I finally decided to do the sequel to "one stormy night…". Aw, everything looks like its coming up in roses for Luka and Gakupo..but what happens when Luka's old and first boyfriend comes back? And he might want to be "more than just friends again"…..

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Chapter 1

"Surprise Luka!" Shouted the whole vocaloid family when the pink haired beauty walked into the room and flipped on the light. "Happy birthday Luka!" The purple haired samurai shouted as he came behind her to give her a hug. Luka reached into her special pocket and pulled out her fork then stabbed Gakupo in the hand once. The purple haired samurai ,used to the pain after so long, didn't budge and instead leaned over to kiss her.

Usually Gakupo would not be so daring as to kiss Luka, but after a few nights ago Luka and Gakupo had become more than just "Luka and Gakupo." Though they continued on as usual with Gakupo's perverted ways and Luka's usual fork stabbing it would always end in a light hearted mushy manner. The other vocaloids knew this of course and sometimes they would tease them about it, but only slight teasing of course since no one wanted to face the wrath of an angry Luka.

Luka released herself from his hug then turned and kissed the surprised Samurai. Gakupo laid a hand on her back and deepened the kiss and Luka moved more into it. Meiko raised a hand and counted silently on her fingers Three..two…one.. The couple broke apart when they realized they were still in the presence of the other vocaloids. Luka felt a blush creep up her cheeks, but she tried to act normal as she walked towards the table laden with gifts and a pink frosted cake. "Really, did you all go to so much trouble for me?"

"Why wouldn't we? But most of the planning was done by Gakupo over there, as expected of him for his girlfriend." Meiko said as started opening a bottle of sake. "Hey, Meiko didn't you say you wouldn't drink today?" Rin asked. "Oh come on! This is a party! And no party is complete without sake!" Meiko shouted as she took a swig of her sake bottle. Rin sighed then passed Luka the cake cutting knife which Luka hesitated in using for cutting the cake. "Don't worry Luka! Its store bought, Miku had no part in making it!" Rin said and Luka let out a sigh of relief as she started to divide the cake.

"My cooking isn't that bad!" A disgruntled Miku said as she sulkily bit into her own piece of cake which Luka had given her. "The last time you made cake for Kaito's birthday it exploded…" Len said as he dug into his own slice of cake. Miku was silent as she ate her cake and Kaito sat down next to her. "It wasn't that bad..it was a real surprise when it exploded all over us." He said as he put his arm around her to comfort her. "Hey! No hitting on girls at Luka's party!" Cried a half drunken Meiko as she hit him hard on the head.

As a drunken Meiko continued her assault on an unconscious Kaito and while the rest of the vocaloid family dug into their cakes the doorbell rang loudly. "I'll get it!" Rin called loudly as she raced to the door. What greeted her when she opened the door was the sight of a teenage boy with messy black hair and dark black coloured eyes. "Ah, does..Luka megurine live here?" He asked somewhat nervously to Rin who was only half his height. "Yes, she does. Are you here for her birthday?" Rin asked curiously and the boy nodded nervously.

"Oh then come on in then! The party is in the main hall!" Rin said as she led him in and closed the door behind him. "Hey whats your name anyway?" Rin asked as she walked ahead of him through the big vocaloid mansion. "...Um…has Luka never mentioned me before?.." The boy asked nervously as he followed Rin. "No, I don't think she's ever mentioned anyone like you before. So whats your name?" Rin asked pausing at the door. "Ah, my names Alex…" Replied the boy.

The door opened slightly and Rin's face popped up. "Hey Luka! Someone is here to see you!" Rin said and opened the door fully so that everyone could see the tall dark haired boy. Meiko stopped hitting Kaito and shouted loudly with a slur in her voice, "Hey! Lukkkaa! Who's that? He's cuuttte!" Everyone stared at the blushing boy in the door way while Luka tried to swallow and not choke on the piece of cake in her mouth. She could not believe her eyes at all and concentrated on staring at the ground.

It can't be….Why the hell is he back here?.. Luka thought to herself as the boy made a decision and walked towards the pink haired beauty who absolutely refused to look up at him. Gakupo, sensing his girl's distress moved to her side and took her hand in his for comfort. The boy stopped and hesitated for a second noticing Gakupo's actions, but he ignored it and stood right infront of Luka. "Luka….its me..Alex…you know..your…uh…ex.."

Several things happened at once. Luka dropped her plate of cake and fled upstairs into her room and locked the door. Alex reacted faster than the stunned Gakupo and raced after her while Kaito finally cam to consciousness but was beaten back into a coma by Meiko.

Knock! Knock! "Luka..Please let me in!" Alex shouted as he banged on the door loudly. It opened to reveal a poker faced Luka. Her light blue eyes were shining with tears that had yet to form. Alex stood unsure what to say as Luka crossed her arms and tried to glare at him in her usual cold manner. "What do you want?" She finally said and Alex smirked at her cold demeanor. "Your pretty when your angry." He said and Luka felt an unwanted blush. Alex's smirk disappeared and he placed a hand on Luka's shoulder. She did not shy away like he expected.

"Look, Luka…I'm sorry about before. Just leaving you wasn't right….Hey, its your birthday today isn't it?" He asked smiling this time and trying to look into her eyes. "You still remember?" Luka asked in her cold uncaring tone. "Yeah, of course I remember! Look since today is your birthday, lets go out..for old time sakes...I'll take you out for Tuna! My treat!" Alex said brightly. Luka's coldness almost faded straight away at the word "tuna". "Seriously?" She asked this time in a more light hearted manner as she lipped her lips at the thought of her favorite food.

Alex nodded happily. "Come on then!" He said stepping away and beckoning to her. Luka bit her lip then started to close the door. "Just give me a while to get ready.." She said as she closed the door then threw herself on her bed. Her face was bright red and she lay face down into a pillow. Just be cool Luka…Its just a tuna date…wait don't say date…argh, why does he still make my heart beat so fast like before…just relax…and go along with it.. She stood up and took a deep breath before she opened her door and walked out.

Downstairs all the vocaloids were talking in hushed voices except for Meiko, who was still hitting Kaito, Kaito, was still unconscious, and Gakupo, who was still standing stunned where he was. The whispers immediately stopped when Luka came down the stairs with a happy looking Alex. Nobody noticed Gakupo twitch slightly. "Luka, where are you going?" Asked Rin as she cleaned up Luka's broken plate and cake on the floor.

"I'm…gonna go out for a while with Alex….I'm sorry I'll miss the party, but I'll be back to open the gifts!" Luka said quickly as she tried to hide her flustered face. "I'll be back soon!" She said as she and Alex walked out of the room. Everyone turned there heads to the silent stony Gakupo who was staring at the spot where Luka had been. Then he looked up with an unreadable expression. He grabbed his coat and then without looking at the rest he said, "I'm going out for a while." And walked out the door.

"This can't be good…" Miku said and all the other vocaloids could only nod silently in agreement. Except Meiko and Kaito of course who were still in a one-sided fight.

To be continued...soon...