their child?' Sarutobi wondered, worried. "Can you smell anyone else Kan?" Sarutobi asked, looking at a dog masked ANBU who had a grey dog with him.

The ANBU sniffed the air, tilting his head slightly. "I'm not sure...I can smell someone. It's like it's a corpse, but they're the only bodies here. I can't pin, I can smell childbirth.", the ANBU known as Kan said, confused and looking closely at Kushina.

Sarutobi became worried, looking around in hope of seeing any evidence. "Can you follow the scent?" the elderly man asks.

"No...It just stays" Kan asked his dog, but gained a sad look from the dog. "No...nothing."

"Take half the ANBU, try and find a trail or something!" Sarutobi ordered.

The ANBU nodded. "Very well, Lord Hokage." the ANBU replied, taking half the troops and leaving to try and find the scent while the others secured the area.

Sarutobi knelt down at the remains of the Fourth and his wife's body and shed a single tear. "If your child still lives, I'll find him Minato.", the Hokage vowed.


Several years have passed since that unfortunate day: the village has repaired, people tried to forget. Within the Hokage's tower, the Third Hokage was talking with two Jonin and the small group who had accompanied them. "I've got a high rank C to B rank mission for you lot: an outpost has been attacked by a group of bandits recently, and your group is going to replace them. The ninja already stationed there will come back here to get treated for any wounds. After they're relieved, you will be required to take a full scan of the area." Sarutobi says, gaining an odd look from the group.

"Mind if I ask why?", the grey haired Jonin asks, having the characteristics of a scarecrow and a cover over his left eye.

"There're reports of unusual activities within that area, I wish you to examine it carefully.", their leader says, waving the two Jonin, Kakashi and his friend/rival Gai over to him. "Our forces that were at the outpost weren't the ones that drove the bandits off. You're to examine what caused it...and I have a strong belief that it's human...or at least I assume it is." Sarutobi says, looking at Kakashi. "You'll be leading the group, I hope you find what caused the bandits to flee, and I'll leave it to you to decide how to deal with it." the Hokage said, looking at the men.

"And yet again, my rival Kakashi beats me from leading the group." Gai said to himself. Seeing Kakashi casually reading his book, as if it was nothing, he turned away crying to himself "Damn you Kakashi, acting like your cool self!"

"Alright, then." Kakashi says, closing his book and looked at the Hokage. "Anything else that we should know?"

The Hokage looked a little troubled for a second. "No...Just be careful." he tells them. As they left the room, the Hokage sighed in frustration. "I hope it really is him this time, not just false hope again." he said to himself, remembering someone that travelled to the outpost reporting a dirty, blond 'forest boy' who had saved their caravan from a bandit attack.


Three hours later, Kakashi, Gai and the others dropped down from the trees outside the Outpost. It was slightly ruined in the attack and still smoking. Another ninja soon dropped down to greet them, a small cut and blood stains on his arm. "I assume that you're here to relieve us, or you're just passing through... I hope that it's the first, because a few of our numbers were injured badly when the bandits attacked."

"We're here to relieve you; I hope you and your youthful companions have a safe journey back." Gai smiled, giving a shiny thumbs up to the man. "And we'll search the ever youthful forest for any hidden dangerous! And if we don't, then I will run deeper in the forest until I find something!" Gai yelled.

"...Does he act like this all the time?" The ninja asked.

"Sadly...yes." Kakashi said, rubbing his neck in slight embarrassment.

"I feel sorry for you." The ninja says, quickly heading back to the outpost to inform the ninja that they're relieved and can head to the village.

"Wait!" Kakashi calls, making him turn back. "Have there been any odd sightings around here, like an animal or phenomenon?" Kakashi asked, confusing the man, as well as his team.

"Well, there have been some sightings of something fast in the forest, some people that travel through here say that it's the spirit of the forest. Personally, I think it's a crock: I've heard the same thing in different areas of the Fire Nation. This one's apparently a small boy." The ninja says, looking northwards and pointing. "Most claim to see him in that direction. Had a couple look over there, but nothing." He looked at the team, and realised one of them was an Inuzuka. "Maybe you'll have more luck."

Kakashi nodded and the man walked away. Soon the group watch the ninja stationed at the outpost pack up quickly and leave, some badly wounded, but mobile. "Hope you will all be okay." Kakashi says, gaining waves from some of the relieved group.

