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Kakuzu walks forward while the Rock ANBU starts unchaining Naruto, Naruto growls after a couple of chains are undone and he suddenly bites into the ANBU's forearm, making her yell in pain. Kakuzu sees this, sighing and his fist darkens before he smashes Naruto's face, causing him to fly/swing into the wall hard.

Kakuzu soon yells in pain, surprised that his fist hurts and sees Naruto swing back, his nose bleeding and a black eye already and he growls in annoyance. The ANBU rubs her arm, seeing blood come from the wound and her forearm protecter is now missing a large chunk. "Brat ripped through a chunk of my skin!" She yells.

Masaru starts laughing, bemused that the ANBU got hurt so quickly and Kakuzu smashing Naruto in the head again, but the same thing happens and he sighs. "Move out the way old man!" He yells and raises his hand and causes a purple chakra rope to fly and starts spinning round Naruto. "Now unchain the brat and let's get moving, I'll knock him out when he's unchained."

Kakuzu glares at his partner, grabbing the chain attached to Naruto and the wall and pulls hard, soon feeling it stop and he pulls harder, finding it tough to rip off. Kakuzu grunts hard as his skin darkens and pulls harder, after a few seconds, the wall around the chain cracks. He soon yells in frustration and rips the chain from the wall, causing several yards of chain to hit the ground, making Kakuzu breathe deep slightly.

Kurotsuchi looks in confusion. "You've got the keys..." She tells him.

"He gets annoyed quickly and either has to do something destructive or kill someone." Masaru tells the girl, seeing Naruto beginning to pass out since the chakra rope seems to be pushing its chakra into Naruto and messing with his system.

The ANBU soon opens the rest of the chains and Naruto hits the ground, soon being dragged out of the room as Masaru moves out, being followed by the others. The group make their way through the hospital, soon reaching outside and Shumou is attacking a group of Chunin, his hammer shooting sparks like lightning with each swing.

"Move!" Kurotsuchi yells before doing a few hand signs, soon having her mouth puff up. "Lava Style: Quicklime Jutsu!" She yells, exhaling a greyish cloud.

Shumou sees this, cursing and jumping away while the cloud covers the area, covering the Leaf ninja and making them scream in pain. The smoke clears and the ninja are covering their faces, unable to see as the Quicklime blinds them. "...Not bad brat." Shumou says with a smirk. "Let's move!" He yells.

Masaru picks up Naruto who is still tied up in chakra rope and start moving, signalling to the others that they're retreating.


The Akatsuki members move fast, removing all obstacles in their way like it's nothing, they soon pass by a home with a water tower on it; not noticing a small girl with lilac hair sits on the tower. She watches them pass and the battle going round the village, she sees Naruto and tilts her head, confused to why people were taking Naruto away.

She scratches her head, trying to think, forgetting that the group's getting away for a few seconds before jumping off the water tower and starts following the group, curious to where they're going to go.


The Akatsuki and their group are out of the village, Tsunade is assisting at the hospital since several dozen Shinobi and civilians are wounded. Kakashi appears before Tsunade with a small group of Jonin members and several ANBU, some looking beaten up, but ready for action. "We've discovered that Naruto has been taken." One of the ANBU informs Tsunade, having fought one of the members of the attackers and saw Naruto tied up.

Tsunade bites her bottom lip in worry. "I figured...the cell he was in was destroyed." Tsunade says, wanting to be out there to get Naruto, but her priority is to the entire village, and not to one person, even if they are a Jinchuuriki.

"We'll go after the group and retrieve Naruto." Kakashi tells her.

"Good, because that's what I brought you here for, your mission is to retrieve Naruto as quickly as possible." Tsunade tells them, gaining a nod from the group. "Move out!" Tsunade orders them, soon making them vanish.


Hinata is helping a couple of old pensioners while other Genin assist in different areas, she is worried about the injured and wonders if anyone she knows has been harmed. A couple of Chunin rush by, carrying a wounded Jonin who has a broken leg and a large amount of blood running down his face. "The...Hokage...tell the...Hokage...the" The wounded Jonin says, after a few seconds, he says the exact same thing.

"Yes, we know already." The Chunin says in annoyance. "I seriously think he's got amnesia." He says, not noticing Hinata stop in the middle of the street in shock.

"...Naruto's been c-captured?" Hinata says aloud in shock, soon activating her Byakugan quickly, scanning the area and starts moving fast. After a few minutes, she soon spots Kakashi with a large group, mostly of ANBU, she soon sees that they're heading towards the destroyed section of the village where the attackers came from. After a few seconds, she sees traces of Naruto's spiritual traces in the path that Kakashi has taken.

She breathes unsteadily and soon follows after them, being slower than them for obvious reasons, she doesn't want them to tell her to go back, and they're faster than her.


An hour passes and the Leaf ninja are getting closer, moving fast in order to rescue Naruto. "How far are we now?" Asuma asks, getting a little anxious since he could tell it is going to be dangerous fighting, even if they have numbers.

"We're nearly there." One of the ANBU says, sniffing the air.

"Good, let's get this mission over and down with." Asuma says with a small sigh.

"Don't end up hurting yourself Asuma." Kurenia says with a small smile.

Kakashi sighs. "You two are a real cute couple." Kakashi says with a small smirk, making Asuma and Kurenai.

"We're not a couple Kakashi." Asuma defends himself, not noticing a bee fly by him.


The Akatsuki members kept moving while the Rock Shinobi follows closely, passing by a river. Kumar suddenly stops; listening carefully and soon makes the others stop. "What's wrong Kumar?" Gari asks in confusion, soon having Kumar point the way they came. "We're being followed then?" He asks, gaining a nod from the quiet man.

Shumou smirks and pulls out his hammer. "I'll deal with the scum!" He yells, swinging his hammer and destroying part of a tree. "I'll kill them all!" He yells.

