Four Swords

A blur of cobalt, embodied and encased in a vessel of speed, skill and power, followed you, chasing you through the shadows. It leaped from canopy to canopy, cutting from corners to corners, leaving you no room for anything other than running. Your lungs burned with anxiety as you panted short, quick breaths. Your muscles screamed to your mind through your nerves, even as you strained them further, pushing yourself to your upmost limit in your attempt at escape. Yet…

…The soft chuckles that followed you told another tale; there was no escape for the simple, mortal man. The insanity of the night trailed after you in your shadows. In every corner of darkness, you saw the illusion of a man—no, a being beyond humanity—shooting forth and piercing you. Only then, as you heart pounded and seemed to leap out of your chest, do you realize you dreamed of these shadows. Your exhausted cries cannot even reach the shadows…

…You stumbled into the shed, your father's workshop. Without lights on, with only the moonlight to illuminate the quarters you have stumbled into, long shadows were cast all around you. In mere seconds, even you knew the blue-clad, insane man would enter through your doors, and impale you with his hard, powerful spear. Your mind flashed as you perceive these moments to be your last, so many regrets of unfulfilled dreams lay wasted all around you. Your final lament was…

…Your thoughts, ramblings and reveries, were disrupted completely by the glow of ethereal light all around you. A glowing circle of power, cast by some force unknown to you, spreads and lights up the room with such blinding and pure power, that you were forced to cover your eyes—just barely. Formed through powers beyond your comprehension, a figure stands before you, a beauty.

It happened so fast—a flash of light, a rush of power—and now, before your eyes, a beautiful blond woman, her golden locks swaying gently in an invisible wind that entered through mysterious means. Her cold, gentle eyes glimmered in the soft moonlit night like her silver armor as she turned to you silently. Those green eyes inquired of you, just as her lips parted in sync. She stood before you regally and proudly, as her voice cuts through your admiration of her beauty, "I ask of you, are you my Master?"

Your heart pumped rapidly as your mind raced, the aura of mystery surrounding this woman along with her unique appearance fascinating and dazzling you. The moonlight shone upon the edges of her figure, creating an almost tangible aura as the edges of her hair became alit into a natural halo of gold. Her golden strands framed her alabaster face prettily, as if she were a work of art. Yet it is not just her beauty that captivated you; her mystery, her legend-like appearance, mystified you.

You gaped as you tried to piece together syllables to form words. You attempted once, before licking your lips slowly and focusing again, yet unable to remove your eyes from her glorious visage. Your lips part once more, about to respond to her, the question her question…

…When the circle of light flashed once more, a surge of power washing over you again. From beside the first blond woman walked forth yet another, one that instead of donned in royal blues and silver armor, was dressed in a bright red dress, embroidered with gold. Its soft glimmer in the night told you that it was not just thread, but pure gold that made up of part of her… gown. Your face heated up as blood rushed to your cheeks; her dress was made to accentuate her chest, which was the one most notable difference between the second blond woman and the first. Her bountiful chest bounced slowly as she stood up straight and scanned the room, delight growing in her eyes. But were it not for her chest (you doubt you could fit those in your hands), the girls could have been twins.

From the corner of your eyes, you see the first girl, the blue-clad, armored foreign rose, staring in a state of mild shock that lasted a few seconds. Were they not sisters? They could be—

The blond girl dressed in red walked—no, strutted—up to you with a confident gait that you would most associate with the elite of society. Yet she was not haughty, on her face was an amused grin, which grew as she took your image into her mind. The closer she approached you, the happier she seemed. Just a step away from you, she was skipping heartily. Her tantalizing, pink lips drew into one of the most beautiful smiles you have ever seen as she asks you, "Hallo! I bet you're my Master, aren't you? Well, I'm you—"

She was cut off, as yet another light shone through the circle. Your hands twitched as you raised them to cover your eyes again; the light and power flowed through the circle once more.

…Your heart jumps once more, but not of attraction or arousal. From the dim lights stepped forth a dark knight of dimly glowing red, so much like freshly flowing blood, and the darkest blacks. She stood like the others, looking so much like the other two. Yet her armor is of the blackest night, jagged and sharp, like some dark lord's armor, filling you with fear and dread. You could not see her face clearly; her eyes are shielded and protected by a visor of black and red. Even her hair and her skin were paler than the others, not glowing at all in the moonlight. From your perspective on the ground, it seemed as if she absorbed the light into her being, making everything darker as time stood still.

She—of this triplet—nodded once towards you, grunting softly and startling all of you, even the stoic, blue-clad girl who appeared first. Then she took heavy steps towards the first blond girl, the one dressed in blue. With a single, heavily gauntleted hand, this girl armored in black pinched the edge of the blue clad girl's dress and hung onto it, while seemingly hiding herself from you using the blue-clad girl as a shield.

You blinked, no longer feeling the initial surprise or awe as the circle glowed yet again. No one said anything, other than the red-clad girl, who let out a squeak of glee as another girl—another twin? Quadruplet?—stood out of the aura of lights and power.

She was wearing a low-cut dress and partly covered in silver armor, resembling the first girl in almost every way other than the way she carried herself. Her demeanor was not serious or determined, but a rather lax and mischievous attitude washed off of her very being. She glowed brightly in the night lights, her silver armor, covered in black runes, glowing brighter than even the gold of the red-clad girl.

She stepped out of the circle as it grew dim and giggled as her eyes landed upon you. Clasping her hands together as if she was praying, she curtseyed to you and murmured, "I know this, but I shall ask of you, aren't you my Master?" She grinned at you as she straightened herself.