"So, what shall we do, my rival?" Gai asked, cupping his chin and smirking.

Kakashi didn't seem to notice and Gai was soon crying as Kakashi looked at the group. "We'll quickly secure that outpost; repair any damage if it requires immediate attention. Then we'll take a quick scan of the surrounding area." Kakashi says, gaining a nod from the group.


An hour later, the outpost was just about repaired. A group were scanning the area north, breaking into smaller groups a mile away from the outpost to cover more ground. They were tired since they were moving a lot, walking around trees that were even bigger than the outpost.

"This is taking too long! I'm wasting my precious youth walking when I should be running!" Gai yelled, doing bum clenches and freaking out the others on the team.

"If you do that, it can remove any chances should you run into any tracks that we're looking for." Kakashi says. "Now stop that and look."

Gai sighed and started looking, making the other two sigh in relief that he stopped the clenches. A twig snapping was heard, making the four ninja and dog stop in their tracks, they looked at each other and soon at the Inuzuka, who shrugged in response since he didn't smell anything. Movement was heard again, and they saw something fast move out of the bushes: it was human shaped.

The group quickly gave chase. Whatever it was, it was small and fast, and they were finding it hard to follow him. "I must admire this thing's speed!" Gai yelled, laughing as he found it entertaining to try and keep pace.

"Yeah, this thing must know this terrain even more than me!" the Inuzuka yells, having been on many trips to learn the terrain surrounding the village.

"Then we'll have to make it move to an area we know better, or maybe into the open so we can take it down!" Gai yells, trying to move faster, but the branches of all the trees were getting in the way. "Or, we can keep chasing it till it gets tired or we manage to grab it."

"Let's try open areas, so we know what we're dealing with." Kakashi decides and performed a seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yells: five Kakashi's appeared and separated in different directions, the others soon following him.


Ten minutes later, the group were managing to move their target towards an open meadow that the Inuzuka knew about. The thing soon jumped out of the forest, landing on the ground and tried to move back into the forest. Gai was there to meet him however, with a triumphant smile on his face. "Ah, you tried very hard my little...muddy …friend..." Gai began, then looked more closely at the muddy thing.

It was a young boy, around the age of nine. He had long, dirty, untrimmed hair that reached near his backside, or at least he thought it was blond, since there are patches of green and mud everywhere. He was very skinny and wore something that resembled trousers, again, hard to tell since there was fresh mud and grass everywhere.

The boy looked around carefully, sniffing the air. He spotted a large, broken branch sticking out of the ground near him just as he heard movement behind him. He grabbed the stick and swung around, hitting Kakashi who was surprised and explodes in a cloud of smoke.

"Now this kid knows how to fight." Gai smiled, wanting to take on the child that defeated Kakashi's clone.

The boy dropped the stick and started calling out. "Onbuu! Onbuu!", he yelled, repeating the call and making Gai and the others confused.


"What the hell does Onbuu mean? Does he mean ANBU?" The Inuzuka asked, gaining a scared whining from his dog.

"How didn't you smell that kid?" the last of the group, a female asked. She noted that Gai was about to charge and tackle the child.

Something large landed on the branches above them, making them jump. It was a giant creature, but didn't get a full view as the creature smashed its arm into the woman, sending her flying before tackling the Inuzuka clan member and his dog.


Gai moved forward, about to run to the boy and grab him, but something grabbed his ankle, making him fall and hit the ground, before he was yanked and held upside down. He was startled, to say the least, when he looked behind him; it looked like a giant white furry bear/monkey animal with a mean look on its face.

"What are you, my strange, furry friend?" Gai yelled with surprise, before spinning and kicking the presumed Onbuu in the head and made it fly a few feet away, landing on the ground before turning to the boy. To Gai's surprise, he was gone, and nothing but the sound of fighting in the forest indicated where he had disappeared to. "Ah! For fooling for such an obvious decoy, I'll do 1000 push ups with one hand tied behind my back!" Gai yelled, annoyed with himself. Then he was grabbed from behind and cringed in pain. Getting a whiff of his captor, he looked up at the, now pissed off, Onbuu holding him. "You're back my hairy...strong smelling friend." Gai said between gasps for air.

"Do you need help Gai?" Kakashi asked from a distance, with his Shadow Clones fighting another Onbuu in the background.

