Although this fanfiction is a one-shot, and it's been ages since I've posted anything to it to continue, I've written an alternative ending suggested by Noitratoxin, the one who's requested for this fic. So if you were like her and wanted it to go a very slight different path, then here it is!

The only change is that Nao doesn't cry, but instead gets embarassed and stuff.

This starts from:

"Akiyama-san?" she whispers.

"Hn?" I whisper back.


Enjoy. :)

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For a brain that moves faster than ordinary brains, not being able to process a simple phrase is confusing. But in the end, I manage to decipher it, and I look at Nao in wonder.

She's looking back at me. Then there's an awkward giggle, and even in the dim light, I notice a blush spreading over her face.

Nao holds a cool hand to her cheek, and shyly looks away, as if she wished she hadn't said that, but knows inside that she's glad she did. She's so easy to read, sometimes. Then again, sometimes I can't decipher her at all. Slowly, she inches away just a little, leaves a slightly wider gap. Perhaps to throw away the sense of intimacy. Then I'm there, my mind in a fumble about what to do.

After a moment of awkward silence, she speaks again.

"But if Akiyama-san doesn't like me, then I mean, it's-"

"Nao." I reach out my hand and hold her chin, turning it to face me. And when she looks at me, into my eyes, and probing the depths of my thoughts, my mouth runs dry.

And because I know that actions speak louder than words, I lean in and capture her lips with mine, into a slow, sweet kiss.

Her lips are a little dry, but soft and velvety, all the same. They curve upwards a little.

Then, when she pulls away after a little while, she releases a content sigh and rests her head on my shoulder, as I run my fingers through her smooth, dark hair.

It's a comfortable one, this silence.


He stands at her door, holding up a black envelope the way one would hold a cigarette, as she smiles, and reaches in her hand bag on the floor to take out a similar looking envelope.

"So it's back?"

"I guess so."

Then he steps into her apartment, and they settle on the edge of her bed, and slowly open the letter together, taking care not to tear anything that might be vital inside.

"It's in a skyscraper?"

"Eek! I'm afraid of heights!"

"Don't worry," Akiyama smirks, and slyly takes the lady's hand. "I'll be there, won't I?"

It's all Nao can do to look at her skirt, and try to hide a growing blush.

Horribly sorry about everything - late update, and a short one, too. But I think it was my best effort, especially since I don't like updating. And really, this chapter isn't necessary at all, but I... well... OH, FORGET IT.

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