Your mouth hung slightly open, as you stared up at her, which only caused her to giggle louder. At this, everyone else stared at each other, both unsure of what just occurred and seemingly surprised that each other was here at all. You certainly are more surprised than the rest. Your eyes were wide, as you tried to figure out how to react… no, how to even explain this phenomenon to your own mind. What exactly had occurred here? How… why you? How did this happen?

"Um…" You tried to process what was occurring.

Your muscles relaxed as the magical circle became less visible, perhaps this was the last of the girls—the last of this quadruplet of… knights? They all seemed to stand regally like royalty, even the dark one who only grunted and growled. Each stared at the other, apprehensive and cautious, yet surprise filled each girl-knight's eyes. Everyone in the shed stared at everyone else, while you were too shocked to even stand up.

Then the blue-clad man wielding the bulging lance stepped into the entrance, whatever he was about to say, perhaps just announcing his presence, died in his mouth as his jaws hung open at the sight of the four knights who surrounded you in a protective semi-circle immediately. Each girl's expressions, and whatever thoughts were in their minds, were wiped of their mild curiosity and different attitudes. All of their faces became similar, like one, they settled with determined battle stances, each only slightly different from the other. Weapons materialized in their hands, of fires and winds, of golden light and of the darkest blackness, each an instrument of destiny and legend.

The blue-clad girl charged first, followed almost immediately by the one in black, pushing the once confident lancer back and out of the shed with their combined might. The pressure of the invisible blade of wind and the black blade of red light and blackness clashed against the lancer's weapon, pushing him almost out of the compound with a single, combined attack alone.

Their combined attack sparked with bright flashes as both girls' attacks glowed with terrifying magical energy. It could hardly be called attacks anymore, as they were blinding explosions of power… such power, that you could not tell how much force it might take to block such blows like the blue-clad man did so simply…

…You… could hardly believe what was happening.

…You were shocked. You… You cannot react. Two small girls that size… shorter than you, and with such slender arms! The pair of them was overpowering the man ruthlessly and relentlessly. You stared in shock as more flashes of magical power washed over you, simple aftereffects of their clashes.

…Such tremendous magical power…

The black-clad girl roared loudly, piercing the stillness of the night with her battle cry as she pushed forward recklessly. Beside her, her—sister? Ally?—charged as well, steadily on an even defensive and offensive, protecting both with her invisible weapon. Their combined efforts allowed the man no chance to gloat, or even talk, like he did before. At that moment he looked like he knew he was defeated.

He barely had any time to defend himself; even the white-clad girl was circling him slowly, just her presence putting further pressure on him. It kept him from going on the offensive, in fact it kept him from even bantering like he so seemed to want to.

Rather than backing down, his hands reared back, a gathering of power that even you can sense, ready to throw his mighty lance. Electricity sparkles and runs down the man's potent weapon, charging with such visible magical energy. He lowered his lance, and it felt as if a different kind of aura surrounded the combatants. An aura of bloodlust…

This caused the blue-clad girl to pause, staring intently as she frowned. "A Noble Phantasm…!" She whispered through her gritted teeth, barely audible for you. She held herself back, back to a stance of defense. Seeing this, the black-clad girl mirrored her…

…But in that instant, even before the lancer was about the charge his shot, the white-clad girl flew forward and under his guard, tackling his torso with her shoulder before cutting her blade of golden light upwards. She even so much as gave a friendly taunt, "Not this time, Cu Chulainn!"

You stand up and follow the girls out of your shed, the red-clad girl staying dangerously close to your side. Her other assets were a constant distraction to your concentration; you must remind yourself constantly that you are still in a life-or-death situation to keep your eyes forward and focused on the matter at hand. The dangerous and obviously deranged, blue-clad man was still here!

The white-clad girl's blade knocked the man into the air, causing him to shift from an offensive stance back to defensive just in time to save his life. The blow flipped him into the air a dozen meters before he back flipped and landed on the walls of your house. After twirling his spear once, he stared at you, only barely panting from exertion.

Then he growled to you, "Kid, you… you don't play fairly at all! I would love to stay and fight the real fight, but my… tsk… Master," he said this word with such venom before continuing, "ordered me otherwise. But you ladies remember that my spear is always up for a bout!"

As the man leaped away, faster than these girls could catch him, and many times faster than you thought possible, you heard something in the distance, just beyond your walls.

You ran up to the girls, more concerned if they were injured than anything else. But the first thing that came to your mind, the first thing that you uttered out was how strange they were. They were strange beings, with fantastical powers beyond anything you could comprehend. Even your father did not show you such powers. You would not let yourself to be dazzled by such powers and forget yourself. You shake your head quickly and remind yourself that each of these girls was a powerful, mysterious being. You must stay on guard, at least until you know what they are. So you said the first thing that came to you and asked, "Who… are you?"

You fell back half a step as you asked this, causing all of the four girls to turn to you.

The first to answer was the girl clad in blue, the first to appear. She stared at you coldly, "…What do you mean? I am Servant Saber." She answered in a quiet voice, before pausing and taking a better look at you. A small frown marred her porcelain face, "…You summoned me, so I did not expect you would need to confirm it."

You stared at her in wonder, having only gotten more questions spawned from the answer you just received. In an awed tone, you repeated after her, "Servant Saber?"

