Chapter 6 - The Past and The Future

Kaoru muffled a groan and sat up in the small room he had been captured to. He was thankful that neither his arms or legs were tied up, not even his mouth was covered. He looked around, sighing when he recognized the surroundings.

"Sorry, I didn't think I hit you that hard," a dark voice told him and he looked up. The man from the shop was sitting on a chair in the other end of the room, staring at him with emotionless eyes. Kaoru took a deep breath and leaned against the white wall behind him. The room had been completely emptied for furniture's, only white walls and the chair his attacker was sitting on, filled the room.

"I though you were in jail," Kaoru mumbled and rubbed his forehead. He was sure that he would faint if he tried to get up.

"I was released," the man said, smirking. "For good behavior, I might add."

"I see, that's good for you, but I'm finished with all that stuff. Please, I'm done with my past," Kaoru whispered and coughed a little. His pulse was pounding violently against his skull, making him feel drowsy and exhausted. "I moved on."

"Well, I didn't!" the man said, Kaoru winced by his tone. The man jumped out of his chair and kneeled down in front of Kaoru with cold eyes. "You ran away from me, while I was in jail, you bailed, and now you think it wouldn't matter? You would just move to a new town and think I would let you."

"Yes," Kaoru whispered, holding the man's gaze, but clearly looking frightened.

"I helped you through everything," the man hissed and grabbed both of Kaoru's shoulders violently, making his gasp. "I beat up everyone that bothered you, even your molesting rapists of a father, I ended in jail because of you, and now you just want to ignore me?"

"You're crazy, you killed those people," Kaoru whimpered, his voice turning weaker. "I saw you kill him! Please, leave me alone. I have finally found-" he stopped himself, he had said too much. Kaoru hurried to look away, but it was too late.

"A wh-" the man asked stunned. He stared at Kaoru shocked, but the young teen clenched his mouth together in fright. "A what, Kaoru?" he suddenly yelled, shaking the younger boys shoulders, "A friend? A lover?"

"Please, let me go," Kaoru whispered, furrowing his eyebrows. "Please let me go, Mori."

"Takashi Morinozuka," the police told Hikaru. The teen looked at the picture with alerted eyes. "He was released for good behavior very recently, but still under strict supervision. Unfortunately we lost sight of him, and it looks like he came here."

Hikaru nodded, thinking like crazy. "What does that have to do with Kaoru?"

"Well, that's not something I'm allowed to speak about," the man said with a nod. Hikaru huffed annoyed.

"I'm his brother," he said determined. The policeman eyed him quickly and then sighed.

"I think it would be better if he told you, himself. But I can say this much, the two of them were lovers. Therefore Morinozuka had a… conniption, when he found out that Kaoru had been sexually harassed by the father who had adopted him. Instead of going to the police with this man, he killed him. In front of your brother."

Hikaru gaped, but then he nodded. "I- I see, any idea of where they could be?"

"No, nothing yet," the policeman mumbled and wrote something down. Hikaru sighed, giving him a quick "thank you" and walking back out to his motorcycle. He put his hand on the machine and sighed.

He really didn't get this. This person was in love with his Kaoru – which in itself made his blood boil – but why would he burn down his house? Why threaten him with a gun? It didn't make sense at all. He grabbed his phone and started texting.

To Kaoru – From The Pest

Kaoru, I'm worried about you. Obviously. If you get this, please, please answer me. Please tell me where you are. You are my brother, I wish I could tell you in person, but I want you to know. It's proven, I have the papers. Gosh, I usually don't write long texts, but I have so much to say to you. I wish you would write back. I know you're probably in a lot of problems, and I want to help you. Write to me.

Mori made an angry huff while he read the text. Kaoru sat on the floor, his head in his hands and tried to get a hold of himself. He was dizzy, and feeling slightly sick too. He lifted his gaze drowsily and his golden orbs expanded.

"Mori, give me the phone!" Kaoru demanded, making the other man laugh humorlessly.

"So, you have a brother? And, he's also your lover," Mori mocked, making Kaoru blush. "That's pretty sick, my friend."

"It's not certain that he's my brother," Kaoru whispered.

"Well, it's still pretty disgusting," Mori hissed, flipping the phone shut. Kaoru didn't say anything, just reached for the phone again, but Mori held it away from him again. "Maybe I should tell him."

"Wha-" Kaoru stuttered and looked at him shocked.

"Maybe I should write him a message."

"You wouldn't dare!" Kaoru spat.