"No thanks, Kakashi! I'll beat this thing in five minutes … no, two minutes … no, one minute!" He yelled back.

"Alright." Kakashi says before puffing into smoke, revealing that he was a Shadow Clone.


Kakashi was tailing the boy closely, running on the tree branches. He was about to grab the kid's arm, but the child dived to the forest floor, causing Kakashi to go off balance. He quickly looked at the ground from the trees, trying to spot him, but couldn't, unfortunately. Kakashi was confused that the child seemed to have disappeared into thin air. He sighed and placed his hand in his weapons pouch, cutting his thumb with a kunai. "Summoning Jutsu!" he yelled and slammed his hand on the branch.

A puff of smoke came. "What's up Kakashi?" a voice asked.

"Pakkun, I need you to find a child." Kakashi said. "He's around here somewhere but disappeared."

Pakkun sniffed. "This should be easy, I can smell the sweat and dirt on him...and he's close." Pakkun says as he drops to the ground with Kakashi following. Pakkun followed the trail towards a large tree. "He's somewhere in there." Pakkun pointed with his paw at the tree's roots.

Kakashi looked closely at the tree, looking at the large roots until he noticed a hole between the largest root and the ground. "I think I found it." Kakashi said while walking towards the hole. He saw it was large enough for him to squeeze through. "Pakkun, see that Gai and the others reach this place." Kakashi asked.

"No problem Kakashi.", he replied before running off.

Kakashi slid into the hole to find a large tunnel which led further underground; he walked down, soon reaching something that looked like a room or a cave. He looked around carefully and saw other doorways to other rooms and another tunnel which led deeper underground. Kakashi was confused, examining the area carefully. The room seemed to resemble a temple of some kind, the place made out of stone, but covered in dirt and darkened with age. He soon saw the boy at the very back, close to the other tunnel. "Get...out!" the boy yelled, standing in the most aggressive way he could, obviously finding it hard to talk.

"I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to talk." Kakashi raised his hands, showing that he meant no harm. The boy didn't listen and charged very quickly at Kakashi. He nearly hit Kakashi but the man managed to dodge and grabbed the boy from behind. "I said I don't want to …" Kakashi began, before the boy slammed the back of his head into Kakashi's face. He let go and held his face in pain. "What's that boy's head made of!?", Kakashi thought. He looked up to see him bolting towards the exit. "Wait! I just want to talk!" Kakashi yelled.

The boy stopped, hearing Kakashi this time and looked confused as he turned to him. "Talk? Haven'" The boy said, thinking hard for every word.

"When was the last time you talked to someone?" Kakashi asked.

"Long" The boy says, jaw hurting from trying to talk this much.

"What man?" Kakashi asked in interest, but knew that the boy couldn't say much.

"Norio...called...Norio." The boy said.

"Okay, and do you have a name?" Kakashi asked.

"Called...don't...know..." He replied, thinking hard. "Last..." The boy mumbled the last part and Kakashi didn't hear.

"Well...I'm Kakashi Hatake, if you wanted to know." He told him.

"Kakashi...Hatake..." the boy repeats, trying to memorise the name.

"Yes, and I've got a team, I'm sure they'll like to meet you." Kakashi says.

The boy looked at him, slightly confused and nodded. "...Sure..." .

Kakashi sighed in relief and rubbed his face, still feeling pain as the two walked back through the tunnel. When the reached the outside Kakashi hoped that he wouldn't run. "Is there anything that that belongs to you in there?" Kakashi asked.

" mine..." Naruto says, making Kakashi a little confused since he could only see trousers.


While the two were waiting for the others to arrive, Kakashi stayed several feet away from the boy since he smelled a little rancid. Gai, Pakkun and the others jumped from a tree and landed next to them. "Ah Kakashi, I see that you captured the strange boy." Gai said.

"No actually, I just said you guys wanted to meet him." Kakashi says, looking and seeing a few bandages.

"Okay then." The female Kunoichi said, bending down and looking at the boy, a nervous smile on her face.

"How did you lot escape from those animals, anyway?" Kakashi asked.

"I just knocked it out with a few punches; they went down." Gai said proudly.

"They...hard." The boy says, looking at the green spandex man.

"Yeah, but nothing ever beats Maito Gai!" Gai laughs, punching the air a few times.

