AN: So, this story is kinda inspired by Furious Dee's 'Jones and Harkness', though it's not quite the same. Basically it's the Criminal Minds-team in the Torchwood-world, being the TW-team. You don't really need to know TW to understand the story but maybe you find it a bit funnier if you do. If the characters seem OC this is completely intended!

"Uh… huh…", he mumbled. Where was he? He opened one eye. A handwritten word was looking at him. mismatched. What was mismatched doing there, right in front of him? He opened the second eye and blinked at it. There were more words around it. He realised he must be looking at a paper with writing on it. Reid wearily propped himself on his elbows and kept staring at the sheet. The title suggested it was a report on a case but he couldn't remember anything about it. He rubbed his eyes and wondered why he had slept here. The most probable explanation was that he must have fallen asleep in the bullpen, right on his desk, while working. The problem with this explanation was that he couldn't remember working late last night. Not remembering something was worrying him more that just a little bit. He was so used to remember everything.

Reid sighed and decided to get himself a cup of coffee. Hopefully it was going to help his memory. But when he looked up he almost fainted.

He was not in the office. He was at a place he'd never seen before. Yes, he had been sleeping on a desk, but it wasn't his. It seemed to be some kind of office since there were other desks and some complicatedly connected computers. There were concrete walls. And a very high concrete ceiling. Some rusting metal stairs. In the middle of the room (he used the word 'room' only for lack of an appropriate one) there was some sort of big stone column that had water dripping from it. It was collected in some sort of fountain underneath the column. Where the heck was he? And, more importantly, how had he gotten here in the first place? The last thing he remembered was sitting in the metro on his way home.

He moaned. Was this a dream? It surely didn't feel like one. Or had he fallen asleep on the underground and someone had abducted him? But why would they bring him here of all places? Why would they abduct him anyway? And who would do such a weird thing? His brain miserably failed to come up with a logical explanation to all of these questions. Now he was really, really worried. What should he do?

Confused Reid reached into his pocket and was surprised to find that they, whoever they were, had left him his phone, badge and gun. He took out his mobile and sighed when he saw he had no signal. So he was either somewhere in Hicksville or under the earth. He tried his GPS but it didn't work either. Apparently the time was half past six in the morning.

He decided that he'd try to get out of this place to find out where he was. He began exploring the concrete room but found all doors locked. There was one very big round entrance he couldn't open either. It had writing on it that told him it had been made in Wales. Was he in Wales? Or was Wales the only place where they made huge round concrete doors? He shook his head in puzzlement.

One hour later Reid still hadn't found a way out. He had, however, found a coffee machine. Happy about this he had made himself a cup of liquid heaven. Just as he was pouring sugar into it and thinking about what to do now he heard a noise coming from behind him. He turned and saw one of the formerly locked doors open. A man stood in the frame.

Reid stared at him as if he was a monster. "H- Hotch? Wh-"

"Morning Reid! Didn't you bring any breakfast? I'm starving!" His supervisor flashed a happy smile at him and nonchalantly strode into the room towards the biggest computer. He looked a little out of the ordinary because he wasn't wearing his suit. Instead he wore a light blue shirt, dark jeans and a long grey army coat that swished behind him as he walked. Hotch narrowed his dark eyes as he scanned the screen. The weird thing was that he seemed completely at ease at this weird place.

"I... uh... I slept here...", Reid stuttered.

"Why aren't you wearing a suit?", Hotch interrupted, obviously not interested at all in his subordinate's sleeping habits.

Reid was nonplussed by the sudden change of subjects. "I... uh... I never knew that dress code was such an important issue for you... sir." What he really wanted to do was to shout Where the heck are we? What are you frigging doing here? but he was too overwhelmed by his boss' unusual behaviour to do so. Hotch seemed so... calm. As if he knew this place well. As if all this was okay. Somehow this had a calming effect on Reid's nerves. If his supervisor wasn't intimidated by this situation it couldn't be all bad, could it? He sighed and took a sip of his coffee.

"Reid, you must wear a suit! The sole reason I hired you was because you look drop dead handsome in a suit!"

Reid almost choked on his coffee. A noise that sounded like a cough's deranged cousin escaped his throat and he sprinkled hot coffee all over his hand that held the mug. Had his boss really just said that? Hotch of all people?

The dark haired man turned as he overheard the other's reaction and looked at him with raised eyebrows. "Are you quite all right?", he asked, a slight of concern swinging in his voice.

"Y... yes... yes...", Reid stammered.

There was a short pause in which he felt scrutinised by these dark, unreadable eyes before Hotch grinned and said, "Could I have some of your heavenly coffee, too?"

"Um. Of course...", he mumbled and turned to the coffee machine, frowning. His boss had smiled twice in the last five minutes. That was unusual. And the way he behaved like he owned this place... like he had expected Reid to be here, too... all was really very unusual to say the least.

The thought struck him that maybe he was having amnesia. The BAU might have been given a whole new headquarter and he had forgotten about it. But this didn't explain Hotch's good mood. He sighed as he pressed the on-switch on the machine. At least he remembered how his supervisor liked his coffee...

Just as Reid handed Hotch the fleshly brewed coffee and wanted to address his problem the Welsh door opened by rolling to one side and in came Penelope and Emily. Good, he thought, So they're still on the team! Hopefully they behave like they always did.