She nodded and replied without any doubt in her voice, "Yes, please call me Saber," she says without hesitation. Her tone was polite and gentle, enough to cause you to become dazed by her personal beauty, like when you first met her. You felt your mind go blank…

"Wait!" The red-clad girl interrupted, "But-but I'm Saber!" She added. Her voice was the opposite of the blue-clad Saber's, loud and proud. "We can't both be Saber!"

The first Saber's frown deepened as she turned to the red-clad Saber at her exclamation. Then she turns to you, as if she was expecting some kind of explanation or as if she blamed this solely upon you. So they don't know each other then, you wonder. The fire Saber finally decides to respond, "…I have never experienced this type of situation; you must be a very powerful magus, Master."

You blinked, confused, before the red-clad Saber chortled and added, "Fine, fine! Call me Red Saber, for now! And you can be Blue Saber!"

"B-Blue Saber? That's…"

"Y-you girls have s-strange names," you chime in, causing Blue Saber to pause and frown at you again. You couldn't take her staring for more than a few seconds before you hid your red face in your hands. You knew you had just said something stupid, but… You didn't know what else to say, but what was polite to say? Why did you criticize their names anyway? You try to ignore it and added, "…I'm Shirou. My name is Emiya Shirou, and I live in this house."

Isn't this how people acted in movies, whenever a young boy met a girl, because he would get flustered…? Flustered! That's exactly how you feel right now, right? Why were you being so stupid, you should just correct yourself, or apologize, or… or…

The first Saber stared at you stared at you without her expression changing at all. The other Saber tilted her head at you rather cutely, but otherwise remained the same as well, though a small frown creased her brows. She placed her arms on her hips, as if expecting more from you. The black-clad girl said nothing, while the white clad girl giggled in the background, not even volunteering to say anything either.

"No, I mean, I… wait, I take that back, I…" You scratch you head, trying to string together the right words to form the sentence you meant to say, "That's not what I meant to ask you, I…"

"I know," the first Saber nodded gently, "you are not a formal Master, correct? Whatever the case, you are still my Master, and as long as our contract remains, I shall not betray you. There is no need for you—"

Before she could finish her sentence, the red-clad Saber jumped on your back and clung on to you by hooking her arms around your neck. She is surprisingly light; enough that it felt like you were not carrying anything at all. She laughed giddily, "You are my Master too! Shirou, is it? Shirou! Shirou! Shirou!" She yelled, as if she were acting like she was testing your name out, but really just enjoyed expressing herself.

"Then I shall call you Shirou too," the first Saber added, though she did not smile. Still, she was no longer frowning, which led you to relax as well. "Yes, I like the sound of that better, I shall call you Shirou." She nodded.

"Yes, I think I shall too! Shirou-kun!" The white-clad girl added for the first time in this conversation. Really, why was she standing so far from you anyway?

Their voices blended together, like a chorus of angels, which was more than enough to cause your face to grow steadily redder. Well, it was enough to cause you to blush enough to… "Ow!" Pain ran through your hands, as you looked down you see a pair of tattoos on the back of each of your hands as if they were burned into your skin. Then the pain doubled, as another set of tattoos appeared on each of your palms as well. "Wha… what the…?"

"That is called a Command Spell, Shirou," the first Saber explains patiently, but the white-clad girl—perhaps another Saber?—interrupted and added, "You can make us to anything, but only three times, Shirou! If you run out, that's the end of the line for you as a Master, you know? So you shouldn't use them thoughtlessly!"

Before you could say another word, the first Saber turns away, muttering softly, "Prepare yourself, Shirou. There are two more enemies outside."

"Two more…? Enemies outside?" You wondered aloud, but the white-clad girl closed the distance between you and her in an instant and placed a hand on your shoulder. That alone caused your face to go aflame once more.

"Don't worry, Shirou! All is as it should be, this won't take long," She giggled softly as the first Saber and the black-clad girl both jumped lightly. Like the Lancer, they disappeared over the walls and into the shadows of the night.

You were left with only the second Saber and the white-clad girl. The white-clad girl has not stopped giggling, and the only action she has taken was tracing your form with her eyes lewdly. You decided to run after the other girls; perhaps they would meet enemies more powerful than the Lancer?

With that, you ran out of the gates as fast as you could.

It was dark, everywhere. The moon took a good time to disappear into a veil of stormy clouds. There was nothing left to illuminate your path, but your other senses compensate for this, and you know enough which direction to run. There was no one else on the road, or anywhere near.

It happened in an instant.

Saber destroyed her target's defense. She was fighting that guy who was fighting the lancer, confronting him and winning. That familiar guy in red… Saber defeated his attempts at blocking without hesitation. The girl in black looped under Saber's arms and cut upwards brutally, causing a grunt and a splatter of liquids from the man in red.

…It was a soft sound, like that of the rubber soles scrapping softly against the ground, but you heard it immediately…

Saber followed up the black-clad girl's upward slash with a downward strike like a hammer. But just before he is cut in half, the man disappears as a powerful magic is cast.

Neither Saber nor the black-clad girl stopped.

Saber was faster than her black-clad ally, dashing forward at the person behind the man and easily cuts off the powerful spell the person was trying to launch. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you stared at the scene in shock. You knew what kind of spell this person was trying to cast… a spell of magnitude that your father may have been able to use, but not even first class magi could do it so easily. To nullify it so readily…

But you don't have the time to think about that. All of that, that complete surprise at her prowess, is all in the back of your mind. All you could think of is how this person will die…

The blue-clad girl and the black-clad girl both leaped at the enemy magus immediately…

You called out hoarsely, "S-Stop! Wait—"

It was not enough to stop the girls alone.