The Rock ANBU looks at Naruto, soon pulling out a kunai, cutting his hair and parts of his shirt before ripping it off and passes it to Kakuzu while everyone looks at her in confusion. "Leaf Shinobi have a clan that follows scent, we split of into two groups while one stays behind to cover our escape." She informs them.

Gari nods. "That's true, the Leaf ninja have ninja dogs." He says.

"Exactly, one group takes the boy and goes down river to remove the scent while the other takes a longer route with the jacket and hair." The ANBU says. "We'll rendezvous at our last camp and hopefully have less Shinobi on our tail."

Kakuzu nods. "Very well, Masaru, you'll travel by river, I'll take the jacket and lead them into an ambush...I might gain a profit if the Leaf village sent powerful Shinobi." Kakuzu says, soon walking away.

Gari sighs and stands next to Shumou. "We'll distract." Gari says with a smirk. "I'll show the Leaf ninja my power once again."

The ANBU nods. "Deidara, Kurotsuchi, you go with Masaru, Kumar and I will follow Kakuzu." The ANBU says, gaining a nod.

"Just don't get in Kakuzu's way if he's angry!" Masaru yells, soon rushing into the water and diving into it while Deidara and Kurotsuchi follow.

Kakuzu and the other two soon vanish and start running through the trees. Unknown to the group, a small girl starts moving towards the river and follows Naruto, remaining undetected to the bees since she gives an aura that says she belongs to the forest and considered her part of the surroundings.


The Leaf team move fast, having several ANBU, Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai and Hayate (Coughing Examiner, he's alive, remember :P) move fast. Kakashi sees movement from below and some ANBU notice this as well. "Move!" Kakashi yells, soon dodging a lightning covered attack, seeing a man in a black cloak with red clouds on it.

Everyone moves away as the man lands on the branch, looking carefully while the man smirks. "You are what the Leaf sent? You won't even be a challenge." The man says.

Asuma sees the hammer consumed by lightning and smirks a little. "I'll take on this guy, I'm the best guy against this guy." Asuma says while pulling out his Chakra Blades.

Kakashi nods. "Alright, but you're going to have backup." Kakashi says, pointing to an ANBU who nods and jumps, standing next to Asuma.

Kakashi wishes Asuma luck while Kurenai is a little worried, but they start moving fast, following the main scent which heads away from the water. Shumou glares at them and was about to attack, but he suddenly feels someone hit his hammer, causing him to stumble away, soon seeing the ANBU throw a few kunai and he rolls away. He glares at the two and swings his hammer around in annoyance. "I'll kill you punks first!" He yells, charging towards the two as they move.


One of Kakashi's group members dressed as an ANBU stops, getting a sudden feeling and looks, seeing fresh tracks leading towards the river, three other ANBU stop, soon seeing what the ANBU saw.

One of the ANBU does a hand sign and says 'Byakugan', soon becoming confused. "I'm seeing traces of Naruto Uzumaki's chakra traces going in that direction." The ANBU says.

"Damn it! Tell Kakashi that the trail they're following is probably a fake trail!" The ANBU yells. "Fish! Go and inform them! We'll follow the other trail!" The ANBU yells, rushing down the tracks with the Hyuga and the other ANBU.


Kakashi's group didn't make it more than 100 yards before they scattered across the area when an explosion occurs, looking all seeing a man with light brown hair and the Akatsuki cloak. One of the ANBU looks closely and is a little surprised. "Gari of the Explosion Corps...why is he here?" The ANBU wonders.

Kakashi curses. "Split up again! You lot need to keep moving." One of the ANBU tells them, standing there and reaches into his pouch which is full of shuriken, pulling a large number of them.

Kurenai stays behind to assist while Kakashi sighs, hoping that they'll be alright and the group move fast, only having Kakashi, Hayate and three ANBU.

A minute later, an ANBU arrives and sees the fight, realising that if he tries to get through the fight, it might go badly and quickly moves around, aiming to inform Kakashi about the other trail. Gari sees the third member and quickly ignores the two, dodging the shuriken and rushing towards the ANBU before the ANBU realised and got hit by Gari and explodes.

The two Leaf ninja curse, wondering why an ANBU member seemed to trail behind too far from the group but were soon on the defensive as Gari starts rushing towards them.


Hinata rushes through the woods, her Byakugan activated as she follows the traces of chakra that she knew was Naruto and the others. She sees the traces of battle ahead, she curses, slowing down and seeing Asuma and an ANBU fighting against an older man. Hinata looks for a way around, but she soon sees traces of Naruto's chakra heading away and into the river, making her know that he's gone down that way and moves round the fight.


A few hours pass, the Leaf groups are getting closer to the fleeing members of the assault on the Leaf village. Kakuzu's group are moving fast, but they knew that the Leaf ninja are getting closer and the Rock ANBU stops, pulling out a katana. "Move...I'll delay them." She informs Kakuzu and Kumar.

Kakuzu looks at her, slightly uninterested while Kumar just continues moving. "We're nearly at the regroup zone, if you recognise any of them with a large bounty, inform me, otherwise I might get angry by being informed that you let a bounty get away." Kakuzu informs her.

"Sure, I'll try." She informs him, spinning the blade around and waits while Kakuzu vanishes.


Masaru's group which holds Naruto were several minutes away from the regroup area, a little worn out, but they were moving fast. Masaru feels Naruto shift, knowing that he's stirring from being forces asleep from the foreign chakra that was inside him.

Masaru suddenly gets the sensation that someone's about to attack him and quickly ducks, avoiding a kunai and sees three ANBU arrive. The two young ones look in shock, soon dodging the attacks, but they're getting light cuts on their body while the Hyuga ANBU attacks Masaru. Kurotsuchi is panicking, not expecting anyone, let alone an ANBU to appear and attack, she's unable to do a hand sign or pull out a weapon out since the ANBU was on her. Masaru was enjoying himself, using the slightly conscious Naruto as a shield and weapon against the Hyuga, managing to smack the Hyuga a few times. Deidara was quickly avoiding the attacks, having his hands in his exploding clay pouches, eating a large amount and after several seconds, he jumps away and puts his hands together. "Art is an Explosion!" Deidara yells, causing the clay in his palm mouths to spit out clay, soon forming a weird looking dragon which flies fast, passes the ANBU and hits the ground and explodes.