"Good morning!", Emily beamed and put a box full of croissants on one of the table. Reid guessed it was hers. "Anything new?"

"There was a major shift in the Rift over the night but there were no reports and nothing's on the radar. I'm guessing we were lucky and nothing happened.", Hotch answered, eyes fixed on the screen in front of him. Then he went over to Emily's desk to grab his breakfast.

Reid wondered what they were talking about. What was the Rift? He glanced at the screen. There was some sort of curve chart but he didn't understand what it was supposed to mean.

"Let's go and feed Myfanwy, Reid.", his boss changed the subject again and waved the young man to follow him. Hotch stepped at a desk and absent-mindedly put on a headset.

"Myfanwy?", Reid asked in bewilderment. Was that someone else who worked here?

"Yeah, she hasn't had beef in ages and I can't lift that box all on my own.", Hotch explained but his subordinate still didn't understand. Feed? Was Myfanwy a dog?

Hesitantly he followed his boss and looked over his shoulder as he typed in the code for one of the doors. Just as Hotch's hand was hovering over the panel, numbers appeared in Reid's mind. 5, 3, 8, 9, 0. He saw how his supervisor pushed exactly these buttons. Inwardly he sighed with relief. Somehow he did know the code for this door. The theory of having amnesia was thus not so far-fetched. His heart a slightly bit lighter he kept following his superior, hoping to be able to address the issue of his amnesia as soon as they were alone again. But his boss was quickly hastening along the cold corridor and Reid had difficulty keeping up with him. It didn't seem like the best moment to bring up the subject.

Suddenly Hotch turned to face another door and typed in another code. Reid realised that he also remembered this one. It was all there. Though the thought of him knowing things he actually didn't know was a little unnerving it was calming him down at the same time. It all seemed to fit.

The door opened and both men entered the little room. Hotch walked towards a pile of boxes and seemed to wait for Reid to catch up. Apparently he wanted him to help carry one of the boxes. With the heavy weight of the packet between them as they walked along the corridor again it still wasn't the right moment to talk about amnesia, Reid decided.

His supervisor managed to open another door and they both walked in to put the box on the stone floor. They were in a big, high and almost empty hall. Dirty, dusty windows let in only little light. In one corner sat something. While Reid stared at it Hotch was keeling down, busy opening the package they had brought with them. Then he got up again and walked into the corridor where they had come from. As if he hadn't seen the thing in the corner. Reid closed his gaping mouth and receded backwards through the door, following his boss.

"You coming?", he heard his supervisor call out behind him.

He closed the door, made very sure it was locked and turned around, breathing hard, his mind not quite able to understand what he'd just seen. "That's... that's... a pterodactyl!", he stammered. This was just impossible! They were supposed to be dead for thousands and thousands of years! And findings indicated that they were much, much smaller than the one in the hall!

Hotch, who had preceded a few steps, turned as well to face the younger man again. Then he returned and came towards him, an amused smile creeping on his face. Again. Why did Hotch smile all that much today? "Yeah. Remember how we caught it?" He was standing right in front of him and his eyes sparkled with mirth and something else Reid couldn't quite classify.

However, he thought that this was the perfect chance to address that he didn't remember things. "Um... actually that's-"

"Just you and me?", his supervisor interrupted and cocked his head to the left.

"That's something I wanted to talk to you about-", Reid went on.

Hotch lifted an eyebrow but he was still smiling. "You wanted to talk about you and me?", he interrupted once more. Oh dear, was that cheekiness in his eyes? His supervisor leaned a little closer. He was definitely invading his private space now. The situation was incredibly confusing for Reid. He took a defensive step backwards and felt the coolness of the door he had just locked behind his back. "Ah... no... actually..."

But Hotch took another step into his direction. Their chests almost touched. Reid was pressing himself against the door now. The unusual closeness was unsettling him immensely. Then he observed how his boss' gaze wandered downwards as he spoke, apparently resting on his lips. "Or about your reaction to 51st century pheromones?"


And then Hotch kissed him. He was too surprised to react in any way. He let his boss' tongue enter his mouth without any resistance. The tiny part of his brain that told him that this actually felt really, really good was overridden by panic and confusion. All he could think was Whattheheckishappening?, over and over again. He flinched as he felt Hotch's hand on his bottom. At this his supervisor finally drew back, frowning at him.

Reid still had his eyes wide open. "What?", he said bewildered.

"Reid, what's the matter with you?", Hotch asked.

"What?", he repeated, louder this time, with a voice full of disbelief.

"You've been acting strange all morning! What's up?"

"Have I gone mad?" This just couldn't have happened!

Before his supervisor was able to answer a loud and screeching noise filled the air. Red lights began to blink in the corridor. Reid saw how the other man pressed a button on his headset. "Anyone able to tell me what happened just now, guys?"

Yes, he thought, I'd be glad if somebody could explain that to me, too!

Hotch glanced at his subordinate. "Reid's with me. For some reason he didn't put on his headset.", he told someone on the other end. "No, we don't have repellent with us. How did they get out?" He looked very stern as he listened. "Garcia, can you fix it?" Then he nodded curtly. "No, Morgan and Prentiss can do that, you stay and mend the electric locks."

Just for safety, Reid drew his gun.