The prologue to An Accidental Interception of Fate was initially posted on Jan. 16, 2001, but was not completed until July 14, 2003 - after a number of interruptions for other stories, including a couple novels. It won 4 separate awards: 2003 CBFFAs for "Best X-Men Media" (e.g., not comics-based), and "Best Romance"; the 2003 X-Day award for "Best Novel"; and was chosen as "Novel of the Year" by the Cyclops-website Heart of a Hero.

So even if it was not completed until the "middle" of my time writing for X-Men, I knew the PLOT of it - and all the background shown here - before writing Climb the Wind or Heyoka ... both of which are much shorter. Like all my movie-based novels, it utilizes some characters from the (MUCH, more extensive) world of the comics, such as Lee Forrester - not to mention Hank McCoy and Warren Worthington (two of the Original Five). But sometimes I needed true originals, and AIoF introduced a couple who appear in later novels, most notably "Nostradamus," the future-seeing Frank (Francesco) Placido, and Scott's college roommate and best friend, E.J. Haight (not a mutant).

As a PREQUEL, it is NOT necessary to know anything about the X-Men, or to have ever watched an X-Men movie, to read this novel. Everything you need to know is explained within.

A FEW BASICS (posted with/before all X-Men novels):

In my X-Men fiction, I created TWO basic "worlds," each of which shares a common continuity. I re-use these because it's convenient, but that means things can get a bit confusing if one launches into the novels indiscriminately.

The chief difference between my two worlds involve radically different origins for Cyclops (Scott Summers). Essentially, these two worlds are "movie world" and "comic-based movie world." Or, Scott is not an orphan vs. Scott is an orphan. Each does have a "preliminary" or "prequel" novel that explains how the X-Men came to be in that particular "world."

In the first category (non-orphan), the history of Scott is based (loosely) on the history given in the novelization of the FIRST X-Men movie, or X-Men I (dir. Bryan Singer, please don't confuse it with the recent X-Men: First Class). X-Men I came out in 2000. The second category is much more heavily based on the comics themselves, and utilizes his official comics history as an orphan.

Novels/short stories that utilize the NON-ORPHAN background:
An Accidental Interception of Fate (prequel)
Climb the Wind (set after X1)
[Heyoka & Children of the Middle Waters (not available on FF-net)]
(story series) "Man Behind Red Shades" & "Micky Blue Eyes"
(short stories) "Letters and Papers from Prison," "Mutant Darwin Awards," "Sleepy Dragon," "101(and not Dalmatians)," "Bitch," "Idle Musings of a Woman at Eighty," "Broken," & "Agonia."

Novels/short stories that utilize the comics-based ORPHAN background:
Special: the genesis of Cyclops (prequel)
Grail: a novel of resurrection (set after X2)
(Short stories) "Five Pounds," & "Anahinga,"
(Crossovers) "Case X-1743: Unresolved" (X-Files) & "The Room With a Computer" (Harry Potter)

In terms of sheer wordcount, I probably produced more work for X-Men than any other fandom, especially if one also counts the purely comics-based stories (or "comicverse" vs. "movieverse").