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Chapter 12: The Will to fight

Rukia peeked in the tent to see Ichigo sitting on his knees, arms laying next to the still body of Shiro on the bed. Is he going to constantly sit there and cry? She wondered. I thought Shiro said he hated why... She shook her head. No, I need to report to him and tell him what the Head Captain's gonna do before he gets here! "Ichigo?" she walke din as he looked up at her and sniffed. "God, that sounded pathetic..." Ichigo didn't say anything and looked back at his Hollow. "Ichigo..."

"...It's been awhile, but he hasn't revived..." He muttered. "I thought he'd be like Yuzu and revive...but..." He took his fists and punded them in the bed. "Goddammit! Why the fuck won't he wake up? !"

"It's been at least a day Ichigo...I don't think he's-"

"He has too! I...I never got to apologize for..." He looked at his hands, now curled into fists, and his shoulders shook. "I didn't mean anything I said to was an accident."

"...He told me about it. He seemed so upset..." She sighed. "Yet he didn't care; he went after you anyways." Ichigo sighed and ran a hand through his messy orange hair. "So you didn't mean it after all, huh?"

"I mean...maybe I did at one time, but not then...and not now either. I have no idea why I said such nasty things; it's not like me and you know that." He sighed. "I...I don't know how I feel, but I-"

"You love him, plain and simple as that." Rukia shrugged and laughed as Ichigo's face grew red. "Wow, that was just a guess, but it's true."

"Y-you asshole!" He snapped and she laughed harder. "Thanks, I needed the pick-me-up." He smiled and looked at Shiro again. "I have to go back and help him."

"That's something I needed to talk to you about." Rukia said. "The Head Captain...he-"

"I am fully capable of relaying this to him personally, Rukia Kuchiki." Both of them looked to the entrance as the Head Captain walked in. "Ichigo Kurosaki, concerning your Inner Hollow...we require you to go and retrieve his soul." Ichigo looked at him, feeling a bit confused.

"Ex...excuse me?"

"This is not for your personal reasons, but more along the lines of what's at stake. If he is your Inner Hollow, then he could very well Hollowfiy and destroy the Gates to Hell once again...and I'm afraid we would be unable to stop it this time." Ichigo looked at his hands and sighed.

"Why are you letting me do this so easily?" He asked.

"Because the other option is to eliminate him completly. However, we all know that you would simply resist and go yourself regardless of orders." Ichigo smirked at the Head Captain's response. "But be warned; if you fail to bring him here, you must eliminate him, whatever the costs."

"...I simply won't fail. I can't do that to him." Rukia watched as he clenched his fists tightly. He looked up at Shiro's body again and sighed. "I won't fail you...I promise." He touched Shiro's hand briefly before standing up and walking past Rukia and the Head Captain.

"Ichigo, you're getting some rest before you plan on doing anything!" Rukia shouted after him. Ichigo sighed and ran a hand throuhg his stringy orange hair.

I haven't washed it in awhile...he thought idly. "Yeah...I know." He said quietly. "Gimme a bit, then I'm going."

"I'm going t-"

"No. I will not let any one of you get trapped there again. It's bad enough that I let it happen the first time, and now Shiro..." He shook his head. "No way in hell am I letting this happen again!"

"I wish the two of you would stop being bigshots! What makes you think you can do this alone too huh? !" Rukia spat.

"...Because if he does Hollowfiy, I need to be the one to end it. It's my fault he's there."

"You know, Shiro said the exact same thing. You two are too quick to blame yourselves here." Rukia huffed, feeling annoyed. She then sighed and rushed over, quickly giving Ichigo a hug. "You had better not fail, understood? I wanna get to know him better." Ichigo asmirked and punched her shoulder lightly, making her back up a bit

"I promise I won't." He said. "I'm going home for a bit...see you tomorrow." As he walked away, he looked back at the tent Shiro was in one more time and clenched his fists tightly. I will not give up...I promise!

When Ichigo opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself in his inner world. Glad to see it's normal again... He thought.

"So, we finally get to meet, Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo whirled around to see similar armor to what he had worn not too long ago.

"You...are you-"

"We are the Will of Hell. It seems, without Shirosaki's interference, we can finally meet." It said. Ichigo looked at his hands and sighed.

"I had no idea I still had your powers...I thought it was gone when I got rid of the armor..." He said.

"Hardly. You had yet to fulfill our true request, granted that has changed rather drastically over the past few days it seems."

"What do you mean?"

"In reality, your Hollow was what we wished for you to eliminate. We had hoped that, with the powers we had given you, that you would be capable of this." The being explained. "We had constantly tried to 'push it out' of your soul as it were. That was why your mask kept appearing."

"So I was blaming him for something you were doing? !" Ichigo snapped angrily. "Why the fuck did you do this? ! I had him under control!"

"Not entirely. The air in Hell affected you just like it does all humans, though quite differently. It made you more votile, and the effects carried over when you returned here. Also, after you used our powers, your Hollow had managed to, if briefly, escape your surpression. We used this chance and seperated your souls. However, we did not forsee him becoming human himself." Ichigo growled angrily at the Will and it let out it's odd chuckle. "It was strange...perhaps being a part of you made him different from other Hollows."

"He's a human now?"

"Or moreso a Vizard. He still has his Hollow powers, and is therefore, still a threat to us."

"He wouldn't-"

"He has no control over himself in Hell, same as you. What makes you think he would not Hollowfiy?" It asked him. When Ichigo gave no reply, it sighed. " we had said, this motive changed. Kokuto is far more a threat now than Shirosaki. In fact, we are sure that he could easily provoke your Hollow into Hollowfying, most likely his goal from the moment your Inner Hollow freed him."

"So then what can I do? I need to free him and-"

"That, we cannot allow. He is a Togabito now."

"That's fucking bullshit!" Ichigo snapped angrily. "You let my sister go, and my friends! I'm not going to leave him there too, regardless of what he did!" Ichigo walked up and nearly shoved his face into the Will's, his stomach churning as it smelled of rotting flesh. "I don't give to shit's about what you want. I'm going to bring him out of that place, and that's that. You get in my fucking way and I'll fight you every step of the way!" Silence spread through the two until the Will laughed, long and loud.

"That is the spirit, Ichigo Kurosaki! We were quite...nervous that you had lost your will to fight against us." Ichigo looked at him, confused and angry. "You were willing to fight us back when you first came to Hell. You had lost that, and you need that spark to survive in Hell and use what remains of our powers." It then grinned, making Ichigo shiver at the warped sight. "We have no intention of holding Shirosaki there any longer. He is innocent, as was your friends and sister."

"Then why not let me go home with him?"

"He died before you could escape; that is simply the way it is."

"Bullshit..." Ichigo grumbled. He felt a scrawny hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see the Will's glowing red eyes and was a bit surprised to find concern in them.

"You must suceed this time, however, or neither of you will escape Hell again. Is this understood?"

"Why is everyone telling me something I already fucking know?" Ichigo sighed. "Yes, I know. I'm wiping that damned bastard off the face of this planet!"

"Then we will leave you to rest. Until then, rest easy, Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo felt the world spin around him, but before he lost consiousness, he couldn't help but ask one question.

"How can I understand you know?" He asked.

"Hmm...who knows? Perhaps some of your language that Shiro had used rubbed off on us." It commented. Ichigo closed his eyes, allowing his mind to drift off into dreamless sleep.

Chapter 12 end

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