Fires cover the area and smoke surrounds the world around them, after a few minutes, the fires dying down. "You just lost some points there brat!" Masaru yells, coughing slightly as the smoke clears, showing that the forest is damaged and burnt, only a few trees remain within 50 yards. The 3 Leaf ANBU lay unconscious on the ground, all burnt, Masaru stands next to a slightly burnt tree, having his hat fly away because of the explosion. Naruto is stuck in a damaged tree since the force caused him to fly and smash into it. Deidara breathes a little heavily, slightly surprised by the power of the explosion, dusting off the dust and Kurotsuchi pushes off the ANBU that landed on her and stumbles towards Deidara.

"D-Don't do that...again..." Kurotsuchi tells him.

Explosions and earth fly in the distant, showing that the other fights are still going on. "That wasn't the art I was going for..." Deidara says, seeing Masaru walk forward, scanning the area for Naruto, but he sees a Leaf ANBU stand back up, coughing up blood since he is gravely wounded, the right side of his body is badly burnt and damaged.

Masaru coughs a little, brushing the dust off and smirking at the sight of the ANBU. "You...dare take...our!" The ANBU yells, coughing up blood and it drips from the crack in his mask.

Masaru chuckles at this. "I am Masaru of the Hidden Star...the only one to accomplish their training and actually reach a level beyond that..." Masaru says with a smirk, sounding arrogant and does a hand sign.

The ANBU looks in shock as a purple chakra cloak appears, soon forming into a peacock feathers behind him. Deidara looks in confusion, not really having seen that kind of Jutsu before and Kurotsuchi looks in slight shock, wondering how he's doing that.

Masaru smirks and does another hand sign. "Destroy!" He yells, the purple chakra pushing forward and quickly started spinning, looking similar to an Inuzuka attack.

The ANBU looks in shock, he pulls out his sword since he can't use Jutsu and tries to block it swinging his sword at the attack, holding that it would deflect the attack. However, when Masaru's attack hit, it ripped straight through the sword and through his chest, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Masaru smirks as the tree behind the ANBU is destroyed as well and the ANBU falls to the ground, killed immediately.

Masaru looks around some more, soon spotting the two teenagers, glaring at them. "You guys lost a few points!" He yells at them.

Masaru suddenly feels a large amount of chakra, looking round and wondering where it is coming from. Deidara glares at Masaru while Kurotsuchi glares as well, but is confused to everything that's going on. Masaru feels some pain in his arm, looking to see part of his Akatsuki cloak is burnt and showing burnt skin.

Masaru sighs. "Bastard brats wounded me...I have a reputation on not being hurt, so I'm going to kill you brats and say you died during the escape." Masaru informs them.

Deidara's eyes widen and he quickly reaches for his exploding clay pouches while Kurotsuchi looks in shock, but the group suddenly feel a large amount of chakra coming from somewhere, making everyone stop. "What the hell is that?" Kurotsuchi asks, feeling uneasy.

Masaru raises an eyebrow, wondering where the power is coming from, soon hearing a thump, they all look, seeing Naruto getting up and standing. Naruto looks forward, seeing Masaru and his purple Peacock looking chakra stand directly in front of him. Naruto smirks with his white eyes and starts pushing his arms out, trying to break the chakra wire, causing Masaru raise an eyebrow. "You can't break it, it's chakra rope, no one can..." Masaru began, but he gets the feeling that someone is about to hit him and causes him to rolls to the side, narrowly dodging a small person's attack.

Masaru looks, seeing Hinata and making Naruto stop using force and watches curiously at Hinata. Masaru starts laughing as Hinata gets in a stance, seeing her fear and determination and he watches her carefully. "How many brats do I have to kill tonight?" Masaru says and summons a large amount of purple chakra, soon forming peacock feathers behind him.

Hinata rushes forward, aiming to attack before he can and causes him to lessen his chakra so he can move, dodging Hinata's assult with ease as she keeps swinging at him. "You're a pathetic brat." Masaru informs her, soon kicking her in the gut and sending her flying.

Hinata coughs hard, but gets back up, her determination showing and her Byakugan active, but her pupils are visible now. She gets in her family stance and soon thrusts her palm forward, causing the air pressure to fly and hit his shoulder and the side of his face, taking him by surprise and stumbles away. Hinata thrusts her palm forward again, Masaru sees this and quickly raises his arm, causing purple chakra to form a round shield around his arm and gets a sudden hit on it and smirks, managing to block it easily. Hinata is a little confused, soon having the man do a hand sign and causes the Peacock feathers to form and he yells. "Destroy!" Causing the peacock feathers to fly forward and spin rapidly.

Hinata takes a breathe and starts moving her hands rapidly. "Protective Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!" She yells, making a dome of chakra that looks like a net of chakra or stream of blades.

Masaru's attack hits the dome, causing his attack to fail and makes him surprised, but he smirks and forms another hand sign. "Beast!" He yells, making his peacock feathers grow larger and soon forms a beast like creature before flying forward, soon clashing with the dome and a large amount of friction comes. This makes Hinata strain and look in shock when her defence breaks and the beast flies in and it attacks her, causing her to fly back and soon collides with a tree and hits the ground, bleeding.

Masaru chuckles while stretching, he soon coughs in slight annoyance by the air pressure, looking to see Naruto pouring out red chakra and causing the chakra rope to crack, soon making Masaru surprised. Naruto roars in rage, soon causing a small explosion and smoke cover the area, soon having it settle and Naruto stands there, breathing deeply as the red chakra acts like a second skin and a tail starts forming behind him. The air seems harder to breathe, making the teenagers cough hard, having never experienced this kind of thing before while Masaru coughs lightly, finding the aura is nearly pure darkness. "You're not a normal brat..." Masaru began.

