Summary:I'm just a speculator who happened to be in love with everything that's happening around. Lurking is my specialty, after all.

Author's Note: I wanted to keep a short note for the readers, but in the end, it turn out to be long. I don't expect people to give this story a review since this won't make sense unless they're part of the AoGA group. If you're one of the people that I mentioned here and you felt offended, I would like to apologize. I don't intend to hurt anybody, I just wrote the story in my own perspective/view. Some scenes are not in order and I rephrased some of the lines here. This is happening around facebook.

Transcript OO8: Their Love
GA Characters: Misaki, Tsubasa, Izumi

"Damn it. Fine. I am freaking crazy about you, Misaki Harada." Tsubasa confessed.

Time for two screams to come out. First, the fan-girl scream. Second, the devastated fan-girl scream. So scream in the top of your lungs.

This was actually an old happening, but who dare to forget it? One of the most amazing posts in the group. But the best part was when the father-in-law (not originated from the manga or anime) comes in your doorstep with a shotgun.

"Hello, Tsubasa. I don't think we ever talked yet. News has been going around that you are romantically involved with Kaname Sono. Is that true?" Izumi asked. "I became Misaki-chan's father a few days ago and I will not accept this relationship if the rumours turn out to be true."

And here I was thinking, ASDFGHJKL! With Kaname? Bromance? Betrayal? But the most enjoying thing was Izumi who acted as an obstacle. Of course, I will side with Tsubasa's relationship with Misaki but I couldn't deny my liking for Izumi's act as the obstruction.

"Hello, Yukihara sir. It's a pleasure to meet you. No need to prepare that shotgun because I think you have no use for it here." The shadow manipulator explained. "Whatever happened, Kaname and I are best friends and I can positively say that we are both guys. We will never do anything to hurt your daughters."

Izumi tapped his foot impatiently. "As for your question, it's a negative, sir," Tsubasa continued. "I was never romantically involved with anybody but your daughter, Misaki. I am proud to say that I am 100% faithful to her and I never showed any interest in anyone else since I met her." There was a pause. "Please accept our relationship. I can't imagine a future without her in my life."

Two days later, everything was peaceful, not until Izumi decided to post something.

"I fail as a father to you, Misaki. Forgive me for acting so rash. I know you're not a kid anymore so I don't have the right to control your life. Tsubasa Andou. This kid, he's good for you. You two have my blessing."

"Daddy," Misaki chirped. "Tsubasa. I love you both so much."

Tsubasa smiled. "Thank you, sir. I won't let you down."

"Tsubasa, call me Dad. Misaki my angel, I love you." Izumi said.

"I'm happy for you, Sempai." Aliya chimed.

"Of course, Dad." Tsubasa replied with another smile.

"This is a happy ending!" Ain declared.

I hoped for a wedding.

And it came.

End of Transcript