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Ok, I have seen the 4th Bleach movie, and it was so kickass, it ain't funny~! It's a bit dark, but it's sweet~! So, naturally, this fic is based off of the movie. It takes place right after it. So...if you haven't seen it, then you may not understand what's going on or anything. But I will put up asteriks and explain certain things, and do my best not to spoil if you don't want. I found the moive on youtube in 6 parts by someone. It rocks and go see~! And naturally, this is HichiIchi, but I dunno how far it'll go, so we'll see. XD

Chapter 1: Return from Hell

Ichigo streatched as he looked around Karakura Town. It's nice to be back now... He thought. His mind traveld to the events of the past two days and he couldn't help but still feel guilty. I still almost destroyed Karakura... He ran a hand through his orange hair and leapt off the roof. As he walked, he still couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. He looked up at the night sky, but nothing was there except the stars. The Soul Reapers had sealed the Gate of Hell* back up and Karakura Town was no longer in any danger...well, at the present time. Ichigo was positive that as long as there were Hollows, the town he lived in was always in danger.

As he walked, he felt a forgein spiritual pressure suddenly appear. Now normally, he sucked at sensing that stuff, but this time, it came with ease. At the same time, it also felt vaguely familiar. As he ran, he felt it get weaker and he ran faster. What the hell is this? He wondered. When he reached the park, what he saw made him freeze. A large hollow was towering over a fallen figure, just about ready to devour it. But that wasn't what shocked him. The fallen figure was pure white, and his shihakusho was almost completly torn apart. He watchewd the figure struggle to stand, only to collapse back to the ground.

"Tsk, so much for being like us." The Hollow taunted. Well, your soul smells off, but whatever." As it lunged, Ichigo reacted on instinct, striking out and slaying the attacking Hollow. As it faded, he turned around to see the figure struggle one more time before falling on his side, unconisous. Ichigo knelt down and almost felt his heart stop.

On the ground in front of him was his inner Hollow.

No...fucking...way... He thought slowly. He closed his eyes, trying to sense his Hollow inside him, but nothing was there. did this happen? ! He looked and noticed that his Hollow had gone through a rough time. His body had scars all over, but none too deep to be life threatning, not that Ichigo cared much about his Hollow. Especially since he was the one who almost caused the destruction of his home.* But, being the person he was, he honestly couldn't leave his Hollow there. He lifted him into his arms and Flash Stepped to his house as fast as he could. Who knows? Maybe he has answers...

In Hell...

Shuren* sat on his small throne, contemplating his next move. That Kokuto threw us for a loop, but I still have an advantage...he thought and grinned. He glanced at a recent memory from the rubbish pile* and grinned. In it was Ichigo standing next to Rukia, looking different, but not like the demon from before. Oh yes...this is very interesting indeed...

Ichigo watched as his Hollow stirred from where he laid him on his bed. The cuts had healed quickly, due to the Hollow's instant regeneration. He watched as those gold/black eyes he hated opened and looked around, obviously confused. "Hey, you're awake..." He said, trying to get rid of the nervous feeling he had. His Hollow stared at him blankly. He noticed that they didn't seem focused, so he walked up and tapped his shoulder. "Earth to Hollow there?" The Hollow suddenly backed away, pushing and shoving against Ichigo.

"Get away from me!" He snarled violently, flailing his arms out. Surprised, Ichigo grabbed one of the Hollow's pale arms and shook him.

"Hey, snap out of it!" Ichigo shouted. He watched as the Hollow's eyes cleared up, and then glared at him.

"What the fuck did you do King? !" He hissed, shoving Ichigo away. Ichigo fell backwards and was pinned to the floor by a pale hand on his neck. "Tell me what the hell you were doing the other day!"

"Wh-what do you m-mean?" Ichigo asked as he clawed at the tight grip on his throat. The Hollow loosened his grip and backed away, running a hand through his snowy white hair.

"Everything was fucking dark in your mind! I couldn't see, hear, or feel anything!" The Hollow shouted. Ichigo stood up and rubbed his sore throat. "Well? !"

"Well what? ! I was in Hell! I thought you'd know that, since you showed up and almost destroyed Karakura Town!" Ichigo retoreted. He was stunned to see his Hollow stare at him blankly.

"What are ya talking about? I didn't do anything! Or...more like couldn't do anything. If you've forgotten, you defeated me in our last battle. When ya did that, I was at your 'command' as it were." The Hollow explained. "I didn't do a damned thing."

"But tried to take over! I felt it while I was there! The mask just kept apprearing! And then" The Hollow shifted nervously on the bed, still slightly covered by Ichigo's sheets.

"Well...I didn't do anything. But I did feel something...something strange. It sounded like voices were inside my head...saying things. I couldn't understand any of it at first. But after awhile, I could." Thew Hollow shrugged. "It wanted me to 'break free of my chains' as it said. No idea what it really meant, but then I constantly felt this...shoving feeling on my powers. Then you snapped, I felt that, and everything was dark. I woke up to find myself falling and then boom, I'm here in your world." Ichigo ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"Well, can you get back?" He asked. He knew his Hollw probably didn't want to go back, but this wasn't right. The Hollow gave him a thoughtful look and shruigged.

"Guess it's worth a shot." He closed his eyes and Ichigo watched as his body suddenly went limp.

That's odd... It was only a few minutes later when the Hollow's eyes opened and he gasped. He shivered and sat back up, looking around and rubbing his arms. "You ok?" He asked.

"Tsk, what do you care?" The Hollow snapped and rolled his eyes. "Typical King."

"Fine, forget I asked. Anyways, what happened?" Ichigo asked. He had never seen his Inner Hollow so nervous before.

"Those voices...they're there still. I know what they're saying; basically telling me to stay the fuck out. I couldn't stay long, they kicked me out." The Hollow explained. Ichigo watched he struggled to keep his eyes opened.

"Look, you exhausted. Sleep here for now and I'll take you to Urahara's tomorrow. Maybe he can sort this mess out." Ichigo suggested. The Hollow looked at him before yawning quietly.

"Never really felt this before..." He muttered.

"Felt what?"

"Tired..." Ichigo raised an eyebrow curiously as he watched the Hollow collapse on his bed, sound asleep.

This can't be good... he thought. Whatever's happening, it needs to be fixed...and soon.

Chapter 1 end

Gates of Hell- You've seen them in Season one, but they're all computer cool in the movie. And for those that have seen commercials, they get busted. XD

Shuren- OK, he's a villian in the movie, but for those that have kept up with the Japanese manga, there was a special chapter showing him mocking Szayel and Aruniero. XD

He- Well...I guess it depends on how ya wanna view things, but Karakura could have, once again, been destroyed. XD

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