Naruto holds onto the side of his head, growling as his teeth sharpen and eyes become slitted with his white eyes get a hint of red. "I'll have...your blood!" Naruto roars, vanishing and making his eyes widen in shock, soon feeling intense pain in his gut and looks down to see Naurto's fist in his gut before the force made him fly backward, smashing into a burnt tree and practically turned it into splinters.

"...That's not fucking human!" Masaru says in pain, coughing a little and blood came out; he wipes his mouth and looks slightly surprised to see his own blood. "Haven't seen my blood for...well, most of my life really, you're going to pay for that." Masaru began, but Naruto vanishes again, making him widen his eyes and quickly moves his left arm in front of him, soon causing his purple chakra form around his arm and spreads outwards, forming a small shield like object.

Something hard hits the purple chakra, making his arm shake by the force and chuckles as he saw the bloodlust from Naruto. A tail fully forms around Naruto's behind, making Masaru raise an eyebrow in surprise and his arm shook even more, but another tail begins to form behind Naruto again, making his eyes widen even more.

"What the fuck are you?" He asks, wanting to know how a teenage boy had this much chakra, managing to hurt him when he's one of the most powerful Shinobi in his Nation.

Naruto kept his right fist on the see through purple shield, Naruto soon pulls his left arm back and claws seemed to form around his fingers, quickly swinging down on the shield, tearing through it and cutting into the man's forearm. The force makes him fly backwards by the force, causing him to roll/skid backwards over a hundred yards before he smashes into a few trees and came to a stop.


Kakashi's group moves fast, soon being forced to stop when someone appeared and an ANBU gets their arm cut and curse in pain. A Rock Shinobi lands on the branch, looking at the group and Kakashi sighs. "How many more distractions are there going to be?" Kakashi wonders.

Hayate and a purple haired female ANBU step forward. "We'll deal with this one, get moving Kakashi." Hayate tells him. "Let's do this Yugao." He says, gaining a smile from the cat masked ANBU.

Kakashi nods, looking at the final two ANBU and wonders if they'll save Naruto before it's too late. "Good luck." Kakashi tells them before rushing forward while the unharmed ANBU starts healing the ANBU with a cut arm.


Deidara and Kurotsuchi look in shock, knowing that Masaru is considered strong since he's in the Akatsuki, but to see him pushed back by a boy younger than them, that's shocking to them and they try and remain hidden. Masaru coughs in slight pain, having breathed in a large amount of dust, he waves his hand around, removing the dust and looks at his left arm, seeing deep scars into his arm. He grits his teeth and undoes his cloak as he walks towards the scene he was at, soon removing the left side to show several, glowing, purple markings on his body and going underneath a blue shirt he wore.

After a several seconds, Naruto looks at the wounded Hinata, unconscious and bleeding, soon having a fully developed second tail. Masaru gets closer while Deidara and Kurotsuchi look in shock, seeing the markings across Masaru's body. "It's like his body is trying to kill him..." Kurotsuchi whispers in slight shock, gaining a nod from Deidara.

Masaru looks at his wound on his arm again, becoming confused and clenching his teeth as he feels something red move through his skin, knowing that it isn't blood and sees it mix with the purple markings. "...That hurts...something tells me that I shouldn't be scratched by you anymore..." Masaru says, more to himself then Naruto who glares at Masaru darkly. "Wow...if looks could'd be dead already." Masaru says with a smirk.

Naruto crouches down, his fingers digging into the dirt ground, smirking even more. "Let me...taste your...blood!" Naruto roars, slightly surprising Masaru by his psychopathic attitude for his age.

"No can do brat, I won't let you hit me again." Masaru says, clenching his left hand and purple chakra forming again and made a larger shield than before. "Shield and Spear!" He yells while making his right hand clenching and on either side of his fist, a long pole of purple chakra came out, soon forming a spear with a sharp spearhead. He smirks as he remembers being the only one to achieve making physical weapons and shields with Ninja Art: Kujaku (Mysterious Peacock Method).

Naruto tilts his head, looking at the spear and moves to the left while he did the same, circling each other; he took a breath and pulls his arm back. He quickly thrusts the spear forward; flying towards Naruto, Naruto however quickly took a side step away from it, but it quickly changes direction and makes his eyes widen. The spear sliced through his shoulder, making him roar in pain as he flies back and becomes pinned to a nearby burnt tree behind him, Masaru smirks as he holds onto a purple thread from his hand to the spear.

Naruto looks and sees this, making her realise how he moved the spear, his teeth clench and he sends his fist forward, making the red chakra cloak arm fly towards Masaru. The man's eyes widen and he raises his chakra shield, just managing to block it, but it forces him back by the force and releasing the thread, the chakra spear in Naruto vaporises and he holds onto his wound as it quickly healed. Masaru looks in surprise that Naruto managed to damage one of his best one arm chakra shields he has; he clenches his right hand again, this time, only having purple chakra coming from one side. It quickly forms a sword like object, he glares at Naruto as forms a third tail quickly, slowly making him look nervous as it got harder to breathe, skin itching by the power.

"...You aren't human, no fucking way that you're're a beast...I fucking hate beasts! No purpose of life, just like old guys, they're waiting to die while brats thing they're invulnerable...they're all worthless and you're going to die!" Masaru yells, looking at Naruto and becomes confused as the red chakra became darker, his skin peeling off her and darker red skin under it. "...Now that's interesting..." He says, looking at the new development and notices the boy is forming a fourth tail.