"...Maito...Gai..." The boy says, making the ninja look at the boy in slight confusion at the way he said Gai's name.

" why is there a boy in the forest...covered in something from the forest..." The Inuzuzka says, looking around while he scratches his dog's head.

"Not sure, seems he was here with someone, but they left." Kakashi says, looking to see the boy looking uncomfortable as the people kept looking at him in interest. "So...would you like to come with us?" Kakashi asked the boy, now gaining everyone's attention. "Cause I thought the Hokage would want to meet him...understand?" Kakashi asked.

They nodded and looked back at the boy. "So, would you like to come? It'll be like a little adventure." The Inuzuka says, gaining an interested look from the boy.

"You can see where we live...and it'll be nice to see our Hokage." The woman says.

"...Hokage?" The boy asked in confusion.

"Our pack leader." The Inuzuka says, gaining a nod from the boy in understanding. "You get to see our living area, we've already seen where you live...and for some reason, I've never been around this area..."

"Okay...Sure..." The boy says, sniffing the air for any deception, but found none.

"Well then, I'll see you later Kakashi." Pakkun says, waving and puffing into smoke, startling the boy slightly.

"What...that?" The boy asked.

"He was Pakkun, he was a ninja hound summoning." Kakashi says. "So, do you want to come with us? If you don't like it, you can leave to come back to this place." Kakashi said, gaining a nod from the boy and they began to walk.


After a few hours, the team split up; the Inuzuka and Kunoichi heading for the outpost, Gai and Kakashi walking with the boy until they reached the village. They were just outside the Hokage's office; Kakashi knocked on the door and waited for a reply. "Come in!" came a voice. The boy was interested by what he was seeing: a large village, interesting smells and many people. He tried to stay calm, since he wasn't use to seeing so many people. You name it, he was stunned by it. They were soon met by the elderly Hokage and the boy looked in interest, never having actually seen a man as old as him.

The Hokage sat behind his desk, reading through notes and stamping bits of paper. "Ah, Kakashi, Gai, I'm glad to see that you're back this early, and I see that you've brought someone." he says, a nice smile on his face trying to make the boy feel more at ease. "Yes, he must be...under all that dirt, he looks almost like his parents." The Hokage thought, remembering Minato telling the name of his unborn child.

"Yes, we had trouble trying to catch our little friend; he's fast on his feet." Gai patted the kid on the shoulder, making him jump.

"Really? You even gave Gai trouble?" The Hokage said in interest.

"Yeah..." The boy replied, sounding a bit nervous.

"Let me introduce myself: I'm Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage." The Hokage introduced himself.

"...Hiruzen...Sarutobi...The...Third...Hokage.", he repeated.

"And I think I know who you are." The Hokage said, gaining his and the Jonin's interest. "You are called Naruto, and I knew your parents." He finished, making Kakashi eyes roll.

'Of course, that's why he looks familiar...if you look under the mud.' He said to himself, remembering his sensei naming his then unborn child.

"Your parents' names were Kushina Uzumaki, and Minato Namikaze." The Hokage told him.

"This is the great Yondaime legacy?" Gai asked, sounding astonished and slightly surprised that he was Minato's child.

"Yes." The Hokage says. "So Naruto...Do you want to stay in this village with us?" The old man offered.

Naruto was confused, sweating a little, slightly scared. Looking outside the window, seeing the village active he wondered if he could. "...Don't...know..." Naruto says, soon feeling calm as he tried to think. "Y-Yeah..." Naruto says, feeling ready for this, yet feeling scared at the same time. "Yeah..." Naruto says, soon smirking and looking at the old man.

The third Hokage smiled. "Great, I know of a small apartment nearby, and we're going to have to have someone teach you about the Hidden Leaf village's rules and how to look after yourself properly." The Hokage got up from behind his desk. "Then we can perhaps let you into the Academy as a late bloomer: since you were able to give trouble to both Kakashi and Gai, you'll probably be in the same age group, but you'll have to be taught about Chakra and its purpose. I hope you feel comfortable here, and if you ever have trouble, I'll be right here." Sarutobi said, hoping that Naruto would stay.

"...You said...lots...words...don't know." Naruto simply replies.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Kakashi sighed, making Sarutobi chuckle while Naruto looked around, wondering if he should just run back to the forest. From the window he saw a few forest areas within the village, he thought that they'd be his calming places and decided to stay.

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