However, you were not alone. Before the wind weapon and the blade of darkness could crash down and utterly annihilate the enemy magus, a jagged, rigged blade shot forth from the red-clad girl's hands, stopping the blue-clad girl's wind weapon. A moment later, the white-clad girl blocked the black-clad girl just as well with her own weapon of light.

"Why…?" The blue-clad girl mutters as she backs up, landing beside you. She looks confused, but she is reining herself in, so you took a moment to sigh and hope that Tohsaka didn't hold these girls' actions against you. It's not like you were responsible for them or something!

The red-clad girl tosses her golden locks, before ignoring the girl she blocked completely and jumping in front of you. With great eagerness, she clings to your side, pressing her body against your arm and asks, "Did I do well, Master? Did I? Are you going to praise me now, Master?"

"Uh…" You blinked slowly. On some wild instinct of yours that you later had come to question, your hands rose shakily up to the red-clad girl's forehead and rubbed her slowly, causing her to giggle and purr. Her hair was surprisingly soft; it felt like you were running your fingers through feathers. Her head bounced quickly under your ministrations, as she more than readily accepted your gesture of affection. Strangely enough, the white-clad girl was staring at the girl pressed against you enviously. Or was she staring at you enviously? You are not quite sure.

"…Don't," You muttered, "Please don't do it, Saber. Don't… kill…" You try your best to glare at her, for her disrespect of life. You prepared yourself to do your best to stop her. All the while, the white-clad twin of Saber held her golden sword against the black-armored girl, though both of them seem to have relaxed enough to no longer be clashing against each other anymore.

"Why are you stopping me, Shirou?" Saber asked, with no intention of stopping at all. Perhaps she didn't hear you, but even so, she is willing to kill, without any remorse. "She is Archer's Master. We have to kill her here," Saber reasoned.

"I-I'm telling you to wait!" You didn't quite understand even then, what you were trying to tell her. But the distaste of having to have been responsible, if even indirectly, of killing someone so easily like that… you didn't want it and it certainly was not something you would agree with. Certainly she could see that? "I-I don't understand any of t-this at all! Master this, Master that or something… I-I still don't understand who you are! Just… just don't do this, alright? We can talk; I will listen…"

All of the girls stared at you, though perhaps for different reasons. The white-clad girl looked at you as if you were some kind of amusing show on television for her to enjoy. The blue-clad Saber stared at you in silent, with her expression unreadable. Now that you looked, all of the girl's expressions were unreadable, and all of them stared at you in silence.

"…Are you asking of me, to not even kill the enemy?" She asked.

No, no… you are not such a man who would just let go of any enemy who attacked you. But are these people even your enemy? They were not attacking you this entire time Lancer has been on your back! But rather than saying anything that you just thought, all that parted from your lips was a dumbfounded, "…huh?"

"So you are saying… do not take a life even if it is that of an enemy's, correct?" She repeats once more. She seems to be trying to be patient, despite having a so-called enemy so close. Why are all the other girls just standing around, watching? What are they expecting from Saber? Or what are they expecting from you?

"…I'm talking about you," You rambled out. You realized that you are ranting, but you could not stop it. Being so put on the spot, you just said whatever came to mind first, "A girl shouldn't be swinging a sword like you! Girls… Well! I don't even know if it is a sword, but I can see all your twins, or triplets, or quadruplets or whatever, are all using swords! You… you're all girls, so you shouldn't do that!"

Saber looked dumbfounded as you were just a moment ago. Perhaps you were just rambling stupidly, but you seemed to have a streak of that tonight, why stop? But Saber was taken back, hesitating for the first time.

The girl in black was as unreadable as ever, but the Red Saber seemed almost ready to agree with you even without listening to what you have said. Though she snapped back at the last second and considered what the Blue Saber said and had a rather conflicted expression on her face…

…As for the white-clad quadruplet? You looked around, but she seems to have hidden herself somewhere…

…Why are you all just standing there anyway?

Suddenly, the magus speaks, "So, well Saber-san lower her sword now?"

"I have no sword to lower in front of an enemy, Magus," Saber turned back to the girl speaking and added, "Give up."

"Even if your Master says to lower it?" The voice was teasing. At least, you think it was teasing. Wasn't it teasing?

Saber grits her teeth, but did not move forward for the kill.

"I see. Then I can stand up, right?" The girl on the ground brushed her rear shamelessly.

You frown… hey…



…Wait a second! Wait a second. That sulky expression, those twin-tails, you know her… That's definitely your schoolmate, "Y-you, you're Tohsaka…!"

"Yes, well," She replied contritely, yet with a big smile, as she brushed her hair back, "Good evening, Emiya-kun."

She greeted you so easily, as if it was something she did everyday.

"Whoa-wait!" You stutter, suddenly flustered all over again. "You… you just did magic! Um, well, um… so…?"

"I'm a magus, We're the same, right?" Tohsaka's steps clicked softly up to you. She raised an elegant eyebrow at you in question before saying in a slow drawl, "Are you so blatantly showing off in front of me, Emiya-kun? Perhaps you should control your Servants better before you try that attempt again."


"Let's go inside, why don't we?" Tohsaka added clearly implying that you are being stupid. "You don't know anything, right Emiya-kun?"

With that, she invited herself into your house, without a word from you.