Naruto's skin vaporises and the amount of chakra he gave off was causing a large gust of wind blowing the dust and ashes away and the ground to shake by the power, causing Deidara and Kurotsuchi to look in shock. "I think...we've move...out" Kurotsuchi says, breathing hard since she's never had this amount of chakra coming from the same place which makes it hard to breathe. They didn't move however, or rather, they couldn't move, because of the fear and power the boy was giving off prevented that.


Kakuzu and Kumar move fast, only a few minutes away from the rendezvous and the sky darkens from an unnatural force. Kakuzu looks back, seeing Kakashi and the two ANBU rush forward and threw a few kunai at him, making him turn his body dark and deflects the attacks.

Kakuzu and Kumar stop for a few seconds, soon Kumar ignores this and keeps moving forward while Kakuzu feels some excitement, recognising Kakashi from his bingo book. Kakuzu rushes forward, soon getting into a close combat fight with Kakashi and the two ANBU. "You're mine!" Kakuzu yells.


Naruto had formed a fox like appearance; four tails swaying behind him, his chakra cloak seems to be smooth yet rough looking dark red skin with fox like ears and body structure of a wild animal. Masaru looks at the beast, looking with slight interest by what he's witnessing and grew cautious, moving away slightly, not sure what to do against the creature.

"I fucking hate having to use more wreaks my looks." He says, chakra flowing more rapidly and the feather like chakra behind him become rapidly larger, becoming two times larger than before and the purple markings glowed brighter and slowly grew. "Only had to do this four times in my life, first, I discovered it when I was a kid, then escape my village, fought against Kakuzu, bitch that was and once after that. Bastard heir to some clan, who knew how to use their Kekkei Genkai, think he came from the forgotten Time Nation, never found out what the Kekkei Genkai was, even though he stated that he used it, but all I noticed was him bleeding a lot, took a fucking hour to just hit him once." Masaru says, slowly losing interest of Naruto as a purple marking moved its way towards his head.

Naruto tilts his head, examining the area around itself and lookedat Masaru; its teeth seemed to smirk and dug its claws into the ground, cutting through it like clay. It slowly inhaled a large amount of air, catching the attention of Masaru and looks at him, confused at why it was a deep inhale. The creature's chest increased in size, making him confused but then remembers a similar Jutsu, he quickly removed his chakra sword and places his right arm before him on the shield. He forces his chakra through the shield, making it thicker, larger and darker. Naruto roars and creates a shock wave by the power, causing a large amount of dirt, ground shaking and latterly breaking the sound barrier.

The force hit the shield, pushing Masaru back and causing large amount of damage everywhere in its way, Masaru's arms shook, managing to withstand the attack and prevented any damage from behind the shield. "...Not forced me back...not that many do that with my Level Two Mysterious Peacock Method: Sparta Shield." Masaru claims, feeling his arms ache. "I can extend my power to twice its power...I'm the only one that can double my power with Star chakra..." He says, having had a strange power of gaining power from the stars above.

Naruto looks bemused by this and steps forward, Masaru pulls his right arm back and another purple, chakra sword forms. That however makes his shield weaken greatly, becoming lighter, thinned and smaller than before. The sword became larger and sharper than before, making Masaru smirk as he was about to charge, but Naruto vanishes, making his eyes widen in shock, knowing that he's faster than before. He raises his shield; only managing to block an attack that causes him to fly backwards and quickly recovers, he curses as the claws only managed to pierce through the chakra shield and kept hold of it.

Masaru curseds as Naruto didn't let go and has his arm lengthened, Naruto soon pulls Masaru back and smashes his other fist into his shield, making it shake violently. Masaru curses in pain, getting back on his feet and quickly swings his chakra sword, managing to hit Naruto's arm which is still stuck in the shield. Masaru managed to cut through some of Naruto's skin and made blood trickle down the sword. "Fucking die!" Masaru yells in anger, his chakra rising higher than before.

Naruto roars and pulls hard, making Masaru lose his footing and was swung around like a mace, he was yelling in anger until he was thrown into the ground. The chakra shield vanished and he coughs in pain, he lays in a large crater in the ground, shocking the two teenagers watching.

Naruto soon sucks in a large amount of air and roars at him, causing flames to cover Masaru and fly backwards by the force and stops after a few dozen miles. The flames die out after a few seconds, showing Masaru coughing hard, getting up and his Akatsuki cloak's burnt all around his torso, only the lower part of his cloak remains, but it soon fell off him. He wore his blue shirt that has a few burnt areas around them, he has matching trousers and boots with some scorch marks. "Fucking demonic bastard! You should be killed! I fucking hate brats!" Masaru roars, chakra rapidly increasing and the purple markings grew brighter and starts increasing, spreading across his body, quickly doing a hand sign and the purple peacock feathers rapidly grew in size. "Dragon!" He roars and the chakra behind him took shape and flew high above him, making a Chinese dragon fly above him, quickly growing wings and roars.

Deidara and Kurotsuchi hides behind one of the remaining trees, feeling danger and were chocking by the chakra being given off. Naruto tilts his head, almost finding it interesting but it crouches down, ignoring the other teenagers as they hide, wanting to kill the most powerful person there which was Masaru.

"NOW SURVIVE THIS YOU CUNT!" Masaru roars. "DRAGON ATTACK! LEVEL THREE!" He roars, making the dragon open its mouth and fired a pinkish purple ball at the creature, but Naruto dodges it quickly by jumping into the sky. The ball smashes through the floor and continues downwards, doing deep into the ground and it explodes, causing the ground to shake like an earthquake. The dragon shots at Naruto in the sky, but Naruto vanishes from the sky once again and makes Masaru fire rapidly at the images of Naruto.