"Really? You don't think I would? I know you, I could make it sound exsactly like you."

"Hikaru will know it wasn't from me!" Kaoru said, not sounding very confident. Mori made a small grin and started texting. Kaoru lunged forward, but Mori hurried to his legs and Kaoru fell ungracefully to the floor.

To The pest – From Kaoru

Hikaru, I appreciate your concern, but what we had between us was nothing. It was great, but I was only trying to forget someone else, I'm sorry. Please don't try to find me, even if you're my brother. I simply find your present pretty bothersome.


Mori read the text out loud as he wrote. Kaoru's eyes widened, it really did sound like something he would write.

"Stop it!" he whispered, surprising himself of how pathetic he sounded. He had never realized how much he had truly liked Hikaru. It didn't even matter if they were brothers, Hikaru had always helped him, even when he hadn't asked for it – hell, he had done quite the opposite.

"Oh, he answered," Mori said surprised after a few seconds. "He text fast."

"Give me the phone!" Kaoru exclaimed and hurried to jump after the mobile, but of course Mori dodged easily and skimmed it before he smirked.

"He's quite sentimental, isn't he?" Mori laughed and started texting again. When he was done he threw the phone on the ground and Kaoru lunged after it and quickly read what "he" had written.

To Kaoru – From The pest

I don't care, Kaoru. I don't care if you find me bothersome! I'll keep fighting for you! Get it! Besides, you promised to come home!

To The Pest – From Kaoru

Sorry, I won't be coming home. You'll never be what I want you to be.


Kaoru stared at the message stunned. "I can't believe you wrote that!" he whispered and was about to write back, but Mori grabbed him by his shirt and yanked him back on his feet.

"You don't need him," Mori told him and looked at him with hungry eyes. "I have wanted you always, I would do anything for you. But he gets in the way every time. I told you to come and live with me, but you refused and now you live with him."

"So you burned my house down!" Kaoru exclaimed and tried to struggle out of his arms. "That's sick!"

"That's the only way you would come and live with me, but that bastard took you home that night before I had a chance," Mori purred and put a hand on Kaoru's cheek, caressing it softly. "I never wanted to hurt you, Kaoru. Never you."

Kaoru opened his mouth to answer, but suddenly a new text sounded from his phone and both boys stared at the screen in Kaoru's hand.

To Kaoru – From The Pest

Please call me and tell me those words in person, or else I won't accept it.


Kaoru smiled triumphing, but when he saw Mori's expression his smile fell.

"Call him and tell him the words," Mori demanded, but Kaoru just huffed annoyed.

"Like I would do that, ever!" he mocked and crossed his arms angrily.

"Hikaru Hitachiin, 17 years old, same birthday as you, looks a lot like you, probably your brother," Mori said with a smirk, watching Kaoru's expression twist in surprise. "That's right, I have done some research. And if I most remind you, I have killed for your love before, I would do it again."

Kaoru didn't answer, just stared at the message with his eyes twisting in sadness. He had never been an easy weeper, but right now he mostly wanted to curl up on the ground and cry his eyes out. Why him? Why did he have to go through all these trials? But as usual he held his face blank and watched while Mori tapped his foot impatiently.

"Y-you're not serious," Kaoru said flatly. Mori smirked and shrugged. With shaking hands Kaoru searched for Hikaru's name in the contact list.

He took a deep breath before he pressed the "call" button and listened to the sharp bibs. It was taken instantly, only letting him listen to two bibs before it was answered.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru's voice basically yelled into the phone. Kaoru closed his eyes, preparing himself with a deep inhale before he spoke.

"Y-yeah, it's me," he said quietly.

"Where are you? I'll come and get you," Hikaru insisted with a panicking voice. "I know you didn't write those messages, right? He made you, I just know it. Did you get away? Are you hurt?"

"Yes, I mean no, I'm not hurt… and I, um, I'm still with him," Kaoru said and lowered his head slightly, feeling Mori's eyes dig into him.

"Where are you?" Hikaru repeated. "That man's crazy, Kao! Get away from him!"

"Hikaru… I, um," Kaoru whispered, giving Mori a small glance before looking at the floor again. "I can't tell you where I am."

"He blindfolded you!" Hikaru concluded instantly, you could almost hear his temper growing.

"N-no! He… he did not," Kaoru said, knowing that his voice would get sobbing if he didn't finish the conversation soon. "Hikaru, I don't want you to come… the… the messages, they were from me."

There was a moment's silence. Kaoru closed his eyes again, listening to Hikaru's breathings in the phone.