While Saber looked rather conflicted, her white-clad twin (?) was smiling brightly now, suddenly between us. She slung an arm around each of our shoulders and giggled loudly, "Don't worry, don't worry! This is nothing! Come on, come on…"

As she pulled you into the house, with a dumbfounded Red Saber and black-clad twin in tow, she added, "Do you think you could cook a late night snack for us, Shirou?"

Are you nervous?

Are you flustered?

Are you confused?

Are you all of the above and more?

Well, what did you expect?

A strange, awkward silence permeated as you followed Tohsaka Rin into the gates of your home, accompanied by a whole trope of deliciously beautiful foreigners, two of whom took the liberty to cling to your arms. The Red Saber and the girl in the white armor each claimed one of your arms as their territory, while the other two, who you still assume to be their sisters, followed you and watched Tohsaka like a hawk.

But… What are you even doing really?

Could you feel the intense beating of your heart within your chest and the many flustered, racing thoughts that flowed through your mind in awkward intervals? Could you have even imagined such a scenario in your life… ever?

Before you, this was more than just a schoolmate! Tohsaka was the school idol, someone that everybody admired, even or especially you. This situation couldn't be any stranger, could it?

Behind you was the girl in the black, jagged armor, silently stalking you as if she was your shadow. Throughout this entire night, she had been silent, never once uttering more than a grunt or a growl. Her permanent scowl, which was plastered all over her pale, porcelain face seemed to only enhance her allure, despite her apparent dislike for everything around her. You wondered for a moment if that hate extended to you, but your mind drifted to the other girl, the first Saber.

The Blue Saber was also following you silently…

…Gah! There was no time for you to think about her! Why is Tohsaka stepping into your home?

"Wha-wait! What are you thinking…?" You stuttered out, trying desperately to make sense of this night. Instead, Tohsaka only looked at you from over her shoulder giving you a mix of a suspicious and pitying stare.

"Are you really that stupid, Emiya-kun?" She asked, once more patronizing you as if you were a child. No, that wasn't right. It felt more like she was trying to educate the uneducated. But that might have been more correct that you wished to allow it to be; you are barely a half-assed magus compared to Tohsaka, who had already done things on a level far above that which you could ever hope to comprehend.

"I'm thinking about a lot of things," Tohsaka drawled slowly and sweetly. Was it your imagination or did she seem to be completely different from how she acted at school? "That's why I want to talk to you."

You nodded awkwardly as she walked into your compound. She was angry, wasn't she? Of course she would be pissed, who wouldn't when they just had a sword to their throat not a moment ago?

…But you were not stupid. You knew this, even if you cannot change her mind.

You were a magus, just like Tohsaka, even if she is on a different level than you entirely. You could think things through, analyze them like everything else…

…If only the breasts pressed against your arms were not so distracting…

…And you know for one thing that these girls, perhaps all Sabers of some kind, were some kinds of familiars. Were they all called Sabers, you wondered? But you knew that man was called Lancer. Then he was a Lancer then? A type of special familiar perhaps…?

While your knowledge of magecraft was weak, if not outright pathetic, you were sure that these girls were familiars, because they all called you Master, with exception of the black armored girl. Somehow, you also had a contract with each of them, making it even clearer that they are… something…? Something different from exactly human? But they looked so human, even now…

You searched your mind, trying to figure out what they really were.

You knew that familiars were things that magi used, after inserting a part of them into something else, a vessel. Familiars were always used to assist magi… at least, that was what you knew…

…Inserting a part of you into these girls? You could barely keep yourself straight thinking about such an act…

But somehow, the girl dressed in white giggled the same moment you thought of this. She leaned in, bringing to your senses a feeling of calm and a scent of lilies and spring, as she whispered throatily into your ear, "Shirou, you pervert…!"

You felt your face flush for the… how many times was it now? You quickly turn away, only to catch both Red and Blue Sabers' attention.

"Hm?" The Blue Saber mutters gently, "What is it Shirou?"

"Ah, Master must be feeling very energetic," Red Saber interjected, "look how healthy and red he is! Even his hair is such a nice color!"

…No matter how you looked at it, these girls were human. Quite obviously strange humans with weird minds, but you knew they were humans nevertheless. And they called you Master… why? They are obviously superior to you, each of them. You couldn't… never in your mind… could you summon and command such powerful humans! So what were they really?

Perhaps not familiars then…

…As you looked ahead at Tohsaka, or rather at her shapely rear as she bent down to take her shoes off as she entered your home, you thought—aside from how beautiful the view was—of how amazing a magus Tohsaka was. In this town where there were several other magi who lived here, she surely must be one of the best…?

…She must also be a Master then. Was the man who Saber cut down her familiar? Or was he similar to what these girls were? Now that you thought about it, wouldn't that Lancer be familiar to another magus in town then?

…A blur of blue clashed with a blur of red…

Had you just stuck yourself between the conflicts of two magi? Without her helper, wouldn't Tohsaka be vulnerable? And… that was all thanks to you! Not once had her helper, that man in red, once attacked you. Did they chase the Lancer to your home… only to have the man in red be incapacitated? Ugh…! You didn't want to be responsible for if Tohsaka died too, just because you couldn't stop Saber fast enough!

"Wow," Tohsaka chimed; her voice was melodious despite the way the living room was. It was trashed, from your earlier struggle with the Lancer. She looked around, not once turning to you at all, "It's pretty big, Emiya-kun," she said in that teasing voice you had never heard in school, "Japanese-styled too! It's a little unusual for me, but this is the living room, right?"

Then she proceeded to repair the broken windows with ease, something you could never accomplish. Hell, you didn't even know that was possible!