Masaru grew angrier as several Star Blasts fly at Naruto, but he dodges the blasts with ease, Masaru soon tells in rage and sends the dragon flying towards Naruto. Naruto lands on the ground and looks at the attack before tilting his head collides with the dragon at force which makes Masaru laugh. He stops when something crashes behind him, he looks back and his eyes widen in shock by seeing Naruto there, pulling back his fist and smashes it into his face. Masaru flew several hundred feet away, crashing through trees and the purple chakra dragon vanishes. Masaru breathes heavily, unsure what just happened and felt his jaw dislocated, he quickly snaps back in place and yells in pain. He quickly rushes towards Naruto, still in rage and is not going to lose. Deidara and Kurotsuchi look in shock, not believing what they're seeing and soon see Naruto tilt his head upwards, having red and blue particles form around her and mixing together near his mouth.

"I think we've got to move!" Deidara yells, grabbing Kurotsuchi tightly and begins running.

Masaru keeps rushing forward, his right eye bloodshot, blood running down his ear and nose and a few teeth missing from Naruto's attack. "YOU'RE FUCKING BASTARD! YOU'RE DEAD!" Masaru roars in fury, finding it difficult to talk. He performs stops a hand sign and skids across the ground, only a few dozen feet away and the purple chakra roaring out of his body, the purple markings on his body blazing and moving around his body violently. "YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!" Masaru roars and the purple chakra grew and thickened, making a strange beast, having a large head with jagged teeth, two arms and claws forming, looking similar to Naruto's Kyuubi appearance.

Naruto opens his mouth even more and swallows the blackish ball, within a second, he hits the ground by the power of the ball, and he soon expands and looks like a giant ball. Masaru looks a little confused as Naruto raises his head, Masaru's eyes widen in shock and realises it was an attack and quickly sends his attack forward.

Naruto opens his mouth and a blast quickly shots forward, creating a flash of light and hit against the Star creature, quickly vaporising it and made Masaru shock by this. He quickly moves both his arms in front of him, quickly creating the chakra Sparta Shield, soon feeling the hit and blinded by Naruto's attack. The unconscious ANBU and Hinata go flying by the force and are soon covered in dirt while Deidara and Kurotsuchi are also forced flying.

A few minutes pass, having a large amount of smoke coming from newly developed wasteland; Naruto stands there, looking at the smoke before him. A figure is seen in the smoke, Naruto watches carefully as the smoke clears away, Masaru breathes heavily, his clothes nearly vaporised and he looks in anger and pain.

Blood pours onto the floor, Masaru coughs up a large amount of blood, nearly a quarter of his body was missing, his arm, part of his jaw, neck and half his torso is now missing. 'How...I used my ultimate defence...I used all my power..'" Masaru thought, looking to see Naruto crouching, looking at him. 'Fuck...' He thought and saw him vanish, aiming to finish him off. "...You...won't win!" Masaru yell, spitting up blood while pushing all his remaining chakra into his left hand, he thrusts it forward, hitting the reappearing Naruto and the chakra explodes, sending both of them flying in opposite directions.

Masaru hits the floor hard and skids across the floor, stopping and didn't move while Naruto flew by the force, skidding across the group and stops after several dozen yards. Naruto slowly gets up, his chakra cloak dissolving; he looks around with his white eyes and blood dripping from his skin, Naruto tries to stand up, but he collapses, hitting the floor and passing out in pain.

Masaru lays on the ground, bleeding what blood remained in him, feeling rage go through him, but couldn't move. 'Fucking bastard...didn't fucking die...I've disgraced myself...if I meet that the next life...I'll kill him...' Masaru thought to himself, his eyes going a little blank, but he sees some movement above him. Ili stands there, looking a little confused and angry, angry that Masaru hurt Naruto. "" Masaru asks in pain, nearly unable to talk.

"Meany...hurt...Naruto...meany...deserve...pain." Ili says in an annoyed voice, kicking Masaru in his wound and makes him cough in pain and spits up blood. Ili then stamps on the man's throat, crushing his throat and making him look in shock, quickly losing all life in his eyes and were blank, having died in a pool of his own blood while Ili stands in it.

Xxxxx (Several minutes earlier)

Asuma and the ANBU were breathing hard, Shumou coughs a little, feeling blood run down his cuts that he received during the fight. Asuma breathes in deeply, signalling the ANBU to distract Shumou while Asuma focuses his Wind chakra into his chakra blades, making them as sharp as possible.

The ANBU throws a kunai and quickly does a few hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" He yells, firing a fireball at Shumou.

Shumou quickly rolls away, jumping forward and narrowly dodges the flames and was about to smash his hammer into the ANBU. Asuma launches himself towards Shumou, the man looks, seeing Asuma attack and quickly pushes lightning chakra through his hammer and swings at Asuma. Asuma's blade and the hammer collide, soon making Shumou look in shock when his hammer is split in half and soon sees blood splatter across the area, coming from the wound that Asuma did when he cut through the hammer.

Asuma and the ANBU move away, seeing the man fall to his knees and watch to see if that was enough to kill him. Shumou holds onto the side of his neck, blood gushing from it, but he looks enrages and shakes as he stands up again. "I...will not...die!" Shumou yells, coughing up blood and sees Asuma throw his chakra blade at him, he does a few hand signs, causing the earth below to raise and form a wall. Asume's chakra blade cuts through the earth like a hot knife through warm butter, soon slicing through Shumou's chest and flew through the air.

Shumou coughs up more blood, soon having life go from his eyes as his lungs start filling up with blood and soon falls from the tree and hits the ground. Asuma breathes easy while quickly moving to get his weapon, after a few seconds, Shumou's body explodes in a burst of blue flames, surprising the two, but they realised that it was a Body Elimination Technique. "Let's move out!" Asuma yells once he retrieved his weapon.


Gari keeps on the assault, making the two ninja move back and throw projectiles at the man since it is suicide to get within arm's reach of the man. Kurenai breathes hard, having been trying to perform a Genjutsu for several minutes now and keeps failing since Gari kept her moving. Kurenai quickly jumps from a tree as Gari goes for her once again while the ANBU keeps launching several dozen shuriken fly towards Gari.

