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I never thought I'd have children.

I always imagined myself alone as an adult, with only the animals in the woods for company. Occasionally I pictured my mother or Prim in my fantasies and, as our relationship progressed, Gale as well. But never them.

Never the gray eyed, black haired little boy, or the girl who, by some miracle, inherited blue eyes.

I lean against the doorframe, watching the two of them playing in the sand. Their two black heads contrast sharply against the beige sand, and musical laughter bubbles up.

It's hard to tell which is older, although Cinna always insists he'll grow soon, and then they'll be able to tell who's two years older. I always nod and agree, and share a grin with Gale.

A pair of strong arms wrap around my waist, and I sink into them automatically, proof above all else that I've changed since the Games.

No, I remind myself. Don't think of them. They'll only give you nightmares.

Instead, I run through all the good things in my life. My name is Katniss Hawthorne, I'm married to Gale Hawthorne, and I have a six year old son named Cinna and a four year old daughter named Rue. I live in District Four, next to Annie, Finnick, and their kids, Haymitch and Effie, and my mother. My sister Prim lives in District Five, and is married to a man named Roland. I am happy. I am happy.

"I'm happy," I whisper, just loud enough for Gale to hear. He tightens his hold on me.

"I know," he whispers back, both our eyes glued on our children at the beach. "I am too."

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