At first, Tohsaka mistook this, "So you fought Lancer before you summoned…" She waved her hand at the girls, a strained look crossing her expression before she continued, "Alone? Trying to show off again aren't you, Emiya-kun?"

"I didn't fight him at all," you replied in a deadpanned tone, "I was just beaten up. I don't even know how I'm still alive honestly."

Tohsaka looked at you incredulously, as if you said something stupid… again. "…I see," she said. She didn't. "…I see, I see," she nodded slowly, "so you couldn't beat him up, but you summoned four of them and—"

She slammed her hands on the table; Tohsaka's mood changed completely, turning into some kind of red devil, scaring you out of your wits for a second before you righted yourself mentally.

"Lie!" She shouted, before she placed a delicate hand elegantly on her head, brushing one of her twin-tails back. She sighed slowly before returning to that melodious—and dangerous—voice, "…Next thing you are going to tell me wouldn't be something as outrageous as you being unable to something as elemental as restoring glass broken a few minutes ago, would it, Emiya-kun?"



…Was she usually this scary? Ah, but she is still beautiful now, even if she looks so scary, with that angry scowl on her face…

You scratched your cheeks slowly, feeling the sweat dripping slowly down the side of your head. It didn't help that the girls around you were silent as well, watching and listening to Tohsaka rather than coming to your defense…

"I-I was only taught by my father…" You stuttered out again, "So I don't even know the basics or the elemental stuff…"

She pouted at you, crossing her arms slowly as she did so.

Are you nervous?

Are you flustered?

Are you confused?

Are you all of the above and more?

Well, what did you expect?

You probably said something wrong!

"…Are you expecting me to believe that someone who summoned four Servants probably doesn't even have a workshop?" Her scowl deepened. Before you could reply, she slammed her palms on the table again, "Like I'd believe that! If you think you can trick me like this, Emiya, you—"

The girl in the white dress frowned next to you, with a panicked look on her face. Was she afraid of Tohsaka as much as you were? Impossible as that sounds, especially since she was powerful enough to match the Blue Saber, you wondered why she seemed… distressed…?

But before Tohsaka could rant another word, a flash—no, it can't be called a flash; it was more like a blur—of darkness and a rush of wind pressure blew both you and Tohsaka back. It was the black armored girl, who had just cut the living room table in half with her sword. She glared down at Tohsaka, with a visage full of distain, "Shut up, cunt," she growled, "And get on with the important part."

That was the first time she spoke and the fear her words instilled upon you was far greater than anything Tohsaka could have done. You realized at that point that unlike Blue Saber, you would have no way of stopping this girl if she really wanted to kill Tohsaka. But your mouth—that mouth that kept blurting things—blurted out, "…The important part?"

The girl's sharp, golden glare swayed slowly as she turned to you. Her eyes narrowed as her lips parted, as if she was about to say something equally hateful before she restrained herself. Instead, she turned away from you and sat down behind Blue Saber, crossing her arms and pouting. One of her hand snaked around, unnoticed by everyone except you, and settled on the hem of Blue Saber's skirt.

"Ahem!" The girl in white cleared her throat loudly, calling your attention. She seemed to have even the same voice as Blue Saber, like all of these girls, but her voice seemed to float in the room. She sounded strangely panicked, yet happy, when she said to Tohsaka, "Perhaps you could ah… explain the Grail War to our Master? I would be oh, so thankful if you did…" Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, causing Tohsaka to narrow her eyes at her…

…But with the thread of the black armored girl, who was still glaring at her with enough hate that it was tangible, Tohsaka seemed to relent. She pressed her palm against her forehead. As her hand slid down her face slowly, she sighed and muttered, "Fine. Fine… I'll act as if Emiya-kun was some kind of third-rate magus who didn't know how to do even the simplest spells and could probably only strengthen items or something equally odd, even though everyone of us in this room knows that he is some kind of super magus to be able to do this—"

The black armored girl growled softly.

"Alright, alright!" Tohsaka lowered her eyes and sighed again. Then in a softer voice, she groaned, "…Geez, why did Saber get summoned by a guy like this?"

"Because he is my Master!" Red Saber chortled, replying quite readily.

Blue Saber, who had been watching for this entire time silently frowned and interrupted her… sister, "That makes me wonder how exactly did Master summon me as well, since I am also Saber." She seemed to be looking coldly beyond you, at Red Saber, as she said this.

"W-wait, you summoned two Sabers…?" Tohsaka stared, wide-eyed. Her aloof, distant image in your mind was completely shattered.

"Uhm…" You were unsure of what to respond. What could you say to that anyway?

A giggle.

Another giggle.

It was the girl clad in white. She stopped giggling… only to start laughing outright and pounding a fist against the tatami mat of the living room as she rolled around. Everyone in the room stared until she finally stopped, all of you too confused—well, you were confused—to ask. After a while, she finally stopped. As she wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes, she snickered perkily, "I-I… oh, ha! I am also a Saber, Master Shirou!" She turned to the girl in black and added, "And so is she, I guess."

Tohsaka stared at you. No, not like the previous stares, where she was questioning you in suspicion or confusion, or anything! She just… stared…


There it is…

…A vein on Tohsaka's head, near her temples. Ah… another one.

…Oh… That doesn't look healthy, she looks seriously angry.

"Ah… um, Tohsaka, I… I really don't know what is going on…?" You tried, but that seemed to not work. In fact, it did the opposite of placating her. She looks like she was about to explode. You quickly shut up, afraid that she would beat you up if you uttered another sound.