Gari smashes into the tree and causes it to explode while Kurenai holds up her arms to block the splinters. Gari reappears near Kurenai, smirking and launching his palm at her, failing to notice her doing a few hand signs and hits her, causing her to explode and fly in pieces and smoke covers the man, making him cough in confusion and lands on the ground.

Gari looks around, feeling odd and ill before the ground explodes and tree roots tangle with him, making him confused and shocked. 'Is this a Jutsu? Or a Genjutsu?" Gari wonders, finding it hard to breathe and suddenly sees several hundred shuriken flying towards him and suddenly feeling them hit and yell in pain. The Genjutsu dropped when the first shuriken hit and he stamp his foot, covering his body in dust and rocks and that provides cover as he rolls away with several shuriken stabbed in him.

He keeps moving and soon reaches the rocky riverbank, he breathes hard, unsure what happened and doesn't notice a black object coming from the ground with a kunai. The object soon stabs Gari's foot, making him yell in pain and shock, becoming pinned to the ground while the object jumps from the ground and Kurenai starts running. "You bitch! I'll kill you!" He yells, but soon hears flying objects and looks, seeing more shuriken flying towards him.

He curses even more, unable to move and quickly raises his other foot as the shuriken hit before he slams his foot into the ground. Smoke covers the area and Gari stumbles towards the river, getting hit by more shuriken before falling into the river and vanishes.

Kurenai and the ANBU watch the river for a minute before Asuma and the other ANBU arrived, telling them they need to move and nodded. Figuring Gari is dead, but they keep their guard up as they move fast.


The Rock ANBU breathes heavily, cursing her bad luck as she fights two sword masters while she was only an expert level. Hayate and Yugao were working skilfully together, hardly hurt at all and were only slightly winded.

Hayate and Yugao nod at each other, quickly running in opposite directions in a clockwise and counter clockwise position to get the Rock ANBU in a crisscross attack. The Rock ANBU takes a breathe, she soon sees Hayate moving towards him, doing a hand sign which makes the Rock ANBU does a hand sign, creating a wall to block his attack. She waits, soon seeing Hayate jumping over the wall and she quickly does another hand sign, causing the ground next to her to shoot up like a spear and pierce through Hayate. He explodes into smoke, making her curse, soon seeing Hayate rush round the wall and shoots towards her which makes her swing her blade at him. Another Hayate goes round the other side and shoots forwards as well, having the second clone explode, surprising the ANBU before he slices through her and skids to a stop several yards away, not even a speck of blood on his sword.

Yugao appears, rushing towards the Rock ANBU to finish her off, but before she struck, the Rock ANBU explodes into blue flames, suddenly burning the woman and makes her roll away. Her sword melting and her arm severely burnt while Hayate goes to his lover to make sure she's alright.


An ANBU is sent flying when Kakuzu punches him, breaking several bones and causes the medical ANBU to go and help him while Kakashi dodges a large water ball from a black creature that came from Kakuzu's back. The Akatsuki member just stands there, looking impassive since the ANBU thought he was controlling them and attacked, only to be hurt for trying to attack him.

Kakashi breathes hard, looking around and covering the medical ANBU was difficult enough with Kakuzu, but with Kakuzu and four black creatures, that's insane. He tries to think of a plan to attack, but they suddenly feel a horrifying sensation, something that Kakashi wished he'd never feel again in his entire life and looks eastward, knowing that it's the Kyuubi's chakra.

Kakuzu looks in the general direction and raises an eyebrow. "What did you do Masaru..." He wonders.

Kakashi sees that Kakuzu is distracted and launches towards him, doing an hand sign as he moves and the flying black beast flies high and fires a Wind Style: Pressure Damage at Kakashi. Kakashi puffs in smoke, soon having two Kakashi roll in opposite directions and narrowly avoided the attack and move fast. The yellow masked black creature shoots forward, soon shooting a spear of lightning at Kakashi, but he stops and appears to block the lightning with his left hand. He raises his right hand and smirks as lightning formed and a hound like creature shoots out of his hand, moving fast and overpowered.

Kakuzu's eyes widen when he noticed the attack and moves back, soon having his lightning beast stop charging Kakashi up and the Wind creature fly up and fire's another wind pressured blast at the attack. Kakashi runs towards Kakuzu again while the wind attack collides with the lightning beast, after a few seconds, Kakashi's clone appears, grabbing the remnants of the lightning that beast was attached to. The two shoot forward, surprising Kakuzu once again as the two rush pass him with the Lightning Cable and slices him in half and one of his hands flies by being severed as well.

Kakashi and the clone stops, looking to see the other beasts look at what happened, but they go to attack, but a dark pressure builds and makes everyone stop. Several hundred yards away, Naruto just unleashed a Tailed Beast Ball at Masaru who just created his Sparta Shield and the land around Kakashi and the others explode and the Wind creature in the air is vaporised.

The shield blocked some of the Tailed Beast Ball which happened to have Kakashi's fight behind the shield when the ball collided with the shield. It managed to save Kakashi's group and most of Kakuzu's beasts since the shield took most of the damage and made the land between the shield's cover devastated. (Like what Naruto did to Orochimaru in Shippuden with the walls)

Kakashi coughs hard, wondering what just happened and looks around, seeing the trees bare now from the explosion, missing their leafs. The red masked creature appears above Kakashi and stabs its hand into Kakashi, making him look in shock while the creature stands there. After a second, Kakashi turns blue and explodes into lightning, causing the creature to roar in pain before its mask explodes and shows that it is killed.

Kakashi appears from a fallen tree, counting that he just killed one and wonders if his team is alright, unaware that Kakuzu is now fully reattached and rather angered that he just lost two of his hearts within a few seconds. 'Damn it Masaru! What did you do?!' Kakuzu roars to himself, soon sensing half a dozen chakra signitures heading his way and figured that the teams lost their fight.