"What are you talking about?" Hikaru finally said after a while.

"J-just, don't try to find me," Kaoru stuttered, feeling his voice failing him.

"You don't mean that, I can hear it on your voice! He's pressing you!" Hikaru yelled, sounding like he was panicking. "I'll come for you, Kaoru, I promise! I will!"

"Please-" Kaoru began, but felt his voice breaking and lowered the phone to gather himself, before he took it back to his ear. "Please, don't. I'm hanging up."

"Wait, Kaor-" Kaoru pressed the "end" button and let the phone slip out of his hands. He took a deep breath and then felt strong arms embrace him.

"It was for the best, now we can be together," Mori whispered into his hair. Kaoru was too exhausted to struggle and just stood stiff as a board in his arms. He suppressed his tears and instead felt his legs collapse underneath him, pulling Mori on his knees with him. He was so mentally tired that he felt like fainting.

Mori tilted his head backwards with a rough hand and pressed his lips gently toward Kaoru's. That woke him up. The young teens body tensed so much that it hurt and he made a shocked yelp.

"I missed you," Mori breathed out, his eyes hungry. Kaoru pressed both palms toward his chest to keep distance, but Mori easily lunged for his lips and buried his fingers in his golden brown locks.

"NN-!" Kaoru muffled, not daring to open his mouth to utter words. It was different from when Hikaru had done it. Hikaru had been careful, firm and kind, when Hikaru had touched him the electricity had filled the air like colorful sparks. Mori was different, his hands were rough and his movements were hungry and lustful.

"Open your mouth, Kaoru!" Mori demanded, making Kaoru stiffen. It was exactly the same words Hikaru had used. He made a sobbing sound and shook his head. Then Mori did something that made him gasp in shock.

He bit him. He bit his lip.

"FUCK!" Kaoru exclaimed stunned, not able to avoid Mori when he let his tongue slip between his lips. He made a whimper and tried to struggle free, but Mori just pressed him toward the floor, making any escape impossible.

Then something strange happened.

One moment Kaoru was helplessly pinned to the floor. The next he felt all the weight get lifted off him and hearing Mori cry out in pain.

He sat up with a gasp and saw Mori get forced to the ground by two men in uniform. He crawled backwards on the floor and just as he opened his mouth to speak he felt a slim body lung into his arms. He made a whimper and tensed again.

"You idiot! You huge moron! You fucking dumbass!" Hikaru cried into his shoulder. "How could you made me so scared? How could you torture me like that?"

It was Hikaru! It was really Hikaru. Kaoru let out a hiccup-sob in shock.

The youngest teen felt something get stuck in his throat and he lifted his trembling hands slowly around the other boys body. Hikaru sighed deeply when he felt Kaoru embrace him, his touch was light, but it was still there. Hikaru hugged him tighter and let the insult and swearwords spill over endlessly.

Kaoru didn't even notice when the policemen carried Mori out of the room, he didn't even hear Mori's screams. He only let his tears spill over and soaked Hikaru's designer shirt.

"H-how did you find me?" he choked into his shoulder. Hikaru made a small chuckle.

"We traced your call, that's why I wanted you to keep talking," Hikaru explained and pulled a little away so he could look Kaoru in the eyes. His gaze softened and he stroke a strand of hair from his face. Kaoru glanced back in his eyes. He had never done that before. He had always avoided people's eyes and looked down, but suddenly he couldn't stop looking.

"Kaoru," Hikaru whispered and his lips widened in a small smile. "Kaoru Hitachiin. that's your name."

"I like it," Kaoru murmured and his tears spilled over again. He hurried to wipe them away with his sleeve, hearing Hikaru laugh softly. "Don't laugh at me." Kaoru sobbed, feeling more tears gathering and letting out a louder sob.

"Kao, why are you crying?" Hikaru laughed again and grabbed his hands to look at his face. Kaoru looked absolutly miserable, the tears kept streaming down his pale cheeks and his face was twisted in a frown.

"I-I don't kn-know," he cried and made small whimpering sounds. His shoulders jumped up and down in tact with his sobs and his tears started to drip from his chin. He put a hand over his mouth to stop the embarrassing sounds, but they just kept coming.

Hikaru smiled and grabbed his chin, pressing a light kiss to his lips. Hikaru could taste the salty tears, he hated them. He put each hand on Kaoru's cheeks and stared into his eyes.

"You don't have to be sad anymore," Hikaru whispered and with those words he grabbed his cap and threw it across the room.

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