"Are you trying to make a fool out of me, Emiya Shirou?" She whispered dangerously. You wished she would shout at you, because the way she whispered caused the room's temperature to lower and a shiver to run down your spine.

Thankfully, White Saber interrupted hastily, "No, no, Rin! He's just a lucky idiot, that's all!"

Tohsaka did not look any happier, but a rustle of metal and cloth behind me caused her to pause, mid-breath. Black Saber's sword glowed red threateningly, even brighter than the lighting of the room. As you looked out the windows, you realized that it was very early. The clock showed that it was almost 2 A.M. in the morning!

…There was something important that you forgot…

"…Emiya-kun, let me assume that you don't even know what kind of situation you're in right now, is that correct?" Tohsaka asked slowly.

You nodded.

"I… I see," She nodded slowly. "Perhaps that is right, you certainly seemed like you didn't know. But you summoned four Sabers, so I... Hmph! I would be displeased if I had to explain this to someone who already knew…" She muttered.

She then started to explain the concept of a Holy Grail War to you, which was rather boring. Despite the shocked expression she had when she saw the Command Seals on your hands, which made her all the more human in your mind somehow, you did not really pay much attention to her explanation until she said, "…you'll be killed, so be careful."

"What…?" Your eyes widened as you gaped at her, "I'll be killed?"

What? Hold on here a moment! You didn't sign up for something like this! H-how…

…But the explanation did not ease your distress at all. If anything, your frustrations and fears only worsened as she concluded with, "I understand how you feel, but I'm just telling you the truth." Tohsaka looked tired. She spoke slowly, tiredly, almost as if she wanted to turn away from all this, but was bound to it her whole life. She knew nothing else but this, you realized. She added, "…besides, you should know now, deep down. You understand that you're in a situation that you cannot turn away from, having almost been killed by a Servant twice."



Certainly, you were almost killed by Lancer, but…

All the Sabers at the table were tense, as they listened intently now. Something about your death struck something in each of them, to a variety of degrees of concern growing in their minds.

"Oh no," Rin corrected slowly, once more you cannot understand if she was teasing you or if she was serious, "that's wrong." She said as she brushed back her hair lazily. Somehow you were reminded of the image of a cat, pawing away a nuisance before turning back to lying around in the sun. She drawled out, "In fact, you weren't almost killed, you were actually dead. Somehow, you're alive again…"

Even though she seemed to be distant now, as she spoke, her eyes became suspicious again…

…That's right.

Lancer killed you.

That guy certainly did kill you. And you certainly died. There was no denying it: you died when you were killed. You could not run away; there was no excuse. No one would withdraw. You would always be a target...

…That's right…

…People die when they are killed. You cannot escape that.

But then Tohsaka was not done yet. She began to explain about the Sabers, about all the Servants. She was patient with you, explaining to you methodically, "And as Masters, we are strongly assisted by the Holy Grail to summon these Servants. They are Heroic Spirits from all walks of history, given bodies."

You looked over at Saber.

And then at Saber.

And then at Saber.

And then at Saber.

Then they were all heroines from the past? Certainly no one would have dressed like any of them would in modern times, but to be pulled from the past…?

"That's impossible," you whisper. That was… that was… time travel! Spirits! Heroes of the past? "I've never heard of such magic." You add truthfully.

Tohsaka explained this in strange terms that you don't quite understand. Soul magic? Ghost magic? But in the end, the present was what the conversation wound down to focus upon again. With a smug look, Tohsaka turned to Saber. Well, she turned to the Blue Saber. "So you must not be in full form, Saber. You were summoned by an apprentice, if what Emiya-kun says is true, who has no idea how to be a Master."

For some reason, it felt like they were talking about you without you being there. Or talking about you behind your back. Or something like that.

Blue Saber nodded, surprisingly calmed and collected, "…Yes, I am not in full form, as you say. Since Shirou does not have magical energy to supply to me, so I cannot take on my spirit form or replenish my energy."


Well, that's terrible.

Tohsaka peered at Blue Saber curiously whistling softly before she pouted again. "…I'm surprised…" She muttered, disgruntled and rather unhappy by the way she sounded. "Am I correct n assuming the rest of you are suffering from this state too?" She asked as her curious blue eyes shifted on the other Sabers.

"What do you think?" Black Saber growled, "I'm not hiding anything. Now that you explained, Master doesn't need you anymore."

With that, the ebony sword, glowing eerily like blood, appeared into her hands before you rashly stepped in between her and Tohsaka. Even as you stared as courageously into her hawk-like eyes, you felt your heart shiver. For a moment, you thought she would simply impale you, as if you were a sheath for her sword…

…But then she turned away. "Tch," She growled, "Shirou! Give me your snacks. Now."

White Saber stood up and ran into your kitchen, skipping happily. She flipped open the cabinets that held the potato chips that you had stashed away to distract your caretaker/older-sister when you were in a dire circumstance. How did she even knew where you stashed them?

…You didn't know, but she tossed a bag to Black Saber and kept one for herself. She hummed happily as she seated herself down next to Black Saber, ready to enjoy her light snack…

…But the Black Saber scooted away from her and closer to Blue Saber, almost snug against her.

"Geez… Four Sabers to you, now I'm regretting it even more." Tohsaka lamented as she flipped her hair again, "If I were their Master, I would have certainly won the war!" Her fists clenched in anger.

"Uh, Tohsaka?" You frowned, "do you mean I'm not fit to be their Master?"