Kakuzu opens his back and forces his mask creatures back into his body, knowing that it risks losing more of his hearts and is rather impressed that he lost two hearts in a fight. He sinks into the ground and aims to find out what happened with Masaru, vowing to kill Kakashi and take his heart to replace his own.


At Naruto's fight scene, Ili is shaking Naruto, a little worried since he is bloody and not waking up. She then senses that someone is standing behind her and looks, seeing a white haired man, she was fearful at first, but the man had a nice aura and sighs in relief. "Naruto...hurt..." Ili says in a sad voice.

The man nods, soon hearing scruffling and looks to see a couple of Leaf ANBU wake up, holding onto their wounds and they see the man. "Master Jiraiya..." One of them says, getting up painfully while the other looks nearby, seeing the dead ANBU and injured Hinata and gets worried, moving to her.

Jiraiya waves at them, looking a little scared by Naruto's hurt body, bending down and checks on Naruto, glad that he's alright, but he's just hurt bad. He didn't notice a bee flying nearby and picks up Naruto while the second ANBU sealed away the ANBU's body in a scroll so no information can be found from his body before picking up Hinata.

"We'll take Naruto." The first ANBU tells him, holding out his arm to take him.

Jiraiya shakes his head. "No, I'm going to take Naruto." Jiraiya informs him, making them look confused. "The Akatsuki have got stronger means to capture people...Naruto is now a prime example, I can't allow him to stay in your care, staying in one place offers great risk towards him and the village." Jiraiya tells him, pulling out a scroll and chucking it at the ANBU who caught it. "I'll take him and be on the move, it will be practically impossible for Akatsuki to keep track." Jiraiya tells them, picking Naruto up while Ili watches Naruto carefully.

"But lady Tsunade will want him under her watch because of his other personality." The ANBU informs Jiraiya.

"I'll help and look for any information or ways to prevent what's wrong with Naruto." Jiraiya informs them. "Give Tsunade the scroll." Jiraiya tells them. "I'll guard over Naruto." He says and begins walking away, but Ili holds onto Naruto's arm.

"!" Ili complains.

Jiraiya looks at the girl. "I'll look after Naruto, he has to go away for a little while." Jiraiya says.

"No...leave...Naruto!" Ili complains again, holding on tighter.

Jiraiya sweats a little. "What's this girl's story?" Jiraiya asks.

The ANBU looks at Ili. "She was with Naruto when he returned, she appears to be rather attached to Naruto and had to be kept watched over when he went on missions." The ANBU informs him.

Jiraiya sighs. "I guess she'll keep him company." Jiraiya says. "I'll look after her as well!" Jiraiya calls, walking away while Ili keeps hold of him as they move.


It's been several minutes and Kakuzu appears at the scene, looking around and sees Masaru's body, a little surprised by the damage. "Pathetic." He says, grabbing the left side of Masaru and having wires/stitches dig into Masaru's chest, after a few seconds, he rips Masaru's heart out and makes it slowly go into his body.

The ground near him opens and a Venus flytrap sticks out and a half black, half white man comes from between it, they look around. "Holy and Masaru do make a lot of commotion." The white one says. "What happened here?" The darker one asks.

"Masaru was pathetic in not being able to keep hold of the child by the looks of things." Kakuzu says.

"I told you we should've watched that fight rather than Kakuzu's." The white one says. "You didn't want to split and said that Masaru could handle it." The dark one says. "Well, Kakuzu's was more entertaining, he lost two hearts." The white one says, sounding more bemused.

Kakuzu feels a small amount of rage and glares at the man. "Shut up." He tells him, grabbing the body of Masaru and picks him up before moving away. "He'll be worth a small fortune." He says, feeling more pleased about it.

The white one chuckles before sinking into the ground. Kumar has been watching the entire scene, a little interested but gets moving, aiming to get back home.


Deidara and Kurotsuchi were running still, a little out of breath and they stop, a little confused and wonder how far they had ran. "" Kurotsuchi asks, feeling tired and wants to rest.

"We go...back home...we tell...the old man...what happened." Deidara says, coughing slightly and feeling glad that he got away, wondering how he was even suggested on joining Akatsuki since they were all insane and facing a beast like that. 'If I'm going to join, I'm going to work hard!' Deidara vowed, taking Kurotsuchi's hand and moving fast.


At a river, a hand shoots out of the water and grabs the rocky bank and a person pulls themselves out of the water, coughing up blood and water while covered in shuriken. 'Fuck...' He says to himself, dragging himself to the surface and breathes heavily. 'Need to rest...' He says to himself and passes out, not sure if he'll wake up again.


Morning rises and Tsunade has been informed of everything that's happened, a little angry for Jiraiya taking Naruto and Ili before talking to her. She's also a little upset that two ANBU died during the pursuit and is worrying herself ragged, losing Naruto like that because of Akatsuki and Jiraiya taking him away while Ili follows.

Hinata is awake, hurting from her injuries and that Naruto's been taken away by Jiraiya before she could even see Naruto again and kiss him. Hinata cries to herself, her boyfriend is gone for who knows when and won't see or hold him, wishing she was with him. Hinata wipes his tears away and will stand by the gate everyday she can to wait for his return and work hard, he helped her grow and she will grow more for him and hope that one day, she meets him again.


Naruto holds onto himself, covered in bandages and sitting at the camp, Ili sleeping next to him while Jiraiya starts making breakfast. Naruto nears Wild Naruto whispering in his ear and ignores it, hoping that he'll find a way to kill that thing so he can live happily and will work hard to achieve that goal. "Jiraiya Sensei...can't I go back and say goodbye?" Naruto asks the old man.

"No, they could be watching the village, I promise that you'll go back there for your little girlfriend in the future." Jiraiya says, sounding sad, but smiles at the boy.

Naruto nods, a wanting to cry, but then he remembers something, a letter can be sent, now all Naruto has to do is learn to write proper words and how to make a letter.

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