He sighed and turned. What a silly dream he had had! He snuggled up against his blanket. Luckily the alarm hadn't gone off yet which meant he didn't had to get up. His blanket smelt really good. Unfamiliar but really lovely. It didn't feel like a blanket though. More like-

"Hotch!" He jerked back.

"Morning Reid!"

"What are you doing in my bed?"

"Resting. And just for the record, this is my bed!" His boss didn't seem to be bothered by his presence at all.


"Yes. I don't sleep but I have to rest sometimes nonetheless."

"You mean you stay at the hub overnight?"


"Why haven't you told me this is your bed?"

"I guess I forgot you don't remember these things. Sorry."

Reid had a feeling that Hotch had very deliberately 'forgotten' that. Quickly he sat up, trying to back away from his supervisor but the bed was very narrow and didn't allow much space between them.

"You don't have to get up! It's only five in the morning!", his boss mumbled, closing his eyes.

He chose to ignore that. "What did you mean when you said you don't sleep?"

"I'm a fixed point in space and time. I don't need to sleep."

It sounded like the stupidest explanation he'd ever heard. Perhaps he shouldn't have asked. Perhaps he was dreaming. "Uh. Is there another bed I could use? I don't want to disturb your, er, resting."

"No, there is only this one."

Reid didn't know what to do now. He was still very tired and wanted to go back to sleep but he was quite unnerved by his boss' presence. In the end he laid down again but made sure there was a gap between him and Hotch. Only seconds later he felt his superior's arm around his waist, pulling him close.

"Uh... Hotch..." There was that delightful aroma again. Was that Hotch's aftershave?


"In my world we're not... you know, together."

Hotch opened his eyes. They were very close to his. "Oh, I know. We're not in this, either."

"Ah." Had he really expected this conversation to follow logic?

"You said in the beginning you wanted this to remain purely physical."

He stared at his supervisor in disbelief.

"Though you didn't seem to mind when I asked you out.", his boss went on, "And this has gone on for quite a while now, so I really don't know what-"

"W... wait... what I meant was that in my world there's nothing at all going on between us."

Hotch blinked a few times in astonishment. "Oh... Why?"

This took Reid by surprise. "Er. I don't know why... Because we're not attracted to each other I guess."

"Your boss is not from the 51st century, is he?" It was one of these completely absurd things this version of Hotch said. Things that made no sense at all.

"N... no. I don't think so."

"I see." His supervisor closed his eyes again and remained silent.

Reid wondered whether he should say something. They hadn't moved but his boss didn't make any further advances either. In the end he simply closed his eyes and kept hoping that nothing was going to happen. Little did he know that the scent emanating from the older man had a soothing effect on his nerves. It was this odour, created by the pheromones Hotch permanently and subconsciously emitted, that was the reason for people being attracted to him. It also made them feel calm and safe around him. This Hotch did indeed come from the 51st century and was trapped here because his time travelling device had been taken from him. Somehow he found that people in the past always liked his pheromones. Soon Reid was sound asleep.

When he awoke later in the morning he was relieved to find himself alone. After getting dressed he and Hotch went to have breakfast in a nearby café. He was even more relieved when he realised that his supervisor obviously contained himself from making any coquettish comments that might have unnerved him further. Somehow Hotch still managed to get the telephone numbers of all the waitresses.

When they got back to the hub the rest of the team was already there and working.

"Guys, I think I've got something!", Emily suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone expectantly looked at her.

"I scanned the hub for unusual extraterrestrial signals again but I increased the Gamma-rays by forty percent so I could figure out whether there are energies from the Outer Rim of the Raxatol Galaxies, just in case. There were none as I expected but look, the ion-level of the whole area around the hub has risen by seven percent!" She pointed at the screen.

"Seven percent! That's impossible!", exclaimed Garcia. "That means the main generator isn't working properly!"

"Why haven't we realised?", Hotch asked.

"Because the semi-leptonic level doesn't interfere with the electricity it gives off.", Penelope answered.

Emily was nodding knowingly. "And the Theta-rays it started to give off don't show up on the radar."

"Hm, I don't see how this has something to do with Reid.", Morgan piped up.

"Theta-rays can radiate through all possible dimensions at once.", their superior explained, "They must have picked up the other Reid's brain-waves and certain atoms and brought him here."

"But that means that our Reid isn't in this one's dimension." Penelope pointed out.

"Yeah...", Hotch sighed, "The rest of our Spencer is in some other dimension the Theta-rays went through. That makes it all a little more complicated than I thought."

"Why?", he dared to ask. Not that he supposed to understand the answer.

"When the rays went through one dimension the picked up random elements and transported them further into the next one where they replaced them with other elements they took with them instead. So the you in your dimension, the FBI agent, has atoms of other dimensions in himself while you here have the rest of his plus some of those our Reid has."

"Is this making any sense to you?", Reid asked.

Everybody nodded. He sighed.

"The basic problem is that we can't just stop the Theta-rays because that would mean you'd stay here. Somehow we have to reverse the whole process to send the particles that are not belonging here back into your dimension before we stop the rays.", Morgan told him.


"Basically we have to reverse time.", Hotch clarified.

Reid shook his head. "But this is impossible!"

"Not if you have the severed regenerating hand of a Time Lord!", his supervisor grinned.

"Oh! Severed hands. Okay... Can I just sit down and let you do the work?", he suggested.

"Exactly my point!", Derek sighed.

The next few hours Reid sat at his desk and watched his fellow agents build some sort of machine. In the middle of it there really was a glass container in which swam a hand. It looked human. The receptacle was surrounded by all sorts of cables and metal bars and technology he'd never seen before.

After he had returned from the take away just across the bay with a bunch of pizzas his team seemed to be finished at last. They all stood around the newly built machine and looked up at him as he came down the stairs.

"Is it ready?", Reid hopefully asked.

"Yeah. Now all we need is you!", Hotch announced. "And somebody in the generator room to switch off the Theta-rays when we're finished." He cast everybody a glance. "Volunteers?"

"All right, I'll go!", Derek sighed and turned to Reid. "Farewell!"

"Yeah, bye!", he answered but Morgan was already walking towards the entrance to the generator room.

"Grab a hold of this lever there!", Hotch said and pointed at a yellow hand gear.

Reid put the pizzas down and obeyed. "You sure this works?"

"One hundred percent!", his boss said.

Reid hoped he was not lying to reassure him. He went closer to the machine and firmly gripped the lever.

"Right, off we go!", Hotch flashed him a grin and was about to push a big red button on the machine.

"Bye everyone!", Reid managed to shout just before his vision blurred and everything around him disappeared. He was caught in a swirl of colours and then found himself speeding through infinite darkness. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced and he closed his eyes in terror. He didn't like darkness. There were noises but he couldn't make out where they came from or what they meant. After a while he filtered out voices. They sounded human. The more he listened the more he realised the people he heard were talking English. There were other sounds he recognised. The rustling of paper. Steps on the floor. Crying children.

Carefully he opened his eyes again. He sighed with relief. He was back in the metro. He glanced outside the window and recognised the station. A happy smile crept on his face. He was on his way home. The weird machine had worked.

Even though Reid knew exactly that what had happened had been in a completely different dimension he couldn't manage to meet his boss' eyes for at least two weeks after the incident.