She looked at you, without any malice in her eyes. As if it was the natural thing to say, she agreed readily, "Of course you're not, idiot."

Black Saber was too preoccupied by the potato chips to growl at her by now.

"What? Did you have more questions?" Tohsaka asked innocently. Innocently.


No, in your mind, she was a red devil. Her school idol image, that honor student prestige, has been shattered completely.

"Well, we're done talking, so let's get going." Tohsaka said suddenly.

"Huh? Go where?" It was not you who asked this, it was White Saber. It was as if she took the words out of your mouth.

"We're going to see the guy who knows all about the game Emiya-kun has become involved in, the Holy Grail War—" Tohsaka started to say, but a black blur happened again. The wind pressure nearly knocked you off your feet, as Black Saber stood up in an instantly.

Her sword cut a thin line on Tohsaka's throat, causing just a drop of blood the roll slowly down to her collar. Surprisingly, Tohsaka stood still, yet was still calm. She smiled sardonically and dared not even swallow, but said slowly, with a slight quiver in her voice, "I-it's pretty close, we could get back by dawn—"

Before Black Saber acted, White Saber stood up and grasped Black Saber's black sword by the blade with her armored hands. She turned to Tohsaka with an expression I could not see, but from Tohsaka's expression, it was even more terrifying than even Black Saber's presence. Even Tohsaka's cheeks paled more than I thought possible. Her skin was as pale as Black Saber's…

"Please, Magus Tohsaka, we won't go, with good reason," White Saber said, her voice so suddenly resembling Black Saber's growl.

"Well, it's Sunday tomorrow," Tohsaka started, but cut herself off. She turned to you and smirked as calmly as possible, "O-oh, are you ready to act like a Master yet, Emiya-kun? Perhaps you should talk to Saber?"

You frowned; an epiphany had hit you in the head. You knew what Tohsaka was asking, but which Saber was she talking about? "…It'd be easier if I knew what to call you, something other than Saber."

"I'm Nero!" Red Saber, no, Nero leaped up and supplied instantly. She strutted around you like a cat, rubbing against you gently and showing herself off with her chin high, her voice flowed through the room, "I am the great emperor of Rome, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus! Aren't I great, Master? Aren't I beautiful?"

It was as if Nero had grown puppy ears and a puppy tail, nuzzling against you softly. Her scent was surprisingly spicy, yet sweet and somewhat heavy like oil. You shot out of your thoughts; why are you thinking of feeding and petting her? You pet her once more, less awkwardly than before. The realization that she is a girl, a female, and… a… a very attractive girl at that smacked you in the face like a hammer.

Tohsaka's next comments smacked the back of your head like a hammer. Rather innocently, Rin mused aloud, "Aren't you supposed to be a man?"

"I do not think it would be preferable to reveal to an enemy Master our identities, Shirou," Blue Saber intervened coldly.

"Don't be a spoil sport," White Saber giggled. She twirled into the center of the room, bowing low into a curtsey to you, with a mysterious smirk on her face. Her alluring pink lips perked as she fluttered her eyelashes at you cutely, "You my call me Lily, Shirou-kun."

With that, Lily turned to Blue Saber and shrugged, "See? That wasn't so hard was it? You should lighten up, Ah—"

"I have only one name, and that is Saber," She cut Lily off coolly, "There is no reason for other frivolous titles for me, Shirou." Strangely enough, her eyes followed the potato chips that Lily ate slowly.

"I'm King Arthur," Black Saber interrupted. At this, both Blue Saber and Lily frowned. But you didn't really notice that. All you noticed what how every Servant you summoned was actually a man.

They were all men!

But… they all looked like women. Your hand rose shakily… Were they really women or men?

…You pulled back quickly, conscious of your sudden actions. Looking down at Nero, who was sitting snugly against you, you muttered, "Huh. It feels like a girl…"

…From the way Tohsaka looked…

"Oh, ho?" She raised an eyebrow at you, "You really like showing off, don't you, Emiya-kun?"

…Ah, you were about to die anyway. You might as well just grope some, right?

"Ah, ah, M-master, do you want to see?" Nero moaned, wiggling against you. Her face grew red and her breath grew visible and hot. She did not look unhappy with your suspicious stare, but perhaps it would be best to back away and protest for your innocence to Tohsaka…

…But she doesn't look like she would listen to anything you say by now.

Quickly, you pulled away and tried to force an excuse out, but the first thing out of your mouth was just that much more damning, "I was going to check if she was a guy, Tohsaka."


It didn't help at all.

You looked over at Saber—an accident, really. She seemed to redden, but she scowled at you and took a step back. After a moment of tense silence, in which even the very air was tangible and the tension could be cut, Saber stuttered out with as much dignity as she could muster, "I-It matters not what my gender is, Shirou. I… I wasn't… I am a Servant and that's all t-that matters."

Black Saber shrugged and grabbed your hand. She then stuffed your hand snugly into her armor, between her legs.

You frowned. Wha—



You gaped. Then your jaw dropped lower when Black Saber leaned and growled throatily to you as she bit your nape, "Call me Arturia, Master."


"Ah," you said what you think, as your mind goes blank. Tohsaka's unhappy face flashes in your mind, causing you to pull back quickly, as if you were burned. You stared down at your fingers, gleaming in the brightly lit room with bodily liquids.

"Ah… ah… I'm going to bed. It's far too late for this, I'll deal with this in the morning," you muttered, your brain trying to shut down already. "…This is too much."